Tuesday, June 2, 2009

[TechRepublic] Protect yourself from colds and flu at work

June 02, 2009

Protect yourself from colds and flu at work

IT Dojo

There needn't be a global flu pandemic for IT pros to protect their health and safety. Workplace health risks are a constant threat, whether it's contagion, heavy lifting, repetitive motion, or plain old stress. Bill Detwiler shares common-sense tips IT pros should use every day to stay healthy at work.

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Tips and features for tech managers

PDF Studio document editorProduct Spotlight: PDF Studio document editor
PDF Studio is a much-needed, cross-platform, suite of tools that allows the user to edit, annotate, extract, and do just about anything to or for a PDF document except create it.

Cisco ASA's new Botnet Traffic Detector: Too good to be true?
Lori Hyde discusses the new Botnet Traffic Detector feature in the latest version of the Cisco ASA firewall. She explains how it's supposed to work but wonders how it will fare in the real world.

VMware enables Cisco switchesVideo: VMWare to enable virtual Cisco switches
VMWare CTO Stephen Herrod explains what the additional features in the company's network switching distribution will bring to virtualization. One benefits will be allowing other companies, like Cisco, to create a virtual switch within VMWare's cloud.

A Microsoft System Center core product primer
Microsoft has begun to consolidate its management and monitoring tools under the System Center brand. Scott Lowe provides a high-level overview of the capabilities and intentions of these tools.

Prio: Task Manager on security steroids
I normally don't review products, but Prio by O&K Software is a special case. I consider it to be an extremely useful security tool and I'd like to show you why.

Support superheroes won't let users live in fear
We may not rescue people from burning buildings or fight space robots, but support pros can perform a public service. We can make sure that our clients are not overwhelmed by a fear of screwing something up.

How to publish a PowerPoint presentation to the Web
Putting a presentation on your Web site isn't terribly complicated -- but browser differences can pose a big gotcha. Here's a look at the publication process and the hurdles you may encounter.

TROLVideo: TR Out Loud - May 29, 2009
In typical TROLOV form, this weekly TechRepublic community video highlights the top discussions and members on the forums. And speaking of the TR Community, the big Event is less than one month away!

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Report: iPhone dominates Web usage among smarpthones; Symbian, RIM next in line
Smartphone Web usage and market share are two statistics that don't mesh very well, according to a new report by AdMob. See how the iPhone dominates in Web usage while lagging in market share.

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