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Monday, Nov. 24, 2008

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Today's top stories...

Random House digitizes thousands of books
Random House will make 15,000 books available in e-book format. The project should take a few months. E-book sales are growing by triple- digit percentages. But they account for only about 1 percent of sales.

Outsourcing comes to rural Wyoming
Eleution Technology teaches English to Koreans. It links teachers across Wyoming to students via Skype. Are you looking for a work-from-home opportunity? Then head over to my handy Money Center!

Sites help you find a real estate agent
Most people rely on word of mouth when selecting a realtor. But sites like AgentRank, HomeGain and IncredibleAgents are changing that. They provide scientific rankings of agents.

BlackBerry Storm draws modest crowds
Customers lined up across the country to buy the BlackBerry Storm. The excitement didn’t match that surrounding the iPhone. But the Storm sold out in many places.

Teacher pleads guilty to misdemeanor
In 2004, Julie Amero was convicted of exposing students to pornography. Now, the schoolteacher has pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor. The classroom computer was infected with spyware.

iPhone gets Street View
Apple issued version 2.2 of the iPhone software last week. The biggest upgrade came to the Maps program. It now includes transportation schedules. And users can access Google Maps Street View.

Facebook group promotes violence
Canadian officials are investigating Facebook’s National Kick a Ginger Day forum. It advocates violence against redheads. The forum was intended as a joke. But there have been reports of violence.

Police urge residents to e-mail judges
Washington police are using e-mail to keep a robbery suspect off the streets. They urged residents to e-mail officials and judges. Some felt it was abusive. What do you think? Hit the Message Board.

Get the skinny on online surveys
You’ve probably heard about online surveys. Marketers pay for your opinions. Watch out for scams, though! Check my Q&A column for legitimate survey companies. Then, earn some extra cash!

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Video of the Day: They slink around your home at night. They search through your garbage. No, they're not CIA agents. They're raccoons!

Cool Site of the Day: Got some old gadgets lying around? You can turn those gadgets into cash. I'll show you how to do it.

Digital Minute, on your radio: We've all been frustrated by new gadgets. So, I have an important tip for you while you Christmas shop.

Free Download of the Day: Having a calendar on your computer is convenient. But one right on your desktop is better.

Tip on the site: Video chat is a great way to keep in touch. But satellite broadband throws in a few kinks. I'll discuss them in this tip.

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Don’t let houseguests ruin your computer
You will probably have houseguests this week. Protect your computer! My handy tip will help you avoid viruses. It will also help you protect your data. And the solution is simple!

Shop Black Friday for digital gear deals
One of the biggest shopping days of the year is this Friday. Stores will have great deals on popular digital gear. But, some planning is in order. My money-saving tip will help you navigate the Black Friday deals.

See you tomorrow!
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