Saturday, November 1, 2008

What's running on your machine? - Saturday, Nov. 1, 2008

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Saturday, Nov. 1, 2008

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Today's Cool Site...

What's running on your machine?

Unfortunately, computers aren't always well-behaved. And troubleshooting problems can be a real nightmare.

Often, computer woes can be traced to a single program. Maybe it is a piece of malware. Or, maybe there's a bug in a legitimate program.

Many processes are running on your computer at any given time. You can see these processes by opening Task Manager.

It isn't always easy to tell what program a process belongs to, though. You may not know if a process belongs to malware.

That's where Uniblue's Process Library comes in. Simply enter the name of a process. You get a quick description of the process.

The description will identify the program that uses a particular process. It will also tell you if it is safe to disable it.

You may not need Process Library now. But bookmark the site. One day, you'll be very glad you did!

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Video of the Day: Football sure can be exciting. But some plays are more exciting than others. This is the best punt return I've ever seen.

Privacy Tip: When snoopy people are around, don't just shut down the computer. Use Sleep or Hibernate, along with a strong password.

Download of the Day: I know you! You never quite established a budget. How about today? I have three programs that will guide you.

Kids Tip: Your children want music and video players. So you may well be in the market for one. Better learn how to block pornography.


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