Friday, November 14, 2008

[TechRepublic] Check out the most powerful Cisco routers ever made

November 14, 2008
Check out the most powerful Cisco routers ever made
They may not be appropriate for your home, office, or even your enterprise, but some of the most powerful routers in the world make it possible for you to surf the Web and send e-mail around the globe. David Davis introduces you to Cisco's lineup of service-provider routers.

Compare your salary against other IT professionals in Canada

Join the activeTechPros community for free access to salary benchmark charts and download a copy of Canada IT Salary & Skills Snapshot 2008.

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Routing and switching essentials for beginners
If you are a beginner looking for information on routing and switching devices, these short papers will introduce you to the basic concepts.

How do you manage a mobile mini-datacenter?
Every network administrator may at some point create or support a mobile collection of equipment for use between sites or at other destinations. Rick Vanover shares some strategies that can be used to manage this type of network.

Botnets: Keep computers up to date or else
Getting rooted by a drive-by dropper is fast becoming the predominate method of involuntarily joining a botnet. The simplest way to avoid this is to keep your computers up to date. Easier said than done? Well, it doesn't have to be.

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Cisco Routers and Switches

Nov. 18th: 5 Best Practices for modernizing your Enterprise portal

Join ZDNet's live Webcast to learn how to increase the productivity and get more business value out of your enterprise portal using 5 proven best practices. (Oracle)

Video: TR Out Loud -- November 14, 2008
Video: TR Out Loud TechRepublic's Sonja Thompson suffers through pesky allergies to bring you this week's TR Out Loud on Video, which highlights the top discussions and members on the boards.

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Use analogies to explain technical subjects to end users
Career ManagementAll the IT career resources harp on building communication skills and avoiding jargon. But how do you explain technology without using technical terms? Career blogger Toni Bowers discusses the power of the analogy for making technical issues easier to understand.

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SIM survey: State of the CIO 2008
See six charts that paint of picture of the CIO in 2008.

The new Laptop USB KVM from ATEN makes file transfer easy

ATEN introduces the new Laptop USB KVM which makes file transfer, dual omputer control and peripheral sharing simple and easy! This solution is perfect for the mobile professional, or anyone with multiple computers!
Click here for more information.

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