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Kim Komando Show Daily News - Tuesday, Dec. 23, 2008

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Tuesday, Dec. 23, 2008

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Today's top stories...

VHS tapes disappearing from shelves
VHS tape will soon be a thing of the past. The last major distributor has stopped selling it. Its legacy will live on: VHS changed movie watching. Will you miss VHS tapes? Sound off on the Message Board.

Online spending takes a hit
Online spending has fallen this holiday season. Since Nov. 1, sales are down 1 percent from last year. However, sales increased slightly in December. Sales of consumer electronics dipped 24 percent.

Companies gamble on cloud computing
More companies are turning to cloud computing. Data and programs are stored on the Web. This makes maintenance easier. But cloud computing won’t upset the desktop software market—yet.

Feds question Web suffix changes
New bids are being solicited for Internet suffixes. This would be the first major change in the Internet’s addressing system. But the plan is questioned by the Commerce Department.

Windows 7 to take on Linux
The use of Linux is growing, thanks to inexpensive netbooks. And this has Microsoft worried. So Windows 7 will take on Linux. It will run on the low-powered netbooks.

Change your font to save ink
A Dutch company has created the Ecofont. It cuts ink usage by 15 percent. How? The font has holes in it. How exciting! You want to save on ink? Forget fonts. Download this money-saving program.

Computer thefts unnoticed for 10 years
A Navy technician stole vast amounts of computer gear over 10 years. It was worth $1.6 million new. He walked out with an average five items a day. His ex turned him in. Inventory controls, anyone?

Staff tries to save newspaper
Rocky Mountain News staffers started a site to save the paper. They wanted to drum up public support. A few hundred people have commented. Nonetheless, it could be closed next year.

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Video of the Day: Being snowed in isn’t much fun. That is, unless you're Bailey the dog. Watch this, and you’ll want to play in the snow.

Cool Site of the Day: The economic news seems bleaker and bleaker. Maybe you're worried. This site can help you get a grip on your finances.

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Free Download of the Day: Web browsers make surfing the Internet easy. But it could be easier with mouse gestures.

Tip on the site: Some iPods hold hundreds of songs. Others manage many thousands. That sounds expensive. But there are ways to save.

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Windows Vista features ReadyBoost
Did you know that you can give Windows a boost with a USB drive? The drive enhances your machine’s virtual memory. Find out what you should know about ReadyBoost in my must-read tip.

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