Tuesday, June 23, 2009

[TechRepublic] Five email safety tips; Apple 3G S cracked open

June 23, 2009

Five email safety tips everyone should follow

IT Dojo

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Instant messaging, texting, and tweeting are all the rage, yet e-mail still dominates the communication landscape--at home, but especially in business. Unfortunately, many people, even IT pros, still ignore the basics of email security. Bill Detwiler goes over five basic email safety tips that everyone should follow.

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Tips and features for tech managers

Apple 3G S Cracked OpenThe Apple iPhone 3G S Cracked Open
The latest, greatest Apple iPhone has been released we just have to crack it open. With the help of our friends over at iFixit, we take a look at what makes the Apple iPhone 3G S tick.

HTC Mobile G-1Product Spotlight: HTC T-Mobile G1 smartphone
The HTC T-Mobile G1 smartphone is not an iPhone killer but is a very nice phone for the avid Google application user that wants their Gmail and calendar synced on a smartphone.

Poll: Which e-mail security and privacy faux pas is the most dangerous?
In this week's IT Dojo video, Bill Detwiler goes over five basic e-mail safety tips that everyone should follow. Of the five he mentions, which are you most concerned with?

101 Microsoft Windows XP Tips you should know
Over the years, TechRepublic has amassed an extraordinary amount of tips for the Microsoft Windows XP operating system. Now they are available in a compilation from TechRepublic Pro.

Implementing help desk software: IT exec offers a firsthand account
If your organization is in the market for new help desk software, read Jay Rollins' detailed account of selecting and implementing a new help desk system. His insights into the process may save your company time and money.

HP house and garagePhotos: Inside the HP Garage
Today, the house where David Packard lived with his wife, and the shed behind, where William Hewlett lived as a bachelor, and the garage itself are the property of HP and are listed on the National Register of Historic Places as "the birthplace of Silicon Valley." Have a look around this tech landmark.

Export DNS zones to a text file
Windows DNS servers are the lifeblood of a healthy network; here is a one-liner that can give you a stronger audit trail and be more attractive than a full restore of your DNS server.

Dell bolsters virtualization, data center portfolio
Dell has revamped its enterprise portfolio with data center and virtualization services, new configurations, and a new PowerEdge server and EqualLogic storage array. Here are details about the lineup.

RAM upgrades: Watch for high- and low-density requirements
Not many computer components come in more flavors than memory. Don't overlook high-density versus low-density requirements when selecting what's best for your build or upgrade.

TROLVideo: TR Out Loud - June 19, 2009
In the week before the TechRepublic Community Event, TROLOV tries to contain the excitement and carry on as usual, recapping the most popular discussions and highlighting the most active members on the boards.


How much do your peers earn?

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Telecommunications Providers: Slow the Rate of Customer Churn (SPSS)

Making the Most of Customer Satisfaction Surveys (SPSS)

Free Business Report: Getting the Most Value from Your Survey Research (SPSS)

Directory of CIOs on Twitter
The first step for turning Twitter into a useful business tool is finding a good group of people to follow. If you are an IT leader then this list of CIOs on Twitter can be an invaluable resource.

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