Friday, December 26, 2008

Operator, please - Friday, Dec. 26, 2008

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Friday, Dec. 26, 2008

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Today's Cool Site...

Operator, please

So, Santa was kind to you this year. He wrangled up the hottest tech toys to make your Christmas merry.

Too bad he didn't stick around to help you set 'em up! You'll probably spend today reading instruction manuals and installing software.

You may well need a little help. Maybe something isn't working correctly. Or, maybe you need a question answered. That means you'll need to call tech support.

Unfortunately, most companies use automated voice systems. Getting through to a live person can be a real hassle.

So, before you call tech support, visit Get Human. You'll find phone numbers for many major companies and stores.

Some of the numbers let you skip voice menus altogether. They connect you directly to a customer service rep.

In other cases, you're told how to bypass the voice prompts. You'll spend less time on hold and more time enjoying your new gifts!

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Every day, Team Komando produces some of the best content you'll find anywhere on the Internet. Here is a sampling of what's new on our site today!

$16,000 in Prizes Left to Give: My 13th Annual Great Giveaway Sweepstakes has ended. But if you entered, you could still be the lucky winner of one of our Grand Prizes! Listen to my show this weekend to find out if you won. I will be awarding over $16,000 in prizes! Click here to find me on a station near you.

Video of the Day: The middle of a stampede sounds like a dangerous place to be. But what about a stampede in the ocean? It's pretty cool.

Digital Minute, on your radio: So, you got some expensive digital gear for Christmas. The first thing you need to do is protect it!

Free Download of the Day: Making your blog popular isn't easy. This tool can help you get listed on search engines.

Tip on the site: The LG Chocolate is a nice phone. It plays music, too. But can you load your own tunes? Yes! This fine tip will tell you how.


See you tomorrow!

Kim :)

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