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Monday, Dec. 22, 2008

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Today's top stories...

RIAA ending file-sharing suits
The recording industry will no longer sue online file sharers. Instead, it will work with ISPs to cut illegal file sharers’ Internet access. What do you think of the move? Hit the Message Board.

Missouri prosecutes under cyberbullying law
Missouri is prosecuting cases under a new cyberbullying law. The law resulted from the Megan Meier case. Megan killed herself after being harassed online. My tip will help protect your kids from cyberbullying.

Newspaper shuns Web to boost profits
The newspaper industry is failing. But TriCityNews is running counter to the trend. It continues to experience double-digit yearly growth. Unlike other papers, it doesn’t put its stories online.

Marketer exploits Facebook
College Prowler created more than 300 phony Class of 2013 Facebook groups. It was a marketing effort by the publisher of college guides. When people made a fuss, the company backed off.

Video games boost an aging brain
Video games can help older adults improve cognitive function, a study shows. After playing strategy games for a month, adults performed better on tests. Their reasoning and memory functions improved.

Musicians’ sales grow due to games
Musicians are prospering from music video games. And record firms are looking for a bigger cut of sales. Some artists have seen their sales double. Others make money by licensing their likeness.

Blogs influence buying decisions
Blog readership is up 300 percent since 2004. And consumers often turn to blogs for help with buying decisions. Readers also trust ads on blogs more than ads on social networking sites.

Should you buy a refurbished iPod?
So, you want a new iPod, but cash is tight. Should you save some money by buying a refurbished iPod? That’s just one question I answer in my latest Q & A column. Don’t miss it at USAToday’s site!

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Webcams help you stay in touch
It isn’t always possible for you to be with your family. But you can stay in touch with distant family members with a Webcam. It’s easy! My tip covers everything you should know about using a Webcam.

Is your high-speed memory card running slow?
A high-speed memory card can give your digital camera a boost. But your camera must be able to take advantage of the card. Find out if you’re wasting your money on high-speed memory cards.

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