Thursday, June 18, 2009

[TechRepublic] Five ways to control IT MOOSE spending; Google, Yahoo under investigation

June 18, 2009

Five ways to control IT MOOSE spending

Sanity Savers for IT ExecutivesHow do you judge whether you're using your IT budget in the most efficient way? Forrester Research suggests that you control your IT MOOSE spending. This episode of Sanity Savers for IT executives introduces MOOSE costs and explains how to keep them under control.

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Use Word's AutoRecover option to avoid lost work
A lot of Word users forget to save their work regularly, and those who do remember find it a bit of a nuisance to stop every few minutes to save the file. But, you can set Word to save documents automatically at regular intervals.

Lifesize unveils HD desktop video conferencing, but can it beat Skype?
On Monday, Lifesize Communications announced Lifesize Desktop software that aims to bring HD video conferencing to the PC at a fraction of the cost of big video conferencing solutions such as Cisco Telepresence. However, the biggest threat is Skype.

Google, Yahoo, Genentech and others investigated for hiring practices
In a an area and in an industry that is famous for poaching of top talent, companies in Silicon Valley are facing investigation into their monopoly-type hiring practices.

Watch a clickjacking attack take control of a Webcam
In this video, CNET Executive Editor Tom Merritt and Jeremiah Grossman from Whitehat Security explore the basics of "clickjacking" and show how it can be used to take control of a computer's Webcam.

Can you really dump Exchange for Google Apps Synchronization with Outlook?
Derek Schauland breaks down the costs of Exchange vs. Google Apps in light of its new Outlook synchronization app? Would the savings be enough to make anyone trust the cloud with their server data? Related Webcast today: Making the switch from Exchange to Google Apps - A Customer Success Story

Share360 groupware suiteProduct Spotlight: Share360 groupware suite
Share360 is for any business that needs a solid groupware suite with standard features. Share360 keeps your users scheduled, in touch, in control, and well organized.

Disabling automatic drive letter assignment in Windows Server
Advanced storage configurations in Windows may require you to disable the automatic drive enumeration. IT guru Rick Vanover outlines this advanced configuration area of Windows storage.

Opera UniteGallery: Opera Unite turns your PC into a server
According to ZDNet's Larry Dignan, the idea behind Opera Unite is to take the client-server computing model and toss it into a browser. Your computer can share content with other PCs on the Web without servers.

Prevent malware from spreading by e-mail links and attachments
Michael Kassner presents his concise tips for helping your users prevent malware via their email and attachments. The post also links to a ready-made PowerPoint presentation that you can download to use for training.

Book review: The Data Access Handbook offers database performance tips
If you would like to improve your application's performance when accessing a database, Justin James recommends reading The Data Access Handbook. He provides an overview of the book's high points, as well as a few low points.

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BlackBerry Tour mixes the Bold with the 8900 and causes branding confusion
The newly-announced BlackBerry Tour gives Research in Motion a powerful new high-end smartphone, and yet another conflicting product name to confuse BlackBerry buyers.

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