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Computer Tips [ The Biggest Windows News Yet + What Is Shaking Up The Digital Music World? + Incredible Download For All Your CD Burning Needs ] 06/04/2009


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Microsoft... We have Liftoff

News around the fire has been limited to speculation about when the new version of Windows, simply called “Windows 7”, will be available for public consumption. We've all been hearing a “sometime this fall”, generalization, but yesterday Microsoft finally came clean.

Windows 7 ScreenShot

Clear your calendar for October 22nd, 2009. That's when you'll be able to buy one of Windows 7's six different SKUs. Here's a breakdown of what will be available and a summary of each one's limitations/features.

-Windows 7 Starter (the bare essentials)
-Windows 7 Home Basic (for emerging markets)
-Windows 7 Home Premium (adds Aero user interface, Touch, Media Center)
-Windows 7 Professional (Remote Desktop host, Mobility Center, Presentation mode)
-Windows 7 Enterprise (volume license only, boot from virtual drive, BitLocker)
-Windows 7 Ultimate (limited availability, includes everything)

Go here to get all of the gory details.


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Special Note - Hey everyone, Steve here. Before we start, I want to let you know I personally think this is about the best value EVER on this kind of software (bests the snot out of McAfee and Norton)! They have really rewritten the book and taken it to the next level with this one. I'm running it on my personal desktop and on my laptop. You've gotta check this one out, you'll be glad you did. PLUS this is the current version that sells for $50 all day long, but we have our lowest price ever on it - just $9.97!! Really!

One word of warning though - we were talking to our supplier and this looks like the last chance we're ever going to have to sell these. Whatever you do, make sure you at least give it a look-see below and at the site! Don't get stuck paying $50 for it later!

WOW!! You've Never Seen One Like This!

The Next Generation In Anti-Virus, Firewalls, And Anti-Spyware!

Amazing Software Keeps Things FAST - And Stays Out Of The Way!

Super Smart AV Only Does Scans When YOU'RE Not Working!

Outstanding New Firewall Locks Your Computer Down When You're Away!

Hourly Updates! Unlimited Tech Support! Install On Up To 3 PCs!

Current Version, But Don't Pay $50! Get Our Best Price EVER! Your Price? Just $9.97!!

WOW! I can't wait to share this one with ya! We just scored an amazing deal on my new favorite software - Iolo System Shield! Let me tell ya, this is NOT your run-of-the-mill Internet Security Suite! This does an amazing job of keeping your computer safe from hackers, spyware, and viruses - but read on, because the way this is implemented is far superior to ANY software like this I've used in the past! This really isn't your typical security suite - and you're gonna love it!  I am personally running this software on my computer and it's by far the best I've used! I can't tell you how impressed I am with this - if you value your safety - and system performance, you've got to check this out!

OK, first off, I know you're probably already running anti-virus, anti-spyware, and a firewall - so why do you want this? Well, the thing that impresses me the most with this software suite is the absolute speed it brings to the table! Not just in scanning and such, but the very real lack of system hogging it does. Most suites like this are horrible - they really slow your system to a crawl - not this one! I uninstalled all my previous security software and tired this instead - WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!! Frankly, there's a good chance that if you're currently using Norton, Mcafee, ect, when you replace them with this you're going to think you got a new computer! The difference is THAT dramatic! This speed-up alone is enough reason to switch if you ask me!

Next, I absolutely LOVE how this just runs in the background and stays out of the way. So many security programs love to tell you that they are updating your system, getting new virus definitions, scanning, whatever. It's an all day long affair of acknowledging boxes and virtually patting your software on the back, "Good boy - I'm glad you downloaded some updates!" Well, those annoyances are GONE with this - it just works in the background and updates itself when necessary without dozens of boxes telling you all about it - that alone was enough to make me switch! Of course, if it finds something serious, it'll let you know (all customizable too).

Oh, and let me tell you about the anti-virus - you're gonna love this! First, yes it keeps you safe from e-mail viruses, downloads, and monitors in the background - just like everyone's AV does. However, it's the little things that make you fall in love with this! First, don't you just HATE it when you're working on your computer and the stupid AV software comes up and starts a scan? Slows everything down - what a pain! This software will actually make sure the PC has been idle for a specified amount of time before it scans! It waits till you're away before it starts - is that cool or what??? Oh, and it pauses the scan if the PC starts getting used again! Again, this reason alone is enough to change! In fact, my wife read that and said, "Hey - I want this on my computer! My AV always starts scanning when I'm working!" So, one of my 3 installs is going there!

In addition, the anti-virus can be set to scan all files or just dangerous ones (saving time), can be set to scan all kinds of files, has HOURLY updates, can be set to scan when YOU want, and can even be set to exclude certain types of files if you want! Even scan incoming AND outgoing messages if you want - all fully customizable! Oh, and did I mention that it has a year of UNLIMITED tech support too in case you have trouble? WOW!!

Think that's great? Wait till you see the firewall! Blows Windows firewall away (along with every other firewall as far as I'm concerned)! First off, yes, it keeps hackers out - all firewalls do. But this also protects you in other ways. It can monitor when a program is trying to access the internet and send all your personal info to the mothership. That, to me, is HUGE! You never know if that program you just installed is completely trustworthy - so this keeps you safe!

Another fantastic idea that I'm really excited about is the "Idle Lock" - Get this - you can set it so that if you're not using the computer for a specified amount of time (set by you) that the network locks down - nothing can come in or out! I've always said the most secure internet connection is the one that's unplugged when not in use - and this does that!! Oh, and you can also lock your computer down with the press of a mouse if you like - right from the main page!

This can also show you how many attacks it has blocked, block the attacker's IP address for a specified (by you) amount of time, and has a lot of fully customizable options. Truth is though, that the default settings work fine for me! Oh, and again, this seems like it doesn't slow anything down at all - in fact, if you're using a different firewall, this will probably speed things up! I know one thing for sure, I'm installing this on my laptop for travel - it's just too dangerous to surf using wireless networks without it!

Finally, this also includes a fantastic anti-spyware program! Just like the rest of it, it's really fast, stays out of the way, and just does the job! It automatically updates and scanning is a breeze - and fast too! I don't think I've ever seen a spyware can that was soooo fast - and it did a great job! Found a few minor things that it easily fixed!

OK, that's the main stuff, but I also wanted to mention how much easier to use this is than most other security software. First off, I think 90% of the users out there can just install it and forget it - the default settings are really a nice balance and should work well for just about every computer out there. If you want to change stuff, it's really easy to do and the program has an excellent help file that, quite frankly, most users will never ever need!

The price? You're not going to believe this one - we're talking just $9.97 and US shipping is FREE! This is the current version and retails for $49.95 (check Iolo's site - it's not cheap), so $9.97 is an amazing deal. 1 Year worth of support and updates too! Oh, works on XP, Vista, & Win 2000!

Oh, and get this - it's a 3 user license!! So you can install this on up to 3 different computers! That's way less than $4.00 per computer! Grab a friend or two and have them chip in! For less than $4.00 per computer, you just can't go wrong! It's amazing and it's what I am going to be running from now on!

PS - Seriously, this is simply the best Anti-virus, Anti-Spyware, and Firewall software I've ever used and it's going to be on my machine from now on. My computer is soooo much faster now after getting rid of the other bloated software package I had been using - and this just has soooo many great options! Don't miss out!


WOW! These just won't stop selling. We debated yesterday if it was time to put a stop to this stupidly low price, but we don't want to have hundreds of disappointed subscribers, so OK, ONE MORE DAY!

WOW! Special Introductory Price!

Extended Just One More Day!!
(Psst - You're Gonna LOVE This!)

Absolutely Amazing Data Transfer Device!

Smart PC-Link USB Data Transfer Cable

Just Plug In >> Drag And Drop Files Between Two Computers!

No Drivers To Install! No Special Software!

Includes Everything You Need!

Jaw-Droppingly Simple To Use! - You'll Be Blown Away!

Hey, if you are ever, in your life, going to buy another computer or need to get data from one computer to another, this amazing accessory is absolutely, positively a MUST-HAVE!

Let me ask you a question or two :-)

Have you ever needed to get the files from one computer to another? You know what I mean, maybe you just got a new computer and you want to get all your files, songs, photos, etc from the old computer to the new one. Maybe you have a laptop and wish there was an easy to way to get share your laptop and desktop files. Maybe you need a file or some photos off of a friend's computer. Who knows, maybe you just have a really big file that needs transferred from one computer to another.

So, are you still doing it the old way? Do you try and copy Gigs and Gigs of info to a flash drive? Burn dozens of CD-ROMs? Or worse - Try to e-mail the files? (Please tell me you're not doing that!) Don't ya wish there was a better way? There is!

We have these amazing Data Transfer Cables and they're going to change your computing life forever! They allow you to quickly and easily transfer files from one computer to another via the USB ports (PC to PC or PC to MAC)! Get this - you just plug the unit into the computer that has the files you want, then plug the included cable into the computer you want to transfer those file to - that's it! An Explorer-like window will open up one each screen and you just drag and drop! Anyone can do it, and it's MUCH easier than messing around with CDs or Flash drives!

What about the install? HA - There is none! Just plug and play, these have the drivers built right in! If you can pop in a USB plug and click a mouse, you're in the club!

Plus, these are USB 2.0, so it's like transferring your data with a souped-up Ferrari! Talk about fast - you'll be blown away at how quickly you get files from one computer to another. Oh, and don't worry if you only have USB 1.x - still works just fine!

I tell ya, there is simply no better way to get files from computer to computer! Just wait till the next time you need to move either large numbers or large size files - you'll be THRILLED you grabbed this! I love to use it when I'm transferring my photos from my trips off my laptop onto my main computer - it's an incredible time saver! Oh, and just wait till you upgrade to your next computer - your data is going to be there before you know it. Works for ANY kind of file you have too! Seriously, you'll wonder how you ever got along without it! You'll find it becomes as essential to your computer as your mouse! 

Why spend countless hours burning CDs and trying to transfer large files with flash drives? Just plug this into your computers, drag and drop, and be done with it already!

If you're ever, in your life, going to get another computer or need to get a file from one computer to another, you absolutely, positively MUST get yourself one of these!

Your cost for all this file-moving bliss? For today, we're talkin' just $16.97 and US shipping is FREE! Insane not to get one! Oh, and if you don't think it's as cool as I say it is, you can send it back within 60 days for a refund! That's how confident I am that you'll love this too! Check it out:

PS - This special price is ONLY guaranteed today, 06-04-2009, so make sure you sprint on over to the site and get yourself setup with one of these! Next time you need to move files, you'll agree that this is the best cable you've ever owned! Regular price is $21.97 - don't miss out!

More Great Stuff That Everyone Loves! 

You'd Be Crazy To Pass These By!

Want some more jaw-dropping, amazing, outstanding, awesome, mind-blowing (insert your own exciting adjective here, I'm running out) deals? Well, sink your teeth into these! Some of the top titles from the last few weeks (and some of the VERY best deals of the year)!! Don't miss out - there's a reason everyone has been goin' crazy for the deals below! 

James Earl Jones Reads Bible
$39.99 Just $15.97!!

CableNeat Clams
$24.99 Just $8.97!!

Create DVD / CD Slide Shows
$39.99 Just $12.97!!

Magic Hangers - Set of 8
$29.99 Just $12.97!!

Make Your Computer Faster!
$29.99 Just $8.97!!

Cell Phone Holder
$19.99 Just $6.97!!

Bushnell Binoculars & Camera
$79.99 Just $34.97!!

Professor Teaches Vista
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Office Suite 08 - Beats MS!
$24.99 Just $12.97!!

Computers 101

Have you ever needed to browse through any windows you currently have open on your computer? But, when you go to do so, you have to close out all your other programs just to access them?


Well, more than likely, you probably don’t have your taskbar set to be on top. What exactly does that mean, you ask? Well, a taskbar is the bar at the bottom of your desktop that organizes any programs, folders or documents you have open at one time. The easiest and quickest way to access those applications is by keeping your taskbar on top of any programs you have open. By doing that, the taskbar will always be on top of your programs, even when everything else is covering up the rest of your screen. So, if that sounds like something you need, here's how you can do it!

Note: This method works for both Windows XP and Windows Vista flavors

1.) First, right click any open area on the taskbar next to your Start menu.

2.) Choose Properties.

Once there, you will see this window. The most important setting is the middle one.

3.) You can go ahead and check the box that says "Keep the taskbar on top of other windows." From now on, the taskbar will always be visible at the bottom of your screen, regardless of any other windows you have open.

Keeping your taskbar on top is very beneficial, but before I go into any more detail, I want to show you how the programs you use can pile up on your taskbar. Most tasks should look like this:

On the other hand, when you have a lot of windows open, they pile up on your desktop. So, you can use the taskbar to "shuffle" things around so that you're in control of what is and isn't visible at any given time. Keeping your taskbar on top of the other programs can make your life a lot easier! Here are some more things you can do with the taskbar:

  • If a program window is buried, simply click its taskbar button to instantly bring it to the top of the stack.

  • You can click a program's taskbar button to make it invisible so that it's not taking up any space on your desktop. You can then click on that same button to make it visible again.

  • You can also close any open task, which removes it from the desktop and puts it back in the right location. To do that, just right click its taskbar button and choose Close.

Without your taskbar on top, you wouldn’t be able to use these little time saving techniques. Adjusting this feature on your computer may help you enjoy working with Windows a whole lot more. Give it a try today!

~ Mike Pettinato

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MS Office

Back to Where I Was

Work with long documents in MS Word?

Ever find yourself editing a large document, jumping from location to location, only to realize that you should have done just one more thing at the last editing spot?

How annoying is that? To have to go back through the document and find that exact position again.

Well, wait! What if we could return with nothing more than a quick key combination, with no searching at all? Interested?

Yep, I thought you might be, so let's take a look at what Word has to offer for this dilemma.

Next time you need to go back to your last point of editing, simply use Shift + F5.

(Actually, Shift + F5 will take you back to the previous three points of editing and then if used again, it will return you to where you started).

I just love a shortcut through those long documents, don't you?!

~ April

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More Cool Stuff

Want a Crazy , Silly, NUTS Kind Of A Deal??

Well Check THIS Out...


Get This Set Of Digital, Stereo Headphones Dirt Cheap...


And We'll THROW IN This Pair of Stereo "Ear Buds"

PLUS This Two-Way Splitter (allows 2 people to listen at once)...FREE!!!

That's right! Get the headphones and we'll also toss in a set of stereo "ear buds" AND a 2-way splitter as part of the deal!!!

That's NOT a misprint...or a "typo"! (so please, don't email and ask!) Are we crazy? Are we nuts? Has our knife dulled to the point where it's not longer the sharpest in the drawer? Well, the judgements still out on that one, but this IS one INCREDIBLE offer! Let me tell you what happened...

We were talking to one of our suppliers about a bunch of new audio products that are just hitting the market. Now, we move a lot of their products ...thanks to you our customers :) Anyway, we were talking about a set of headphones they just sent to us to test out and they said, "We know your customers love audio products. Tell you an introductory price for this, we'll cut the price in HALF!"

My jaw dropped and I was speechless! (Which for me is really saying something!) Well what can you say to that but, "Thanks!" The only thing left to do was put the headphones through the paces and see how they sounded.

Well, I just plugged 'em into my computer, tuned on some music and...Oh Yeah...ya'll are gonna LOVE these! Clear crisp sound. Foam padded ear pieces. Adjustable band to get a "custom" fit. Yep...these are just what the music doctor ordered!!!

But we were thinking...since we're getting such a good deal, why not put something together for you...our customers, that you'll really love? So that's what we did! And here it is...

Along with these great headphones, we're also going to include a set of stereo "ear buds", complete with their own "wind-up" hard-shell plastic carrying case! (That way, when you're done using them, just put them in the case and wind-up the cord for safe keeping!)

But we're not done yet! We're ALSO going to through in a neat little device called a two-way splitter! This allows two people to listen to the same audio device at the same time! Just plug into into your audio device (MP3 player, CD / DVD player, PC ) and then plug each set of headphones into the jacks of the splitter...simple!

So, not only are you getting a great set of headphones but also a nice set of "ear buds" with their own carrying case AND the two-way splitter! Now I just checked with a major "big box" store, and they're selling this Two-Way Splitter (just the Splitter!) for $9.99! So is this an incredible deal? I'll say!!! And all of this is just $9.97 and US shipping is FREE!!! But we both know this can't last forever. In fact, it's only good for today. Tomorrow the price is set to increase! Grab this today!!


P.S. - And you're still reading this...why??? Grab this NOW at this crazy, silly price!

"WHAT?!?!? A 9LED Flashlight For $5.97??"

"Your Gotta Be Kidding Me! That's Incredible!!"

Blindin' Bright 9 LED Flashlight - Just $5.97!!!!

Jaw-Dropper - $5.97 For A Rock Solid, Aluminium Flashlight!

Grab As Many As You Can! 

Ohhhh, I just LOVE it when I get a call from a supplier and they say something like, "Hey Steve, I got a problem. I have a bunch of extra 9 LED flashlights I need to move. Can you help?"

So, after a little back and forth, we agree on a price that even couldn't believe I got! Soooooo - YOU get a jaw-droppin' deal on some fantastic 9 LED Flashlights! We're talking just $5.97 for a 9 LED Flashlight! We've never had 'em that cheap! Heck, I'm not sure anyone has ever had 'em that cheap! It's a knock-out deal, that's for sure!

Oh, and wait till you try 'em! Turn it on BUT don't look into it - this baby is really BRIGHT! It's absolutely amazing how much light those 9 LEDs throw out! You wouldn't think a flashlight this small would be this BLINDIN' BRIGHT!!! WOW!!

Speaking of size - wait till you feast your fingers on this little guy! It's super-compact and easily fits in the palm of your hand! Makes it super-easy to take anywhere! I already have one in each of my cars, and my wife keeps on in her purse. It's so small you don't even know it's there - till ya need it! Grab one for each of your cars, your camper, boat, house, garage, camera bag - anywhere you need a small, bright, reliable light!

Plus, this thing is REALLY well built too! Don't let the price fool ya! These aren't some cheap plastic lights - this bad boy is SOLID! We're talking a heavy-duty all aluminium barrel that can really take some serious pounding! Plus, the grip is just fantastic and I can personally attest that even when your hands are dripping wet (or snow covered), it's easy to keep ahold of! The design also keeps it from rolling around!

Get this - since this is an LED flashlight, it seems to run FOREVER on a set of batteries! Changing batteries or running out of juice is going to be a very RARE thing now! Oh, PLUS don't forget that you won't ever have to worry about the LEDs burning out - Heck, even if you kept it on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, it would take 11 YEARS before they would burn out! WOW!!!

If you've looked at LED flashlights, you know they are the pedigree of the lighting world - for a light like this, you're looking at least $20-$30 easy. Your cost? Again we're talking just $5.97 and US Shipping is FREE!! It's the BEST DEAL we've ever offered on an LED Flashlight! Give it a try, you'll be glad you did!

PS - At this price, you'd better grab a few! Can't go wrong for $5.97!! Not sure how long these will be available to us at this kind of price, so RUN to the site and get in on this as soon as you can! The price may increase without notice - get 'em while they're $5.97!!!

Today at

What the F-key? F5 Through F-8 (Extended)

Continuing on down the F-key line, we have F5 through F8 (extended) over at the Worldstart site right now! Go ahead, you've been asking for them, so here they are!

World on Wheels

This site is dedicated to wheelchair accessible travel. That's right, places where you can visit even if you are restricted to a wheel chair. Let's face it, a lot of places don't advertise whether they are wheel chair accessible or not—this will provide an excellent starting point and a valuable resource. Go over to Worldstart today and give it a look!

Here's the link you need: Enjoy!

Tip of the Day

New iPod Shuffle

There’s a new iPod Shuffle out! It’s $79 from the Apple Store and can hold 1000 songs in short. Let’s take a closer look at the new features of this tiny new device!

New controls

Remember how on the old iPod Shuffle the controls were actually on the player itself? Now they’re in the headphones!

Just click the volume up and down buttons for volume control, the center button once to play or pause, twice to go to the next track and three times to go back one track. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? To change playlists, you have to ‘click the center button until you hear a tone’ then listen to all your playlists, audiobooks and podcasts until you hear the one you want! Fortunately for playlist lovers Apple are still selling the old-style Shuffles. Phew!


Previously one downside of the iPod Shuffle was the absence of a screen. You couldn’t tell which song you were listening to and who perfomed it so those with a big song library got very confused! VoiceOver solves that problem. When you hold down the center button you’ll be read the title and artist of the current song. VoiceOver can also tell you the name of your playlists and ‘speaks’ 14 different languages.

Stunning? Not really. It’s pretty flashy though, so if you’ve got $79 to spare, I’d give it a shot. Happy listening!

~Brandon Zubek

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Today's Feature

My computer came with CD burning software, but throughout the course I lost it. Now I dont have any software for copying and burning disks! Are there any free programs out there for burning CDs?

I get asked that question all the time. Until now, I could not find a quality CD burning program that was absolutely free. I looked far and wide and finally came up with this awesome program that works incredibly well. The program is called CDBurnerXP and it is the best free CD burning program I have found on the web.

CDBurnerXp really does everything I would expect a CD burning program would do. You can burn data disks, burn music disks, copy disks and even burn ISO disk images to a disk. What else could you want from a free CD burning program, right?

Now, don't let the name fool you. CDBurnerXP is not just compatible with XP. It works with 2000, XP, Vista and the upcoming Windows 7.

So, there isn't much else to say about this program. If you are looking for a free CD burning program, you have to check out CDBurnerXP. It works great.

You can download it here:



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Amanda's Coolsite

Ask Nerd

Are you seeking help with a technical question, but want the answer in plain English and not technical jargon? Then you’ve come to the right place!

It is so easy to use too! Just type in your question, or the topic your question is on in the search engine. You can find the search engine fields at the top of the page in the right corner, and at the bottom of the page along the footer.

So let’s type in an example! We’ll type in the term: password. This will bring up a plethora of different topics – my favorite of the bunch is – How Does Somebody Steal a Password? Not only does this article explain how it happens, but how you can protect your passwords from theft.

I particularly like the tone that AskNerd answers questions with – it’s not watered down treat the reader like an idiot, instead it provides the answers you’re looking for in plain speaking instead of technical jargon. The author is down to earth, willing to share personal experiences that let you know that you’re not alone with whatever problem you’re facing.

Another nifty feature of the site is on the right side menu – Software Picks. In each category you’ll find software that the author has handpicked to show you. From repair kits to maintenance programs – you’re sure to find something you might be able to use at some point.

You can also sign up for The Gadget Report, a newsletter that brings you the latest gadgets all described in non-technical terms.

This site is bookmark worthy! Go get your questions answered today!


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Monthly Wallpaper

Do You Love Birds?

Then You're Gonna Want To Have This!

And If You REALLY Love Birds...This Is An Absolute Must-Have!!!


Don't Pay $29.99 For It! OUCH!

We Have It For Just $5.97 - And FREE US Shipping! WOW!

You know, books are nice, but "Multi-Media" is SO MUCH better! And this software program is FILLED with tons videos, sound clips, drawings, 3D displays and slide shows that bring you "up close and personal" with our fine feathered friends! WOW!!! What a great way to learn about birds!!!

The program is set up as a "virtual" museum with three main rooms along with galleries and corridors filled with everything imaginable related to birds! And just like a regular museum, you can visit different galleries and each one features a different topic related to birds. And the multi-media presentations will definitely impress you AND hold your attention! Actually, that's an understatement...wait til you see the attention to detail information in some of these exhibits!

You can take, "guided" tours that whisk you away through planned tours of related topics. Or just "wander" through on your own and stop to take a closer look at what catches your interest at the moment!


Some of the features in the galleries include:

Bird Watching
"Songs and Calls"
Bird Tracks
Flight Patterns
Bird Behavior, that covers things courtship, hatching, nesting, and feeding.

Other galleries showcase differences in beaks and talons among birds, their global habitats and migration patterns. Still others explain how history and international cultures have been influenced by birds! And what I thought was really helpful is that within each gallery are links that you can click on to see related topics within the museum!

When you come across some of the "interactive galleries", you'll have some fun! These let you rotate the items that are on display 360 degrees to get a better view...just like you were there in person!


If you want to find something specific, there's a searchable "Main" index along with an index of videos available to watch. And you'll definitely want to check out the "Anatomy Room" that shows detail drawings of exterior, muscles, organs, skeletons.


And in this edition there's a "Bonus" section that lets you create screen savers and print stationery for your own use. Want to remember a particular bird call? You can also save sound files to create your own personal collection or even use them in other programs! This is a fantastic program and I know you're gonna love this as much as I do. And if you're involved with a group or organization that has any interest in birds, they'll love to see it!!! (But be warned...if you lend it to them, you may not get it back!!) The only thing that would make this even better is a great price and we've got that for you today too! 'Cause right now this is just $5.97 and US shipping is FREE!!!

PS - If you have kids, think about this: would they rather crack open a book or click on some videos? And at this price, it's a steal!!

Monthly Wallpaper

June Wallpaper

Here's this month's free calendar wallpaper! As always, it's 100% free, so head on over and grab one!

Bald River Falls (Photo contest winner)

This picture was taken on a very cold day in November of 2008. Location - Smoky Mtn Nat. Park


 Golden Canyon

This was taken in Death Valley Nat. Park near the overlook at Zabriski Point. It was early morning and the amazing golden light really turned the already gold-colored hills even more yellow.


Yellow Flower

 Here's an extreme closeup of a yellow lily (OK, could be an orchid - I don't really know), taken last spring.


Here's June's wallpaper. It's all free, so enjoy!

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