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Kim Komando Show Daily News - Wednesday, Nov. 12, 2008

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Wednesday, Nov. 12, 2008

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Today's top stories...

Spam-linked hosting firm loses Web connection
McColo has been kicked off the Web for hosting criminals. About 75 percent of all spam has been traced to McColo. The company is located in San Jose, CA. It is unclear if law enforcement will take action.

IBM backs BPL
IBM is backing broadband over power lines. Most carriers have left the BPL business. But IBM is taking a different approach. It will focus on rural areas. Need broadband in the boonies? Check my helpful tip!

Nanomaterials create health worries
Experts say urgent regulation is needed for nanomaterials. They are increasingly used in everyday products. But their health effects are largely unknown. Nanomaterials are a tiny fraction of a hair’s width.

Philips develops iPill
Philips has developed an intelligent pill. The pill contains sensors and a microprocessor. Unlike similar pills, the iPill can deliver drugs. Is this a good idea or is it a little hard to swallow? Hit the Message Board.

Video sharing for the troops
The military has developed TroopTube, a video-sharing site for troops. TroopTube’s strength is its search abilities. It uses speech recognition software to search videos. YouTube was banned last year.

Vacation rental sites garner $250M
HomeAway has received $250 million in investments. The company owns sites that list vacation rentals. The site is doing well in a sluggish economy. Many are renting vacation homes to generate extra cash.

Feed the meter from your phone
Decatur, GA, has launched a pay-by-phone parking system. It lets people feed parking meters from their phones. The system also includes sensors to help monitor parking spaces.

Hotels focus on tech amenities
Hotels are luring guests with high-tech amenities. Gaming rooms are common. And some rooms feature state-of-the-art automation tools. But the gadgets need to be easy to operate.

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Video of the Day: The DTV transition is nearly upon us. Are you ready? This great PSA will give you all the details. Or, maybe it will confuse you.

Cool Site of the Day: I know you. I'll bet you've played Minesweeper more than a few times. Well, I have a surprise: a brand new version.

Digital Minute, on your radio: We'd all like to stop spam. But could changing your e-mail address reduce the amount of spam you receive?

Free Download of the Day: Dictionaries are so last season. This program will replace your dictionary, thesaurus and encyclopedias.

Tip on the site: Let's say you have three hard drives. Two have lots of space, and one is crammed. What should you do about the full one?

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