Monday, November 10, 2008

Shredding entire folders - Monday, Nov. 10, 2008

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Monday, Nov. 10, 2008

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Shredding entire folders

QI want to donate a PC to my church school. I'm worried about my data, though. It seems that most file-shredding programs only shred individual files. This takes too long! I need a program that handles folders. And I don't want to overwrite the entire hard drive. Any suggestions? Someone suggested Lavasoft. The freeware on your site appears only to work with files. Is this true?
—Bob in Bluffton, SC, listening on WBMQ 630 AM

AI'm happy to hear that you're donating your old computer. Old machines certainly don't belong in the landfill. They contain toxic elements that can leach into the ground. Besides, I'm sure your school could really use the computer.

Of course, you need to worry about the data on the machine. That's true no matter what you do with an old computer.

Simply deleting files is not enough. The data isn't actually removed from the machine. It can be recovered with inexpensive software. To learn why, check out my enlightening tip. It's written with photos in mind. But it applies to any data on your hard drive.

To protect your data, you need to overwrite the files several times. That's where file-shredding programs come into play. These programs write over your files with empty data. That makes the files irrecoverable.

It is best for you to overwrite the entire hard drive. That way, you're sure not to miss anything. You could have files hidden all over your hard drive.

Overwriting the entire hard drive certainly is more time consuming, though. And, after the data is erased, you'll need to reinstall Windows. That is, if you're donating the machine.

How do you pick and choose folders to be overwritten? Click here!

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Digital Minute, on your radio: Today's computers are fast. But when will they be like computers in Sci-Fi movies? Sooner than you may think!

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Tip on the site: When moving files to a new computer, don't forget your bookmarks. These can be difficult to transfer. I'll show you how.

Tomorrow's Tip, in your e-mail: Taming a huge file

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