Monday, November 3, 2008

[TechRepublic] McCain vs. Obama: Who would be better for tech?

November 03, 2008

McCain vs. Obama: Who would be better for tech?

Tech Sanity Check

From Net Neutrality to H-1B visas to data privacy and other economic and policy issues, the next U.S. president will influence many important developments in the technology industry. See what we know about the stances of Barack Obama and John McCain on tech issues.

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New at TechRepublic

Ancient word processors highlight the lack of modern software diversity
One of the claims of superiority that Microsoft claims with Windows over the Mac is the amount of software that's made to run under Windows. Even though there are thousands of programs available, the actual diversity of software seems to have diminished compared to the 80's.

How does the BlackBerry Bold hold up to heavy use?
With the BlackBerry Bold finally launching in the United States on Election Day just next week, here is a review of my month's experience of the Bold from the perspective of a heavy user.

MS Windows 7 pre-beta gets a security patch 13 days early
Is the release of a security update for MS Windows 7 two weeks before it's available to the public a sign of security troubles to come, or is it a sign that Microsoft is finally paying real attention to security?

EMC AX4 - A failover update
EMC's AX4 failover features work as advertised, much to the delight of Scott Lowe. Sometimes, it's nice to celebrate the small successes!

Shrinking and defragmenting virtual disks in VMware Workstation
Over a period of time your virtual disk will begin to degrade. In this post, you will learn how to shrink and defragment a virtual disk in VMware Workstation.

Prevent router changes from multiple users with Cisco IOS configuration lock
If multiple network admins were to connect to a router and modify the configuration at the same time, changes could be lost or only partially implemented, resulting in network downtime. David Davis introduces a new Cisco feature called IOS configuration lock that helps prevent such clashes

10 ways to get a slipping project back on track
Plenty of things can derail a project plan: underestimated tasks, departing staff, misallocated resources. Here are some practical techniques that can correct the direction of a project that's losing ground.

How can TechRepublic help you decide about products?
A recent study by Jupiter Research and BuzzLogic has suggested that blogs are more influential in product decisions than friends on social networks. What can a site like TechRepublic, which has a mix of bloggers and social networking, do to help you make better product decisions?

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Poll: Choosing a virtualization vendor
Which company will be your virtualization vendor of choice? Take the poll.

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