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Computer Tips [ Don't Let Your Email Die! + Mega-pixel Myth Debunked + Take Back Volume Control ] 11/11/08

Computer No, this isn't Steve. You can tell because Steve never wears a suit :-)

Quick Tips

Volume Controls

Have you ever lost your volume icon? You know, the little one that sits down in your taskbar right next to the clock that looks like a tiny speakerphone. One minute you're going to adjust your volume by using that icon and the next thing you know, it's missing! I mean, what are you supposed to do when something like that happens? Well, you get it back, that's what. And here's how you do it!

To get the icon back in Windows XP, go to Start, Control Panel and click on the Sounds, Speech and Audio Devices link. Next, click on Sounds and Audio Devices. A box will then appear that has several different tabs. Make sure the Volume tab is selected and under the Device volume section, make sure the box that says "Place volume control icon in the taskbar" is checked. That should bring your volume icon back instantly. So, now when you want to change your volume, you can just click on that little speakerphone and get to work!

Now, while you're in the Sounds and Audio Devices screen, you can also change your speaker volumes and experiment with your Sounds, Audio, Voice and Hardware settings. Here's to having complete control over your computer's volume once again. Yes!

~ Erin

Make sure you keep reading to learn how long you have until your e-mail address goes inactive, find out how to copy just the chart formats in MS Excel and learn all about Windows Explorer and why you should be using it. Also, find out what lies behind the megapixel myth with today's digital photography tip and of course, don't miss out on Amanda's Cool Site of the Day. Enjoy!

Happy Veterans Day!


Bring Out The Holiday Cheer!

Forget Decking The Halls With Bells Of Holly!!!

"Deck Your Monitor With Lighted Garland"

Amazing Monitor Lighted Garland Will Really Get You In The Holiday Spirit!

Awesome Low Price- Just $12.97!!


Extremely Low Quantity Available!

Yep, it is that time of the year again! Time to bring out the holly and the mistletoe! This year don't leave your computer out of the holiday festives. Dress it up! Add holiday cheer to your monitor!

This holiday garland it just too cool! It comes pre decorated with bows, bells, red ball ornaments, and snow flakes! Plus as an added bonus, it has 18 amazing red LED lights that light up when you plug it into any available USB port! Now that is really cool- and will get any home or office computer into the holiday spirit! :-) Check out that upclose shot above, how neat is that?

And the set up really couldn't possibly be any easier! It took me less than 5 minutes to put up this garland! In the packages comes 5 little hooks with sticky stuff on the back. Just put the hooks around your monitor, then slide the garland into the hooks! When you are finished, plug it into a USB port and your computer will glow! And removing the garland is just as simple! The sticky hooks came off so easily, and didn't leave a single mark on my monitor!

This amazing garland is 55" in length and fits perfectly around any 17" monitor! Better yet- it doesn't get in the way of the screen all thanks to those handy little hooks!! When you have people over this holiday season, everyone will be amazed that you were even able to decorate your computer!!!

With the small box, this garland is perfect for storage and use year after year!

So what are you waitin' for? Get into the holiday spirit- order this amazing monitor lighted garland now for just $12.97 and US Shipping is Free so it is at your house when you begin decorating in just few short weeks!

PS: We have a very limited supply of these- only 200! So order now before they are gone!

The USB Adapter YOU'VE Been Waiting For!

What A Great Idea!

You'll ALWAYS Have The Right Cable!

OK, this thing is just too cool to pass up! Someone had the creativity on overdrive when this idea popped into their head! I seriously don't think I've ever seen a better USB adapter!

What am I going on about? Well, we've got these really cool 6 Connection USB Cable Adapters - and what an incredible idea! Seems like I am forever looking for a lost USB cable to this gadget or that device. With this, one unit has all the connections you'll ever need! Super idea!

These have FIVE count 'em FIVE different USB connections PLUS the included retractable cable doubles as a USB extension cord!

To use the adapter, just rotate the main part of it and plug it into your device! It's shaped so that each type of plug has plenty of room to plug into your device without hitting the other plugs! Very slick if you ask me!

Oh, and this is super-easy to take along with you on any trip - and really handy to have on or around your desk too! I've already needed it to hook up a card reader! Works with ANY USB Device!

I tell ya - if you use USB, this can really be a lifesaver! Keep this handy and you'll never be looking around for a cord when you need to plug something in! Sure, you may not use it every day, but believe me - you'll be REALLY glad you have it when that day comes that you really need it!

Your cost? Just $9.97 and US shipping is FREE! For that kind of money, it's crazy to pass this up! Have a look:

Hurry - not sure how long these babies are gonna last! Incredible idea, and you just KNOW you're gonna need one eventually! (And probably sooner rather than later :-)

Wanna Take Photos Like A Pro?

Then I've Got An Awesome Program You'll Really Love!

It's Canon's Photography Workshop and it's a must have if you enjoy taking pictures (digital or film). Oh, and don't worry, this isn't designed just for Canon camera owners, it's general advice that works for any camera owner.

Now, before I get too far, I want you to know that I used to be a full time professional photographer and I taught a continuing education course in photography. So, when I say this is an great program for anyone who wants to take better photographs, you know you can trust the source ;-) In fact, if I'd had this interactive CD ROM at my disposal back when I was teaching, I could have passed it out and ended the class there - it's that good!

It uses audio, video, and sample photos to teach you how to work all the controls on a camera. You simply pick what you want to learn. Oh, and it's also great for any skill level - beginner to advanced.

The best part of it is the way it's so "hands on". When you're in one of the many virtual "workshops" you can actually try different ways of taking the picture and see the results! It shows you in a few clicks of a mouse what it took an hour for me to explain in class!

Here are some of the topic covered: The Art of Photography, Composition, Capturing The Decisive Moment, How To Tell a Story, Thinking Visually, Lenses, Aperture, Focus, Shutter, Exposure Lighting, Film, and much more!

No mater what kind of camera you use, this CD can improve the quality of pictures you're getting from it. I can't tell you how impressed I am with the solid advice this title provides!

What's your price? Just $5.97 (retail is around $30) and US Shipping is FREE! You probably spent a good chunk of change on your camera, doesn't it make sense to get the most out of it? Wouldn't it be nice to know the photo you just snapped was going to be a winner instead of just hoping it "turns out ok"? Take a look:

PS - The price will increase to $9.97 on Wednesday! The only way you lose on this deal is to pass it up!

Computers 101

There are times when I don't use my e-mail account for several days at a time. Am I going to lose my address if I leave it go too long? Please explain!

That's a very interesting question and I'm sure you're not the only one who has wondered that in the past. So, if you have ever been worried about losing your e-mail address, here's your answer! Basically, you won't lose your address if you just stop using it for a few days, but if you let it go for a long period of time with no activity, you may risk losing your account altogether.

Also, if you don't use your e-mail for a long time, instead of losing your address, you could run into some problems with being able to receive new e-mails. I'm not sure which one is worse! Listed below are some basic explanations of why you could lose your e-mail address.

1.) Your e-mail expires or is disabled because of inactivity. If you go through a free Web based e-mail provider, such as Yahoo! or Hotmail, your account will be disabled after so many days of not using it. Some of the free providers will not only disable your account, but they will delete it as well. For example, if you do not log in to your e-mail account (for Hotmail and Yahoo!) at least once every 30 days, everything will be deactivated and you won't be able to get back in. The only way you could get e-mail again would be to create a new username and password, along with a new e-mail address. You simply have to sign up all over again.

Just for another example, if you use Gmail from Google for your e-mail, your account will not be disabled until it has been inactive for nine months. That's obviously a lot better than 30 days, but it's still a headache to have to sign up again. (On the other hand, if you don't use your e-mail account for nine months, chances are, you don't want e-mail anyway!)

Also, keep in mind that if your account is disabled, you will lose all the e-mail you had saved beforehand, as well as, any new e-mails that may have come through. Even if you sign up for another account, you won't be able to get those e-mails back. All e-mail addresses in your address book will be lost as well or kept by the e-mail service.

2.) If you get your e-mail through your ISP (Internet Service Provider), which is a pretty popular way of doing things, it's unlikely that your account will be disabled. On the other hand, you do stand the chance of reaching a full quota and quota issues can be just as bad.

If you leave your e-mail unchecked for several days, you may reach your account's quota (the available storage space) before you know it. Reaching your maximum quota won't shut your account off, but it will keep you from receiving any new e-mails. Most e-mail providers assign a certain amount of space to every e-mail account and they moderate how much you use, have left, etc. So, if you don't maintain your e-mail account and bring all of your new e-mails in every so often, you will run out of available disk space and you won't be able to get any new ones.

If that happens to you, the only way you can get it corrected is by talking to your ISP and waiting for them to resolve the issue. Whew, what a pain that would be! If possible, always try to keep up to date with your e-mail, because it will save you a lot of time in the end. If you don't really have any need for an e-mail account, cancel yours now. It's just easier that way. I hope this information has been helpful to you!

~ Erin

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MS Office

Copy Just the Chart Formats

Ever have a chart in MS Excel with what you consider the perfect formatting?

You've chosen just the right color combinations, font type, size, font alignment, spacing, etc. and you wouldn't change a thing, no matter how much time you have to work on it.

Wish the formatting could be applied to other Excel charts, without all the individual changes it requires? Perhaps something like a Format Painter feature for your charts.

If that's something you've ever wished for, I'm happy to make at least one of your wishes come true and I think you'll be surprised by just how easy it can be accomplished.

  • The first thing you'll need to do is select the chart with the formatting to be copied.

  • Then go ahead and copy the chart.

  • Select the chart that needs the new formatting.

  • Older versions of Excel use the Edit menu, Paste Special choice.

  • Excel 2007 uses the bottom half of the Paste button, located under the Home tab on the ribbon.

  • In any version, once the Paste Special dialogue window opens, select the Formats choice.

  • Then click OK.

Voila. The formatting is copied, but the data is left intact!

~ April

More Cool Stuff

Don't Let Medical Jargon Throw Ya!

Know What Your Doctor is Talking About!

Incredible Medical Encyclopedia!

This'll BLOW YOU AWAY!!!

Have you ever gone to the doctor or looked up a medical term and felt like it was a whole other language? What do you mean I have epistaxis? Or how about this-ever been prescribed a drug and are pretty concerned as to what your putting in your body? I know I've been there!1

If you answered yes, then Mosby's Medical Encyclopedia is a definite must-have! I hate being confused at any level when it comes to my health. I want to know precisely what is wrong with me and what is going on! There's such an incredible amount of information.

This encyclopedia is so easy to use. There's a column on the left of the screen, which indicates what sources are available. Just click on the icon to learn about all sorts of different topics. The encyclopedia section itself has over 20,000 medical terms and is definitely the most useful guide. But that's not all!

You'll love the Mulltimedia library :-) It has more than 5,000 photos, illustrations, videos, and pronunciations. I finally learned how to do the heimlich maneuver thanks to its helpful video guide. AND I learned how to say fascioscapilogumeral dystrophy and learned what it was at the same time. Thanks to the pronunciation guide, I won't feel dumb when I want to talk to my doctor about a particular topic. Not to mention my doc will know exactly what I'm referring to.

But that's not all! Look at what else you can do!

5 Learn about your drugs' side effects, generic names, and potentially dangerous interactions
4 Access the latest medical research with built in web links to leading health organizations
3 Tour the Body with the unique Body Atlas
2 Find in depth profiles of every major disease from asthma to Zollinger-Ellison syndrome

WOW! One of my favorite features is the body atlas. I learned all about the circulatory system, nervous system, and the location of all the bones in your body. I even saw the different layers of the skin, now that was interesting!

This is one of the best medical encyclopedias I've seen! I love it! It's so simple to use, and the information is so valuable and easy to understand. It has such a wide range of health care topics filled with pictures, charts, audio, and full motion videos. It's amazing!

This is such an incredible deal! Your cost? Today only - just $5.97 and US shipping is FREE! You'd be crazy not to get in on this deal. Everyone is gonna come across a health term that is just absolute jargon sooner or later! Why not know what your doctor is talking about?!

PS - The price will increase to $9.97 on Wendesday so get yours ordered today! This is a fantastic home reference guide that no home should be without

Create Greeting Cards, Invitations, Photo Slide Shows And Sooo Much More!

All With Just A Few Clicks Of Your Mouse

Print Workshop 2008 Will Blow You Away!

Over 7,000,000 Premium Images

Over 24,000 Project Templates

The Possibilies Are Endless!!!

Special Introductory SALE Price- Just $10.97!!!

Wow! This program was a major hit yesterday! And for just $10.97, this is one deal that you don't want to miss out on! Order Now before our supply is gone!!!

Let me be the first to tell ya, Print Workshop 2008 is simply mind-blowin'!!! In just a matter of a few mouse clicks, I was off to the races, creating some of the best photo projects of my life. And I was shocked by how easy it was to start workin'! You don't have to have a degree in graphic design to get some amazing results! Wait until you try this program!

This program is perfect for beginners and designing pros! It has sooo many powerful tools and intuitive features that make it easier than ever before to create thousands- no MILLIONS- of creative professional looking projects! As long as you can think it, this program will have you covered!

With Print Workshop, you will make the most of every option! With this program you will feel the power of ultimate creation at your finger tips! This program comes with a brilliantly thought out interface that makes creating projects easy as 1-2-3.

First, pick the perfect layout of your project by selecting from over 20,000 high quality templates! There are so many amazing templates that I think it took me longer to choose that one perfect template than it did to complete the rest of my project! But, it was worth it in the end!

Second, personalize your project and add the extra pizzazz that will give it the WOW factor! Included in the program you will find over 1,000,000 clipart images and premium photographs, all of which you can edit to fit your needs! Plus, as an added bonus, you will have access to over 6,000,000 images online! WOW!!! now those are some real options!Check out how awesome some of the clip art looks in this screen shot!

Third, share your amazing creations by printing them, creating a photo slide show, publishing an online photo album, or burning them to a CD or DVD! See- it really is as easy as 1-2-3.

But- I really have only begun- there is sooo much more that you can do with Print Workshop 2008! This program comes with top-of-the-line Photo Editing Software that allows you to correct red-eye, crop, rotate, stretch, re-center, and install borders around your photos, giving them all that personal touch! My favorite feature with this part of the program is the text insert, which allows me to add entertaining text accents into my photos giving them that extra fun, thoughtful touch! Check out the photo below for awesome personalized projects!!!

We all know that a great photo can bring real joy- but what about a photo with personalized touches! Now that will nothing but happiness! And with this program your family and friends will love your one of a kind creation! Use your own photos to create one of a kind gifts like calendars, collages, slide show, photo bouquets (and so much more) this holiday season!

Now, before I go, allow me to elaborate of a some of the amazing projects that you can create! Seriously, this list is just the beginning- with this program the possible are truly endless!

You can really save some money this holiday season by creating your own greeting cards! With this program, you will find cards for every occasion including holidays, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, congratulations, good luck, and sooo many more!

Plus- Don't forget that this program comes with templates to create web pages, amazing 3D crafts, photo albums, stickers, stencils, invitations, post cards, menus, T-shirts, posters, wrapping paper, and that is just the beginning.

So, you are probably thinking that this kind of extensive software is going to cost you an arm and a leg- and normally it would (this software retails for around $20.00) but, oh contraire- my friend. Order today, and you will get the absolutely amazing Photo Workshop 2008 for half the price- just $10.97 and US Shipping is FREE! WOW!!

PS: We only have 300 of these in stock, and with the 2007 version, they were sold out in a matter of days! Don't miss out on this offer- order now!

Filtering Your E-mail

How many of you get junk e-mails everyday? I'm almost positive that all of you raised your hands, because it's normal for everyone to get their fair share of them from day to day. I know I get a lot more than I prefer, but that's just the way e-mail is these days. But it doesn't have to be so bad. There are several ways to filter your e-mails so that the good stuff comes in and the bad stuff stays out. Want to learn how? Then check out today's tip on our homepage and start learning!

Unnatural Wonders

You've all heard of the natural wonders of the world, right? They are all pretty awesome to look at, but have you ever thought about the unnatural wonders of the world? That gets you thinking, doesn't it?! Well, if that excites you, I urge you to check out the cool site we have featured on our homepage today. It's called Unnatural Wonders and it's devoted to showing you, from A to Z, all the unnatural wonders of the world. Check it out!

Here's the link you need: Enjoy!

Tip of the Day

Windows Explorer

I have one more Q&A for you today. I hope you don't mind too much!

What exactly is Windows Explorer? I've heard the term mentioned several times in your tips, but I've never gotten a good grasp as to what it is. Please explain!

You know what? This question came at the most perfect possible time. It was brought to my attention yesterday by our tech support guy, Gary, that we don't really have any good tips in our archives for the Windows Explorer application. After he told me that, I went and checked them out and he was absolutely right. It seems like all the tips we have already written just sort of skate around the actual concept of what Windows Explorer is. What a shame!

So, I thought it would be in everyone's best interest to clear up all the details. If you've been wondering for awhile (like the person who asked this question) what Windows Explorer really is and why it's on your computer, you better listen up, because I'm going to fill you in today. Let's get started, shall we?!

To begin with a basic definition, Windows Explorer is a type of file manager. It's an application that comes with every Windows operating system that provides you with detailed information about your computer's files, folders and drives. It covers everything from your Documents and Settings to your My Documents files to your C: drive and so on and so forth. No matter what type of files you have on your computer or where you keep them, Windows Explorer can manage them.

There are several things you can do with Windows Explorer. For example, you're able to see how your files, etc. are organized in your computer system. It even helps you to do those little tasks of finding, saving, copying, moving, deleting and even renaming your data. You know, all of those processes you go through probably every day with your files. Windows Explorer is known for being one of the best tools available for file managing and it's all free. Wow, who knew?!

Now, there are actually several different ways that will get you to the Windows Explorer application. The easiest way is to right click either the Start button or the My Computer icon on your desktop and choose Explore. On the other hand, if you like to use keyboard shortcuts, you can get there by hitting the Windows key and the letter E (Win + E) at the same time. Those two are probably the quickest access points, but other ways include going through your programs. In Windows XP, just go to Start, All Programs, Accessories, Windows Explorer. Either way you go, the Windows Explorer window will open right up for you on your computer screen.

Okay, there's one more thing I want to tell you and then I'll be able to rest easy knowing you all now have a full knowledge of Windows Explorer. When you go to open Windows Explorer, it will bring up a file directory for you. But what if that's not the one you want to work in? For example, Windows Explorer may bring up your Documents and Settings when you want to start out in your C: drive. Well, when that happens, you can easily change where Windows Explorer opens. Here's an example of how you can do that.

Right click on your desktop and go to New, Shortcut. In the command box, you'll have to type in a new directory. So, if you want Windows Explorer to open to your C: drive, enter this command line in: explorer /n,/e,/root,,/select,C:\. Make sure you keep all the spaces in as well. Click Next and then Finish. A new icon will come up on your desktop and when you double click that, Windows Explorer will open to your C: drive. If you want to open Windows Explorer from any of the ways we talked about above, you can do that as well, but either way, your C: drive will be the one that pops up.

For more examples on changing your directory routes, you can read here. Once you have everything set the way you want it, you'll be able to use Windows Explorer for all your file managing needs. It's so easy to use and it doesn't get any more convenient than being right there on your computer every time you boot it up. I hope you now have a better understanding as to what Windows Explorer really is and now, you can finally get some good use out of it!

~ Erin

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Today's Feature

The Megapixel Myth

It’s not the number of megapixels that matter, but it's the size of your camera’s sensor that counts. Believe it or not, but megapixels don't really matter anymore. That might sound strange at first since most people regard the megapixel count as the main indicator of their camera’s picture taking quality. In reality, megapixels are a measure of how many pixels you can "stuff" into a camera’s sensor: the digital equivalent of film. One megapixel means one million pixels. You need just three megapixels to print a standard 4R picture and eight megapixels are more than enough for an 8R (8X10) inch print.

If you don't have enough megapixels and you're trying to print a large picture, the print won't turn out very sharp. All diagonals will become jagged instead of being smooth. However, as all new compact cameras now have at least eight megapixels and some have hit 14, you don't have to worry about having insufficient megapixels anymore. So, when you're deciding which compact to buy, the number of megapixels doesn't really matter.

What's more important for good picture quality in a compact camera is the size of the sensor. The bigger the sensor, the better the photo will be. Bigger sensors capture more light and more light captured means better colors and contrast. With bigger sensors, photos taken indoors without flash or when the light is failing, have less picture noise. Sadly, compact cameras cannot have huge sensors, because they need to stay, well, compact. The sensor in a compact camera can be as small as the nail on your pinky finger. That's why compacts are poor in shooting in low light conditions without a flash.

Here's an extra tip: check the sensor size! It could be listed under CCD, CMOS, imagine element or image sensor, but the dimensions will always read something like "1/2.3 inch," which is the size of the sensor. The smaller the denominator, the bigger the sensor. In comparison, the sensor of a professional DSLR is 30 times that of a compact, which explains why DSLRs are so much bigger.

Ironically, the solution to improving photo quality in a compact camera is to reduce the megapixel count. All things being equal, having less megapixels means that each pixel in the sensor can now have more light, which in turn, improves picture quality. And now you know what lies behind the megapixel myth!

~ Ramachandran Kumaraswami

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Amanda's Coolsite

Veterans Day

Did you know that most Americans confuse Veterans Day with Memorial Day? According to the Department of Veterans Affairs, it’s true. Both holidays celebrate the men and women who serve our country, but today, we're going to find out what makes Veterans Day both unique and important!

To do that, we will start our journey off in the History of Veterans Day section. Here you will learn that Veterans Day was originally a holiday called Armistice Day, which celebrated the end of WWI. Visit this section to learn how the holiday has evolved into the Veterans Day holiday it is today.

Ways to Celebrate Veterans Day – Here you will discover seven ways to celebrate Veterans Day, as well as, find resources for teachers to help teach their students about the holiday.

Wear Your Medals on Veterans Day – The Department of Veterans Affairs are encouraging veterans to wear their medals in a display of patriotism and pride. You can find out why here!

Do you have a veteran in your life? I do! It's my dad. Well, you can send them a free e-card to let them know you remember them on Veterans Day!

Underneath the yellow Buddy Finder search engine, you will find a moving video tribute to those who have served their country, both in the past and in the present. It’s definitely worth a watch! I was quite moved.

Honoring the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier – Veterans Day is one of the holidays where the President or someone he designates lies a wreath on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in remembrance of the sacrifice of America’s veterans in foreign wars. It also marks the national observance of the day.

And last, but not least, the Celebrate Famous Veterans section. It's important to remember that celebrities are people too and that some of them have served for our country. Find out which celebrities are also veterans here.

To all the men and women who bravely serve our country, both past and present, we salute you!

~ Amanda

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New Titles and Offers

Centon DataStick Pro 2GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive: $12.97

This Centon DataStick Pro flash drive will make transporting digital content easier. With its 2 GB storage capacity you’ll be able to store all of your data, music, movies, files, videos, photos and more! It has a USB 2.0 connection for easy and fast transfer capabilities. Carry it with you anywhere, it has a convenient key chain or lanyard connector. Plug and play this Centon DataStick Pro flash drive today!

Monthly Wallpaper

November Wallpaper

Here's November's wallpaper! It's all free, so enjoy!

Smoky Mountain Color

Here's one from my wife! She shot this when we were in the Smokies last week. We liked the photo so much, we decided to turn it into wallpaper for you!

Smoky Mountain Stream

I shot this after a rain storm the night before. Lots of water, lots of great color in the trees and a little climbing down slippery boulders to grab this one!

Smoky Mountain Snowy Pine

Are you seeing a theme yet?! This was shot earlier this year. I loved how the snow and ice were clinging to this pine tree branch.

All can be found here:





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