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Kim Komando Show Electronic Newsletter - Nov. 29, 2008

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Nov. 29, 2008—Vol. 12, No. 48

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It's the Kim Komando Show Electronic Newsletter! So get ready for a bounty of advice, fun freebies and important news! I reach millions each week via my show and newsletter. I'm honored to have you with us!

- ON THE QT: Over $80,000 in prizes; fun videos and freebies
- DIGITAL DIGRESSIONS: Easy and fast tips that work for you
- MY COLUMN: Digital camera specs made easy
- COOL SITES: Komando Kids; and more fun stuff you'll like and use
- COOL USEFUL FUN FREEBIE: Decorate your desktop for the holidays
- SECURE COMPUTING: Botnets are coming back online
- YOUR WEEKLY Q&A: Should you sign up for WiMAX?

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I'd really like you to call me. After all, they call it "talk radio" for a reason. You can join in the fun. I'm sure you have at least one question about something digital. I'm here to help with unbiased advice.

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ON THE QT: Things I pass along just for you!

Dawn in Toledo catches my show on CKLW 800 AM. That's in Windsor, Ontario. Cool!

This past week, she forwarded me an interesting e-mail. The message asks recipients to send a Christmas card to A Recovering American Soldier. The e-mail also provides the address for the Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

I'm sure many of you have seen this message. And, I'm sure many of you would like to brighten Christmas for our soldiers. Unfortunately, the e-mail message isn't accurate. It is true that you can send a Christmas card to wounded soldiers. However, the information provided in the e-mail is incorrect. Cards should be addressed to:

Holiday Mail for Heroes
P.O. Box 5456
Capitol Heights, MD 20794-5456

Cards sent to the address in the e-mail won't be delivered. So, use the above listed address to send your cards to wounded soldiers! Friends and family may have also received the same message as Dawn. So, forward this newsletter to them now. Make sure they get the address right!

And don't forget about Operation Komando! It's a great way to help our troops stationed overseas. Hurry over to my site to learn more!

Much like you, I'm busy with work and family duties. I'm doing a lot of my Christmas shopping online this year. So, I wanted to point out one great way that I save money.

I always use promo codes. For example, my son Ian needed some sweatpants. I bought them online and saved $20 with the code.

Getting promotional codes is easy. Several Web sites accumulate and distribute them. To learn more, click here for the scoop.

Enter Kim Komando's Great Giveaway Sweepstakes ENTER DAILY TO WIN—OVER $80,000 IN PRIZES TO GIVE AWAY!
It's that time again! My 13th Annual Kim Komando Show Great Giveaway is in full swing. And this time we have bigger and better prizes than ever. Prizes are being awarded daily online, and weekly on-air. So head to and enter daily for your chance to win!

We're giving away over 280 prizes, including 10 Grand Prizes valued between $1,000 and $4,000 each!

Here's a peek at our Grand Prizes:

    Ultimate Travel Pack: Do you like to travel? If so, you may never want to leave home without this package! It includes great items that are perfect for traveling. Plus, four Southwest Airlines roundtrip tickets are included. They'll get you to any published, scheduled destination nationwide. Value: $4,069.84

    Photographer's Dream Prize Pack: Are you an avid photographer? You'll love this prize! One lucky winner will be taking pictures with their new Nikon D90 Digital SLR Camera! Plus, the winner will be able to edit, print and share photos with the great prizes included! Value: $2,509.96

    Gadgets & Gizmos Prize Pack: Everyone loves gadgets and gizmos. So, we've put together some of our favorites for this grand prize. We're giving away everything from an LG 19-inch W52 LCD Monitor to Garmin's nuvi 255 GPS Navigation System! Value: $1,128.00

    Home Entertainment Bundle: If you like games or movies, you'll love this prize package! It includes an 80GB PlayStation3 Entertainment System, along with four PlayStation3 games, eight Universal Home Entertainment DVD movies, and 10 Big Fish Games computer games. Value: $1,073.82 

    GE Security's Simon XT Wireless Security System: Simon XT is a cost-effective wireless security system offering burglary and fire protection. Value: $2,100.00

    Sonos Multi-Room Music System: The Sonos Multi-Room Music System makes it easy to add music to every part of your life and every room in your house. Value: $1,715.00  

    The HP TouchSmart IQ506: The HP TouchSmart IQ506 is a touch-enabled PC with a 22" diagonal widescreen. Value: $1,499.99  

    Polk Audio SurroundBar 360˚ DVD Theater: Polk Audio's SurroundBar360˚ DVD Theater is the best performing single-speaker surround sound theater system on the market. Value: $1,199.99  

    TriGem's Averatec 2575 Series Notebook Computer: The new Averatec 2575 Series notebook is a full-featured machine, combining powerful dual-core processing with infotainment capabilities in an ultraportable, ultra-light form factor. 2 lucky Grand Prize winners will win an Averatec 2575 Series Notebook Computer! Value: $1,099.99 

But that's not all! Click here to see all the great prizes at the Annual Giveaway Site.

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You can win by calling the show. And new this year, you can also win by entering daily at my Giveaway online.

Any caller who speaks to me on the air wins one of our fabulous prizes. The number to call is 1-888-825-5254, but ONLY on Saturdays between 7 and 10 a.m. Pacific (10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Eastern).

If you don't get through during the show, you are still eligible to win. Just enter on my Web site. We're giving away great prizes every day of the giveaway. So, you could win daily. And if you enter online, you are also eligible for one of the GRAND PRIZES!

Here are just a few of our lucky winners:
— Lisa Jackson in Arizona listens to the show on KFYI 550 AM. She won a $299 Xbox 360 Console.
— Dale Arndt from Grand Prairie, TX, catches the show on KRLD Dallas. He's also a Kim's Club member. The show is so nice, he listens twice! Just in time for the holidays, Dale is going shopping with a $200 gift card.
— Stephen Geitner in Rochester, NY, listens to the show on his local station, WHAM 1180. He won the Universal Home Entertainment DVD Collection. That's $235 worth of great movies.
— Keith Platts in East Helena, MT, hears my show on KCAP 1340 AM. He won the Panasonic DMP-DE35 Blu-ray Player. Wow! I need one of those. It is valued at $299.95.

Every day, I pick a new winner. Check the winner's page and maybe you'll see your name in virtual lights.

Be sure to tell 10 friends and family members! And get ready to call in to my show!

Finally, don't forget about our sponsors. Be sure to check out the great prizes on the Great Giveaway area. The sponsors make the giveaway possible. So, if you ever want to learn more about any of the prizes, click those links (hint, hint) and you'll land at the sponsor's site.

Speaking of my Great Giveaway, I've received some complaints about the entry form on my site. The form uses a CAPTCHA. That verifies that you are a person and not a machine. By nature, CAPTCHAs are difficult to read. This prevents software from reading the code.

Some people are having trouble reading the verification code. Well, want to know a secret? There are a couple of tools to help you out. First, you can hold your mouse over the speaker icon beside the code. The code will appear in the status bar at the bottom of your browser. Most people should find it easier to read.

But, maybe the text in the status bar is too small for you. I have that eventuality covered, too! Just turn on your speakers and click the speaker icon. The verification code will be read aloud to you!

Are you tired of spending your hard-earned cash on software? I hear you! That's why I started my Download of the Day.

Each day, you'll find one cool free program. And don't forget that the programs are archived. Just browse through my Downloads section until you find what you need!

Here are some of my favorite freebies from the past week. Click on the links below to learn more about the free programs. Hurry back, though—we've still got plenty of ground to cover!

• eBay is a great place to buy and sell stuff. But the site has some shortcomings. This program is the solution.

• Having a calendar on your computer is convenient. But one right on your desktop is better.

• If music is your passion, Songbird is your browser. It makes finding new music incredibly easy.

• It's not always possible to carry your computer with you. But you can carry all your useful programs.

Want a tip? Bookmark my Downloads page. Just go there and press Ctrl+D. That will add my downloads to your browser's favorites!

And remember this: If I say a program is free, it's FREE. There are sites on the Internet that sell free programs. There are also many ads on the Internet for similar programs, which aren't free. If somebody tries to charge you for a free program, back up. You've clicked on the wrong thing.

Saturday's downloadDecorating is half the fun of the holiday season. So, how about sprucing up your computer? I've found two programs that you'll love.

Are you looking for a quick laugh or a little inspiration? Then don't miss my Video of the Day. Each day, you'll find a cool video handpicked by yours truly. It's good, clean entertainment the whole family will love!

Don't miss these hot videos from the past week:

• Thursday was Thanksgiving. It's a time to gather around the table with family and friends. And then, fight over a drumstick! This Butter Ball commercial will make your mouth water and your arteries harden.

• Music is a powerful art. It can make you feel a range of emotions. It covers any topic you can imagine. But can it promote peace?

• They slink around your home at night. They search through your garbage. No, they're not CIA agents. They're raccoons!

• Racing fascinates people everywhere. But there is only a handful of racing categories. This one may just be the future of racing.

• Many comedians do impressions. But Rich Little is still king. He can do hundreds of distinct and hilarious characters.

Some people are very daring! Personally, I prefer to stay a bit on the safer side. Here are some of my favorite video picks that display some fairly crazy stunts. I found them right on my Video of the Day archive:

• Jumping off the high dive is always a little scary. How would you feel with only a foot of water to land in?

• What can you do with a giant bungee cord and an ATV? Well, make a human slingshot, of course. Watch this adventurous woman take the ride of a lifetime.

• Dean Potter is a pioneer in a number of extreme sports. He's best known as a daring rock climber. He isn't crazy. But watching this video may make you wonder.

• Every year, salmon journey upstream to their spawning grounds. These salmon are a favorite snack of brown bears. But even fearsome bears have competition. This video is sure to make you laugh.

videoSaturday's video — Why would you build a raft out of garbage? There is a good reason. And it'll make you think about what you throw away.

Sunday's video — These days, disabilities are rarely disabling. One marching band from Ohio exemplifies that perfectly. Every member is blind.

NOTE: Are you having trouble seeing my daily video picks? Do you get a message that the video is not available? Sorry to say, it's probably not the video. It's your computer, my friend. Get help on my troubleshooting page. These problems are pretty easy to fix.

Ever want to save a YouTube or other video that you've found online? You've come to the right place. On my site, you can enter the Web address for the video and download the video to your Mac or PC.

All you need to know is the Web address or URL for the video. If you are not sure how to get the address for the video, click here to read a step-by-step tutorial on how to do it.

And to start saving videos you find online, use the free tool on my Web site. It's located at

PRIVACY AND SECURITY TIP: Stay secure during holiday travel
The holidays are here. And that means hitting the road. You're bound to do some traveling. If you're taking a laptop or gadgets, be concerned about security. Watch out for danger, both online and off. I'll help you prepare during the second hour of my national radio show.

Need to find a radio station near you? Click here to use the official Kim Komando Show Locator Map. With over 450 stations, there's a station near you.

STILL TO COME: Useful tips, important news and a few laughs!

    • Password-protect your Web site
    • Digital camera specs made easy
    • Important security tips; and some awesome freebies!

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DIGITAL DIGRESSIONS: Tips that work for you!

Dawn called in from Nashville, TN, where she catches the show on WWTN 99.7 FM. She just attended her 30th high school reunion. She wants to create a site to exchange information with former classmates. Of course, the site needs to be password-protected. She would like some help setting it up.

Well, Dawn, password-protecting a Web site isn't easy. You can buy software that will password-protect a site. I've never used this software, so I can't comment on it. Fortunately, though, you don't have to spend a dime. I have a detailed tip that will help you protect your site. It's a must read for anyone who wants to give their site a little security.

Now, my solution probably isn't ideal for you. First, the passwords are stored unencrypted on the site. The average person won't be able to get to them. But a seasoned hacker might. Second, you still need to create a site. This is easy enough. However, you may want your classmates to add to the site. This will make things really complicated for you.

So, I have a better solution. Create a wiki. You're probably familiar with Wikipedia, the most famous wiki. Simply put, a wiki is a Web site designed for collaborating with others. You can let your former classmates edit content on the site. Editing a wiki is easy.

I recommend Instiki. You can download this great free program from my site. Installing Instiki isn't too difficult. And you'll find plenty of installation help on Instiki's site. Best of all, you can password-protect your site. So, it should be ideal for your needs.

Of course, there is an even easier solution. You can use a site like It works much like a wiki. However, you don't need to do any setting up. And, you won't have to pay for Web site hosting. also lets you password protect the information you upload. It's a snap to use. You can learn more about in my Cool Site.

Jan in Winchester, VA, catches my show on WINC 1400 AM. She recently made a mistake. She upgraded her Windows XP machine to Vista. No, choosing Vista wasn't the mistake. Jan's mistake was that she underestimated Vista. It runs on her machine. But it is terribly slow. She wants to know what her options are.

I'm sure many people have experienced this, Jan. Vista requires a much more powerful machine than XP. And, Vista is often slow on machines that meet only minimum requirements. That's why it's better to purchase a machine with Vista preinstalled.

You do have options, though. First, you could uninstall Vista and go back to XP. I'll bet that you'd rather not do that. I can't say that I blame you.

Next, you could upgrade your machine. Without knowing the specifics of your machine, I can't tell you what to upgrade. But more RAM and a better video card are probably in order.

Before you try this, there is another option. A couple features in Vista are probably taxing your machine. Disable them, and you'll get a speed boost. It may just get you by until Windows 7 comes out!

Start by disabling Aero. This affects the appearance of windows. No big deal. It also disables other features like the Flip 3-D view. You can live without that, too. Right-click your desktop and select Personalize. Click Window Color and Appearance. Click "Open classic appearance properties for more color options." Select Windows Vista Basic. Click OK.

Next, disable the Sidebar, if it's open. It's the area that runs down the right side of your desktop. Right-click in the Sidebar and select Close Sidebar. Click OK. Next, click Start>>Control Panel. Double-click Windows Sidebar Properties. Deselect "Start Sidebar when Windows starts." Click OK.

Also, give ReadyBoost a try. It lets you speed up your system with a flash drive. It's almost like adding more RAM. I have a handy tip that explains it all. If you don't notice an improvement from ReadyBoost, disable it. It uses resources when it's not running. Click Start>>Control Panel. Double-click Administrative Tools and select Services. Right-click ReadyBoost and click Stop.

Many people have run into minor problems with Vista. Fortunately, I have plenty of helpful tips on my site that will clear things up:

Andre in Dayton, OH listens to me on WHIO 1290 AM. He would like to buy his daughter a new MP3 player. He's torn between the iPod touch and Microsoft's Zune. He would like to know which one is best.

Well, Andre, neither is better. They're very different players. There are two versions of the Zune. The smaller, flash-based Zune is available with 4, 8 or 16 gigabytes of storage. It is much like Apple's nano. A hard drive-based Zune is available in 80- or 120-GB capacities. It is like Apple's iPod classic.

The Zunes play music, videos and pictures. They feature FM tuners for radio listening. There's also Wi-Fi connectivity. This lets you synchronize the player to your computer over your home network. Or, you can share songs with other Zune users.

The iPod touch is a flash-based player available in 8-, 16- and 32-GB capacities. It plays music, videos and photos. There isn't an FM tuner, and you can't synchronize it over your Wi-Fi network. But, the touch has many other features that make up for this.

First, it doubles as a PDA. There's a calendar and contacts list. You can update them using the on-screen keyboard. The built-in Wi-Fi is also fairly versatile. You can surf the 'Net using the touch's Web browser. You can also add small programs, like games, from the App store. A mapping tool helps you find directions.

The touch is Apple's most drool-worthy player, and with good reason. However, there are drawbacks. First, it starts at a pricey $230. And, the glass screen can be broken easily. Finally, the iPod touch can give kids access to porn and other objectionable content. If you go with the touch, you'll want to block access to certain content. My handy tip will help!

The Zune and touch will be out of reach for many people. That's thanks to high price tags and a slow economy. So, you might consider a budget MP3 player. My money-saving column highlights some of the best budget MP3 players available. And don't forget the free music!

Visit the Buying Guide. Here, you can find unbiased advice on buying laptops, desktops, TVs, monitors, scanners, video cards, digital cameras, software, audio, printers, cell phones, networking gear, handhelds, memory cards and, well, let's just say a heck of a lot more! You can scan the categories. Or use the Search banner on the page. We hope you like the improvements at the Buying Guide and use it often!

At, we now have a shopping guide that will help you find the perfect gifts and the lowest prices online. Check it out by clicking here.

Listen to my shows when and where you want. Wow! The shows sound incredible in crystal clear digital audio. It's commercial-free, too! Listen on your computer or take me with you in your MP3 player.  You can even burn them to CDs and listen in the car. Click here to join Kim's Club today!


    • Rookie Rundown—Opening those ZIP files
    • Keep reading! I have more money-saving tips!

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"I trust and use Carbonite to back up all my important files. You should too!" — Kim Komando

How often do you back up your PC? With Carbonite, files are backed up automatically. Enjoy the simplicity of secure, unlimited backup of all your photos, music, e-mail, financial records and more. Try Carbonite today.
Start Your Risk-Free Trial. No Credit Card Required.


Buying a digital camera for Christmas? Prepare to be confused. Retailers list an arsenal of mumbo-jumbo on a camera's specifications.

Fortunately, deciphering it is fairly easy. Following are common specifications you'll see on cameras. Some are worth worrying about; others aren't.  

The first is maximum aperture. Aperture refers to the diameter of the camera's lens opening. Aperture, or f-stop, is expressed as a fraction. For example, f/2.8 represents 1/2.8. Smaller numbers equal larger aperture sizes and faster shutter speeds. More light reaches the sensor.

Should you worry about a camera's maximum aperture? And what about things like the image processor and maximum ISO? Find answers to these questions and more in my weekly column. It's free on my site!

Did you know that I host two radio shows? I have a Digital Minute that airs Monday through Friday. I also host a three-hour show on the weekends. Over 460 radio stations in the great United States broadcast my shows. Plus, from here in the desert come all kinds of tidbits about living a digital lifestyle. You can read my weekly column in over 100 Gannett newspapers across the country. And I write two columns a week for the USAToday Web site.

It takes just three easy steps: 1.) Call the LIVE broadcast. That's this Saturday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. on the East Coast, or, if you live on the West Coast, 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. 2.) Know the phone number. It is, of course, toll-free 1-888-825-5254. 3.) Talk to Andrew and tell him what's on your mind. That's all there is to it!

There are other newsletters aside from this one that we send out free of charge. Sign up for all four now, while you're thinking about it. You can do that here.

    • Some freebies and a contest for you to win!
    • What is XOHM?

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Genius Front Pocket Leather Wallet!

The Genius Front Pocket Wallet has a revolutionary curved edge for a comfortable fit in your front pocket. Designed to alleviate back pain caused by sitting on a traditional wallet, it provides a light weight alternative to carrying a heavy, burdensome wallet while deterring pickpockets as well.

Other Items of Interest
Amazing Travel Blanket
Gear Charging System

ROOKIE RUNDOWN: Tips to get you newbies up and going!
Clifford wrote from San Antonio, where he tunes in on WOAI 1200 AM. He's looking for a ZIP program. He wants to know if I can recommend one.

Before I recommend a program, Clifford, let's talk about ZIP files. A ZIP file is basically a folder that can hold any type of file. But, ZIP files differ from folders in one important aspect. ZIP files are compressed, so they are smaller. This makes it easier to share large files.

ZIP programs take extraneous data out of files. Extracting (or unzipping) a ZIP file puts the data back in. Some files like MP3s and JPGs are already compressed. So, zipping these files won't reduce their size much, if at all.

I've got a couple of free ZIP programs in my Downloads section. So, you can hurry over and download a program now! And you don't have to worry about viruses or other malware. The programs are 7-Zip and BiGZiP. Both are very good.

You may not need to download a ZIP program, though. Windows XP and Vista include ZIP tools. You can zip your files quite easily.

In Windows XP, all you need to do is select one or more files. Right-click them and select Send to>>Compressed (zipped) Folder. To extract a ZIP file, double-click it. A wizard will walk you through the extraction process.

You follow the same steps to zip files in Vista. However, the extraction process is different. Just right-click on your ZIP file and select Extract All. A wizard will help you.

Earlier versions of Windows didn't include a ZIP utility. If you're using Windows ME or 98, protect yourself. My handy tip will make your old machine a little safer.

Did you move and get a new e-mail address? Let us know so you don't miss a single issue of our free newsletters. It's easy. Just use our Change of Address form at the Komando Newsletter Center. Click here to access it now.

When something is underlined in our newsletters, click it. It's a link for you to learn more. So go ahead, click the link. Expand your horizons. You'll be glad you did!

You get this newsletter. Now, sign up for my other three free e-mail newsletters.

• Free computer or digital tip Mon-Fri
• Free Cool Site daily
• Free news links Mon-Fri

As always, I guarantee your privacy. Your e-mail address will not be sold, leased or given to anyone, ever!

Christmas will soon be upon us. You're probably planning to spend the holiday with your family and friends. But don't forget about our troops overseas. Many won't be spending the holiday with their loved ones.

At Operation Komando, you'll find a list of items you can send to the troops. There are both high-ticket and smaller items. Of course, you'll want your package to arrive in time for the big day. Don't worry. There's still time. My handy shipping schedule will help you out.


    • Security tips to keep your computer safe
    • The lowdown on WiMAX

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RADIO REWIND: Your guide to all things radio!

I love to shop online. Do you know where to find the best deals? Cousin Ricky wants a smart phone. Any idea which brand to get? Tune into my three-hour weekend show. I'll walk you through everything you need to know. During the week, my Digital Minutes are a quick tip. And be sure to join Kim's Club for listening on your schedule.


Over 460 radio stations air my shows. I have affiliates in Canada, Guam and New Zealand. I also have stations around the world on The American Forces Radio Network. Here in the States, you can find me on these stations: New York (WCBS 880 AM); Houston (KTRH 740 AM); Washington (WTNT 570 AM); Miami (WIOD 610 AM); Denver (KHOW 630 AM); Cincinnati (WKRC 550 AM); Norfolk, VA (WTAR 850 AM); West Palm Beach, FL (WJNO 1290 AM); Charleston, SC (WSCC 94.5 FM); Green Bay, WI (WTAQ 1360 AM); Panama City, FL (WYOO 101.1 FM); and so many more!

"The Crossroads of Delmarva"
Salisbury, MD, is the hub of the Delmarva Peninsula, hence the nickname. It's half an hour west of Ocean city, MD. Major cities like Baltimore, Washington and Philadelphia are within 150 miles.


Since 1998, WICO 1320 AM has aired my show live, 10 a.m. Saturdays. It also airs my Digital Minutes weekdays in morning drive. The WICO call letters stand for Wicomico County, in Maryland.

Use my Komando affiliate locator map. You will be e-mailed your nearest station carrying my show!

Check out all the cool perks you get just by joining: Message Board access, premium content, on-demand audio and so much more! Just click here to get started.


    • Security tips to keep your computer safe
    • WiMAX is coming! WiMAX is coming!

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Make Recipients Unlock the Wooden Box Puzzle to Get Their Gift!

• Ingenious way to give a gift certificate, cash, tickets or even a marriage proposal
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KIM'S TIPS FOR KOMANDO KIDS: 5 Christmas sites for kids
Christmas is the most exciting time of year for children. They can't wait for Santa's visit. You can fill their time with Christmas-themed Web sites. These sites will keep them in the spirit of the season. Listen to the third hour of my national radio show for details.

CONTEST SITE: Astronomy sweepstakes
Astronomy magazine is giving away state-of-the art telescopes. Three winners will get powerful Meade telescopes. Open to U.S. residents, 18 or older. Deadline: 12/19/08

CONTEST: The Annual Kim Komando Show Great Giveaway
The Great Giveaway is going full blast! Every caller who speaks with me live on the air wins a great prize! You can also enter to win a prize on my Web site. Deadline for online entry is 12/22/08.

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FREEBIE FROM KOMANDO.COM: Add effects to your Webcam
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There are plenty of great sites on the Web. But who has time to find them? Every day, I pick one great site and share it with you. Try it for a week and you'll love it!

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Turn old gadgets into cash
Amazing photos from the past
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Give your blog some pizzazz

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THIS WEEK'S FOCUS: Decorate your desktop for the holidays
Decorating is half the fun of the holiday season. Stringing up lights around the house is a Christmas tradition. So, how are you going to spruce up your computer? You can bring some holiday cheer to your desktop. I've found two programs that you'll love using.

Let's keep it going; there's plenty more to cover:
• SECURE COMPUTING: Botnets are reawakening

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Spam levels have waned in the past few weeks. That's because service providers cut service to hosting firm McColo. It was used as the command center for many botnets. Now, security firms say that spam is starting to rise again.

The Srizbi botnet is one that is coming back online. The Srizbi code generates new domain names from which machines can get new instructions. The spammers can then register the domain names and contact infected machines. Srizbi sends almost 50 percent of the world's spam, by some accounts. Other botnets also appear to be resurfacing.

You know what this means. Make sure you have a good spam filter. You should also make sure your other security software is current. You'll find all the free security software you need at my Security Center. I also have links to some effective, free spam filters on my site.

• What you should know about WiMAX

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I heard something on TV about XOHM. This is supposed to revolutionize Internet access. Unfortunately, it didn't say what XOHM is or how it works. Can you tell me more about it? When will it be available? Should I get it?
—Bill in Minneapolis, listening on KTLK 100.3 FM

It sounds like you heard a marketing pitch! XOHM is Sprint's WiMAX service. WiMAX stands for Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access.

I would hardly call WiMAX revolutionary. But it will change the way many people connect to the Internet.

For now, XOHM is only available in Baltimore. Sprint plans to roll it out to more major cities in the near future. Sprint will merge XOHM with Clearwire. Clearwire is currently testing its WiMAX service in the northwest. Several tech bigwigs like Intel and Google will hold a stake in the new company. The new company will be called Clearwire.

A number of smaller companies offer WiMAX. However, it is only available in some metropolitan areas.

Many people confuse WiMAX with Wi-Fi. The two standards are very different. Both offer wireless Internet. But Wi-Fi requires cable or DSL for Internet connectivity. In comparison, WiMAX offers standalone connectivity.

In order to use WiMAX, you need a WiMAX modem. Home modems are similar in size to a cable modem. You connect the WiMAX modem to a power outlet. Then, you connect your computer to the modem. Or, you can connect the modem to your existing Wi-Fi router for sharing.

You can also buy WiMAX laptop cards. These are much like cellular laptop cards. They do not rely on Wi-Fi or a wired connection to work.

Additionally, WiMAX chips are available in some laptops. A WiMAX chip is optional with Intel's Centrino 2 platform. If you remember, Intel's original Centrino platform integrated Wi-Fi. You can also expect to see WiMAX chips in cell phones.

WiMAX has a range of 30 miles. That far surpasses the range of Wi-Fi. WiMAX also offers a relatively fast connection. At 2 to 4 MBps, it is about the same as cable or DSL. But, speeds decrease the further you get from a base station.

WiMAX should be competitive with cable and DSL. Currently, XOHM costs $35 a month. Sprint is offering discounts to new subscribers.

Most people probably won't see a need to adopt WiMAX. But for some, WiMAX is a godsend.

With WiMAX, people in rural areas will find it easier to get broadband. WiMAX will bring broadband to remote areas—no digging required! And, it won't have the same latency problems as satellite connections.

WiMAX could also be beneficial to broadband users who travel frequently. You should get a deal when you sign up for home and mobile WiMAX. For example, XOHM currently offers both for $50. You won't need a hotspot or cellular card.

Until WiMAX goes mainstream, you'll need to stick with other Internet options. Fortunately, I have plenty of help on my site:

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Kim :)

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A couple decided to go out to eat at a Chinese restaurant. After looking over the menu, they both decided to have Chicken Surprise, the chef's special. The waiter brought their meal in a lidded pot. As the wife reached for the lid, it rose a few inches. She could see two beady eyes looking out before the lid slammed down. Startled, she asked her husband if he had seen the eyes. Just then, the lid rose again, revealing the two eyes before slamming down again. Perturbed, the couple called over the waiter and explained the situation. "I apologize," he said, "I mistakenly brought you the Peeking Duck."

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