Monday, December 15, 2008

The antidote for Christmas spending - Monday, Dec. 15, 2008

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Monday, Dec. 15, 2008

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Today's Cool Site...

The antidote for Christmas spending

We all love the Christmas season. But, sometimes, it is easy to get carried away. You can overspend on gifts and holiday merriment.

Come Jan. 1, you may find yourself with a financial hangover. That's the last thing you need in this economy!

So, if you're worried about your finances, head over to Mint. This great, free site will help you tame your finances.

You can list your accounts on the site. This will help you with your budgeting. And you'll be able to see where your money is really going.

There are also tools that will help you pay off debt and student loans. And if a new car is in your future, you'll find buying help, too.

There are a lot of things to love about Mint. But I think you'll most like the financial freedom it gives you!

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Video of the Day: Homelessness crushes people’s self-worth. How does one get it back? Cancer survivor Peter Phelps has found a way.

Digital Minute, on your radio: It's no secret. Newspapers across the country are floundering. But can new technology really save them?

Free Download of the Day: I love downloading files and software from the Web. With this program you can do it faster!

Tip on the site: You could save on a computer by buying one used. But is that a good idea? Price isn't the only thing to be concerned about.


Tomorrow's Cool Site of the Day: Keep your kids healthy

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