Monday, November 10, 2008

[TechRepublic] Papermaster temporarily blocked from apple job

November 10, 2008
Papermaster temporarily blocked from Apple job
A federal judge granted a temporary injunction blocking former IBM exec Mark Papermaster from working for Apple. IBM asserts Papermaster possesses trade secrets and a non-compete agreement prevents him from working in the industry for a year.

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Why aren't we all using Wikispaces?
While there are plenty of tools for creating Wikis, Wikispaces happens to have a great interface and provides unlimited ad-free pages for K-12 educational purposes. It took about two days for me to upgrade a free wiki that I created to the "Plus" account that the company provides to K-12...

What's next after server virtualization? Orchestration
There are a number of steps an organization could take after successfully executing a server consolidation strategy. One of them is to orchestrate workloads to make maximum use of physical server capacity, reduce power consumption, reduce administrative and operational expenses and create an environment which can assure that each and...

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KDEs big mistake
With the birth of KDE 4 came a shuffling of some key applications that has caused some serious grumbling among the Linux community. But this shuffling goes well beyond the old-school Linux fans and can affect new users as well. See what Jack Wallen has to say about what the...

How will Windows 7 affect Linux?
Some tech bloggers are saying that Windows 7 is set to be a "Linux-killer." What do they mean by that, exactly, and what do you think the real affect on Linux will be?

A Kindroid in every pot?
Fellow blogger, Jason Perlow, has written a couple of interesting pieces lately on ways to get cheap ebook readers/tablets into both students' and consumers' hands. In, "Kindroid: Two great tastes that would taste great together" he described how an Android-based Kindle ebook reader could allow this platform to really take...

Gore at Web 2.0: Nice ideas among the gobbledegook
Web 2.0 - like a puppy(?!) - needs a purpose. Saving the Earth is probably a pretty good one. But based on reports Al Gore's speech was long on spiritual meanderings and short on Web2 specifics.

New photos of the day

First Look at Windows 7

Taking my first look at Windows 7.

Gallery: Intel Classmate Netvertible CTL 2go Tablet

CTL is giving first looks the 2go Tablet - it's second generation Intel Classmate touch-screen netbook device that runs on both Celeron and Atom chips. It's expect to compete with upcoming ASUS netbook devices.

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Video: TR Out Loud -- November 7, 2008
Video: TR Out Loud It was the Presidential election week in the United States, and so this TR Out Loud on Video (TROLOV) captured some of the hot political posts that topped the boards. For those of you who are saturated with politics, there is plenty of distraction in this episode as well.

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Sanity check: 10 tech leaders who could become Obama's CTO
Tech Sanity CheckAs a presidential candidate, part of Barack Obama's technology policy platform included hiring the U.S. government's first chief technology officer (CTO). If Obama follows through on this, who is likely to get the job? Here are the 10 top candidates.

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