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Tuesday, Dec. 30, 2008

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Today's top stories...

Online sellers hurting book industry
Add book publishers and bookstores to those slammed by the Internet. More people are selling books online after they read them. Publishers, writers and stores don’t get a cut of these sales.

iPhone developers rake in cash
Apple recently opened the iPhone to outside developers. It won’t say how much its App Store is making. But developers are stunned by their profits. Many are making millions from their programs.

Cisco to launch digital stereo equipment
Cisco makes gear that runs the Internet. Now it plans to debut consumer products. These will connect computers, TVs and other electronics. Need a media hub now? My buying guide will help!

Facebook in breast-feeding flap
Facebook is facing a backlash from moms. The site removed pictures of mothers breast feeding. Last week, mothers organized a nurse-in outside its offices. What’s your take? Hit the Message Board.

U.K. pushes for Web ratings
The British government wants to impose restrictions on Web sites. And it is asking the United States for help. The restrictions could include movie-style ratings. Also, some online freedoms may be curtailed.

Doctor to be tried in telemedicine case
A Colorado doctor who prescribed antidepressants online will be tried. A teen, whom he never saw, killed himself after taking the drugs. California accuses the doctor of practicing medicine without a license.

Online real estate deal a sham
A buyer was scammed out of $18,000 in a land deal. She bought a vacant lot online. She used a reputable agent and filed the proper paperwork. But no one checked the address, which didn’t exist.

Can an MP3 player save your life?
Two tourists, stuck in Switzerland’s mountains, called authorities on a cell phone. But the phone’s battery died. They were soon rescued, however. Searchers spotted a light from their MP3 player.

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Video of the Day: Daredevil acrobatics is a young man's game. Or is it? This acrobat may not be flashy anymore. But he's certainly daring.

Cool Site of the Day: Few kids are excited about science anymore. This site aims to change that. It makes science interesting again.

Digital Minute, on your radio: Yes! The Internet can help you find real estate bargains. In today's Minute, I'll tell you how to find foreclosures.

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Choosing an HDTV tuner card
Did you know that your PC can double as a TV and DVR? All you need is a TV tuner card for your machine. My handy tip will help you find the perfect HDTV tuner.

Sharing folders across your network in Vista
Networking your computers lets you share data across machines. But finding folders on your network can be a hassle. That is, unless you create shortcuts. My time-saving tip will show you how it’s done!

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