Friday, November 21, 2008

Kim Komando Show Daily News - Friday, Nov. 21, 2008

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Friday, Nov. 21, 2008

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Today's top stories...

Obama’s phone records breached
Verizon has disclosed that President-elect Obama’s phone records were breached. Company employees accessed his personal phone records. Fortunately, e-mail and phone messages were not compromised.

World of Warcraft dominates online gaming
Users lined up to buy a World of Warcraft expansion pack this month. The massively multiplayer online game has 11 million subscribers. Parents, get the information you need before letting your kids play.

Microsoft: IE8 RC in the works
Microsoft will issue an Internet Explorer 8 release candidate early next year. The browser’s final release could debut by mid-2009. But some users want Microsoft to do more testing on the browser.

Search results get personal
Google will let surfers customize search results. When a user does a second search for a term, the customized results appear. Google may use customized results to tweak its search algorithms in the future.

NASA developing space network
Getting an Internet connection in space is difficult. But NASA will test software to make it easier next summer. Improved connections should help NASA manage space missions.

NBC quizzes Facebook members
NBC is launching a video quiz for Facebook. Users can test their knowledge on a range of subjects. The quiz relies on NBC’s iCue video archive. Have you checked out iCue? Learn more in my Cool Site!

Can your phone do this?
Amazingly, a Louisiana man’s life was saved by his cell phone. A stray bullet hit the phone, which was in his chest pocket. The phone deflected the bullet. The man doesn’t normally keep his phone in that pocket.

Pricey yet practical digital gift ideas
Are you looking for the perfect gift for someone special? I have some great ideas. Just watch out for sticker shock! Learn about the best of the best in my weekly column. It appears today at USAToday.

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Video of the Day: It's never too late to pursue your passion. It could be writing, acting, skiing or music. Ginger Arn's passion is dancing.

Cool Site of the Day: The same tunes get boring, don't they? If you're looking for new music, try today's site. See what others are listening to.

Digital Minute, on your radio: How would you like to tour ancient Rome? You can do just that—right from the comforts of your own home.

Free Download of the Day: Many investors are losing their shirts in the stock market. Well, maybe they just need to use a supercomputer.

Tip on the site: Today we bring you Ralph, who's got a lot of photos. He wants to burn them to DVDs. The Digital Goddess explains it all.

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Dealing with shady online sellers
You need to be careful when buying electronics online. There are many shady sellers running scams. So, what do you do if you’ve been duped? I have all the answers in my must-read tip!

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