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Tuesday, Nov. 18, 2008

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Today's top stories...

A brief reprieve from spam
You may have noticed less spam in your inbox. That’s because service providers pulled the plug on McColo. The Web host is accused of helping spammers. Unfortunately, spam levels are rising again.

USB 3.0 specification released
The latest version of USB has been released. It is 10 times faster than USB 2.0. Products containing USB 3.0 should be in stores in 2010. The standard is backwards compatible with USB 1.1 and 2.0.

Yahoo! hunts for new CEO
Jerry Yang is stepping down as Yahoo!’s CEO. This comes as Yahoo!’s stock price is tumbling. Yang refused to sell Yahoo! to Microsoft for $47.5 billion. That’s more than triple Yahoo!’s current value.

Preliminary approval in Google book settlement
A settlement between Google and book publishers has been tentatively approved. Google will pay $125 to settle copyright lawsuits over its book-scanning project. The judge must still approve the accord.

OLPC relaunches laptop promotion
One Laptop Per Child is resurrecting its Give 1 Get 1 promotion. Amazon customers can buy two XO laptops for $400. One goes to a child in the Third World. OLPC hopes to deliver 1 million laptops by year-end.

Should Apple track stolen iPods?
Some say Apple could do more to counteract iPod thefts. That’s because they phone home to Apple when connected to a computer. Should Apple help recover stolen iPods? Hit the Message Board.

National Geographic enters gaming biz
National Geographic is developing video games. It already has one game out—Herod’s Lost Tomb. It works on computers and iPhones. In the market for family friendly games? Check out my top picks.

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Digital Minute, on your radio: You'll probably do your Christmas shopping online. Before you break out your wallet, heed my three tips.

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Wearing out flash memory
Flash memory is quickly replacing hard drives and other types of storage. It's generally more durable. So, why are this guy’s flash drives wearing out? I’ve got the answer in my informative tip!

Run XP virtually in Vista
Vista is a great operating system. But some people need XP to run certain programs. Or, maybe they’re more comfortable using XP. Well, you can have both! Learn to run XP in Vista the easy way.

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