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Monday, Nov. 17, 2008

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Today's top stories...

Some electronics troubles never solved
A survey shows that 15 percent of electronics problems are never fixed. And only about 38 percent of problems are fixed by customer service. Some call for manufacturers to make more user-friendly products.

Professor challenges the RIAA
A Harvard professor is challenging the constitutionality of the RIAA’s lawsuits. He says the music industry is using the courts as a collection agency. He also accuses the RIAA of intimidation.

The ax will fall at Sun Microsystems
Sun Microsystems is feeling the crunch of a slow economy. It plans to slash 18 percent of its workforce. That’s 6,000 employees. Companies can’t or won’t get loans to buy Sun’s high-end servers.

No speedy trial for Palin intruder
David Kernell has yielded his right to a speedy trial. Attorneys are struggling to understand the case's computer language. He is accused of accessing Sarah Palin’s e-mail. Protect your e-mail with my tip.

Core i7 torture tested
Intel is getting ready to launch its Core i7 processor. The chip has undergone months of rigorous testing. That’s because an error could cost Intel billions. In 1994, it recalled Pentium chips due to a glitch.

Will Blu-ray save the movie industry?
Home video sales are declining. But the movie industry hopes Blu-ray Disc will change this. It predicts 10.5 million homes will have Blu-ray players by year’s end. Will you buy one? Hit the Message Board.

Obama hopes to keep e-mail
President-elect Barack Obama has long relied on his BlackBerry. But he could have to give it up. That’s because of the Presidential Records Act. He hopes to have a laptop in his office, though.

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Free Download of the Day: Hard drive partitions can be useful. But managing them isn't always easy. I found some help with this program.

Tip on the site: Today we have a lady looking for lost documents. They belonged to her son, who is dead. So, let me suggest a few things.

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