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Computer Tips [ Over 30 E-mail Shortcuts + Amazing New Download Solves Major Windows Problem + Skip The Login Screen ] 06/25/2009


Quick Tips

Windows Mail Shortcuts

It appears as though a healthy portion of Worldstart readers out there are using Windows Mail as their primary E-mail client. This is great, but I realized that I haven't offered up a single tip on WM since I've been writing here!

Please accept my most sincere apologies in the form of some helpful keyboard shortcuts! ;)

Main window

CTRL+O or ENTER - Open selected message
CTRL+ENTER or CTRL+Q - Mark as read
TAB - Move between message list, Folders list, and Preview pane
CTRL+W - Go to a newsgroup
Left arrow or + - Expand newsgroup conversation
Right arrow or – - Collapse newsgroup conversation
CTRL+SHIFT+A - Mark all newsgroup messages read
CTRL+SHIFT+M - Download newsgroup messages for offline reading
CTRL+I - Go to Inbox
CTRL+Y - Go to a folder
F5 - Refresh newsgroup messages and headers

Main window and View Message window:

CTRL+M - Send and receive
CTRL+N - Open or post new message
CTRL+SHIFT+B - Open contacts
DELTE or CTRL+D - Delete message
CTRL+R - Reply to message author
CTRL+SHIFT+R or CTRL+G - (newsgroups only) Reply to all
CTRL+F - Forward message
CTRL+SHIFT+F - Find message
CTRL+P - Print message
CTRL+> - Go to next message
CTRL+< - Go to previous message
ALT+ENTER - View selected message’s properties
CTRL+U - Go to next unread message
CTRL+SHIFT+U - Go to next unread newsgroup conversation

Message window

ESC - Close message
F3 or CTRL+SHIFT+F - Find text
F7 - Check spelling (when sending)
CTRL+SHIFT+S - Insert signature (when sending)
CTRL+ENTER or ALT+S - Send message or post to newsgroup
CTRL+TAB - Switch among Edit, Source, and Preview tabs in Source Edit view

Happy shortcutting!


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Special Purchase - You Won't Believe The Jaw-Droppin' Low Price We Just Got!

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Quick Note From Steve - Hey everyone - thanks for checking this out! We've featured this amazing software in the past, but lately haven't been able to get any deals on it. Well, yesterday our supplier calls and tells us they just made a HUGE purchase and could sell us this title at an unheard of price! Well, once I discovered what an amazing deal it was, I had to share it with you! This is easily going to be the BEST $7.97 you EVER spend! This compares with programs costing HUNDREDS more! Do yourself a favor - give this a try! You'll be glad you did :-)

I'm so excited! I bet you've never seen anything quite like this one before! We have Page Designer Pro and it's some really amazing, professional-level desktop publishing software that's gonna absolutely blow you away! This makes PrintShop look like a toy! Check this out:

First off, this is a LOT like Adobe InDesign, just an amazing $692 LESS than what Adobe gets for their version! It's meant for - and does - pretty much the same thing - pro level design and print. You can literally create ANYTHING you can imagine with this software. This is truly a high-end desktop publishing solution and the power it brings is amazing. Talk about blown-away by what you can do with a computer and printer!!

Page Designer Pro

The first thing you'll notice when you start it up is your choice between a really handy wizard interface or the option to start a project from scratch. When you first start playing with it, just go ahead and take a look at what those wizards can do for you (over 2000 designs)! You'll be amazed at just how quickly you can create ads, brochures, business stationery, calendars, cards, letterheads, invoices, flyers, forms, newsletters, notices, handouts, event programs, posters, banners, price lists, reports, announcements, invitations, greeting cards and TONS more!

What that brings to the table with the amazing "wizards" is easily enough to justify this fantastic program, but that's only the beginning! After you're done checking out the wizards, go ahead and start a project from scratch - you're gonna be absolutely floored at how quickly you can produce professional level projects! This is the kind of software they use in professional print shops! Once you start messing around with it, you'll discover very soon you start to feel like a professional graphics artist!

As for features, this thing is the 800LB gorilla of desktop publishing! For example, just wait till you start playing with dozens and dozens of preset color schemes for your projects! Change the look and feel of your project in a mouse click! Great to use with the wizards to instantly change the look and feel of, well, ANY project!

Oh, and wait till you feast your mouse on the professional layout tools! Talk about a kid in a candy store! This has everything you need (and probably more)! We're talking intelligent text fitting (nice), kerning, hyphenation, drop caps, smart quotes, named styles, movable ruler and guides, precision placements, rotation, calendar tools, tables, brush / pencils, gradients, fills, shapes, all kind of text, frames and TONS more! I could fill the length of this review with JUST the tools at your disposal!

Page Designer Pro

PLUS, you've absolutely got to check out the Text Composition Tools - you'll love these things! Get this - you have all the following at your beck and call: Word count, spell checker, search & replace, a thesaurus, AutoCorrect, AutoSpell, over 300 new fonts, and - get this - a proofreader! That's right - you can have the program actually "read" your text and it can make suggestions for improvements! Now THAT'S cool!

Another feature you'll really love is the amazing "Text On A Path" tool! Here's how it works - You create a "path" using your mouse in any shape you want - a squiggly line, a square, a letter - whatever you can dream up. Then, double-click and start typing - your text will actually follow along the path you created, twisting and turning all along the way! Soooo cool!

You've gotta try the QuickShapes too! These aren't just the lousy shapes you drop into Word or something. These are basically intelligent clipart! Choose a shape, drag & drop it on your document, then adjust each angle and dimension using the little handles! Oh, and you can fill the shapes, do different "styles" , put in a gradient, add a photo, and MORE! The options are fantastic!

Oh, but the drawing fun isn't just limited to the QuickShapes! This has an amazing arsenal of drawing tools that you have to see to believe! You can sketch freehand, apply some really cool styles, make custom shapes, and create all kinds of eye-popping graphics in minutes! You could literally design your own clipart!

What if you have a photo you want to drop in? Yup, not only can you add any photo, you can even enhance it right in the program so it looks amazing in just a few mouse clicks! Once it's in the program, there's dozens and dozens of ways you can use it!

Page Designer Pro

Hey, have you ever needed to place a photo in with a bunch of text and couldn't get the text to "flow" right around it? Sometimes the text runs though your photos, sometimes the text gets blocked out, pushed around, or just ends up looking wrong. Well, this lets you easily reshape, rotate, and adjust your text frames to make your next project look like a magazine spread!

Heck, did I mention this can even create a website for you? Imagine the power above put into a web design program! It has all the tools you need to quickly and easily create professional looking webpages! Add text, graphics, animated gif, music, java - it can do it!

As if all that wasn't enough, this can also do mail merges, has some really cool transparency effects (so you can "see through" objects that are on top of other objects), mind-blowing versatility in printing, allows for outstanding PDF output, and even includes a PANTONE library if you're outputting your work for press publication! Told ya it was loaded!

BONUS!!! BONUS!!! Can you believe this? It also includes a second CD with a whoppin' 100,000 graphics crammed onto it! Clip art, photos, it's all there and at your fingertips! This alone is worth the price of the software! With 100,000 images to choose from, you'll always be able to find the exact graphic you need for your projects!

Your cost for all this? Just $7.97 and US shipping is FREE! After using this for just a little bit, I can't believe we got these for this kind of price! Our supplier must be nuts!

It's really the best $7.97 you'll ever spend on desktop publishing! Honestly, if we were selling it for the $40 retail, it would STILL be well worth the price!  This is truly a professional level program that looks and works an awful lot like Adobe's $700 InDesign! If you want to do some serious desktop publishing, there's never been a cheaper way to get serious about it! $7.97!! Once you start using it, you'll agree that it's crazy for anyone to pass this by! You're not gonna believe what you get for less than $10!

You've gotta give this a try because for this kind of money you just can't afford to pass it by!!

PS - Bad news? Only a limited quantity of these are available, so you need to get to the site ASAP to grab your copy! You'll be completely blown away at how you can get software this powerful for $7.97!!!

"WOW!! It Pays For Itself In No Time!!"

The Battery Tester Everyone Wants!

Stop Tossing Your Money In The TRASH!!

Don't Guess...Test!!

NEVER Throw Away Good Batteries Again!

Tests All Common Batteries - Super Easy To Use!

You are in the middle of watching the big game on Sunday and during the commercial break you flip to the other station to check out a few more scores, then as you go to flip back to your game- the remote dies. GRRRRRRRRR! So what do you do? Get up, go to the junk drawer to see if you have any spare batteries, right? Of course, you find probably 10 batteries scattered across the bottom of the drawer, but you don't know if any of those batteries work, and now you know you are missing out on valuable game time!!!

I don't know about you, but I really do NOT like having to rummage thru a bunch of batteries "guessing" which was still have power and which ones don't! NOT a fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon, or any time of day for that matter!!! So don't go through all of that aggravation! Check out this great little battery tester that will save you a TON of time and frustration!!

This Battery Tester makes it FAST AND EASY to use so you can find out which batteries are good and which one's aren't! Just connect the battery to the negative and positive poles of the battery tester and the easy to read gauge will automatically let you know if that battery has power!

And this works with AA, AAA, C, D, N, 9 volt or even a 1.5 volt batteries! No need for separate testers - this one does it all!!!

Keep the battery tester on your keychain or conveniently store this handy compact device in your kitchen, home office, garage, etc.  Now you can be sure that your kids toys, your gadgets, and other equipment stay powered when you want to use them! Finally!

Now what you'll be able to do is go through ALL OF THOSE BATTERIES you've got laying around and test 'em. Toss out the bad and keep the good ones! Now you won't be wasting any more time in the future when you may be faced with an emergency and you don't have time to spare!!!

And guess what? Unlike a lot of other testers, this does NOT NEED A BATTERY IN ORDER TO OPERATE!!! Now THAT'S good news!!!

And this will surprise you: this battery tester is only 1.89 inches x 3.15 inches! WOW!!! That's small enough to keep on your key chain or in the garage, office and ESPECIALLY THE KITCHEN (that's where I keep my batteries!!!)

So do yourself a favor and stop wondering if those darn batteries that have been sitting in the closet for a long time are still fully charged and order your tester for Only $8.97 and US Shipping is Free!

Think about it - it sure doesn't take too many accidentally thrown-away batteries for this to pay for itself! This one's a no-brainer for sure!!

Psst - Just a "heads-up"...quantities are VERY limited on this one so jump on this right away!!

Price returns to $12.97 soon! RUN to the site and get yours now!

Computers 101

I am the only user name on my computer. How can I skip the user login step?

For security reasons, it can be a good idea to leave this be. However, if saving time is important to you, try the following:

In Windows XP Go to "Start" and choose "Run".

In Windows Vista click "Start" and type in the Search Bar

In either case, type "control userpasswords2" (without the quotes) and click "OK"

Under the "Users" tab, uncheck the box "Users must enter a user name..." and click "Apply".

You'll be asked for your Administrative password. If you have one, type it in and confirm. If you don't, just click "OK". The windows may disappear automatically, or click "OK" to close them.

The next time you boot up your computer, you shouldn't have to log in.

~ Chris

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MS Office

One Click to Address All

Do you frequently find yourself addressing your Outlook e-mails to the same group of people? You know, over and over again, you end up building the "To" field with the same set of names. Tired of repetitive work?

If you answered yes, then I've got good news for you! What you need is to set up a distribution list for that group of people. With a quick few clicks, you'll be down to one name, but the e-mail will still be sent to the entire group.

Regardless which Outlook version you're using you start with the File menu, New submenu, Distribution List choice. (Ctrl + Shift + L works too).

In the Distribution List dialog box give the list a meaningful name in the "Name" field at the top.

Now, it's time to add members to your list. Click the Select Members button. (In older versions of Outlook the button is below the name field. In Outlook 2007 you'll find it above the field on the Ribbon.)

Again, we've got to make a distinction between Outlook versions...

Older versions of Outlook:

In the Select Members dialog box, highlight the contacts you need on the left side list and click the Members button to move them into the Distribution List on the right.

Click OK when all the needed addresses are on the right side of the window.

Outlook 2007:

The Select Members dialog box will present you with a list of contacts at the top. Select the contacts to be added to the list - either one at a time or use the Ctrl and Shift keys to make multiple selections at one time.

You will find the Members button at the bottom of the dialog box. Click the button each time you want to add the selected contact(s) to the distribution list.

Click OK when all the needed addresses on in the Members field at the bottom.

If you have members to add to the list that are not currently in your Contacts, just click the Add New button.

In this window, you can enter a new address that should be added to your distribution list. You can also add a display name for the address and don't overlook the check box at the bottom which allows you to add this new address to your contact list from this entry.

Click OK to complete the addition.

When everything is set, click Save and Close.


Next time you try to send an e-mail to that group of people, address the e-mail to your distribution list and all the members of the group will receive it, with no individual addressing required!

~ April

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More Cool Stuff

Special Note From Steve - WOW!! These went like wildfire yesterday! If you missed out, you've gotta grab this amazing software! Not only does it do an unbelievably incredible job at getting back deleted files, it also has one of the greatest backup systems ever conceived! Wait till you try it!

Special, Limited Run Purchase!

Your Files Could Be Gone Forever Without This!

Amazing New Software Is The Ultimate 1-2 Punch!

"It's Almost Like Magic!"

Super-Smart Software Recovers Deleted Files With Point & Click Ease!

Recover Files From Internal / External HDs, Memory Cards, Flash Drives, MORE!

*** HUGE BONUS - Includes The Best Back-Up Software - Ever! ***

You'd Have To Be Crazier Than An Outhouse Rat To Miss This One!

It happens to all of us sooner or later - we click Delete (or press Format) and suddenly realize that we just killed the wrong file! Oh, that is a sick feeling, isn't it? Truth is, if you're using a computer, digital camera, flash drive, or any kind of device that stores data you WILL eventually delete an important file! We get e-mails constantly from people asking how to get back irreplaceable photos, critical documents, tax records, music etc - it ain't no fun losing important data!

Hey, only two kinds of people in this world - those that have lost critical files and those that WILL!

What do you do when disaster strikes? You know, when you realize you just accidently formatted a memory card and lost all the photos from your once-in-a-lifetime vacation. Or maybe you just accidently deleted an important document you've spent days working on. Perhaps your hard drive is starting to fail and you've just lost access to your data (been there, done that). Maybe all your music was on your MP3 player and now it seems to be gone.

What do you do now?

Does the sweat start to bead up on your forehead? Does your face turn red? Does your pulse quicken and your breathing get shallow? Do you feel that gut twisting panic start to sweep over you?


If you have Search & Recover 5 on your computer all is not lost - not even close! THIS is the go-to software for when you need to get data BACK from the digital darkness! This phenomenal software can recover your data - even when it seems hopelessly lost forever in the abyss! PLUS we just got an absolutely amazing deal on the current version that you'd better be sitting down for! WOW - we're gonna save you some serious money today!

Search and Recover 5

First of all, Search & Recover makes getting back deleted files as simple as a few mouse clicks! Really! Once you try it, you'll be completely blown away!! It wasn't that long ago that the only people who had access to this kind of data recovery technology were high-tech pros in white lab coats - and let me tell ya - you could easily shell out HUNDREDS to get files back the way this software does!

This has several really amazing options for recovery too! Unlike some programs, this lets you select the category of files you're looking for! Have it search for deleted photos and movies, have it look for songs & sounds, have it look for emails - or have it look for ANY kind of deleted file! No matter what you need to find, this makes it quick and easy to recover!

Oh, and get this - it even has this powerhouse option called "Total Recovery" that finds all the deleted files in an area (like a folder or drive) recovers them all at once for you! Outstanding! So, even if you have a DISASTER (like an accidental formatting of a data drive / memory card / flash drive or you delete a critical folder), THIS can get it back for you! Talk about a lifesaver!

Plus, using it is oh-so-simple - we're talkin' point & click here! Really! Just tell it what you're looking for, sit back and relax! It will scan your drive and give you a complete report of everything it finds! From there, just click the files you want to recover! 

You read that right - if you can use a mouse, you can use this incredible software!

Talk about SUPERCHARGED SOFTWARE too! This can even recover data on a drive that was formatted - now THAT'S impressive! We're talking pretty much anything too - internal hard drives, external hard drives, flash drives, and even memory cards! It can recover 'em all!

Oh, and this is FANTASTIC NEWS for anyone with a digital camera! If you've ever accidently formatted a memory card that had pictures on it you wanted, you know how much that hurts! Now, just pop your memory card into your camera (or card reader), hook up to your computer and run this software! It will recover your priceless photos in no time! WOW!

OK, I know what you're thinking (didn't know I was a mind reader, did ya)! Let me guess - "OK, that's all well and good, but I'm going to wait and buy this after I have a problem."

I completely understand - but keep this in mind. Once a file has been deleted on your computer, it's only a matter of time before it gets permanently overwritten by something else, and when that happens, it can never be recovered! 

That's why you MUST have this software standing by, ready to go at a moments notice! Wait too long, and nothing can help!

PLUS - That's not all! Recovery is great, but even better would be to have a backup! I mean, think about it - what would happen if right now, as you were reading this, your hard drive completely died? Do you have a current backup? You should - we've seen it happen again and again - people get so complacent thinking that everything is going to be fine in their computer forever. Then, in the blink of an eye, disaster strikes and all their data is gone! Years of photos - gone! Entire music libraries - vaporized! All your documents, files, programs - wiped out! Just think - what would you lose if your computer died right now?

Well, this comes to the rescue (again)! This is the absolute BEST way to back up your computer! EVER! This can create an exact copy ("image" in geek-speak) of your hard drive! And, keepin' with the theme - it's super simple!

Here's how it works - you launch the wizard, follow the prompts, and create an image of your hard drive - you'll be amazed at how easy it really is - and you'll wonder why you haven't been backing up all along! Then, if disaster strikes, you can run a wizard and restore your computer back to EXACTLY the way it was when you created the image! Every file, every folder, even every program - just the way you left them! Now THAT'S the way to recover! Usually you can be back up and running in an hour! AMAZING!

My Personal Little Horror Story -

A couple years back I was testing some software on my computer. I did the install, rebooted, and the computer was totally useless. It wouldn't boot, Windows was totally corrupted - it looked like a real disaster. Can you imagine how much work it was to get that going again? 

Surprise! I was back up and running in about 45 minutes! Luckily, I had made an image of the drive and I simply restored that image! All my data, programs, etc were ready to go and in less than an hour I was back at the computer like nothing had happened! Everything was EXACTLY the way it was when I made the image!

Having an image is SOOOOOOO much easier then trying to reinstall windows, spending a day getting up to date with your patches, installing all your programs (and trying to find all the serial numbers), and getting all your data back on your computer (assuming there was any left). Why risk lost data, hours of work, and lost of frustration when you can make an image? In an hour you could be back up and running like nothing ever happened!

Disk Imaging software is normally expensive too - we're talking $80 or so - and one of the best imaging programs I've run across is actually included with this program! Even if you don't think you're gonna need the recovery software, the disk image software included with this makes it a must-have!

As if all the above weren't enough, this also has what it calls a File Terminator! This part of the software can take sensitive files and delete them permanently and forever - nothing can recover them! This is fantastic if you have sensitive information on your computer that you just don't want anyone else to ever had access to!

Important financial documents, bank statement, loan info, stock records - I'm sure you can think of a few files on your computer right now that you wouldn't want strangers to have access to! Well, when you're done with them, this can make 'em disappear - forever!

Just enable the feature in Search & Recover and it will add a Terminator item to your right-click menu! Just right-click any item you want gone forever, and hit Terminate! It's that easy! 

Your price for all of this? Well, first - let's look at what it's worth! File recovery program, hmm - $40. Imaging program - $40. File Shredder program - $30. Your total cost SHOULD be $110 - but it's NOT!!

Your price? Ready? Just $14.97 and US shipping is FREE! This is the current version you pay $40 in the stores for! Really! We made a special deal with the publisher for you because we were so impressed with it! Just wait till you try it - it's the one program no computer user should be without!

PS - This special price is only for a limited number of units. Once we surpass our allocation, the price will increase to $39.97, so make sure you get to the site ASAP!

Today at

Print Possibilities

Feeling a tad overwhelmed when it comes time to printing something out? Do you feel like the choices are numerous and all you want is just a piece of paper to spit out without issue? Go to the WS site today and take a look. You might just feel better!

Locate Bands

Did you know that I play in a rock and roll band? Did you also know how impossibly hard it is to get discovered in this age of information, MySpace and iTunes? Check out the Worldstart site today and take a look at a site that might help me find my stardom someday!

Here's the link you need: Enjoy!

Tip of the Day

More Details in Your Columns

We've talked before about adding info to properties in documents and media files. In case you missed it, head over to the tip on the Worldstart web site...

Well, did you know that in Vista and XP you make any of this info available as columns in Detail View? No? Then check this one out.

I stumbled across this after I created a folder full of MP3 files. All that showed was the file name, but I wanted to view the artist and song title as well.

As a rule, when all else fails I right click something. So, I right-clicked the column header and sure enough, there was a list of columns that I could add to the folder details.

For music files I selected "Artist" and "Title". For document files you might want "Author" and "Comments". You might also decide you don't need "size" and "date modified"—just uncheck them.

Next you can re-order where the columns are. you should keep the "Name" column first since this is where you click to open the file. Left-click the column, hold down the left mouse key and drag to where you want it.

Now that you have it set up, you can sort the columns any way you want with a simple click.

If nothing shows up in these new columns it's because you don't have any info in those fields. Again, check out the tip about properties or use your media player to "Tag" your MP3s.

I hope this makes your files easier to manage.

~ David

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Today's Feature


I’m sure many of you are still using Windows XP. I have a main system with XP that I use quite frequently. I am fed up with the Windows XP file copying and moving feature. You know, just like this.

The estimated times are never correct, and it takes forever! So, I started looking for a better alternative and, of course, I’m going to show it to you today. The program I found is called TeraCopy and it is amazing. Let’s check it out!

1.) To get started using TeraCopy, you can use the direct download link I have for you right here.

2.) After it has finished downloading, run the setup wizard.

Follow the simple instructions and the TeraCopy interface will open.

3.) This is one way to access TeraCopy. TeraCopy also replaces the Windows copy and move function with itself, which is the method I prefer.

4.) Close out of the TeraCopy window. For example, find a folder you would like to move or copy. Right click and drag it to a new location.

5.) A menu appears. Select "TeraCopy here". The program opens up and zips right through, giving you progress for each and every file in the folder.

6.) TeraCopy also includes an option to pause and skip certain files in the folder. Pausing is wonderful, if your computer is acting slowly and you need to free up resources, or if you’d like to resume a copy or moving job later.

7.) In case of a copying or moving error, TeraCopy retries several times, and then skips the file. When the job has finished, it will show you the list of error files, so you can recopy problem files only. This means there is no need to stand by the computer while TeraCopy does its job; you are free to walk away!

I hope today’s tip will make your computer experience just a little more pleasant. Happy copying!

~ Neil Patel

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Amanda's Coolsite

Paper Modelz

I find the art of papercraft amazing. So when I found this site I couldn’t wait to share it with all of you. Here you can check out marvelous papercraft, but more importantly you can download the patterns for free to try making them yourself.

Navigation of the site is blog style. Just scroll down the page and see the wonders in paper to explore. When you get to the bottom click either the >> button or the next page number, or you can browse them by categories by using the menu on the right side of the page.

The categories are: Animal, Building, Cartoon, Cute, Electronic, Fantasy, Food, Games, Japan, Military, Miscellaneous, Natural, Origami, Paper Boxes, Uncategorized, and Vehicle. That just goes to show the incredible diversity of projects on this site!

If you’ve found one you want to try out yourself, you’ll be looking for the link following the description of the project. It will be something like Get it Here, or Download Here, or even just Source.

If you don’t want to try your hand at these papercrafts, you’ll still be wowed by the gigantic range of things people have made out of paper and how realistic they are. My favorite papercraft from this site was of the Le Sagrada Familia which is a cathedral in Spain. It was exquisitely captured in paper and you can see it here on the site!


Oh my goodness that was awesome! What did you think? Rate or add to this tip here:

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Send it to Amanda at

Monthly Wallpaper

It's About Time!

Listen To Your MP3 Player Or iPod Through Your Car Stereo!!

Get More BANG! Out of Your MP3 Player Or iPod!!!

Maximize How And Where You Can Play It! (Now that's smart!!)

FM Transmitter

It's Never Been Easier - Or Cheaper - To Do It!

OUCH!! Don't Pay $80 Somewhere Else For Something Like This!

Dirt Cheap Price On A Top-Of-The-Line Belkin!!! WOW!

MP3 players and iPods are great! You can store a ton of your favorite tunes on 'em and then take it wherever you go! The only thing I don't like about them is, "What about when you're in your car?" You can have the greatest car stereo system in the world but, "Who cares?". You can't plug your MP3 player in and listen to it through your car stereo system, right? WRONG!!! With this little bugger you can!!! Once you try this, you're never gonna want to leave home without your TuneCast II by Belkin!

This thing is so simple to operate even Homer Simpson couldn't screw it up! (OK, let me re-think that! It does have three buttons..."Menu", "Up" and "Down" you never know! But for the "average" person, it's a piece of cake!)

Check this out - it's a quick 3 step process!!!

Step 1:
Plug your MP3 player / iPod / CD Player (or any portable device with a 3.5 mm audio jack) into the TuneCast

Step 2:
Find a nice clear, empty channel on your car stereo (just looking for static with no music).

Step 3:
Simply tune your TuneCast to that station with the simple "Up" or "Down" buttons! 

That's it! Hit PLAY on your MP3 Player or iPod and just kick back and enjoy your music! That's it! Really...that's it! It's THAT simple!

Oh, and get this! The TuneCast II has a cool, "auto" ON/OFF function so you don't have to turn it on every time you want to listen to music! Here's how it works - once an audio signal is detected through your MP3 player or iPod (or whatever you have attached), the TuneCast II will turn on automatically. Shut your music player off and 60 seconds later the TuneCast turns off too - again, ALL automatically! Pretty smart, heh?

If you do a lot of traveling over a wide area, you'll love this feature: you can PRESET up to four FM frequencies, so you'll have easy access to 4 empty channels right at your finger tips!

Oh, and if you haven't noticed, it's made by Belkin! (A great name in the field of computer and electronic components!)

Here's another neat thing about it: You don't even need to plug it into into your cigarette lighter because it operates on (2) AAA batteries (not included). So you don't have to choose between charging your cell phone or listening to can do both at the same time!! (It even has a Low-battery LED indicator to make life easy for you!)

And another thing, the TuneCast II is compact (only 3" long x 2" high) so it won't take up your whole dashboard!!!

Oh, and I saved the best part for last: Do you have a "kick-butt" stereo system at home? Well guess what? You can use this TuneCast II to play your MP3 player through your home stereo system, too!!! Yeah, just use it the same way as you do in your car! Bring it in and put it close to your stereo system (about 10 feet or so), find an unused station and "Yeah, baby!!! You've got tunes from your MP3 player running through your home stereo system!!! Now seriously, what's that worth?? Probably a lot, but you won't have to pay a lot to have all that sound and convenience! Nope...not here...not right now!

We've got this TuneCast II runnin' as a special today for (get this...) just $12.97 and US shipping is FREE!!!

P.S. - This 'lil TuneCast II is so cool and so versatile, once you've tried it, you'd be happy to pay 10 times more for it because it'll give you so much more enjoyment out of your MP3 player or iPod (and you can easily pay $80+ for similar units - trust me, I know from bitter experience)!! So why not grab one now and save a bunch?

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Bald River Falls (Photo contest winner)

This picture was taken on a very cold day in November of 2008. Location - Smoky Mtn Nat. Park


 Golden Canyon

This was taken in Death Valley Nat. Park near the overlook at Zabriski Point. It was early morning and the amazing golden light really turned the already gold-colored hills even more yellow.


Yellow Flower

 Here's an extreme closeup of a yellow lily (OK, could be an orchid - I don't really know), taken last spring.


Here's June's wallpaper. It's all free, so enjoy!

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