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Computer Tips [ MS Keeping You Safe With Defender? + MP3 - What You Need To Know + More Fun With CDs + Friday Funnies ] 11/28/08

Computer No, this isn't Steve. You can tell because Steve never wears a suit :-)

Quick Tips

Just For Vista?

I received a phone call yesterday morning from a fellow newsletter reader who was wondering if the Windows Defender security package only works with Windows Vista. At first, I told him yes, because from what I understood from articles I've read in the past, that's how it's set up. He then asked me to double check on it and I gladly said I would. Well, let me tell you, I'm really glad I did! I have been wrong this whole time and I'm not too proud to admit it. Here's the scoop!

After doing some more research, I found out that Windows Defender automatically comes along with Vista, but you can also download a free version of it for earlier Windows operating systems. Wow, who knew?! The free version of Windows Defender is available for Windows XP SP2, as well as, Windows 2000 and Windows Server 2003. (It will only work with the last two if you validate it through the Windows Genuine Advantage program first though).

Now, I know you're probably wondering how the free version stacks up next to the Vista version, right? Well, as far as I can see, it seems to work just as well. If you download Windows Defender to an earlier operating system, it will run through all the same scans, etc. that it does for Vista. It's obviously going to work a little better for Vista, because it's the security program that was made specifically for it, but if you're looking for something new for an older Windows computer, the free download will do the trick! So, if you're not using Vista and would like to download the free version of Windows Defender, you can do so right here. I hope you enjoy it!

~ Erin

It's Friday, it's Friday! Make sure you keep reading to learn all about the different types of MP3 players, find out how to solve the case of the separated date in MS Word and learn how you can easily name your tracks. Also, be sure to check out the Friday Funnies for your daily laugh and as always, don't miss out on Amanda's Cool Site of the Day. Enjoy and have a fantastic weekend, everyone! : )


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Oh WOW!! We just got a mind-blowing deal on System Mechanic 7 and it's by far, the very best program I've ever seen for getting the most out of Windows! You'll be blown away at what this does to your PC - You'll think you got a new computer! I tell ya, personally, I think this is just outstanding! I've seen a ton of software, but the improvements this makes is really nothing short of amazing! It optimizes Windows to be the way it SHOULD have been when you purchased it! Read on - and get ready to be really - and I mean REALLY - impressed!

First, I'm seriously impressed at just how easy this software makes it to really get your computer crankin'! I mean, I don't think there's anything on your computer this can't tweak and optimize!

To test, I installed it on my personal machine and it did a quick scan, and then it scared the poop outta me! it came up with a serious warning about a few security problems and gave me some really helpful speed improvement suggestions. Now here's the cool part - With just a couple mouse clicks, I'm now enjoying a MUCH faster -and much more secure - computer! And I honestly thought I was as tweaked out as I could be! Not even close - this was incredible - and all automatic!

What can it do for you? Let's talk speed - this takes your slow PC and turns it into a Ferrari - you'll think your computer is new again (maybe better than new)! It'll be just flying through programs and impressing the livin' daylights out of ya! This has a whopping 19 different ways to crank up the speed on your machine! In fact, many systems see an absolutely incredible 300% improvement after just some automatic adjusting by this program! WOW - that's worth $8.97 in anyone's book!

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Want more? - Sure ya do! Another thing this does that I'm in absolute love with is it lets you customize over 100 "secret" Windows settings! Stuff that you always wish Windows would let you adjust but there isn't really any direct way to do it. This makes it point-and-click easy!! You can: Optimize the way Windows' Start Menu behaves, speed up networking performance, log in automatically, edit your computer registration data, change multimedia behavior, improve pagefile security, customize explorer's context menus, edit advanced administration options, and much more!!

Oh, and just wait till you point your mouse at the Automatic System Maintenance section! I just love this! This part of the program will watch in the background and wait till the system is idle. As soon as you're not using the computer, it will work in the background tuning your computer for absolute peak performance! Here's the really cool part - just touch your mouse, and it stops what it's doing and gives the system back to you! Really! If you've ever been slowed down by a stubborn anti-virus that insisted on scanning while you were working, you know just how cool this is! Oh, and it even lets you pick and choose what optimizations to run!

Another automatic feature I think is just brilliant is the "One-Click" option! It's just what it sounds like - just click the button and System Mechanic runs all of its system enhancement programs and cranks your system up to the next level! Just a button push away! It makes it easy for EVERYONE to have a smokin' system!

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Computers 101

Can you please tell me about the different types of MP3 players?

I sure can! People may not know that there are so many different types of MP3 players, but there definitely are. It seems like everything these days have several variations and MP3 players are no exception. I know it seems like iPods have taken over the world (in a way) and that MP3 players aren't really talked about much anymore, but in all actuality, more people may have MP3 players over iPods. So, it's important to still talk about them as well. Alright, let's get started!

Just in case you're not sure, MP3 players are pocket size devices that allow you to store and play music and other sound files. While there are several types of these players, they all can be placed into one of three categories: hard drive based players, micro hard drive based players and flash based players. Let's check out the differences, shall we?!

1.) Hard Drive Based - These are usually a little bit larger in size and they're heavier than the other types. The reason for that is because they come with a large hard drive right inside. Since they have that hard drive, they are able to hold the most data, going up to at least 10 GB or more. In case you're not sure, that equals to about 2,900 sound files. (That's a lot!) Although these are heavier and not as convenient, they do hold more and that's the one thing that makes this type so popular.

2.) Micro Hard Drive Based - These are similar to the hard drive based players, but they are much smaller (hence the micro), both in physical size and in terms of storage space. These MP3 players only hold up to 6 GB of data, which equals to approximately 1,700 files. That's still quite a bit of space and along with its smaller size, people have been crazed over this type of player. Since these are smaller, people like to take them on walks or to the gym with them, which is great, but they are susceptible to skips if movements are too big. On the other hand, there's another good note about these. They come with rechargeable batteries, just like the hard drive based players.

3.) Flash Based - Last, but not least is the flash based MP3 player. If the other two players didn't strike you, this one may. The main advantage of this type is that it contains no moving parts and therefore, it will never cause any skipping. They are also smaller in size and since they have no moving parts, they are able to hold a battery charge for a longer period of time. This helps your batteries last longer, which is always nice. On the other hand, they only hold up to 32 MB, which is only around 10 songs. There is another model that holds 2 GB, which is around 570 songs, but that's still not very much. Either way, the other two players hold much more! If you have a huge music collection, this player may not be the right one for you. It just depends on what you need.

So, as you can see, there are several differences between to three types of player models. There are other features that differ between MP3 players, but these are the most prominent. If you're looking to buy a new MP3 player, you'll want to keep these things in mind. Hopefully this helped clear up some MP3 pros and cons for you!

~ Erin

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MS Office

The Case of the Separated Date

Don't you hate it when MS Word takes a date in your document (such as November 25, 2008) and breaks it on two separate lines? I especially dislike seeing "November" at the end of one line, then "25, 2008" at the beginning of the next.

Ever wonder how you could easily fix that mess, without starting a brand new paragraph?

Well, you're not alone and here's the solution you've been waiting for.

What we need to know about is something called a manual line break, which we can insert with a simple Shift + Enter.

All you have to do is place your cursor before the date (where you want to insert the manual line break), hit the Shift + Enter keys and Word will then do the rest.

You'll find that your date is no longer separated on two lines, while at the same time, you've managed to stop it from creating a new paragraph.

If only all our Office issues could be solved so easily!

~ April

More Cool Stuff


Attention! Dust Could Store Up in Dangerous Places!!!

Finally A Great Way To Clean Your Computer!!!

Grab That Dusty Mess With This Awesome Flexible Vacuum Attachment!

VERY, VERY Limited Supply!!!!

Most vacuum attachments frustrate me. They "say" they will suck up anything, anywhere; however, I don't get how that is possible when you are using a plastic piece of equipment that doesn't bend into all those nooks and crannies.

That is why when I saw this awesome vacuum attachment, I just had to try it out. And Guess What? I love it!!! In fact, I don't think my house has ever been so clean because once I tried out this device, I couldn't stop! It really sucks up dust everywhere!

This attachment is slim enough to fit into the tiniest nook, long enough to slip deep into any crannies, and flexible enough to turn corners and bend in any direction! I can't begin to tell you how much I love this vacuum attachment!

So, let me tell you the story of my cleaning spree. I started off in my office. This awesome device was able to really suck all that gross dust that was stuck in between the keys on my keyboard. I was so impressed with this that I used it to suck up the dust on my monitor and even the collection of dust bunnies that collected on the fan on the back of my CPU.

Then, I moved to the living room. You see, the other week, I noticed these gross piles of dust that had accumulated on my air vents. With ease, I was able to slid the 29" cord (obviously with tons of room to spare) in between the vent holes! This awesome attachment was even able to suck the dust that was stored inside the vent! I am tellin' ya, I was shocked.

But my cleaning spree keeps getting better when I moved to the kitchen. Have you ever noticed the crumbs, dirt, and other collected goodies that hide in the corners of you oven, fridge, or range? Well, this vacuum attachment is long enough to fit into all these electronic devices, slender enough to suck up all that dust that accumulates under them (image cleaning under your stove or fridge without having to move it- WOW!), and flexible enough to get get in between those tiny crevices on your range. Now, you know why I say my house is super clean!

This product even works great it cars!!! Check out how well it cleans car consoles:

I just love this vacuum attachment! Better yet, it is designed to attach to all major vacuum cleaners! I am tellin' ya, this product is one that you just gotta try!

Cost? Get this!!! We have a special deal on these amazing vacuum attachments today! Today only pay just $10.97 and US Shipping is Free! Plus, as an added bonus, take an additonal 15% off today only!!!

PS: I couldn't recommend this attachment enough! Unfortunately, we have a VERY LIMITED supply of these amazing vacuum attachments, so get to the store and order NOW!!! Your house will be thankful for the thorough cleaning that it will receive!

Jaw Droppin' DEAL- Today Only!

Super 2GB SD Card

One Extraordinary Low Price of $14.97!!!

Don't Miss The Boat On This One!

SD cards are amazing. I have several for my camera and a few more full of music. And I find myself buying a new one all the time. They just provide a great and convenient way to store all kinds of data! I have so many great pictures and memories stored on my SD cards that I would be heartbroken if anything happened to any of them. Geeze, I would rather have someone take my expensive camera, as long as they left my SD card.

With that being said, I am amazed by the fantastic deal we found for you today.

2 GIG allows you to store essential digital content such as high quality photos, videos, music and so much more. I just love how much it is able to store. No longer will I have to take time out of my day, perhaps missing a perfect photo opportunity, to switch out a filled memory card and replace it with a new one. And I couldn't begin to tell you how nice of a feeling that gives me.

And I couldn't recommend this SD card any higher. It is really fast. And has an amazing amount of space to store all of your needed information, music, or pictures!

But the price? Where else are you going to find this kind of deal? NO WHERE! For just $14.97 and US SHIPPING IS FREE! Don't forget about the great 15% off sale we have going to today too! Make sure you type in your code :-)

PS: Unfortunately, this deal can't go on forever and the price will increase to $18.97 on Monday!

No More Shortcut Arrows

Do me a favor and go look at the icons you have sitting on your desktop right now. Do some of them have little arrows sticking up from the bottom? Do all of them have the arrows? If so, that's okay, but do you really like the way they look like that? I think the arrows sort of get in the way of the actual icon, but that's just my opinion. If you agree with me though and you'd like to get rid of those arrows for good, you're in luck, because that's exactly what we discuss in the tip on our homepage today. Go check it out!

Internet Pizza Server

Are you in the mood to have a little fun today? And is it okay if that fun involves pizza? I know those are two pretty random questions, but once you check out the cool site on our homepage today, you'll completely understand why I asked them. The Web site is called Internet Pizza Server and you can go there to create your very own pizza! You can choose your size, your toppings and so much more. Who knew making a pizza could be so much fun?!

Here's the link you need: Enjoy!

Tip of the Day

Name Those Tracks

Do you often listen to CDs on your computer? Maybe you just need to hear your favorite song to get you through the day at work or perhaps you just like to listen to music while you're cleaning your house or just relaxing.

If you do, an easy way to keep all your CDs straight is to make playlists for them. Once you do that, every time you put in that CD, it will automatically pop up on your screen and you'll know exactly what songs you're going to hear.

All you need to do is open up your CD ROM drive (it could be on your computer tower or on the side of your computer if you have a laptop). In case you're not sure, the CD ROM drive is just a little tray that slides out with an area big enough to fit a CD. There's a little button on your tower and you just push that for the drive to come out. Put the CD in there and then push the button again to close it.

Once you close it, your computer will automatically recognize that you put new software in and if you have a media player (such as Windows Media Player or Winamp) already downloaded on your computer, the CD will open in that program.

Now, once your program pops up, it will have a playlist area where you can name the album and name all of the songs on the CD. It depends on which program you use as to where the playlist will be, but it should be right there on the first screen when your player opens up. When you first start, the songs will just say Track 1, Track 2, etc. and it will say Unknown Album, so don't panic! That's exactly why it's a good idea to put the information in for easier recognition of each CD every time you listen to one on your computer.

It's really cool, especially if you have tons of CDs and you listen to almost all of them on your computer.

Happy listening!

~ Erin

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Today's Feature

Friday Funnies

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Amanda's Coolsite


So, you want to find a new job or you need to find one and you don’t know where to begin your search. Well, now you do! Start your search here at Indeed, where you get to search job sites, newspapers, associations, career pages and much more, all in one place.

How does it work? It's easy! You can search by your location and get all the listings for your area. Or, you can search with a keyword and your location to narrow down the results a little more.

If that isn’t specific enough, you can click the Advanced Search link found under the Find Jobs button and tailor your search even more. You can also check out the Preferences link under the Find Jobs button and change how your results are displayed.

To learn more about the site and how it got started, as well as, what its purpose is, check out the About section. The Blog section feels more like a news section to me, as the blog was about what was happening recently with Indeed. You can check out the Forum sections for job related topics and a chat room as well.

I used to work as a cashier and I know the turnover rate is high, so I decided to use "cashier" as my example search. There were a lot of results, especially now that everyone and their brother are hiring for seasonal help. What I really liked though is that the newest additions to their database were marked as new, so there was no doubt as to whether or not the ads were recent.

So, if you’re looking for work or a career change, this is a great place to get started!

~ Amanda

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Send it to Amanda at


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Smoky Mountain Color

Here's one from my wife! She shot this when we were in the Smokies last week. We liked the photo so much, we decided to turn it into wallpaper for you!

Smoky Mountain Stream

I shot this after a rain storm the night before. Lots of water, lots of great color in the trees and a little climbing down slippery boulders to grab this one!

Smoky Mountain Snowy Pine

Are you seeing a theme yet?! This was shot earlier this year. I loved how the snow and ice were clinging to this pine tree branch.

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