Thursday, December 4, 2008

Kim Komando Show Daily News - Thursday, Dec. 4, 2008

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Thursday, Dec. 4, 2008

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Today's top stories...

Unpatched programs put your machine at risk
Users aren’t keeping up with software patches. More than 98 percent of computers have at least one unpatched program. That’s according to security firm Secunia. Is your machine safe? Find out now!

Technology may erode social skills
Scientists worry that teens are spending too much time with computers and gadgets. They say that technology may rewire teen’s brains. This can erode important social skills. Of course, some teens disagree.

Fidelity to offer financial news, advice
Mutual fund firm Fidelity Investments is revamping its Web site. The new site will resemble financial portals like Users can read news articles and financial columns.

Microsoft cracks down on piracy
Microsoft has filed 63 lawsuits against software pirates in 12 countries. Microsoft says counterfeit software can contain malicious code. It is directing users to a site to help them spot counterfeit software.

Wikipedia tries to lure more contributors
Wikipedia is worried that its editing process is scaring away contributors. So, it will spend $890,000 to make the editing process easier. It hopes to attract smart people who aren’t very tech-savvy.

Get help avoiding the flu
Zicam’s Cold & Flu Companion shows how many people in a given area are sick. The program works on T-Mobile’s G1. You don’t need a G1 to track the flu, though. I have a great, free site for tracking the flu.

Will e-books gain acceptance?
The Amazon Kindle and Sony Reader are generating interest in e-books. But, it remains to be seen if they’ll become as ubiquitous as iPods. That's because many people are not avid readers.

Video games get cooking
Tired of Guitar Hero? Then try your hand at a new genre of video game. Several developers have released cooking video games. Some are much like digital cookbooks. The recipes in others don’t work at all.

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Video of the Day: Apple makes impressive products. But its fans are pretty obsessed. Both are ripe for satire. And the Simpsons deliver.

Cool Site of the Day: Have some fun with your holiday greetings. All you have to do is Elf Yourself. This site is just too much fun!

Digital Minute, on your radio: Teenagers can get into a lot of trouble with camera phones. So parents, tune in and heed my warning!

Free Download of the Day: Printing documents isn't cheap. Ink and paper cost a lot. I've got some great ways to save.

Tip on the site: Just like your attic, over time your PC fills with stuff. You'll eventually need to add some storage. I'll show you how.

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Finding products to sell at online auctions
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A cool tool to save YouTube videos
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See you tomorrow!
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