Thursday, November 13, 2008

Kim Komando Show Daily News - Thursday, Nov. 13, 2008

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Thursday, Nov. 13, 2008

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Today's top stories...

AMD revamps Opteron chips
AMD has released a new generation of its Opteron quad-core processor for servers. Some parts of the chip turn off while inactive. That increases energy efficiency. AMD hopes the chip will boost its market share.

Google Flu Trends tracks outbreaks
Google is using collective intelligence to predict flu trends. By looking at search queries, it says it can spot flu outbreaks. But some are asking for a scientific evaluation of Google’s system.

Spam levels drop sharply
An anti-spam firm says junk e-mail has dropped 70 percent. That’s because Web host McColo was taken offline. McColo is accused of helping spammers. Have you noticed a drop? Hit my Message Board.

Pirated articles draw readers
Unauthorized copies of news stories attract more online readers than legitimate versions. That’s according to copyright watchdog Attributor. Advertising alongside pirated material could hike publishers’ revenue.

EA will help you get fit
Electronic Arts is releasing EA Sports Active for the Wii. The fitness game offers a more vigorous workout than Wii Fit. Looking for a game to get your kids moving? Check my handy tip.

Making YouTube profitable
Google may have found a way to boost YouTube profits. It will let advertisers promote their clips alongside search results. YouTube already lets advertisers place links under video clips.

Google Street View as art
Artists are producing odd things in Google’s Street View. In Pittsburgh, for instance, 17th Century swordsmen battle. A prisoner escapes with knotted sheets. The street scenes are real, and unreal.

Army recruits via Webcasts
The Army is launching an advertising campaign via Webcasts. They feature soldiers in Iraq. Potential recruits can learn about combat firsthand. The Webcasts are two-way, so they can ask the troops questions.

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Video of the Day: Wild animals behave very differently from pets. They can often be dangerous. But sometimes their gentility can surprise you.

Cool Site of the Day: The holidays are nearly upon us. So, you may be planning a party. Why not try Web invitations? They're really easy!

Digital Minute, on your radio: The Internet is seething with anger. And the reason for all this anger may be more obvious than you think.

Free Download of the Day: Firefox is a great browser. It offers more safety than Microsoft's Internet Explorer. Now, you can take it with you.

Tip on the site: Boy, there's nothing like that new-computer smell, is there? But before you take that screaming machine online, protect it.

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Beware online job scams
The Internet has changed the way we look for employment. Many of the changes are good. But you need to look out for scams. My must-read tip will help you avoid one common scam.

Diagnosing a slow computer
Over time, your computer will get slower. It could be due to an overflowing start-up folder. Or, it could be the result of something more sinister. My handy tip will help you diagnose the problem.

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