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November 03, 2008
10 things you should know about Hyper-V
Hyper-V is getting good reviews, even from some Microsoft critics, and the release of the standalone version has made it even more attractive. Deb Shinder looks at the most important aspects of the Hyper-V platform.

Compare your salary against other IT professionals in Canada

Join the activeTechPros community for free access to salary benchmark charts and download a copy of Canada IT Salary & Skills Snapshot 2008.

How do I... Use secure copy for file encryption in Windows?
The secure copy command allows users to securely copy files from a local machine to a remote machine with encryption. One of the easiest methods of achieving this feat is with WinSCP. Jack Wallen explains how to install, configure, and use this tool.

10 ways to get a slipping project back on track
Plenty of things can derail a project plan: underestimated tasks, departing staff, misallocated resources. Here are some practical techniques that can correct the direction of a project that's losing ground.

Use Maple to manage and retrieve vital documents
Using a series of documents and folders to store all your information makes sense, especially if you use Vista's Search tool and Saved Searches feature. But you can improve the process by using Maple to manage your document collection.

The 10 best IT certification Web sites
The world of IT certification has changed considerably over the past several years, as the demands of the IT industry and the market for tech talent have shifted. IT consultant and exam veteran Erik Eckel offers an update to his list of top 10 certification Web sites.

Create a custom Word table style for instant formatting
Word 2003 offers a gallery of Table AutoFormat styles -- but they may not always suit your needs. See how to build your own style to quickly make tables look exactly the way you want.

10+ ways to help your users transition to Outlook 2007
Unlike the other Office 2007 apps, the Outlook 2007 interface isn't likely to throw users into a panic. But you'll still need to help them get up to speed with new features and show them how to take advantage of various improvements.

Use DropBox to seamlessly sync files
Vincent Danen introduces open source DropBox, a file synchronization service that works for Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows clients. You can use DropBox to share documents, configuration files, photos, music, or anything else you want between systems linked to your account.

10 tips on conducting effective interviews
Whether you're having a discussion with an employee about performance issues, trying to gather information about why a project failed, looking for feedback from a staff member about team dynamics, or evaluating someone for possible promotion, conducting a successful interview requires skill and planning on your part. Here are some pointers that will make it easier to get the information you need.

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Nov. 18th: 5 Best Practices for modernizing your Enterprise portal

Join ZDNet's live Webcast to learn how to increase the productivity and get more business value out of your enterprise portal using 5 proven best practices. (Oracle)

Video: TR Out Loud -- October 31, 2008
Video: TR Out Loud In this Halloween edition of TR Out Loud on Video, Sonja Thompson gives you all the elements you've come to know and enjoy. She also threw in a couple of treats for all of you tricksters out there.

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McCain vs. Obama: Who would be better for tech?
Tech Sanity CheckFrom Net Neutrality to H-1B visas to data privacy and other economic and policy issues, the next U.S. president will influence many important developments in the technology industry. See what we know about the stances of Barack Obama and John McCain on tech issues.

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Poll: Choosing a virtualization vendor
Which company will be your virtualization vendor of choice? Take the poll.


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