Friday, December 19, 2008

Keep in touch with a Webcam - Friday, Dec. 19, 2008

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Friday, Dec. 19, 2008

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Keep in touch with a Webcam

QWe have two daughters who live in Chicago and Los Angeles. Since they’re so far away, we want to buy them Webcams. That way, we can communicate with them and their children. The Webcams should be compatible. They both use Windows.
—Bill in Las Cruces, NM, listening on KOBE 1450 AM

AWebcams are a great way to keep in touch with distant family. They also make great Christmas gifts. I’m sure many people will be buying them this year.

Let’s clear one thing up before we get started. Many people don’t differentiate between Webcams and IP cams. IP cams are best for monitoring your home while you’re away. They connect to your network. You can learn more about these cameras in my handy tip.

You want a USB Webcam. These connect directly to a PC and are used for communicating with others. Programs like instant messengers can use them.

I wouldn’t worry too much about compatibility. Most Webcams should work with popular instant messaging services. Also, virtually all Webcams will work with Windows. That’s one of the virtues of using the most popular operating system!

First, you want a Webcam with an integrated microphone. That way, you don’t have a microphone cluttering your desktop.

You will also want to pay attention to resolution. You’ll find many Webcams that offer VGA resolution. That’s 640x480. There are also Webcams that offer HD-quality video.

HD-quality resolution should improve the picture. However, this may not be worth the extra money. That’s because Webcams often compromise on image sensors and optics. Also, this will place a greater strain on your Internet connection. It could slow down transmission.

A Webcam can keep a family in touch. Click here for all the info.

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Tip on the site: Printing photos at home is fun. But doing it right takes some work. What printer, ink and paper do you need? I can tell you.

See you on Monday!

Kim :)

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