Thursday, November 6, 2008

[TechRepublic] Virtualization for IT leaders; XP security tips

November 06, 2008

What IT leaders need to know about virtualization

Sanity Savers for IT Executives

Virtualization is having a major impact on IT infrastructure, and its influence will likely grow in the next 5-10 years. Thus, there are some basic principles about virtualization that all IT leaders should understand, as this episode of Sanity Savers for IT executives explains.

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10 security tips for Microsoft Windows XP
When installing and using MS Windows XP, there are some security practices you should keep in mind. There are general security tips that apply to all operating systems, of course, but each operating system platform provides its own security challenges.

Poor partner practices can come back to bite you
The long-term effects of trying to save the company a few bucks in a shady manner can backfire against a project manager in a big way.

OpenOffice 3: Look out MS Office!
With the release of OpenOffice 3, Microsoft Office has been shown the door as the leader. In this entry to the open source blog, Jack Wallen reasserts his claim that OpenOffice is the dominant player in the office suite game.

Use the Print Management console for Windows Server 2008 print server
Print serving is one of the Windows Server roles that generally require less ongoing maintenance. Take a fresh look at the printer server management options in Windows Server 2008.

Which virtualization vendor will win your business?
A fierce battle in the virtualization space is taking place to win your business. It is an exciting time to be a part of this movement and I wonder who will win your business.

Consulting field proves popular among IT business graduates
A growing number of graduates from the top IT college programs in the country are going into the field of IT consulting. Find out more about what makes these programs stand out.

PDC 2008: Making sense of Live Mesh
While at the Professional Developers Conference last week, Justin James got the opportunity to speak with Microsoft's Jeff Hansen about Live Mesh. Find out why Justin says he's now more open minded about Live Mesh.

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Webcast: Risk mitigation strategies for CIOs implementing Exchange Server 2007
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Distributing power to blade servers: 10 steps to selecting the optimal power distribution design
Which enclosure-based power distribution unit is right for your application? Find out in this white paper by assessing 10 key factors, to satisfy present and future needs, optimally balance loads, and enhance data center efficiency and uptime. (Eaton Corp.)

Improve the perception of IT
Jay Rollins says expectation setting is key to improving the perception of IT.

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