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Computer Tips [ Waaayyy Smarter Printing + Amazing Online Virus Scan + YouTube Only Better ] 11/17/08

Computer No, this isn't Steve. You can tell because Steve never wears a suit :-)

Quick Tips

Mouse Battery Power

Here's a quickie for you! In the past, I have talked about waking up sleeping mice. I told you that if you leave your wireless mouse alone for more than eight minutes, it will be sleeping when you come back. The reason they go into the sleep mode is to save some battery life, which, of course, is very helpful. Well, there are a couple other things you can do to save the battery life of your wireless mouse as well. Let's check them out!

There is one practice that may not be too practical for everyone, but if you're able, you can always try it. I'm talking about using your mouse as little as possible. If you know several keyboard shortcuts, you should use them! (Or, at least use as many as you can). The less you click your mouse, the more battery life you will save. Of course, that isn't completely necessary, because a mouse is obviously intended to be used, but if you're able to give your mouse a break every once in awhile, it won't hurt a thing.

I know keyboard shortcuts are hard to learn and it's even harder to remember all of them, so another thing you can do is keep your mouse on a white piece of paper or a highly reflective surface while it's resting. That will help conserve some of the battery power too. Now, go on and give your mouse a break when you can. I promise, it will thank you in the end!

~ Erin

Don't stop now! Keep reading to learn all about why you may not want to try changing your Hotmail e-mail address, find out how you can get two for one in MS Word and learn how you can personalize your very own YouTube homepage. Also, find out what kinds of tricks your scroll wheel mouse can do with today's video tip and of course, don't miss out on Amanda's Cool Site of the Day!


Buy A Huge 2GB SD Card- For $16.97

And We Will Throw In A Free SD Card Reader!

That is a $15.00 Retail Value- FOR FREE!

WOW!!!! What A MEGA DEAL!!!

Now this is a super mega deal we are offering to you today! Buy this super awesome, whoppin' 2GB SD card, and we will throw in a FREE SD card reader/writer for you to enjoy! Now that is a awesome deal!

This SD card is amazing! It works great in digital cameras, MP3 players, and sooo much more. Plus- with the card reader, you can even use it as a flash drive. Allow me to explain!

All you have to do is pop the SD card into the reader, and plug it into a USB port. Then simply drag drop all your needed files onto the card and take them with you! And with the plug and play feature, you don't need to worry about installing software, nope! Just plug it into any USB port, and good to go! And an even better feature, this SD card uses USB 2.0- so it is Road Runner Fast- and extremely awesome! And better yet this card reader (a $15.00 retail value) is FREE!! :-)

Now- let me get back to this awesome SD card! This card holds 2GIG, which is absolutely HUGE! Currently my digital camera has a 2 GB card in it, and I have over 150 pics stored on it and some video footage, and room to spare! WOW!!!

I seriously believe my SD cards are more valuable than some of my expensive gadgets, simply because they have everything from my favorite songs, to my precious pictures, to some valuable documents stored on them, and if I lose that information- they are gone forever! (Oh yuck!)

That is exactly why you can never have too many memory cards! Besides, who can pass up a deal when you get a free reader for your card too? I know I can't! I already ordered my set- and so did most of the WorldStart staff- and we are all tellin' everyone we know that we got this amazing deal going on! So, to ensure you get yours- you need to get to the site and order now, before they are all gone!

One more time, allow me to remind you of the amazing deal we have going on for you today! Buy this 2GB SD card for just $16.97 and we will throw in a FREE SD Card Reader/ Writer! Plus, don't forget that US Shipping is Free too! Order now!

PS: A 2 GB SD card will cost you about $20.00 and a card reader will be another $15.00! That is a $35.00 value, all for only $16.97! WOW! Hurry- get in on this deal! You don't want to miss out on this one!

Cut That Electric Bill This Holiday Season!

Decorate And Use Solar Energy At The Same Time!

Amazing Solar Powered LED Icicle Lights!

Use Them Year After Year!

Awesome Introductory Price And Multi Pack Deals Available!

Wanna save a lil doe this holiday season? Of course you do! That is why we recommend you try solar LED white holiday icicle lights. These are sooo cool, and will really cut down the cost of your electrical bill.

There has been a big push to switch outdoor Holiday lights from traditional incandescent bulbs to LED's. According to CNN, the nation's most famous Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Square Plaza went from traditional electrical lights to LED's last year and the amount of energy consumption reduced dramatically from 3510 to 1297 kilowatt hours per day, and the daily savings is equal to the amount of electricity by a typical 2,000 square foot house in one month! WOW- that is a huge savings!

But, we got an even better deal- AMAZING, POWERFUL, LED SOLAR LIGHTS :-)

The Sun's powerful solar energy will keep these amazing holiday icicle lights running from dusk to dawn without running a dime on your electric bill! Seriously, you are going to save sooo much money that these lights are going to pay for themselves :-)

With the auto sensors these lights will automatically turn on at dusk and off at dawn! Never again will you have to worry about going to bed without turning off those outdoor Holiday lights.

Plus- These lights get really, really bright! LED's are proven to offer much more vibrant color, and, as an added bonus, they are cool to touch, which really adds to the safety of your house!! Plus- the bulb life is absolutely phenomenal- we are talking a whoppin' 50,000 or more (or 10-20 years)- so you won't be replacing these lights any time soon either!!! You are going to use these year after year and just adore them!

Now, I bet this is sounding like a pretty stellar deal, right? Well, listen to this- Today get a set of 20, 4" long icicle light (over 10 feet long) for just $20.97 or an even better deal yet, get three sets (60 lights- and 30 feet) for just $48.97- that is like at $20.00 savings, and almost like getting a whole set for Free! :-) WOW!

1 set:

3 sets:

PS: Don't forget that US Shipping is Free! Plus, we also have a 60 day money back guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied!

Start Planning For 2009- NOW!

New Calendar Creator 12 Platinum Will Blow- You- Away!

Share Amazing Personalize Calendars With Family And Friends

Manage Important Events, Tasks, and Contacts!

Organize You Busy Schedule Quickly And Easily!

Must Have Time Management Tool- Just $12.97

Wow! Just the other day, I was looking at my schedule and was shocked that I already have appointments schedule for January 2009. Yep, that's right, the new year is approaching- and quickly I might add! And now is a better time than ever to get organized! Let Calendar Creator 12 Platinum set the framework for the up and comin' 2009.

Broderbund, a name we all have come to know and love has created the #1 best selling calendar software, and after just using it for a few minutes, I can see why! They have definitely thought of everything when it comes to this program! I am never going to use another calendar creating software!

We all have busy schedules, and sometimes it is hard to keep track of everything that needs to be done, or remember those dates of important doctor's appointments. Everyone needs a calendar to help remember the date! Why not create your own with that special personalized touch?

With the help of the Calendar Wizard and In a matter of a few simple clicks of the mouse, you will have created an amazing, professional calendar that will not only help you manage that precious busy schedule but also impress everyone you know :-) It really couldn't be any easier! Check this out:

First- Plan! Choose from more than 500 ready-to-use templates to manage important events, tasks, and contact information!

Second- Organize! This is really cool! You can organize all your information in one central location! In addition, you can prioritize tasks on your computer with awesome "to-do lists: (something that I make every day)! This is cool! Whatever task I didn't finish on my "To-Do List" it will automatically roll over to other next days list, that way I will never leave a project unfinished! How awesome is that?

Another great thing is that I can set alarms using my favorite MP3's for convenient and mega fun reminders. When I found this awesome feature out this morning, I immediately programmed my favorite college football team's fight song into Saturday to remind me that game was on! And I could pick and choose different songs for different events. Now how fun is that- you gotta check this out!

Third- Synchronize!This is really cool for all of you Microsoft Office Outlook and Palm users out there. This program will let you import and synchronize your calendars and data into you Outlook or onto your Palm device! WOW!

Fourth- Customize! Use the integrated photo editing software to add a variety of amazing visual effects to your photos and personalized calendars. Your can tint, crop, flip, change colors and soo much more to any image you choose! Then you can use these images on your calendar. This awesome program comes with over 200,000 premium images and hundreds of stylish fonts too! AWESOME!

Fifth- Share! Save and print your projects to share at your home or office or with family and friends!

But, guess what? You don't have to make only monthly calendars! This program allows you to make daily task lists, daily planner pages, weekly organizers, monthly calendars, and yearly calendars! Now that will really help you get organized and stay organized for good!

Just after using this program for a few minutes, I decided that this Christmas, I am going to save some money and make everyone an awesome personalized calendar! I am going to go through old family photos, import them, and have an amazing personalized gift. I might even take this project to the next level and put a family members picture into the date on their birthday! This will really help everyone remember important birthdays!

Now the cost? Get this amazing calendar software for just $12.97 and US Shipping is FREE! Don't let this amazing offer pass you by! Better yet be prepared for the new year! Order NOW!

PS: We only have 300 of these! So order now before our supply is gone :-(

Computers 101

Is there any way I can change my Hotmail e-mail address? I want to make it sound a little more professional, but I'm not sure where to begin. Can you please help?

I surely can, but I'm not promising you'll like what I have to say. Allow me to explain! I'm a fellow Hotmail user as well and I have often wondered about this myself. When I first set up my Hotmail account, I was much younger and I wasn't really thinking about how I would want my e-mail address to sound five years down the road. Therefore, my current address is a little on the goofy side and I've wanted to change it numerous times. I'm sure any of you who use Hotmail have been in the same boat, am I right?

Well, you might as well get comfy, because it looks like you're going to be there for a long time. Unfortunately, Hotmail does not provide you with the means to change your e-mail address on a whim. The one you have is the one you're stuck with until you either create a whole new account or change e-mail providers. Now, I know when you first created your Hotmail account, you probably did it so fast, you weren't even thinking about what you really wanted your address to be. Either that or the name you did want was already taken. And while it seems a little unfair to have the same address forever, Hotmail has to do what they have to do.

Since everyone has to have a different e-mail address, Hotmail can only allow one name per person. Otherwise, everyone would be changing their e-mail address on a regular basis and they would run out of options for new users. I know there are several combinations you can use to create an e-mail address, but if every single Hotmail user in the world changed their address even once, new users wouldn't have much to choose from. And that's why Hotmail has to lay down some guidelines for you to follow.

Now, like I said before, there is one way around this. If you want to take the time to create a whole new Hotmail account, you can change your e-mail address. But, before you go and do that, allow me to take you through the process. First of all, you have to click on the Sign Up button on Hotmail's homepage, which will lead you through the beginnings of creating a new account. You can then select your new address. And to that, I say good luck! You may not be able to use your first choice and it might be a little difficult to find an alternative you like that hasn't already been used.

Once you finally find a new name, you then have to create a new password, a new secret question and you have to provide an alternate e-mail address where your password can be sent if you ever happen to forget it. After all that, your new account will be created and you can then start to use it. But remember, your old e-mail address still exists as well. Because of that, you'll have to go in and transfer all your contacts, all your saved e-mails, you'll have to tell all your friends and family that your address has changed and you'll have to update all the services you use online with your new address. Plus, you have to go through the hassle of deleting your old account, which can take some time as well. Wow, that sounds like a lot of work to me!

As you can see, changing your Hotmail account may not be worth it. And just for your information, the same goes for any free e-mail account, such as Yahoo!, Gmail, etc. It applies to several paid services as well. So, if you desperately want to change your e-mail address, you can go ahead and do so, but you better make sure it's one you'll want to keep for a very long time. Otherwise, you might as well just stick with the one you have!

~ Erin

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MS Office

Two For One

The other day, a reader sent in a question about printing a MS Word document at half the size.

It seems he had a document containing a picture that was frequently printed. Since it didn't have to be full size, he was hoping to easily have Word print two of the same thing on a single page, rotating the duplicate pages to sit side by side in a landscape on the paper so that it still retained its proportions. The thought was that printing two on one page would save on ink and paper.

Is it possible to accomplish that without so much frustration, it drives you crazy?

I'm happy to report the answer is yes, so give this a try!

  • First, copy and paste to make a second page of the Word document that's a duplicate of the first.

  • Now, when you print, don't hit the Print button. Instead, go to the File menu (or Office Button in Word 2007), Print choice (Ctrl + P).

  • In the Print window, you're looking for the Zoom section.

  • From the "Pages per sheet" list, choose 2 pages.

  • Now, simply proceed with your print.

Word will automatically take both pages of the document and print them side by side and in the landscape format on the paper. (In case you're wondering, I tried using two copies with the "2 pages per sheet" setting, but it simply printed the page really small on two pieces of paper. So, yes, to the best of my knowledge, you do need to duplicate the page in the first step).

Problem solved!

~ April

More Cool Stuff

Cook Like You Mean It- All With The Help Of Betty Crocker!

Your Taste Buds Will Thank You! :-)

Make Cooking Super E-Z!

Amazing, Easy To Use Betty Crocker Cookbook!!

All For The Amazing Low Price of $10.97!!!

Wow- this was a great seller over the weekend! So decided, that we will give you one more day to order your copy of this absoluely phenomenal Betty Crocker cookbook! You are just gonna love it! Order now!

We just got an absolutely amazing deal on Cookin' With Betty Crocker - and let me tell ya - this is going to BLOW - YOU - AWAY!!!!

This has got to be, hands down, the best deal we've ever seen on a CD ROM cookbook! 

Oh, and not only are you getting all these amazing recipes - you're getting a seriously powerful digital cooking assistant! This is just LOADED with great features and it's really going to make your kitchen life much easier!

First off, don't you hate it when you have a recipe that serves five and you only have two to feed? Heck, you spend half your time just trying to divide up fractions! YUCK! Well, this can easily scale the recipes for however many people you're trying to feed! Need to feed just two? It can do that! Need the same recipe to feed 10? Yup, just a click of the mouse! To me this one feature ALONE is worth the price of the cookbook!

Then it gets even better! Say you're on a diet and you really need nutritional information for the food that you're making. Wouldn't it be great if you could analyze a recipe and find out how much fat, cholesterol, how many calories etc. you were taking in? Well, with this you can! It can easily do a health analysis and in second you'll know the nutritional values for ANY recipe!

What if you have a bunch of recipes that you want to add? No problem! Add as many as you like! Now, adding recipes is easy, but this takes it a step further! When you add a recipe, you get all the features mentioned above right at your fingertips! Need to scale your recipe for more or less people - it can still do it! Want nutritional values? YES! This can analyze YOUR recipes and give that to you as well!

Oh, and you'll love this! What if you're not sure how to cook something? Maybe there's a technique that a recipe describes but you're not familiar with it - Sure wouldn't take much for that to happen to me! Well, this has tons of fantastic instructional videos! Yup, just pull up the video section then watch and learn! HA! Who needs the cooking channel? :-)

Want more! Sure ya do! This can also create a shopping list for a recipe (print or send to a palm), e-mail recipes to friends and family, create weekly menus (and make those shopping lists from those menus), search recipes by keywords OR ingredients, and to top it all off, the interface is just fantastic!

Whew, this is one amazing cookbook! Want one too? I don't blame ya! These are just great! Your cost is only $10.97 and US shipping is FREE! The paper version of this has an $85 retail! Plus the fact that it's all on your computer makes it so much more useful / powerful than those old paper cookbooks! Go on, give this a try - I know you'll love it too!

PS - WARNING! This was a VERY limited quantity deal. PLEASE hurry to the site and grab yours while you can! Right now, we can't get any more and these are bound to be extremely popular today. See ya at the site!

Turn Your Computer Into A LEAN, MEAN Processing Machine!!!

Make Your Computer Experience Lightening Fast Speed!!

You Just Have To Boost Up Your XP System Today!

Boost Windows XP Is On Sale TODAY For Just $8.97!!

WOW! This program flew out the door over the weekend! Thanks go out to everyone who ordered! Because of your great reponse, we just had to extend this amazing sale one more day! If you are using Windows XP, you just gotta listen to this deal that we have for you today!

Okay so, its finally football season. And just like your favorite player who has been pumping iron all off season, or your favorite cheerleader that pumps up the crowd- your computer needs a little "pumping up" as well, which is why we just have to tell you about Boost XP!

Boost XP is the perfect personal trainer. You can really crank up your speed settings, slice your boot-up time, get the excess junk off your hard drive freeing up gobs of space, and - my favorite part - really customize Windows to be EXACTLY what you want it to be! Your computer will turn into a lean, mean, processing machine!!!

I was able to pump up my computer so well, that is just blew me away! Want to dump all the excess junk in your RAM (and speed things back up) after using a memory hoggin' program? How about enable auto-login when you start up? Or maybe automatically close an app that's hung up? Would you like give some programs priority over others? Are you looking for an awesome defrag and scan disk program? Or would you like to remove the flag from the start button? Get the idea? If a setting can be adjusted or optimized, you can do it with this software!

All in all, this includes a whopping 40 tools that can really pump up your system!And the best thing is it's all automatic! I don't think there's a setting in Windows this software can't tweak or improve. We were amazed at everything this one piece of software can do - and how easy it was to make changes. Stuff that would normally be exceedingly difficult or impossible for the average user to accomplish was done in a couple mouse clicks.

Here's just a very small sample of what this software can do:

Speed up Windows
Manage your startup programs for faster bootup
Improve RAM performance
Optimize your Internet Connection
Remove unnecessary“temp” and “junk” files
Optimize and speed your Windows Registry
Customize and tweak hundreds of your system settings
Repair damaged Zip files
Manage cookies & Internet history
Securely delete sensitive files
Change wallpaper & add calendars
Get rid of obsolete files
Fix invalid files associations (like when a file opens in the wrong program)
Prevent dangerous programs from launching
Keep your system running trouble-free!

So many enhancements, so little time!

Okay WorldStart fans- Pump-It-Up, because this one program that every XP user really needs! Optimizing your computer couldn't be easier, and with this program you will really "win" in the technological game!

Cost? Don't fret- this program isn't going to cost you $50.00 like a ticket to the BIG GAME! Nope! This program is just $8.97 and US Shipping is Free. Unfortunately, this program sell faster than those tickets to the big game, so don't be left out in the cold on this one! Order now!!!

WARNING - This is the last of 'em! It took us months just to be able to run this again! Please order fast - I can't recommend this program strongly enough! You MUST-MUST order today to get the sale price of $8.97!

Where's the B?

If you've been using a computer for awhile now, you know your drives all have different letters assigned to them. The floppy drive is A, your hard drive is C and so on. But what about B? Have you ever stopped and wondered why the letter B isn't used? I mean, there has to be a logical explanation, right? Well, of course there is! And you can read all about it by checking out the tip on our homepage today. It's really quite interesting!

White House Kids

With the presidential election now over, I figured there's no better time than the present to start educating your children and grandchildren about the history being made. Don't you agree? Well, if you do, the cool site we're featuring on our homepage today is the perfect tool! It's called White House Kids and it will teach your young ones all about the White House and its history in a very fun manner. Check it out ASAP!

Here's the link you need: Enjoy!

Tip of the Day

Personalized YouTube Homepage

If you’ve been on YouTube's Web site recently, you might have noticed that you can now customize your own YouTube homepage! That's right, you can make it so that you get your subscriptions, recommendations and even a friend tracker all on one page. Let’s check it out, shall we?!

To begin, here's an example of a personalized YouTube homepage:

Now, I’ll walk you through the different parts (or modules, as YouTube calls them).

1.) Subscriptions

You can keep track of new videos from the channels you subscribe to. If you have many subscriptions, this feature will be quite useful!

2.) Featured Videos

Your featured videos are those that YouTube has selected as interesting. The module’s a good starting place if you want to wade through them and maybe add some of your own favorites.

3.) Recommended for You

This one's my favorite! There are so many YouTube videos around, I hardly know where to start. Luckily, YouTube recommends videos based on your previous video choices in the Recommendations module.

Removing Modules

Removing and rearranging modules is very easy. In the top right hand corner of every module, there are some buttons that look like this:

To rearrange the module, simply click on the up or down arrows. Or, to delete the module, just hit the button with an "x" on it. Easy as pie!

Now, go on and have fun with your very own YouTube homepage!

~ Brandon Zubek

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Today's Feature

Wheel Mouse Tricks - Video Tip

Do you have a scroll wheel mouse? If so, do you know you can do some pretty awesome tricks with it? It's amazing what that little wheel can do for you! It can help you move around your documents and the Web sites you visit much faster and it can even help improve your eye sight. Want to know more about what I'm talking about? If you're intrigued, just click on the link below to read all about it and learn for yourself!

Or, if you would just like to read today's tip, you can do that as well, here:

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Amanda's Coolsite

No Virus Thanks

With all the viruses out there today, you can’t be too careful when it comes to protecting your computer. And now, with No Virus Thanks, you can scan a file for Trojans, worms and viruses for free by using several different antivirus programs. Let's check it out!

To use No Virus Thanks, go to the Virus Scanner tab and click on Browse to choose the file you want to scan. Then click on the Submit File button. It will then scan your file. When it's finished, it will give you a report like this. Scroll down to the Antivirus Result section to see what it found during the scan. Thankfully, mine found no infections for the file I submitted.

If you run into any problems while scanning, head on over the FAQ tab. There you'll find answers to the most commonly asked questions.

This is a great Web site that will help you keep your computer virus free for free!

~ Amanda

Do you have a cool, non-commercial site that you want to share?
Send it to Amanda at

New Titles and Offers
Print Shop Elements: Labels and Logos: $12.97

Everything you need to create the perfect logos, labels and print projects is right here at your fingertips with The Print Shop Labels & Logos. Start from scratch or personalize your project with the wide variety of stylish and professionally designed project templates.

Monthly Wallpaper

November Wallpaper

Here's November's wallpaper! It's all free, so enjoy!

Smoky Mountain Color

Here's one from my wife! She shot this when we were in the Smokies last week. We liked the photo so much, we decided to turn it into wallpaper for you!

Smoky Mountain Stream

I shot this after a rain storm the night before. Lots of water, lots of great color in the trees and a little climbing down slippery boulders to grab this one!

Smoky Mountain Snowy Pine

Are you seeing a theme yet?! This was shot earlier this year. I loved how the snow and ice were clinging to this pine tree branch.

All can be found here:



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