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Computer Tips [ Protection From Hijackers + Awesome Email Trick + Friday Funnies ] 11/21/08

Computer No, this isn't Steve. You can tell because Steve never wears a suit :-)

Quick Tips


Have you ever heard of the term "hit?" Do you have any idea what it refers to in means of the Internet world? If you have heard of it, are you really sure you know what it means? The reason I ask is because there is a big misconception when it comes to this term. Many people think a hit refers to the number of visits a certain Web site gets. They think every time someone goes to a site, one more hit is added to that Web site's total count. Well, that is just not true. The term still deals with Web sites, but it really means something different. Let's find out what, shall we?!

A hit is actually a request made to a Web server. For example, if you go to a Web site that has six images included on the homepage, the browser must make a request to the server for the six images and one extra for the HTML part of the site. Then once all of those requests are made, seven hits are actually recorded, instead of just six.

The other way the term "hit" is used is within search engine results. When you do a search on Google (or whatever your favorite search engine is) and you get your results, each of those is called a hit. For instance, if the search engine finds 400 matches to your inquiry, you received back 400 hits. So, now that there's no confusion with this term, you can go on and impress your buddies by telling them how many hits you received for your search today!

~ Erin

Here's a happy, happy Friday to you all! Make sure you keep reading to learn all about the different types of hijacks and how you can keep yourself safe, find out how to use the safe senders list in MS Outlook and learn how to create your very own e-mail business card. Also, be sure to check out the Friday Funnies for your daily laugh and as always, don't miss out on Amanda's Cool Site of the Day. Enjoy and have a great weekend, everyone! : )


Become A Window's Wiz In No Time!

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Yikes! I am sooo excited about this one! We just came across an amazing new program called Learn 2 Training for Microsoft Windows and Office! And let me tell ya, if you got a question about Windows or Office (which honestly, don't we all) this is the perfect program for you! With this fantastic program, you will master all of the essentials of Windows and Office at your own pace, all while having a great time!

Learning should be fun, right? Well, with this program, you will cover a whoppin' 400 topics related Windows and Office, and it's gobs of fun! You'll learn all kinds of cool topics within Microsoft Windows, Word, Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Publisher, Project, InfoPath, Visio, and OneNote! I must confess, all of these programs came with the Office CD on my computer, and other than Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, I haven't touched any of them just because I didn't know what they do!

Well, when I was testing this program, I was absolutely amazed by the vast amount of knowledge this program had to offer! Although I only tested this program for about an hour- I learned tons of new things that I never knew before! WOW! Just wait till you try this - you'll be a Windows / Office pro before you know it!

Oh, and I love how this interactive software lets you learn at your own pace! This great program pairs super-easy navigation with outstanding lessons that are simply unparalleled. Each lesson builds upon the last one, which maximizes your ability to learn new skills and remember them!

Better yet- we all learn in different ways- Some of us by seeing, some by hearing, and some by doing. Get this - you get to customize your learning to what suites you with amazing exclusive features including on-screen program simulations, uber- fun animated videos, full audio, and practice quizzes to test your newfound skill and proficiency of that skill! Yep, with those kind of options, you are learning in a multitude of different ways- by seeing, listening, and doing, ultimately enhancing what you learn! Pretty cool huh?

With this program, you will really familiarize yourself with Windows and Office. This program is a proven, award winning instruction method enabling you to immerse yourself in all of the functions and features Windows and Office has to offer! In fact, it is sooo awesome that professionals from Fortune 500 companies and government agencies use this program to enhance their skills!

From resumes to record keeping, folders to flowcharts, this awesome program really does teach it all! Each lesson powerfully simulates the software or program you are learning about! Say for example, you want to learn more about Microsoft Excel. The awesome LearningAgent will walk you through the exact lesson of your choice! Plus, there is amazing video animation with full audio showing you exactly what you are suppose to be doing! Even better- the text boxes accompany every page of the lesson, allowing to to follow along and read as the LearningAgent explains the lesson! And if something is a little off, you can quickly navigate play, pause, fast forward, or rewind the lesson! Really, navigation has never been easier! Check out the screen shot below- see the text box and the navigational tools at the bottom- pretty cool huh?

But, let's say you don't have time to do a complete lesson, or you want to go back and quickly review a past lesson- what are you suppose to do? Well, this program really have you covered! There is a quick search button that lets you look up whatever you would like! Plus, these lessons can even be printed off for you to have and review whenever you would like! Really, there was nothing this program didn't think of to enhance your learning process! You just gotta check it out! You're going to be a Windows and Office Wiz in No Time!

Your Cost? This is one heck of a deal! This product normally retails for $30.00- but we are sellin' it for just $12.97 and US Shipping is Free! WOW! What are you waiting for? Order now!

PS: This is only a one day offer- the price will increase to $18.97! Even worse- we only have 250 of these in our stock! So order now to make sure you get a copy and get in on this great price! Don't miss out!

Awesome Wireless 3D Optical Mouse!

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Sick and tired of all those pesky wires on your desktop? Me too! Well, grab this mouse today and help unclutter that rat's nest of wires! You'll wonder why you kept that old, annoying wired mouse for so long!

Oh, and here's the big reason you'll want this mouse -  You know what the number one problem is with wireless mice? The stupid batteries ALWAYS die at the worst possible time! I hate that! Having a wireless mouse is fantastic, until it's late, you need to finish something up, your mouse is belly-up, and there's no "AA" batteries to be found. Well, these guys thought of that - this has a retractable USB cord that you can plug in!

You read that right! Next time your batteries die, just pull out the retractable cable and plug into any free USB port and get right back at it! FINALLY - someone designed a wireless mouse with a brilliant backup plan!

With that said, the above problem is gonna be rare for you because this guy is a big-time battery saver! When this mouse is not in use, it will actually turn off, saving you tons of battery juice! Replacing the batteries will no longer be a weekly ordeal - these batteries you will you a LONG time!

In addition, this mouse uses amazing optical technology! You know what I hate about regular "ball" mice- they collect dirt and dust. I remember always having to dig out a Q-tip, take apart the mouse, and delicately clean out that area so it would "roll" correctly. And once it got dirty, the precision was never the same!

Well, with this ultra cool optical mouse, you will never have to clean it again! It'll be as good a year from now as when you first took it out of the package! How absolutely fantastic is that? :-)

Now so far this mouse is sounding pretty awesome- but you gotta check this out too! This mouse has a fantastic three button design with a scroll wheel that acts as the third button! This type of design really provides to the fastest, most proficient navigating ever! You will be flying all over your computer quickly and effortlessly!

Plus, this mouse is extremely comfortable on your hand! You will be able to use it for hours and never have to worry about your hand cramping or being uncomfortable! Another awesome feature is the 3D technology, that allows this mouse to move 360 degrees and still navigate precisely around your computer screen! WOW!

Think setting up a new mouse is going to be a pain? With this mouse you have absolutely nothing to worry about because it is truly plug and play. There is nothing to install! Just make sure the mouse has two working AA batteries, plug in the USB receiver, and you are all set! It really couldn't get more easy!

And your cost is unbeatable! Get this sweet mouse for just $16.97 and US shipping is FREE! This mouse is just great!

PS: This mouse is sooo cool! Once you try it, you are going to wonder what you did without it! Order yours now!

"I'll NEVER Edit Another Photo With A Mouse!"

The BEST Way EVER To Work With Graphics & Photos!

Amazing Tablet & Pen Will Blow You Away!

The "Natural" Way To Edit And Draw!


I'm so excited - I can't wait to share this one with you! We just got this amazing deal on these fantastic Graphics Tablets! Check this out - once you discover how these work, you'll want one for sure!

First off, if you're not familiar with a graphics tablet, it's something that anyone doing any kind of photo editing or graphics work will absolutely LOVE!

Basically, it allows you to use a "pen" to "draw" on your screen! See, this cool little tablet sits next to your keyboard, you grab the included pen, and as you "draw" on the tablet, the mouse follows along on the monitor! The pen becomes the mouse for your graphics program! (Don't worry, it doesn't replace your mouse, just supplements it).

PLUS, this works with EVERY program out there since the pen is the "mouse"! If you're program can use a mouse, then this will work!

Once upon a time, in the bad old days, I used a mouse in Photoshop (and other photo editing programs) to make my selections, use brushes, erase - pretty much everything. If you've ever used a mouse to make a tricky selection, you know how incredibly frustrating that can be! 

Well, this tablet comes to the rescue! Instead of trying to trace, brush, select, etc with your mouse, this allows you to "draw" with a pen! If that sounds like a great idea, just wait till you try it! What a surprise - tracing and brushing with a pen is easier than a mouse!! Honestly, I don't know how I could ever go back to editing photos using a mouse after using this - difference is night and day.

PLUS - this is a pressure sensitive pad! If your program supports it (Photoshop does - and many others), then you'll really love this! You can generally set the pen to apply "more" as you press harder! So, let's say you're brushing in an area in Photoshop - You can set this so the harder you press, the more "effect" you put down! For example, if you're painting with black, a light touch would only put down a light grey, harder would be a middle grey, and full pressure would be black.

Of course, it's great for other graphics work as well. If you're a digital artist, this will feel like the most wonderful invention you've ever used! When you're drawing on screen with this, it even feels like you're using a real brush or pencil!

Here are some of the features:

  • 4 x 3 Drawing Surface ~ great size for portability and it doesn't take up half your desk!
  • Stylus pen that features the same functions as a mouse (stylus pen holder included).
  • USB interface ~ USB cable is connected to the tablet.
  • Soft-tip pen with 512 levels of pressure for drawing programs such as Painter and Photoshop.
  • Capturing signatures and drawing for inserting into documents.
  • Pen commands for control and editing functions.

What about setup? Easy! Just plug it into your USB port! A lot of people worry that they have to use this instead of a mouse, and don't worry - that's not the case at all. You can use your mouse and tablet side by side! Use the tablet when you're doing photo editing or graphics, switch to the mouse for the regular stuff! That's what I do!

Here's the thing - we all do at least a little photo editing anymore - it's the way digital photography works! This makes it sooo much more enjoyable - and sooo much easier! When I first stared using these tables, I was blown away at how simple it was to make a tight selections and tricky brush strokes compared to my mouse - and I never looked back!

Your cost? Well, you can easily spend $300 for a graphics tablet - but not today! We got an amazing deal on this - right now it's on sale for just $28.97 and US shipping is FREE! WOW!!! For that kind of money, you've just gotta try it! You'll be glad you did, that's for sure!

PS - Once you try this, you'll never go back to using a mouse with your graphics or photo program - it's that good! Give it a try, you'll be amazed too!

PRICE WARNING - We're getting these are a special price from our supplier, and I can't guarantee the deal after today. RUN to the site and grab this - the price will increase to $34.97 soon!

Computers 101

What exactly is a hijack and are there different kinds I should look out for when I'm using my computer?

That's a wonderful question! I'm actually quite surprised that we've never gone over this in a tip before. With that in mind, now is the perfect time to do so. Like any virus or piece of spyware that invades your computer, a hijack is similar. They work in just a little different way though. So, let's tackle this subject and continue to keep you and your computer safe!

Basically, a computer hijacker is any type of software that messes with your Web browser. They begin by resetting the preferences you have chosen and they then point that information to other Web sites. For example, a hijacker may work to reroute the information you have set in place, along with any Web address requests you make. The hijacker will point that information to some sort of unseen site and with doing that, they are able to capture all of that material. If something like this happens, your Web browser may still work the same, but it will react much slower.

There are a couple of other types of hijacks as well, including search and homepage hijacks. A search hijacker will change all of the search settings you have chosen and a homepage hijacker will change your preferred homepage to a completely different site. I'm sure you've all had experience with a homepage hijack before, am I right? You know, you choose a site to be your homepage and then the next time you open your browser, it has changed. How frustrating!

Hijacking has been known for awhile now, but it's still pretty popular. It may not be as scary as a virus, but it still has its downfalls. If you ever get caught in a hijack, there are some pretty simple ways to fix them. See, what the hijackers are doing is messing with your registry keys. They go in and change certain settings so you're unable to do what you intended to on your computer.

So, to fix the search hijack, open Internet Explorer and go to Tools, Internet Options, Programs tab. You will see a listing of some of your Internet services. Look past those and in the bottom left hand corner, there is a button that says "Reset Web Settings." Click that and the registry keys will be renewed. Click OK when you're finished.

To fix the homepage problem, you have to disable some scripting within your browser. In Internet Explorer, go to Tools, Internet Options, Security tab. Make sure the Internet icon is highlighted and click on the Custom Level button. Scroll down to the Scripting area and choose the Disable option under both the "Active scripting" and "Scripting of Java applets" choices. Then click OK twice.

That wasn't too bad, was it?! Now, you should be safe from any hijackers who may try to hit your computer. You can't beat that!

~ Erin

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MS Office

Safe Senders List

Do you use MS Outlook 2003 or 2007?

Tired of the extra clicking it takes to download pictures to e-mails you know are safe? I mean, you don't mind that the program is blocking pictures, but let's face it, we just don't want to see most of them. But, on the other hand, there are some e-mails with pictures you always want to see (such as the ones in the Computer Tips newsletter) and you're tired of all the extra clicking every single day!

Wouldn't it be nice if you could tell Outlook to pick and choose? That is, let some of the pictures through automatically, while others are still blocked.

Well, if that's your wish, I'm happy to say it's one you can do something about!

The next time you start the extra clicks to download pictures, take a closer look at the menu that opens.

See it?

Yep, that's right. It says "Add Sender to Safe Senders List."

Choose that option and Outlook will allow pictures from that sender to come through automatically.

You can say bye-bye to all of those extra clicks!

~ April

More Cool Stuff

WOW!Micro Innovations 306 Joules Universal Notebeook Surge Protector

SERIOUS Laptop Surge Protection!

Incredible High-End Surge Protector Deal!

Protects Power, Phone, AND Network!

Best Laptop Surge Protector We've Ever Offered!

Amazing Low Price Too!!

OK, I gotta tell ya - we just got an incredible deal on a very limited number of Micro Innovations Laptop Surge Protectors - and they are absolutely AWESOME!

I don't know about you, but I have a LOT invested in my laptop, software, and all the data on my hard drive. I have music, irreplaceable photos, TONS of data - if I was hit by a surge it would be a mess to clean it all up! I do my backups, but still - who wants their expensive laptop knocked out by a surge?

Well, these fantastic surge protectors are just what EVERY laptop user should have hooked up to their computer - period!! I've never seen a more ideal surge protector for laptop users! It's small and plugs in-line with your laptop power adapter! Once you attach it, you never have to think about it again! Oh, and not only does it have power line protection, it also has a retractable cord for phone line and network cable protection (you use an adapter depending on which you want - phone line or network cable)!

Micro Innovations 306 Joules Universal Notebeook Surge Protector

Now, when people think about surges, they usually think about the power plugs - after all, that's the most obvious place for a power surge to come though. Well, in my experience, that's not always the case. I've seen computers decimated by a phone line / network cable surges - and more often than surges though the power cord!

Oh, and of course those who were hit in each case never thought that it would happen to them - Geeze! Think about it - phone lines and cable lines have NO surge protection at all, yet are exposed to the same harsh conditions outside as the power cables! An virtually NO ONE bothers to protect them! That's just CRAZY!

This surge protector absolutely great to use when your laptop is at home, but it really shines when you're on the road! I don't know about you, but I'm always worried about plugging my computer into strange hotel plugs - you never know how the wiring is in those places! Next time your neighbor flips on the hair dryer it might trigger a powerful surge that's deadly to your computer! 

Oh, and networks in hotels? Now that's horror-movie scary for your laptop! Who knows what kinds of weird equipment is getting plugged into that network? Some guy's old computer might be ready to fry - and cause a network surge to takes yours with it! Plus, who knows if there's any kind of network surge protection in the hotel at all? To me, hooking up a network cable to any hotel internet connection is asking to fry unless you have a surge protector like this!

Oh, I almost forgot! This also features a "noise filter" - basically feeding your laptop nice clean power and helping it last longer. Heck, it even has a LED to let you know that everything is working right!

OK, what about price? That's another fantastic thing about this deal! This is a $40 surge protector but your cost is just $14.97 and US shipping is FREE!!! After all, isn't your laptop with $14.97 to protect? I know mine is!

WARNING! This was a VERY limited quantity buy! PLEASE run to the site as soon as you can to get in on this offer. We're asking that you limit your purchase to just 2 per customer. This is, by far, the best deal we've ever seen on a surge protector - don't miss out!

Lose the Multiple Burnt CDs and Flash Drives!

Move Thousands of Files From One Computer To Another

All In A Few Clicks Of The Mouse!!!

I Never Knew Transferring Files Could Be So EASY!

Simply Drag And Drop

You gotta check these out!!! They are just sooo cool. I am still amazed by these cables. Let's face it, someday you are going to need to upgrade your computer (technology is just advancing at way too rapid of a speed!), and when you do, you will be glad you had a set of these Driverless Direct Link Cables!!!! I sure know I was!

Recently, I bought a new computer. I was really worried about how I was going to transfer all my important documents and music files over from my old computer to the new computer. I was telling Steve about my problem, and how I feared it was going to take me forever to put all of these files onto multiple flash drives to move them from computer to computer. Then Steve informed me about these awesome Direct Link cables, and all my hesitations disappeared.

These things are just soooo handy. So, exactly do they do? Well, they allow you to transfer files from one computer to another without messing with your hard drives or multiple flash drives!!! Oh, and I couldn't believe how easy they were to use. All you have to do is take one end of the USB cable and plug it into your old computer that has all your important files on it. Then take the other end of the cable and plug it into your new computer where you want the files to go. Once both computers are plugged in, a little window will come up on both computers. This window will easily allow you to drag and drop any file- no matter the size- to a different computer.

But what I love about these cables is that they are driverless. Once the cables are popped in, they work. There isn't even a CD to install, and better yet, no fussing with drivers. Now that is really nice.

This is by far the fastest way I have come across to transfer files. Get this, with the USB 2.0 port, I was able to transfer over 1 Gig of music within a few blinks of my eyes. WOW!!!! I could only image that it would have taken me a few days to that kind of transfer if I was dealing with CDs or flash drives. This cord really makes transferring data quick and super easy. I just love it.

Once I used these Direct Link cables, I have been telling everyone how they have to get a set of these. I am not joking. If you are ever going to have to do any data transferring you need these!!!

The best part about these cables is the price. We have offered these cables before, but never at this outstanding deal. For just $16.97 and US Shipping is Free, you will enjoy the fastest data transfer ever! We have a killer 10% off bonus discount today too! This price is too good to pass up!

PS: These cables are really going to fly out the door. Order yours now before they are gone or before the price increase to $18.97 on Monday!

Problem Solving Success

So, tell me, how do you react when something goes wrong with your computer? Do you stay calm and try to figure out what's wrong or do you panic and think the worse? Depending on the nature of the problem, it's normal to react both ways and I'm sure you've all experienced both situations. But there really is no need to get all bent out of shape over some computer trouble. There are things you can do to always have successful computer problem solving results. Want to know what those things are? Then you better read the tip on our homepage today. It holds all the answers you seek!


What's that title mean, you ask? Well, it means exactly what it says! The cool site we're featuring on our homepage today is called Cardstacker and it's all about cardstacker himself Bryan Berg. The Web site is filled with his cardstack creations and let me tell you, they are simply amazing. I can't even imagine how he does what he does, but I'm so glad he does, because they are so fun to look at. If you want in on the cardstacking fun too, just follow the link below and check it out!

Here's the link you need: Enjoy!

Tip of the Day

Create an E-mail Business Card

Want to create your very own e-mail business card? Do you use Outlook Express? If you said yes to both of those questions, this tip is for you. I actually just received an e-mail from someone the other day who had a business card attached to their e-mail and I thought that was a really good idea, so I wanted to share it with all of you too. Okay, let's check this out!

You can include a business card in your e-mail for any reason you want. Maybe you work for a top notch business and you like to let other people know about it along with the e-mails you send out. Or, maybe you run your own business and you figure e-mail is a great way to get the word out about what you do. You could also make a business card just for fun if you wanted to. It's a perfect way to exchange contact information with other people. So, either way you slice it, it's a good deal.

Okay, let's get started. To create a business card in Outlook Express, open up the e-mail program and go to your Address Book (Tools, Address Book). Now, you'll want to create an entry for yourself, so click on New, New Contact and type in your name or your business name (whichever you prefer). You can include just your first name or your full name. That is up to you. Click OK when you're done.

Then find your name in your list of contacts and click on it to highlight it.

Next, go to File, Export, Business Card (vCard). The vCard is just the format the business card uses. The format can also be used in different digital devices and operating systems. Now, a new window will appear and you'll just want to choose a location to save your business card in. You can save it in your My Documents folder or even on your desktop. It doesn't really matter where you put it. Just place it somewhere you will remember and a spot that is easy to get to. Once you pick a location, click Save. That's all there is to that!

Now, you also have the option of inserting your business card into every e-mail you send out. This is probably a smart thing to do if you want to get more information about your business out to people, but if you just need to exchange contact information with a few people, you can also just attach it to certain e-mails. This just saves you from having to type out all your information every time you need to give it to someone. Also, if you just want to send your card to business people and not to family and friends, you'll only want to attach it to certain e-mails and not every single one.

So, to put the card into certain e-mails only, go back to the main page of Outlook Express and compose a new message. Then go to the Insert menu and choose My Business Card. That will take care of that part.

Now, to put the card into every e-mail you send out, go to Tools, Options and select the Compose tab. Under the business cards section (toward the bottom of the box), you can choose either Mail or News. (You'll probably want to choose Mail, unless you use the News part of OE often). Either way, use the drop down menu and find your name in the list of contacts that appears. Your name should be there, because you already created your own contact earlier. Click OK when you're done and your business card will now show up in every e-mail you send.

Pretty cool, huh? Give it a try today!

~ Erin

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Today's Feature

Friday Funnies

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Amanda's Coolsite

USGenWeb Search US

My mom and I have continued looking into our old family documents and we’ve discovered that teaching runs in the family. My mom is teacher, her uncle was, his mother was and so on. And with this Web site, I can search by state for more information on them!

I started my search in Ohio and later on, I’ll search Pennsylvania where our family originally settled.

So, how does it work? Well, just pick a state and you'll then be presented with a search engine. Type in the name of the person you are looking for. It can either be just a last name or both first and last if you have them. Next, click Search Us and away you go!

On the results page, you will get results from all sorts of places. You’ll find birth certificate/death certificate, marriage license, cemetery listings, will records and census information.

Following the links can keep you busy with a wealth of information. I stumbled upon a link of local happenings in 1899 and I found an interesting read. It came up, because there was a Findley wedding that year. It was interesting to see what they had listed as local happenings that were noteworthy.

So, now it's up to you to go out there and search out your ancestors! You never know what you might find. I also think this site is a very good tool if you are looking for someone who immigrated or was born in the United States. Good luck!

~ Amanda

Do you have a cool, non-commercial site that you want to share?
Send it to Amanda at

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Christmas Carols : $3.97

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Experience the magic of the holidays with this rich and thrilling collection of musical compilations.

The holidays come alive in a delightful tapestry of sounds. Tis the season for savings on great holiday music!

This collection is a must for Christmas, Chanukah or any seasonal celebration!

Monthly Wallpaper

November Wallpaper

Here's November's wallpaper! It's all free, so enjoy!

Smoky Mountain Color

Here's one from my wife! She shot this when we were in the Smokies last week. We liked the photo so much, we decided to turn it into wallpaper for you!

Smoky Mountain Stream

I shot this after a rain storm the night before. Lots of water, lots of great color in the trees and a little climbing down slippery boulders to grab this one!

Smoky Mountain Snowy Pine

Are you seeing a theme yet?! This was shot earlier this year. I loved how the snow and ice were clinging to this pine tree branch.

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