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Kim Komando Show Daily News - Monday, Nov. 24, 2008

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Monday, Nov. 24, 2008

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Today's top stories...

Facebook wins staggering spam settlement
Facebook has won an $873 million judgment against a Canadian spammer. Adam Guerbuez obtained login information from Facebook members, often through phishing. He used their accounts to send spam.

Blockbuster launches on-demand service
Blockbuster has announced a set-top box and download service. The $100 box lets users download movies to play on TV sets. Rentals will cost $2. Want to watch computer videos on your TV? Check my quick tip!

Online community encouraged suicide
Abraham Biggs killed himself while chatting online. Many watching his Webcam egged on the 19-year-old. Sadly, few tried to offer help. Don’t let this happen to a loved one. My must-read tip will help you prevent it.

Apple sued over iPhone browser
EMG Technology has sued Apple over the iPhone’s Web browser. The company claims the browser infringes on its patent. The browser reformats pages to display on the iPhone’s small screen.

Apple issues Safari update
Apple has updated its Safari browser for the second time in two weeks. The latest upgrade fixes unspecified stability improvements. Many complained that Safari crashed after the earlier update was installed.

Will the Beatles ever come to iTunes?
Paul McCartney says efforts to put the Beatles on iTunes have stalled. Apple Corps, the Beatles’ holding company, has so far eschewed digital downloads. This is frustrated by a trademark dispute with Apple.

Unsubscribing can take time
Unsubscribing from a mailing list should be easy. But, users aren’t always unsubscribed immediately. That’s because there could be a queue of e-mail messages to be sent.

Celebrities fight rumors online
Many celebrities are launching blogs through sites like Buzznet. Others have profiles on networking sites. Celebrities can respond to rumors immediately. And, their comments are often picked up by news outlets.

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