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Kim Komando Show Daily News - Tuesday, Dec. 16, 2008

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Tuesday, Dec. 16, 2008

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Today's top stories...

Apple patches 21 bugs
Apple has issued patches for 21 bugs in OS X. A number of the flaws are critical, including one for Flash Player. Some could allow the execution of unauthorized software.

Mac sales stagnant
Sales of Macs in November were flat compared to a year earlier. Sales of Windows machines were up seven percent. There is a bright spot for Apple, though. Sales of its laptops rose 22 percent.

Dell tries to reinvent itself
Dell is struggling to reverse its fortunes. It has cut costs and tried retail sales. Now, acquisitions are on the horizon. But some wonder if Dell will succeed. It has no experience with major acquisitions.

Nintendo sets sales record
Sales of Nintendo’s Wii doubled in November. It set a record for console sales. Meanwhile, sales of Sony's PlayStation 3 dropped 19 percent. Which console is right for you? My tip will help you decide!

Scrabulous suit dropped
Hasbro has dropped its suit against the Scrabulous creators. Hasbro owns the U.S. rights to Scrabble. Recently, changes have been made to Scrabulous to distinguish it from Scrabble.

Yahoo! gets social
Yahoo! is trying to make its e-mail service more social. It is introducing features to make its service more like networking sites. It is also opening its other services to outside content.

iTunes overshadows Amazon
Amazon’s online store is No. 2 in music sales. But it has just 8 percent of the market--far behind iTunes. If it is to grow, it probably must poach iTunes' customers. Good luck with that!

Connected ‘til the end
Funeral directors are noticing a new trend. People are being buried with their gadgets. Cell phones are most popular. Is this too much? Hit the Message Board!

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