Monday, November 10, 2008

[TechRepublic] Answers to 10 IPv6 questions

November 10, 2008
10+ answers to your questions about IPv6
Michael Kassner recently asked TechRepublic members to share their questions about IPv6, promising to submit them to the experts at ARIN and Command Information. Both groups graciously responded, providing the following in-depth answers.

Compare your salary against other IT professionals in Canada

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Kicking the tires on Untangle's Re-Router gateway
Managing a SOHO's network can be a daunting challenge. The good news is that with limited resources of staff and equipment, a network can be protected and given network management for free.

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KDEs big mistake
With the birth of KDE 4 came a shuffling of some key applications that has caused some serious grumbling among the Linux community. But this shuffling goes well beyond the old-school Linux fans and can affect new users as well. See what Jack Wallen has to say about what the KDE team has done.

How will Windows 7 affect Linux?
Some tech bloggers are saying that Windows 7 is set to be a "Linux-killer." What do they mean by that, exactly, and what do you think the real affect on Linux will be?

Virtualization terms everyone needs to know
If you are just getting up to speed on virtualization, a list of virtualization terms is a must. Take a look at this glossary and if you feel there are terms that need to be added, put them in the comments section.

Who cares what hypervisor you use?
It is not what hypevisor you use when you leverage virtualization, it is the hypevisor management software that will really count.

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Nov. 18th: 5 Best Practices for modernizing your Enterprise portal

Join ZDNet's live Webcast to learn how to increase the productivity and get more business value out of your enterprise portal using 5 proven best practices. (Oracle)

Video: TR Out Loud -- November 7, 2008
Video: TR Out Loud It was the Presidential election week in the United States, and so this TR Out Loud on Video (TROLOV) captured some of the hot political posts that topped the boards. For those of you who are saturated with politics, there is plenty of distraction in this episode as well.

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Sanity check: 10 tech leaders who could become Obama's CTO
Tech Sanity CheckAs a presidential candidate, part of Barack Obama's technology policy platform included hiring the U.S. government's first chief technology officer (CTO). If Obama follows through on this, who is likely to get the job? Here are the 10 top candidates.

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Help revise the A+ cert exam
Help CompTIA shape the A+ certification by filling out their feedback survey.

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