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Kim Komando Show Daily News - Tuesday, Dec. 2, 2008

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Tuesday, Dec. 2, 2008

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Today's top stories...

Windows’ market share sliding
For the first time, Windows’ market share has dropped below 90 percent. It lost .84 percent in November. Meanwhile, Mac OS X posted its biggest gain. It has 8.9 percent of the operating system market.

IE also sees record decline
Internet Explorer also took a nose dive in November. Its market share dropped below 70 percent. Firefox and Safari posted solid growth for the period. Google’s Chrome recorded a more modest increase.

Apple: Install antivirus on your Mac
Apple is recommending that Mac users install antivirus software. This reverses Apple’s position on such software. But I’ve been saying this for years. Mac users, don’t miss my tip on securing your machine!

Coupon codes help shoppers save cash
Shoppers are using coupon codes online to save. They’re also trading money-saving tips online. Some retailers embrace the coupons, while others don’t. Save big bucks online—my column will help!

FCC proposes free wireless Internet access
FCC Chairman Kevin J. Martin will push for free wireless Internet access. According to the FCC, the network would be free of porn. Some wireless operators worry this could cause interference on their networks.

Giving a cell phone without the strings
Cell phones aren’t popular gifts. Givers don’t want to saddle recipients with expensive plans. But there are ways to get around this limitation. And you don’t need to purchase a costly unlocked phone.

Report: Femtocells don’t cause interference
Femtocells will increase the capacity of cellular networks tenfold. And they won’t interfere with outdoor networks. Femtocells improve indoor cellular reception. They route calls over broadband networks.

Scandals show dangers of online gambling
Online gambling operates outside of U.S. law. The lack of oversight opens the door to cheating. And two recent scandals show how much players can lose. Online players were cheated out of millions.

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Tip on the site: Vista's CD burner formats with Live File System. Many computers cannot read it. Avoid this problem by using Mastered format.

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