Monday, June 29, 2009

[TechRepublic] Rethinking security zones

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TechRepublic Network Administrator

TechRepublic Member | June 29, 2009

Time to reconsider security zones in system and network design

As IT professionals balance many responsibilities, we may omit certain fundamentals that are made easier in the current technology landscape through multiple layers of abstraction, virtualization, and management. IT Jedi Rick Vanover suggests that it's a good time to rethink security zones. Read more


Data Privacy Best Practices.

Time to take action against data breaches. Get step-by-step guidance on developing and implementing your comprehensive privacy and security strategy.

Essential lockdowns for Layer 2 switch security

Failing to secure your switch architecture is like sending hackers an engraved invitation to attack your network. Yet security administrators often neglect to lock down Layer 2 of their network infrastructure. This comprehensive guide explains the essential procedures that will enable you to properly configure and secure your switch infrastructure. Read more

Easier document management with file classification feature and SharePoint

Derek Schauland discusses the new File Classification Infrastructure feature in Windows Server 2008 R2 and how it can ease document management when used in conjunction with SharePoint document libraries. Read more

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How do I... Use the Windows Common Feed List to manage RSS feeds?

With the release of Windows Internet Explorer 7, Windows Vista, and Outlook 2007, Microsoft has also included a new feature, the Windows Common Feed List (CFL), as a viable option for managing your RSS Feeds. Wally Bahny shows you how it works. Read more

Determine if your hardware can support Windows XP Mode in Windows 7

Greg Shultz helps you cut through all the hype surrounding the hardware requirements for running Windows XP Mode in Windows 7 by describing the procedures he went through to determine if hardware would support Windows XP Mode. Read more

10 dying IT skills

One of the challenges of working in the IT field is staying on top of emerging technologies - while letting go of those that are becoming obsolete. This Global Knowledge article lists 10 areas that are fading into obscurity. Read more

The basics of secure admin privilege use with Unix

Sometimes, it’s worthwhile to get back to basics. Read about the basics of secure administrative privilege use on Unix-like systems. Some of my readers may find this a very basic article, presenting information that they already know like the backs of their hands. The frequency with which I see people — and even entire [...] Read more

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Nokia N97 photos

The Nokia N97 is finally hitting U.S. streets. Check out CNET's hands-on photos of the Nokia's flagship smartphone. View on site


Unleash the Power of Your Enterprise

Join this live ZDNet Webcast and learn how to leverage powerful Data Management strategies.

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Employing collective wisdom to overcome adversity

DTV transition: Is TV better for you now?

Mallika Chopra on powering wellness and being a friend

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Google's approach to software won't work for enterprise or mobile

Google is making a big run at new markets with business software and mobile phones. However, it will not succeed in either market unless it changes the way it builds its products. Both of these markets will reject Google's "continuous beta" philosophy. Read more

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