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Computer Tips [ Break Through The Firewall + Network Security Have You Blocked? + Friday Funnies ] 11/14/08

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Quick Tips

Boot Disk

What's a boot disk, you ask? Well, first of all, a boot disk is also often referred to as a bootable disk, so don't think they're two different things. Basically, a boot disk is just a disk that a computer can use to boot up or start from. Normally, computers boot up from the internal hard drive, but there are other options, such as a floppy disk, a CD or flash drive as well.

For a boot disk to work, it needs to have an operating system installed on it. The only catch is that the computer must be able to recognize it. It can either be a complete and full copy of the operating system or just have the necessary utilities needed to start up a PC.

So, when would you use a boot disk? Well, they're mostly used when an operating system or a hard drive on a computer won't load properly. That occurs when there are faulty data blocks or any other additional errors on the original disk. You can usually fix the errors by running a disk repair utility or when you reformat your computer. And that's all I have to say about that!

~ Erin

It's Friday, it's Friday! Can you feel the excitement? Make sure you keep reading to find out why you might be having trouble accessing certain Web sites from time to time, learn how you can make your work stand out in MS Excel and find out how you can get past some of the Windows Vista firewall rules. Also, be sure to check out the Friday Funnies for your daily laugh and as always, don't miss out on Amanda's Cool Site of the Day. Enjoy and have a great weekend, everyone! : )


Over the past four weeks, we have had some absolutely stellar sellers, and you guys have loved them sooo much that you continue to order them even though we are not running an ad in our newletters! So, today, as a special request, we have decided to bring back some of the phenomenal sellers!!! If you missed your chance before (or if you think it would be a good idea to pick up an extra copy) Order NOW! Don't miss the boat this time! Check out these amazing specials!!!

Back By Popular Demand- One Day Only!

Your Mouth Is Gonna Water!

Make Cooking E-Z!

Betty Crocker Will Have You Cook'n Like A 5 Star Chef!!

All For The Amazing Low Price of $10.97!!!

We just got an absolutely amazing deal on Cookin' With Betty Crocker - and let me tell ya - this is going to BLOW - YOU - AWAY!!!!

This has got to be, hands down, the best deal we've ever seen on a CD ROM cookbook! 

Oh, and not only are you getting all these amazing recipes - you're getting a seriously powerful digital cooking assistant! This is just LOADED with great features and it's really going to make your kitchen life much easier!

First off, don't you hate it when you have a recipe that serves five and you only have two to feed? Heck, you spend half your time just trying to divide up fractions! YUCK! Well, this can easily scale the recipes for however many people you're trying to feed! Need to feed just two? It can do that! Need the same recipe to feed 10? Yup, just a click of the mouse! To me this one feature ALONE is worth the price of the cookbook!

Then it gets even better! Say you're on a diet and you really need nutritional information for the food that you're making. Wouldn't it be great if you could analyze a recipe and find out how much fat, cholesterol, how many calories etc. you were taking in? Well, with this you can! It can easily do a health analysis and in second you'll know the nutritional values for ANY recipe!

What if you have a bunch of recipes that you want to add? No problem! Add as many as you like! Now, adding recipes is easy, but this takes it a step further! When you add a recipe, you get all the features mentioned above right at your fingertips! Need to scale your recipe for more or less people - it can still do it! Want nutritional values? YES! This can analyze YOUR recipes and give that to you as well!

Oh, and you'll love this! What if you're not sure how to cook something? Maybe there's a technique that a recipe describes but you're not familiar with it - Sure wouldn't take much for that to happen to me! Well, this has tons of fantastic instructional videos! Yup, just pull up the video section then watch and learn! HA! Who needs the cooking channel? :-)

Want more! Sure ya do! This can also create a shopping list for a recipe (print or send to a palm), e-mail recipes to friends and family, create weekly menus (and make those shopping lists from those menus), search recipes by keywords OR ingredients, and to top it all off, the interface is just fantastic!

Whew, this is one amazing cookbook! Want one too? I don't blame ya! These are just great! Your cost is only $10.97 and US shipping is FREE! The paper version of this has an $85 retail! Plus the fact that it's all on your computer makes it so much more useful / powerful than those old paper cookbooks! Go on, give this a try - I know you'll love it too!

PS - WARNING! This was a VERY limited quantity deal. PLEASE hurry to the site and grab yours while you can! Right now, we can't get any more and these are bound to be extremely popular today. See ya at the site!

Boost Up Your XP System

Make Your Computer Experience Lightening Fast Speed!!

Turn Your Computer Into A LEAN, MEAN Processing Machine!!!

Boost Windows XP Is On Sale TODAY For Just $8.97!!

WOW! This program flew out the door yesterday! Thanks go out to everyone who ordered! Because of your great reponse, we just had to extend this amazing sale one more day! If you are using Windows XP, you just gotta listen to this deal that we have for you today!

Okay so, its finally football season. And just like your favorite player who has been pumping iron all off season, or your favorite cheerleader that pumps up the crowd- your computer needs a little "pumping up" as well, which is why we just have to tell you about Boost XP!

Boost XP is the perfect personal trainer. You can really crank up your speed settings, slice your boot-up time, get the excess junk off your hard drive freeing up gobs of space, and - my favorite part - really customize Windows to be EXACTLY what you want it to be! Your computer will turn into a lean, mean, processing machine!!!

I was able to pump up my computer so well, that is just blew me away! Want to dump all the excess junk in your RAM (and speed things back up) after using a memory hoggin' program? How about enable auto-login when you start up? Or maybe automatically close an app that's hung up? Would you like give some programs priority over others? Are you looking for an awesome defrag and scan disk program? Or would you like to remove the flag from the start button? Get the idea? If a setting can be adjusted or optimized, you can do it with this software!

All in all, this includes a whopping 40 tools that can really pump up your system!And the best thing is it's all automatic! I don't think there's a setting in Windows this software can't tweak or improve. We were amazed at everything this one piece of software can do - and how easy it was to make changes. Stuff that would normally be exceedingly difficult or impossible for the average user to accomplish was done in a couple mouse clicks.

Here's just a very small sample of what this software can do:

Speed up Windows
Manage your startup programs for faster bootup
Improve RAM performance
Optimize your Internet Connection
Remove unnecessary“temp” and “junk” files
Optimize and speed your Windows Registry
Customize and tweak hundreds of your system settings
Repair damaged Zip files
Manage cookies & Internet history
Securely delete sensitive files
Change wallpaper & add calendars
Get rid of obsolete files
Fix invalid files associations (like when a file opens in the wrong program)
Prevent dangerous programs from launching
Keep your system running trouble-free!

So many enhancements, so little time!

Okay WorldStart fans- Pump-It-Up, because this one program that every XP user really needs! Optimizing your computer couldn't be easier, and with this program you will really "win" in the technological game!

Cost? Don't fret- this program isn't going to cost you $50.00 like a ticket to the BIG GAME! Nope! This program is just $8.97 and US Shipping is Free. Unfortunately, this program sell faster than those tickets to the big game, so don't be left out in the cold on this one! Order now!!!

WARNING - This is the last of 'em! It took us months just to be able to run this again! Please order fast - I can't recommend this program strongly enough! You MUST-MUST order today to get the sale price of $8.97!

WOW!!! Hands Free Magnifiers!

Simply Clip Them On Your Glasses!

Superior Magnification!!

Buy One For $10.97 Get One FREE!!!

Only 100 Left!!!

When I saw these, all I could think about was my mom wearing her reading glasses over top of her normal glasses while reading the hymnal at church last weekend!! I am sure you have seen people do this before too! Sometimes you just can't see those fine details or small lettering with your normal glasses and need just an extra bit of magnification!

If you know someone who has done this, or have done it yourself, we have got the perfect solution for you. In fact, when I saw these clip on magnifiers, I immediately picked up a few sets for my mom because the next time she tries to wear two pair of glasses while reading the hymnal at church, I might laugh at her! Besides, they are sooo lightweight and small, that they make perfect stocking stuffers!

But these magnifiers are just too cool! Uniquely designed, these magnifiers clip right on to your normal prescription glasses, providing you with enough magnification to really read all of those fine details!

Plus, because they clip right onto your eye glasses, both of your hands are free to do whatever you would like! Now that is really cool especially if you are into needlework, crafts, or other hobbies that having a precise eye is extremely important!

Now, another thing that is really awesome about these clip on magnifiers is that when they are not in use, you can simply flip them up!!! (Think of clip on sunglasses!) What a great idea!!! Man, I wish I would have thought of something this clever!

Better yet, they are sooo lightweight, that you won't even be able to tell that they are on your glasses! WOW!

Cost? Yep, we have a mega deal for you! Buy one of these magnifiers for $10.97 and we will give you spare one for FREE! WOW!!! Now that is an amazing deal! Don't be like my mom wearing two pair of glasses to see that fine print or tiny details! Order these now! You will be glad you did!

PS: Wait until you get these, you will wonder what you did without them! Order now!!!

Computers 101

When I try to access certain Web sites, I'm sometimes unable to get through. Do you have any idea why that might be happening? Please help!

Okay, so let me get this straight. When you try to access certain Web sites, you're unable to get through? I mean, no matter what you do, you just can't get into the site. Well, if that's ever happened to you, I'm guessing it happened while you were either at work or maybe even at a school. And here's why I'm so confident in my accusation!

A lot of workplaces and most all schools have a different security setup for their computers than what most of us have for our PCs at home. They also usually set up a more strict access control and firewall plan for their network. The Web sites that are most affected by those standards are chat sites, blog sites, certain personal e-mail clients, etc. Basically, if a certain Web site seems to be inappropriate for a school or the workplace, it's going to be blocked.

The guidelines are placed on those computers to help protect employees and students from using the computers improperly. It's really done for the safety of all who use the computers in either a work setting or at a school.

Also, it's best not to try to get past the security measures, because most of the PCs are tracked and you could put yourself at risk to be fired or, if it applies, kicked out of school. So, if you've been wondering why you can't access some of your favorite Web sites, that's why. And now you know!

~ Erin

Have a question for the newsletter? Submit it at the link below:

MS Office

Make It Stand Out in Excel

Every once in awhile, we all have data in MS Excel that just needs to be presented with some "oomph." Am I right?

Do you like to use AutoShapes or text boxes to draw the reader's attention to specific information?

Maybe you'd be interested to know that the two can be combined. That is, you can put cell data into a text box or AutoShape with a direct reference to the cell.

What's so good about a reference to the cell, you ask?

Good question and I can think of a very good answer! Since you reference the cell, you don't have to retype the information and the cell reference will provide automatic updates as the data changes.

Happily, the merge of ideas can be done with very little work!

  • First, you need to draw the AutoShape or text box you want to use.

  • Now, with the AutoShape or text box selected, click into the formula bar and type an equal sign (=).

  • At this point, you simply need to click on the cell with the data to display the AutoShape or text box.

  • Then press the Enter key.

Poof! The data is now displayed inside the object. From here, it's just a matter of formatting the text and business as usual!

~ April

More Cool Stuff

Fun Color Changing Solar Lights!

Amazing Colors Change On There Own!

No Wires- No Installation!


Made For Super Simple Holiday Decorating!

These Solar Lights are SO MUCH FUN!

Have you always wished your sidewalk or backyard had more lighting, especially those dark areas around the edge of your yard where the wiring just can't reach? And digging up your yard and having wire run is just too expensive for those little lights. Besides, who wants to deal with the incredible mess of digging up the grass just to put up lights that are suppose to make your yard look better? Well, we have the perfect solution! Wait till you see these!

We have an amazing deal on some fantastic Solar Lights for you today! These are just AWESOME! These are completely rechargeable and require absolutely no maintenance on your part! You don't even have to remember to turn them on and off, they do it automatically with the Auto on/off sensors that turn the lights on at dusk and off at dawn! Now that is FANTASTIC!

PLUS - You can put these lights anywhere outside! There is no digging, no wiring, and no cords to mess with! Seriously, Nothing is better than NO Hassle, right?

All you do is flip the little switch on the back and stick'em in the ground! It is really that EASY!

OH and wait till you see this! These solar lights are extra awesome because they change colors!

After you enjoy the beautiful colors of the sunset, relax in the backyard and watch your solar lights take over the show with the beautiful colors of the rainbow. These light weight lights will change from red, to blue, to green, to yellow, and then to purple, all within a matter of seconds. And, the solar panels keep a charge for hours!

I already have a set and they're GREAT! We're going to line the walk to our deck with these, as well as the walk to the front of the house! They look amazing at night and last longer than I'm willing to stay up and find out!

Your Cost? Oh, do we have a deal for you! Here's the two fantastic choices:

2 Solar Lights - Just $18.97:

6 Solar Lights - Just $38.97! (Best deal - you save a whopping $17.94 - almost like getting two for free)

Awe your friends with a great atmosphere during a backyard barbecue! Hurry, these fun lights won't last long!

PS: These are great for winter decorating, and will give your holiday lights a little extra kick! Better yet, you don't have to deal with all those wires and hoggin' up more outets! Yes, these lights are great all year round! I just loove them!

WOW!! You Will Be Blown Away!!!

The Bar Has Been Raised In Anti-Virus, Firewalls, And Anti-Spyware!

Amazing Software Doesn't Slow You Down

Super Smart AV Only Does Scans When YOU'RE Not Working!

Outstanding New Firewall Locks Your Computer Down When You're Away!

Hourly Updates! Unlimited Tech Support! Install On Up To 3 PCs!

WOW! I can't wait to share this one with ya! We just scored an amazing deal on my new favorite software - Iolo System Shield! Let me tell ya, this is NOT your run-of-the-mill Internet Security Suite! This does an amazing job of keeping your computer safe from hackers, spyware, and viruses - but read on, because the way this is implemented is far superior to ANY software like this I've used in the past! This really isn't your typical security suite - and you're gonna love it!  I am personally running this software on my computer and it's by far the best I've used! I can't tell you how impressed I am with this - if you value your safety - and system performance, you've got to check this out!

OK, first off, I know you're probably already running anti-virus, anti-spyware, and a firewall - so why do you want this? Well, the thing that impresses me the most with this software suite is the absolute speed it brings to the table! Not just in scanning and such, but the very real lack of system hogging it does. Most suites like this are horrible - they really slow your system to a crawl - not this one! I uninstalled all my previous security software and tired this instead - WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!! Frankly, there's a good chance that if you're currently using Norton, Mcafee, ect, when you replace them with this you're going to think you got a new computer! The difference is THAT dramatic! This speed-up alone is enough reason to switch if you ask me!

Next, I absolutely LOVE how this just runs in the background and stays out of the way. So many security programs love to tell you that they are updating your system, getting new virus definitions, scanning, whatever. It's an all day long affair of acknowledging boxes and virtually patting your software on the back, "Good boy - I'm glad you downloaded some updates!" Well, those annoyances are GONE with this - it just works in the background and updates itself when necessary without dozens of boxes telling you all about it - that alone was enough to make me switch! Of course, if it finds something serious, it'll let you know (all customizable too).

Oh, and let me tell you about the anti-virus - you're gonna love this! First, yes it keeps you safe from e-mail viruses, downloads, and monitors in the background - just like everyone's AV does. However, it's the little things that make you fall in love with this! First, don't you just HATE it when you're working on your computer and the stupid AV software comes up and starts a scan? Slows everything down - what a pain! This software will actually make sure the PC has been idle for a specified amount of time before it scans! It waits till you're away before it starts - is that cool or what??? Oh, and it pauses the scan if the PC starts getting used again! Again, this reason alone is enough to change! In fact, my wife read that and said, "Hey - I want this on my computer! My AV always starts scanning when I'm working!" So, one of my 3 installs is going there!

In addition, the anti-virus can be set to scan all files or just dangerous ones (saving time), can be set to scan all kinds of files, has HOURLY updates, can be set to scan when YOU want, and can even be set to exclude certain types of files if you want! Even scan incoming AND outgoing messages if you want - all fully customizable! Oh, and did I mention that it has a year of UNLIMITED tech support too in case you have trouble? WOW!!

Think that's great? Wait till you see the firewall! Blows Windows firewall away (along with every other firewall as far as I'm concerned)! First off, yes, it keeps hackers out - all firewalls do. But this also protects you in other ways. It can monitor when a program is trying to access the internet and send all your personal info to the mothership. That, to me, is HUGE! You never know if that program you just installed is completely trustworthy - so this keeps you safe!

Another fantastic idea that I'm really excited about is the "Idle Lock" - Get this - you can set it so that if you're not using the computer for a specified amount of time (set by you) that the network locks down - nothing can come in or out! I've always said the most secure internet connection is the one that's unplugged when not in use - and this does that!! Oh, and you can also lock your computer down with the press of a mouse if you like - right from the main page!

This can also show you how many attacks it has blocked, block the attacker's IP address for a specified (by you) amount of time, and has a lot of fully customizable options. Truth is though, that the default settings work fine for me! Oh, and again, this seems like it doesn't slow anything down at all - in fact, if you're using a different firewall, this will probably speed things up! I know one thing for sure, I'm installing this on my laptop for travel - it's just too dangerous to surf using wireless networks without it!

Finally, this also includes a fantastic anti-spyware program! Just like the rest of it, it's really fast, stays out of the way, and just does the job! It automatically updates and scanning is a breeze - and fast too! I don't think I've ever seen a spyware can that was soooo fast - and it did a great job! Found a few minor things that it easily fixed!

OK, that's the main stuff, but I also wanted to mention how much easier to use this is than most other security software. First off, I think 90% of the users out there can just install it and forget it - the default settings are really a nice balance and should work well for just about every computer out there. If you want to change stuff, it's really easy to do and the program has an excellent help file that, quite frankly, most users will never ever need!

The price? You're not going to believe this one - we're talking just $12.97 and US shipping is FREE! This is the current version and retails for $49.95 (check Iolo's site - it's not cheap), so $12.97 is an amazing deal. 1 Year worth of support and updates too! Oh, works on XP, Vista, & Win 2000!

Oh, and get this - it's a 3 user license!! So you can install this on up to 3 different computers! That's way less than $5.00 per computer! Grab a friend or two and have them chip in! For less than $5.00 per computer, you just can't go wrong! It's amazing and it's what I am going to be running from now on!

PS - Seriously, this is simply the best Anti-virus, Anti-Spyware, and Firewall software I've ever used and it's going to be on my machine from now on. My computer is soooo much faster now after getting rid of the other bloated software package I had been using - and this just has soooo many great options! Don't miss out!

NumLock Key

You've heard of the NumLock key before, right? Either that or you've probably seen it on your keyboard. But do you know what it's meant for? Do you know what it can do? Well, it actually serves a couple of purposes, but most computer users only use it for one thing: turning the numbers on the keypad on and off. But if you'd like to learn more about the NumLock key and all it can do, be sure to check out today's tip on our homepage. It's devoted to the NumLock key and I promise you'll walk away with a lot of new knowledge!

Groom 411

Are you going to be a groom in an upcoming wedding ceremony? Do you know someone who is? Perhaps your son or grandson. Either way, there are a few certain rules you should follow as a groom. What's that you say? You didn't know that? Then you really need to check out the cool site we're featuring on our homepage today. It's called Groom 411 and it gives you all the information you need to know about being a groom. Once you learn everything, your wedding day will be that much better for your bride. I promise!

Here's the link you need: Enjoy!

Tip of the Day

Vista Firewall: Allowing Programs Through

With some of the new programs you install on your computer from the Internet or through other media types, you may experience some difficulty or permission issues because of the Windows Vista firewall. Luckily though, there's a workaround for it and you can start using it today. Let's see what we've got!

To be able to allow programs through the Vista firewall, follow these directions:

1.) Go to Start, Control Panel.

2.) From the Control Panel, select Windows Firewall. You will then see this screen:

3.) Click on “Allow a program through the firewall” and this screen will appear:

4.) From that screen, you can readily check or uncheck the desired programs you'd like to allow through the firewall. Likewise, you can also check the option for whether or not you want to be notified when a new program is blocked by the Vista firewall.

That's it. I hope you have found this tip to be helpful!

~ Ramachandran Kumaraswami

If you enjoy our tips, tell your friends. That's what keeps this newsletter growing.

Today's Feature

Friday Funnies

For stories, jokes, quotes and cartoons every day, sign up for our Just for Grins newsletter.

Amanda's Coolsite


Do you like to make slideshows? If so, this Web site is for you! Or, if slideshows aren't something you’ve explored before, you can still get a lot out of this site. To get started, you’ll need to sign up, which you can do by clicking on the Sign Up button. Then just fill out the form and you’re ready to get busy!

I highly recommend you watch the How-To video. It's only about 60 seconds long and it will really make things a lot easier for you to figure out!

You can create as many video shorts as you want (30 second videos with at least eight pictures). However, you have to have credits for the full-length ones. So, I suggest sticking with the shorts.

You can select images off of your hard drive or if you have images on Flickr or Photobucket, you can tell Animoto to go fetch them. Next, you’ll choose sound either from their database or any MP3 file you have on your computer that you can legally use (no pirated MP3s!) When you're finished, choose Save and Animoto will put everything together for you.

Not only do they analyze your pictures, but they also analyze the music you chose so that your video is a custom masterpiece. They never make the same video twice, so you’re sure to get something unique every time!

I’m off to put a video together for my crafts. Have fun!

~ Amanda

Do you have a cool, non-commercial site that you want to share?
Send it to Amanda at

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It features a USB 2.0 interface, IEEE 802.11b/g standards, and a 2.412 GHz ~ 2.484 GHz frequency band. This WiBee Wireless LAN USB 2.0 adapter provides data rates up to 54 Mbps and an operating range of up to 900 feet! Get it connected, order today!

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Smoky Mountain Stream

I shot this after a rain storm the night before. Lots of water, lots of great color in the trees and a little climbing down slippery boulders to grab this one!

Smoky Mountain Snowy Pine

Are you seeing a theme yet?! This was shot earlier this year. I loved how the snow and ice were clinging to this pine tree branch.

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