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Kim Komando Show Daily News - Monday, Dec. 1, 2008

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Monday, Dec. 1, 2008

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Today's top stories...

Fuel cells closer than ever
The Department of Transportation will allow fuel cells on airplanes. This means fuel cells could soon be used in lieu of batteries. But they’re still about 15 months away from being used in electronics.

Black Friday causes Internet slowdowns
Traffic shut down for two hours on Friday. Other sites also experienced slowdowns. And a company that monitors merchant sites expects heavy traffic today.

Retailers promote Cyber Monday deals
Retailers are worried about sales this holiday season. This could be the slowest year for online shopping since 2002. So, many online stores are offering steep discounts. And free shipping is common.

Students trade privacy for free phone
About 100 M.I.T. students are being tracked by free smartphones. Data gathered can be used to shape a picture of social networks. Would you sign up for this? Hit my Message Board!

Google Earth helped attacks
Terrorists used Google Earth to plan attacks in Mumbai. Many officials have warned that Google Earth can be misused by terrorists. But much of the information on Google Earth can be had elsewhere.

Databases help criminals tap home equity
Authorities are warning about a new scam. Criminals gather information from online databases. The information is then used to tap into home-equity lines of credit. Opt out of online databases with my tip.

Facebook used to nab dashing diners
Five diners recently ran out on their tab at an Australian restaurant. But the restaurant owner was smart. He used Facebook to track down the criminals. One man soon returned to pay the bill.

Facebook worm sends spam
If you use Facebook, you need to watch out for Koobface. It’s a new worm that sends spam from your account. Protect yourself from this danger! Find out how in my weekly Q&A column.

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Video of the Day: We've all seen shooting stars. But this one gets closer than normal. It's a cool light show. And it was all caught on tape.

Cool Site of the Day: You may be traveling a lot over the next month. Share those travels with friends and family. Traveling really is for geeks.

Digital Minute, on your radio: For the first time in years, gaming systems won't top Christmas lists. Find out what the hottest gift is!

Free Download of the Day: Golf really is a fun sport to play. But you can't always make it to the course. Why not play on your computer?

Tip on the site: Computers can run your display at a number of resolutions. But your monitor may not support them all.

There's more below, but first a word from us...

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Other Items of Interest
Battery-Free Emergency LED Spotlight
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How much RAM do we really need?
You know that adding more RAM can really speed up your machine. But how much RAM can Windows use? My tip covers everything you should know about adding RAM. It might save you some cash!

Top 10 video games for kids
Your children probably have video games on their Christmas lists. But before you buy, check out my top-10 list. All these games are good, clean fun!

See you tomorrow!
Kim :)

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