Thursday, November 6, 2008

Make those tabs work for you - Thursday, Nov. 6, 2008

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Thursday, Nov. 6, 2008

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Make those tabs work for you

QWhen I try to exit a page in Windows Vista, I get a "close all tabs," yes or no? When I do close all tabs, I lose everything. I then have to connect again to my home page! Is there any way to bypass that? What are tabs supposed to do? Also, is there a way to delete addresses in the address bar?
–John in Baltimore, listening on WBAL 1090 AM

AIt sounds like you're using a browser, rather than Windows directly. Of course, Windows runs in the background, even when you're surfing. You are apparently using tabs in your browser. Both Internet Explorer and Firefox support tabs.

With tabs, you can have several pages open within one window. If you are researching something, you might visit several sites. You can add tabs for each site as you go. When you need something on a previous page, click the tab. I find that very helpful.

How-to ThursdayTabs in Internet Explorer and Firefox work similarly. Tabs first appeared in Netscape, several years ago. They migrated to Firefox, and eventually to Internet Explorer.

You're getting this message because you have multiple tabs open. You're clicking the X in the upper right corner. That tells the browser to shut down. All of the tabs are included, not just the page in front of you. Your browser is just reminding you that you have other pages open.

Well, you can turn off the warning. Personally, I prefer the warning. It forces me to double-check the other pages.

To shut it off in Internet Explorer, wait for it to pop up. Check the box next to "Do not show me this dialog again."

Follow the same procedure in Firefox. Check the box next to "Do not ask next time."

However, it sounds like you want to keep the home page active. So let's say you have five pages open. One is your home page, which you want to stay active. This works the same way in both browsers. Right-click the home page tab. Click Close Other Tabs.

All of the pages will disappear, except for the home page. Of course, you don't have to save the home page. You can use this procedure to save any page.

These browsers have other tricks. For instance, you are not limited to one home page. Let's say you start your day by browsing the New York Times, Washington Post and the Los Angeles Times. Open those to their home pages, each on its own tab.

Then, click Tools>>Options (IE) or Tools>>Internet Options (Firefox). In Firefox, select the Main tab if necessary. Click Use Current Pages. Click OK. In Internet Explorer, select the General tab if necessary. Click Use Current. Click OK.

Now, when you open either browser, you'll get those three pages as tabs. The first tab will be open. In the options window, list them in the order you want. That is the order their tabs will appear. The first listed page will be open.

Not everyone is crazy about tabs. The alternative is opening separate instances of the browser. To turn off tabs in Internet Explorer, click Tools>>Internet Options. Again, be sure you're on the General tab. Under Tabs, click Settings.

That will open the Tabbed Browsing Settings window. Remove the check mark next to "Enable Tabbed Browsing (requires restarting Internet Explorer)." Go to the bottom of the window. Find "Open links from other programs in." Select "A new window." Click OK>>OK.

In Firefox, click Tools>>Options. Select Tabs. Under "New pages should be opened in:" click "a new window." Click OK.

Finally, you asked about deleting addresses. That is easy, so long as you want to delete all addresses. In Internet Explorer, click Tools>>Options. Select the Content tab. Under AutoComplete, click Settings. Uncheck "Web addresses." Click OK>>OK.

Firefox is more complicated. In the address bar, enter "about:config" (without the quotation marks). Click Enter. This will take you to many settings. In the Filter: box at the top, enter "urlbar" (no quote marks). This will automatically take you to a much smaller group of settings.

You need to change two of the settings. Right-click browser.urlbar.matchOnlyTyped. In the menu, click Toggle. That will change the default setting of false to true.

Next, right-click browser.urlbar.maxRichResults. Click Modify. The default setting is 12. Change it to 0.

That's it. Close the about:config tab by clicking the X.

Have you tried Firefox? I use it because I consider it safer than Internet Explorer. You can download it through my site.

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