Friday, December 5, 2008

Kim Komando Show Daily News - Friday, Dec. 5, 2008

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Friday, Dec. 5, 2008

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Today's top stories...

IBM, Microsoft and industry standards
Yesterday, IBM announced a Linux-based virtual desktop. It costs substantially less than a Windows setup. But IBM’s offering probably won’t unseat Windows and Office.

Microsoft readies year’s final security patches
Microsoft will release eight security updates next week. Six are rated critical. The fixes target Windows, Office and other programs. One of the patches may fix an eight-month-old vulnerability.

Cyber Monday sales rise 15 percent
Spending on Cyber Monday rose 15 percent from last year. Online shoppers were up 22 percent. But individual spending dropped five percent. Cyber Monday is the Monday after Thanksgiving.

Spitzer to write for Slate
Slate has hired New York’s disgraced former governor, Eliot Spitzer. He will contribute a column every other week. The column will focus on the economy and financial regulation.

YouTube goes to the symphony
YouTube will hold symphony auditions. Professionals and YouTube visitors will judge entrants. Winners will play at Carnegie Hall. If you’re musically inclined, learn to profit from your talents!

Australian boy, 5, walks 13 kilometers to school
Sam Burt forces his son to walk 13 kilometers to school daily. The 5-year-old was kicked off the bus for hitting the driver with an apple core. Does the punishment fit the crime? Hit my Message Board.

Glitches mark 3-D football broadcast
Last night, the Raiders and Chargers game was broadcast to theaters in 3-D. There were a few technical hiccups. And there are still kinks to work out. But Fox Sports will offer a similar 3-D broadcast in January.

Digital camera specs made easy
There’s more to camera specifications than megapixels. But what do all the specs mean? And should you worry about them? Make camera buying easy! Read my weekly column at USAToday.

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Video of the Day: Shoveling snow is one of the most boring activities imaginable. But how about trading your shovel for a train? That's cool!

Cool Site of the Day: Shopping for a flight is usually all about price. But you should also consider the quality of the trip. This site will help.

Digital Minute, on your radio: Now is a great time to pick up a Blu-ray player. But, before you buy, find out about some of the best players.

Free Download of the Day: Apple often touts the Mac's immunity to malware. But Mac owners should use some security software.

Tip on the site: Google Street View is a useful tool. But some people are concerned about privacy. Can you remove photos from Street View?

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Vista CDs may not play on XP
We’ve been creating CDs on our computers for years. Now, Microsoft has thrown us for a loop. There is a new format for writing discs in Vista. My tip will help you create CDs in Vista that work on XP.

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