Monday, November 17, 2008

Creating playlists for your MP3 player - Monday, Nov. 17, 2008

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Monday, Nov. 17, 2008

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Creating playlists for your MP3 player

QI recently received an MP3 player. Is there an application that allows me to create playlists on my PC? I would like to tag files in categories like classic, rock and oldies. I'd then like to copy the subdirectories to the MP3 player. The folder structure does not need to be copied.
—Bob in Lafayette, LA, listening on KPEL 1420 AM

AI wish I had more information, Bob. It would be helpful to know what MP3 player you have. I'd also like to know how you're transferring music to the player now.

So, I'll try to cover all the bases.

First off, you don't need to worry about tagging files. Nor should you worry about folders and subdirectories. These won't help you with playlists.

Tagging files helps you sort through songs on your computer or player. Folders and subdirectories organize music on your computer.

A playlist is much like a mix tape. You create a list of songs you'd like to play. The playlist is stored as a data file containing links to music files.

You can have a music file on multiple playlists. There will only be one copy of the song on your computer or player. When you transfer the playlist to a player, the songs go with it.

Let me start by giving instructions for the iPod. That's the best-selling player on the market.

iPod owners manage their music through iTunes. When you open iTunes, you'll see the source list in the left pane. You should see a list of playlists.

There will be a number of playlists already created. These are smart playlists iTunes automatically creates. Don't worry about them.

Click the plus sign at the bottom of the window. A new playlist will appear. Type a name for it. Next, click on Music to open your music library. Find a song you'd like to add to your playlist.

Click and drag the song to your new playlist. Drop it on the playlist name. Your song has been added to the playlist. You can continue to add more songs or create more playlists. When you synchronize your iPod, your playlists are also synchronized.

Got a Zune or something else? Click here for further instructions!

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