Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sunday Only Special - The Coolest Bonus Offer Ever + Absolutely Jaw-Droppin' Deals This Week - A Must See

Computer Tips

YES! It's Summer starts in an official way in just a couple weeks, but we thought we'd kick things off a little early and toss in a FREE personal fan with every order today! Enough from me - check out the cool stuff below!

~ Steve

PS - Want to order by phone? Our office is closed on Sundays, but you can still get the great prices you see here ~ please see the note at the end of this newsletter regarding phone orders placed outside of business hours.

Are You Too Cheap For Air Conditioning?

Then You'll Love This Freebie!

Get A Fantastic Personal Fan FREE With Any Order Today!

Don't Get Stuck Paying $20 For This At Some Theme Park This Year!

FREE - With ANY Order Of ANY Amount Today!

Is it hot in here or is it just you? Hey, either way, you gotta order something today so you can get one of these FREE Personal Fans (the kind of personal fan that blows refreshingly cool air on you, not the creepy stalker type that builds shrines to you in their basement).


You read that right. FREE. With Any Order. Of Any Size. Period.

And let me just tell ya - this thing really blows! I was completely surprised at how strong this little fan was when I turned it on. I mean, this thing REALLY moves some serious air (and some papers off and then behind my desk, arrgh)!

Next time you're sitting around the house and your spouse is too cheap to turn the AC on, teach 'em a lesson by grabbin' your little fan! Not only will you be able to relax in mini-fan comfort, you'll also have the satisfaction of knowing that you paid nothing for all this guilty pleasure as your spouse sits there in a pool of their own sweat. Ain't life sweet (and a little gross)?

Oh, and this is great for more than just at home. Hey, summer by it's very nature tends to be hot, ya know? Why not take this with you the next time you're heading out? Amusement parks, the beach, camping, boating, picnics, hikes, backpacking trips, mountain climbing, extreme skateboarding - hey, nothin's off limits with you're taking this handy little fan along! It'll happily spin those little blades in extreme heat just to keep you in a cool, comfortable state of summertime bliss!!

Concerned that those little blades might bite ya? No worries! The blades are made with your safety (and potential lawsuits) in mind! They are constructed of a soft plastic material so even with the fan wizzin' them around at the highest possible RPM, they won't cut your fingers! Hey, accidents happen, and should one of your little digits accidently wander too close you'll be safe! If you've ever stuck your finger into a fan... well, you shouldn't do that, but if you ever have... I bet it hurt like crazy (not that I know or anything :-). Well, you don't have to worry with this little guy - he loves ya!

OK, your price? Hey, it's FREE with any purchase today!!!

Just order anything from our online store or this newsletter and we're gonna toss one of these into your order! How cool is that? Don't find yourself face to face with a punk-teenage cashier at some rip-off amusement park paying $20 or more for one of these! Go on, treat yourself to one of the ultra-cool items below or at our store and get one of these FREE today! Yippee!

Here's some links to the store to get you started, but make sure you check out the stuff in the newsletter too! I spent most of my week finding that stuff and let me tell ya - we have some really great stuff this week :-)

WorldStart Software Store - Check It Out!

Here are some of the "hot spots" on the site - check 'em out!

Cool Gadgets - My personal favorite! Lots of great stuff for your computer and MORE!

Utilities - Make your computer run faster and do more - the easy way!

Photo & Video - Edit photos, make incredible projects, create video masterpieces!

Graphics and Print - Make projects, scrapbooks, grab clipart -it's all here!

Home & Garden Software - Cookbooks, Redecorating, landscaping - Check it out!

Kids Software - Got kids? Keep 'em busy and make 'em smarter with these software titles!

$4.97 Titles - Two pages of GREAT software - just $4.97 each!!

Vista Software - Looking for Vista software? Try these 5 pages! WOW!

Reference - Bibles, cookbooks, medical sets, maps, dictionaries, encyclopedias - WOW!

New Titles - See what's hot now - the latest and greatest!

Remember, this is just for today, so make sure you run to the site and get yourself some deals! 1500 items - you know you'll find some incredible stuff!

Incredible Price Break You're Not Gonna Believe!

WOW! Turn Your Laptop Into An Incredible GPS Unit!

Your Days Of Being Lost Are Finally OVER!

WAY More Powerful & Full Featured Than A Windshield Mount Unit...

And Only A Fraction - A FRACTION - Of The Cost!

Can Even Respond To Voice Commands!

Best GPS Navigation Ever! Wait Till You Try It!

We just found the coolest GPS package on the planet! It's DeLorme's EarthMate and it transforms your laptop into an amazing, full featured, voice activated GPS Unit! Really! Works great too!

Using your laptop for an automotive navigation GPS is absolutely incredible - and much easier than it might sound too! If you have a passenger, they can keep the computer on their lap when it's needed, and if you're going solo, just set it on the seat next to you! It accepts voice commands, so you don't even need to touch it (more on that in a minute)! Between getting to use your large laptop screen and all the amazing features packed into this, you'll never, ever consider one of those silly windshield-mount units!

How does it work? Glad you asked! You install the map software on your laptop and plug in the included GPS receiver into your laptop's USB port! That's it! You now have a fully functional GPS system you can take with you! The receiver itself is on a 5' cord, so you can easily set it on your car's dashboard if you like (or use the suction cup for the windshield) - it's small too - about the size of a small wireless flip-phone!

Again, this does the same thing as those little units you can spend hundreds of dollars on - except this uses your computer so it's a LOT more powerful! This puts any hand-held or windshield mount GPS unit I've ever seen to absolute and complete shame! PLUS, wait till you see the price - it's a FRACTION of the cost! And you get to do all your navigating on your laptop screen instead of some small, impossible to read 4" LCD panel! It's amazingly good :-)

Earthmate GPS Receiver & Street Atlas USA 2008

OK, this does a LOT! I could literally take up 10 pages just giving you the highlight show! You'll really have to stop by the website to see everything this can do - way too much to go over here (you'll understand when you see the page), but just to give you a little taste of what's in store for you...

First, input your destination and this will get you there with easy to follow turn by turn directions (audio turn by turn help no less)! Even better, this can respond to voice commands from you so it becomes VERY hands-free! In fact, you can train it so you can say something like "When is my next turn?" and it will answer back something like "Your next turn is in 200 yards". Yeah, it's cool!

Earthmate GPS Receiver & Street Atlas USA 2008

In addition, it also has amazing re-routing help for when you run into traffic jams, you can use voice prompting to ask it where the nearest gas station, hotel, etc is, and you can even scout ahead on the map and have it snap back to your current location! Oh, and did I mention it has a whoppin' 4 MILLION places of interest built right in - gas stations, restaurants, hotels, malls, - you name it! Everything you need on the road! 

Yeah those little windshield mounted units are starting to look darn pretty pathetic right about now, don't ya think?

Earthmate GPS Receiver & Street Atlas USA 2008

Oh, and get this - you can also import data into it from spreadsheets and most popular contact managers! If you travel for business, this is amazing - just import your contacts and navigate to any one of them with a couple mouse clicks! You can even enter a phone number and this will do a reverse lookup and find the address for you! WOW!

Using the maps is fantastic too! They are amazingly detailed and just a right-click will tell you exactly what's under your mouse (body of water, street, etc)! It can even get you local radio station information - now THAT's insanely impressive!

OK, you get the idea. Frankly, we only have a limited number of these and if I keep going on we're going end up having way more people who want one than we have available. Bottom line is simply this - if you've been thinking about getting a navigation system or windshield mount GPS unit for your car, THIS is going to blow ALL of the competition away! After all, it all the resources of a full-blown computer at its disposal, so really, it's not even a contest! Imagine having this on your next trip! Oh, and imagine how cool this would be if you had to rent a car somewhere and had no clue where you were going! 

Your price is only a FRACTION of what you would pay for a full blown GPS unit too! Just $34.97 and US shipping is FREE (and we'll toss in that FREE personal fan if you order today)! These retail for $70, so it's a huge chunk of change off the regular price! And amazing compared to a $400 GPS unit! Don't miss out!

PS - Seriously - only a limited number available. PLEASE get to the site early. Once these are gone we can't get anymore and I'm not sure if we'll ever see something like this again! Don't miss out!

Watch Out! The price WILL go up to $38.97 tomorrow (and you won't get that nifty free fan we talked about at the beginning of the newsletter)!


Stop Wasting Your Money!!!

Don't Guess...Test!!

NEVER Throw Away Good Batteries Again!

The Fantastic, Fun Tester That Pays For Itself!

You are in the middle of watching the big game on Sunday and during the commercial break you flip to the other station to check out a few more scores, then as you go to flip back to your game- the remote dies. GRRRRRRRRR! So what do you do? Get up, go to the junk drawer to see if you have any spare batteries, right? Of course, you find probably 10 batteries scattered across the bottom of the drawer, but you don't know if any of those batteries work, and now you know you are missing out on valuable game time!!!

I don't know about you, but I really do NOT like having to rummage thru a bunch of batteries "guessing" which was still have power and which ones don't! NOT a fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon, or any time of day for that matter!!! So don't go through all of that aggravation! Check out this great little battery tester that will save you a TON of time and frustration!!

This Battery Tester makes it FAST AND EASY to use so you can find out which batteries are good and which one's aren't! Just connect the battery to the negative and positive poles of the battery tester and the easy to read gauge will automatically let you know if that battery has power!

And this works with AA, AAA, C, D, N, 9 volt or even a 1.5 volt batteries! No need for separate testers - this one does it all!!!

Keep the battery tester on your keychain or conveniently store this handy compact device in your kitchen, home office, garage, etc.  Now you can be sure that your kids toys, your gadgets, and other equipment stay powered when you want to use them! Finally!

Now what you'll be able to do is go through ALL OF THOSE BATTERIES you've got laying around and test 'em. Toss out the bad and keep the good ones! Now you won't be wasting any more time in the future when you may be faced with an emergency and you don't have time to spare!!!

And guess what? Unlike a lot of other testers, this does NOT NEED A BATTERY IN ORDER TO OPERATE!!! Now THAT'S good news!!!

And this will surprise you: this battery tester is only 1.89 inches x 3.15 inches! WOW!!! That's small enough to keep on your key chain or in the garage, office and ESPECIALLY THE KITCHEN (that's where I keep my batteries!!!)

So do yourself a favor and stop wondering if those darn batteries that have been sitting in the closet for a long time are still fully charged and order your tester for Only $8.97 and US Shipping is Free!

Think about it - it sure doesn't take too many accidentally thrown-away batteries for this to pay for itself! This one's a no-brainer for sure!!

BONUS - Order today and we'll toss in that FREE Personal Fan too!

Psst - Just a "heads-up"...quantities are VERY limited on this one so jump on this right away!!

Price returns to $12.97 first thing Monday! RUN to the site and get yours now!

I Just Found The EASIEST, Smartest, Coolest Way

To Keep ALL of My Keys Organized

All In One Place!

And I Bet This Will Work For You Too!!!

5 Ring Keyring

5 SEPARATE Key Ring System...On One Keychain!!

AND Get This -

It Has A SUPER Bright LED Light Too!

And Get This Too -

It's DIRT CHEAP - You'll Want A Dozen When You See The Price!!

It's almost embarrassing to admit, but I've got sooo many keys, it's borderline crazy! I've got keys for two different vehicles. Then there's the house (two keys for the front door, two for the back). There's one for the shed. Then I have keys for the office (4 altogether just for that!). And then there's a couple for some "miscellaneous" padlocks that I use from time to time. And those are just the keys for the locks that I know they go with!! I've still got a good half-dozen old keys that I don't even know where they go to! (But that's another story!)

Anyway, it's not a "huge" deal... just one of those "nuisance" type of things, annoying just enough to get your attention!! I've tried different ways to try and keep them organized - but nothing really worked...for any length of time, anyway. So, when I saw this keychain, I knew right away this would solve that problem!!! Let me tell you why...

The reason why THIS works is because EACH OF THE 5 KEY RINGS ARE KEPT SEPARATE! If you just try to just keep each "set" of keys "grouped" together, that doesn't work (been there...did that!) And that's because each individual key can slip inside of the ring next to it! THIS key chain MAKES A BIG DIFFERENCE!!

Now I can organize my keys in a way that works best for me! I can keep EACH VEHICLE on its own separate key ring! Same thing with the house keys. Same for the office keys! And yep, I've still got another key ring for all those other "miscellaneous" ones that I'll sit down and figure out one of these days! Now...THAT'S a system I can live with!

PLUS...check this out...on one end of the keychain is a super bright LED light! It's great for light up keyholes, looking for something in the car at night! Just kind of handy to have at your fingertips!

This is the first time we've EVER had a keychain anything like this and all I can say is, for me anyway, this thing has been worth its weight in gold for the amount of wasted time and aggravation it's saved me!

But don't're not going to have to come up with any gold for this!! In fact, we've got this priced so low, you're gonna want to buy a bunch to give away as gifts! Today we've got these marked down to just $6.97 and US shipping is FREE!!! But, we can't keep this at this price for run and grab a few of these while they're at this crazy low price!!

Super Sunday ONLY Bonus!!

Super Sunday ONLY Bonus!!

Super Sunday ONLY Bonus!!

Want an even better deal? Order TODAY and we'll DOUBLE the deal! That's right - you'll get 2 of these fantastic Keychains for just $6.97!! WOW!! You absolutely, positively HAVE to order today to get the deal! PLUS we'll toss in that FREE personal fan if you order today!

PS - If you think I love this little key ring, you're right! And so will you! But you'll probably like it even better at this price - wait till tomorrow and get stuck paying $9.97!!

Attention Laptop Users!!!

Protect Your Laptop From Overheating!!

Protect Your Thighs From Overheating Too!

The Ultra-Cool "Chill Mat" Is Here To Save The Day!

If You Have a Laptop, This Is ESSENTIAL GEAR!!!

We've tested a bunch of different makes and models of laptop cooling mats and this was the only one that met ALL OF OUR Requirements!!! That's why I was so excited when these finally came in!!!

If you've used a laptop for any period of time, you know they get warm...sometimes even hot! Heat is definitely NOT GOOD for a laptop! The electronics in laptops are MUCH more sensitive to heat than most other electronics. So, right off the bat, they're more sensitive and more prone to overheating. Plus, they're much harder (and more expensive!) to fix if something does go wrong! So whoever came up with the saying, "An ounce of prevention...", could have been talking about laptops when he made that statement! So it's critical that you take extra precaution to make sure your laptop does not overheat!

But in the "real world", that's not alway easy or convenient to do. For example, when I use my laptop it's usually on the coffee table and I'm sitting on the sofa. Well, after a few minutes of hunching over the keyboard, that gets a little old (and uncomfortable!) so I end up bringing it over and resting it on my lap as I lean back. The problem is my laptop gets warmer EVEN FASTER because it's laying directly on top of my thighs and the air can't circulate underneath it! (Not good for the laptop)

And as the laptop gets hotter, my legs get hotter! (Not good for my legs!) Then I'll try to get a magazine or whatever I can to put between the laptop and my legs. It helps but the air circulation underneath the laptop still isn't very good! But even if you put your laptop on a desk or table, the heat from your laptop can damage your furniture!

So I know from practical experience, this is a "no-win" situation and the solution is to use something which was made specifically for this role! And that is (ta-daaaa!) a Laptop Mat!!!

So like I've said, we've tried a bunch. On some units, the fans weren't very powerful (if they worked at all!) With other models, the tops of the mat (which is what the laptop rests on) were flimsy so when you put your laptop on it the top of the mat sunk down and interferred with the fans! (Arrggg!!!) But this Chill Mat by Targus defintely makes the grade!!

There's a few reasons why the Chill Mat works better than other models! First, it has Not One but TWO powerful fans to generate cool air for your laptop. The fans draw the hot air generated by your laptop and INTO the mat. This warm air is then PUSHED OUT thru an opening in the rear of the mat. Also, the opening in the back of the mat where the air is discharged runs the entire length of the back of the mat allowing MORE HOT Air To Be Discharged Faster!

Plus, the surface of the mat is much sturdier than others we've tried. This allows better air cirulation underneath the laptop and also prevents the fans from being restricted from moving (which has happened with other units!) There are also two rubber feet on the surface of the mat at the rear. This BOOSTS Up The Laptop, allowing EVEN MORE Air Circulation!! Also, there are six rubber feet to keep your notebook "grounded" in place to avoid slipping as well as to protect your furniture from scratches!


The Chill Mat comes with a cord that you plug into the USB port of your laptop for power. So, you don't need an AC adaptor! PLUS, there's an On/Off Switch so you can keep the Chill Mat plugged into your laptop all the time instead of plugging it and unplugging it! And the Fans Are Quite...Very Quite!!! I have to look at the fan blades and see if they're turning to know if it's on or not!

Even though the Chill Mat is sturdy, it's VERY LIGHT so you can throw it in your laptop bag and take it with you wherever you go! (Nice! Very Nice!!) So wherever you go, you can maximize the performance of your laptop and keep it cool and from overheating! And so you can keep your laptop cool, we've got a smokin' HOT deal that's unbelievable! Don't pay $35 or even $50 for some other unit that's not even in the same league! Save money by protecting the investment in your laptop AND save even more by grabbing this today for just $21.97 and US shipping is FREE!!!

BONUS - Order today and we'll toss in that FREE Personal Fan too!

P.S. - Now I can use my laptop for hours without my legs getting warm AND I know my laptop is being protected too! I know you're gonna feel the same way when you try this!

Warning - The price is going to increase to $29.97 tomorrow!! Order today and save BIG!

You Can Save Yourself For Just $6.97!

Lowest Price EVER For This Software!

The TRUTH: Your Hard Drive Is Planning To Betray You!

Just Keep Reading To Discover...

The Mind-Blowing, Shocking, Disturbing Truth -

Your Hard Drive Can Make YOU (yes you) A Victim!

Don't Throw Out That Old Hard Drive!!

Don't Give Away Your Old Computer!

Please... You MUST MUST MUST Do THIS First!

You Gotta Check This Out - It's Scarier Than Any Horror Novel!

News Flash!

News Flash!

Bet Ya Didn't Know This!

Recent studies show that a whopping 74% of hard drives sold, given away, or thrown out (in the computer or out) contain data that can be easily read and recovered - and 36% of those hard drives had even been reformatted. You absolutely, positively, have to permanently get that data off of there!!

Do you have an old computer you're thinking about giving away? Maybe an old hard drive that needs to be thrown out? Well, if you do, you MUST GET THAT DATA OFF THERE!!!

Well, we have some really easy to use software that will keep you safe called DriveScrubber. Just pop the CD into your computer (or make a floppy if you still have a drive for one of those) and reboot. Even if you can't boot to Windows, you can still erase that drive with this software!

Think about it - you wouldn't toss paperwork with credit card, bank, or social security numbers in the trash without shredding the heck out of 'em would you? 

Of course not! However, day in and day out, people toss out old computers and think that just deleting or formatting a drive is going to get rid of all the personal info they had on it - not a chance!

WARNING - When you delete a file, it's not really gone.

You might want to read that last sentence again because it's really important. The area where the file lives on your hard drive simply gets tagged as free space, but until it's overwritten, that data is VERY recoverable. I formatted a test drive and ran recovery software on it awhile ago just to see what would happen. Nearly EVERYTHING was easily recoverable! No problem at all!

If you've ever used your computer to check on your banking, buy a product online, or anything that involves your personal info, then that info might be easily available when you get rid of your old hardware! Yikes!

Don't think it can happen to you? Well, two MIT students did a study. They went and purchased 158 used hard drives for less than $1000 from a web swap-meet type site. When they went through the drives, they found over 5,000 credit card numbers, medical reports, lots of personal and corporate financial information, and gigs of personal e-mail. And get this - 60% of the drives had been formatted!!!

There are people who look for old computers at the curb or in the dumpster just to pull info off the hard drive or sell the drives to others! Plus, if you just "donate" an old computer you have no idea what really is going to happen to it! If this doesn't scare the heck out of you, then you shouldn't be using a computer!

Once you insert the Drive Scrubber disk, your computer will boot to the CD or the floppy, and has an easy to use interface that makes wiping a drive a snap. Just select the drive and select the "erase" button. ALL the info on the drive will be gone - permanently and forever! You can still reformat the drive and install Windows again once this is done - but any info you had on the drive will be completely gone. No worries about anyone ever using your hard drive or old computer to steal you personal info! It's great!

I personally have a couple of old hard drives sitting around that I just didn't want to throw out. Now I'll be able to completely erase them and toss them into the trash knowing that no one will EVER be able to recover any of my personal data from that drive.

Your cost for all this protection? Just $6.97 and US shipping is FREE! Sure, it's not a program that you'll use every day, but everyone with a computer WILL need to use it someday! For this kind of money, it's insane not to be safe. Check it out:

BONUS - Order today and we'll toss in that FREE Personal Fan too!

PS - This price is ONLY good today - first thing tomorrow the price will increase to $12.97! Get yours now!

Reset Your Clock For Daylight Savings?

Reset Your Clock Because It Gets A Little Behind?

Forget About It!!

No, Really...You CAN Forget About It!

'Cause You'll NEVER Have To Remember To Reset THIS Clock Ever Again!!!



The Desktop Clock That Sets Itself To The EXACT Time

- Automatically!

I'm sure you go through the same routine of re-setting all of your clocks twice a year for Daylight Savings. You know..."Spring forward, Fall back"? But after running around all over the house re-setting all of the clocks it's more like, "fallen over" from exhaustion! NOT NO MORE!!!

Or, do have clocks around the house that fall a little behind or get a little ahead? Isn't it annoying to always have to go and reset the stupid things? Well, that's another little annoyance you can say good-bye to forever! Why????

This clock sets itself....Automatically!! In fact, it sets the Date And The Time! And It Even Adjusts For Daylight Savings! Whooo-Whooo!!!! One less thing I have to remember to do!!! And in addition to telling you the date and time, it'll also Wake You Up, 'cause it's an alarm clock too!! And I can tell you first hand, it's got a pretty good size snooze button!! Just happens to be my favorite feature on ANY alarm clock! Isn't it annoying having to grope around in the dark to find an itsy-bitsy snooze button? I think so. Not a problem with this clock!

Plus you don't have to worry about your alarm not working if the electricity goes out because it operates on a single "AA" battery! This thing is TOTALLY worry-proof and idiot-proof!!! (My kind of clock!)

So, how does this work? Well, without getting "too technical", it wirelessly synchronizes with the atomic clock of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) using a radio signal. These folks are the same government agency that provides the "official time" in the United States in partnership with its military counterpart, the U.S. Naval Observatory. And how accurate are these guys? Wellll, according to their own website, the rate of error, "has been less than +/-100 nanoseconds since July 6, 1994." Now just in case you may not be quite up to snuff on your "rocket science", a nanosecond (ns) is one billionth of a second! So you could say they're pretty accurate!! (OK, you may not need that much accuracy, but it's nice for "bragging rights"!)

And it looks great! It's got a very stylish with a Metallic Finish that'll look great in any room! It even has rubber pads on its base to prevent scratching up any of your furniture! (I think attention to detail is an indication of quality...something that really shows with this chronological wonder!) PLUS its large, illuminated LCD display makes seeing the time a breeze!

OK, so do you need to be a nuclear physicist to use this? Hardly! It's easier to use than the alarm I previously had! There's only five buttons for everything you'll ever need! One button turns on the alarm feature, another lets you set the time for the alarm to go off, and another is the snooze button! Not THAT'S Simple! You'll rarely use the other two because one of those turns on the automatic synchronization feature to start it when you get it. (Once you do that, you're done! with it!) The other one let's you manually set the clock, which you'd need to do if you happen to take it out of the country (like if you were going on a trip overseas) and then bring it back in. So if you're staying put, you won't even have to worry about it!

This is the coolest, neatest, simplest and MOST ACCURATE clock we've EVER had! And we're gonna make it the best deal on any clock we've ever had too! So today grab this little chronological marvel for just $14.97 and US shipping is FREE!!! Hey, and remember - there's a FREE Personal Fan in it for ya if you order today! Check it out!


P.S. - You're gonna love the way this looks as well as it works! Hurry, get 'em while we still have a few in stock!!

Hey, it's a going up to $22.97 on Monday so don't snooze or you'll loose!!  (Get it! It's an alarm clock...don't snooze! Heh, heh!! Well, I guess you had to be there.) Anyway grab it now and save a few bucks today!

The Smart Way To Organize Your Photos!

Finally -

Keep Track & Organize 'Em!

Edit 'Em!

Print 'Em!

And Even E-mail 'Em!

This Program Makes Digital Photos Easier - And More Fun - To Work With

Got a digital camera? Well let me guess, like the rest of us, you have a ton of photos all over your hard drive, right? That's what I thought :-)

Wouldn't it be great if there were a way to keep all those images organized, easy to work with, and simple to share? Great news - to help you out, we're giving you the opportunity to get this bestselling program at a fabulous price! It's a great program every digital photographer is going to want. It's called Personal Image Manger Express and it's just awesome! I can tell you it's going to make your digital life a lot easier - read on!

First off, it's really easy (dare I say even fun) to use. It can acquire photos from your hard drive, digital camera, scanner, wherever (well, almost - it can't find them in a shoebox under your bed)! From there, you can quickly organize all your photos into easy to manage categories. You can even create categories across numerous folders. In fact, you can even put the same photo in multiple categories if you like (very handy).

Let me tell a though, image management is just the beginning with this one! It also features an excellent photo editor that includes all the major tools you need. Stuff like color balance, contrast, brightness, hue, cropping, redeye removal, even special effects! Plus, it has an awesome "one-button enhance" tool that does a great job at automatically making your images look their very best! You may never use your old imaging software again! Below is a picture of my daughter and her friends that I was able to crop and change to black and white in a matter of seconds ~ it's that easy!

And then it gets even better! This program also has an awesome captioning feature. You can add a regular caption at the bottom (or top, side, etc.) to a photo or you can place a caption in the image itself. And get this - these captions are searchable by the program! As if all that weren't enough, you can also add "clip-art" to photos with the click of a button, as well as photographer info, dates, shapes, borders and more! This is a lot of fun ~ I was able to make a digital photo album of the pictures I took when my nieces were over swimming recently. Here's an example:

And there's still more to tell! This also makes it really easy to share photos by e-mail! One of the biggest problems people run into when they want to e-mail a photo is the photos are just too big - usually way too big. They take forever to send, forever to download, and are hard for the recipient to see. This little gem will resize any image for e-mail with the click of a button (the original image stays intact, of course).

In fact, if you use an e-mail client on your computer (like Outlook Express, Thunderbird, Eudora, etc.), it will resize your image and automatically put it in a new message for you! Just put in the address, fill in a subject, and send ~ easy-parchese! Even if you already know how to resize for e-mail, this will do it with a lot more speed and a lot less hassle.

OK, I gotta tell you about the printing and I'll stop :-) If you print your images you know that getting them to the proper size for 4x6, 5x7, or 8x10 can be a pain. Well, this does it automatically for you! Cool huh?

Alright, I think you get the idea - this is one program every digital photographer should be using and I've only touched on a portion of what it can do! It's easy to work with, loaded with tons of useful features, and the price is right - just $8.97 and US shipping is FREE! Oh, and hey, order now and you'll get that FREE Personal Fan too!! It's an amazing deal, check it out:

PS - If you take digital photos, you owe it to yourself to try this. It's not only going to keep you more organized, but you'll find you're able to do more with your images since this takes all the hassle out of dealing with digital photo. Try it! But hurry ~ this price is good today only! The price will increase to $12.97 on Monday!

Now "Hear's" A Cool Idea...image

Headphones That FLATTEN For Travel or Storage!!

Oh Yeah...

These Headphones Are Made For Anyone Who Travels! Stick 'Em In A Laptop Bag! Stick 'Em In A Backpack! Stick 'Em In A Suite Case! Stick 'Em In A Carry-On! Stick 'Em In A Purse! Stick 'Em In A Briefcase!

Check Out How Thin These Are When You Lay Them Flat!!!

They're Like Headphone Pancakes!

I like to carry a set of headphones in my laptop bag or backpack (or sometimes my suite case) when I travel. The problem with that is the headphones are too big and bulky and there's always a chance they can get turned the wrong way and break (been there, done that)! Or I go with the smaller earbuds, but they always get lost in the bottom of my case and the cord gets tangled...what a mess!

These headphones have neither of those issues! In fact, they FOLD DOWN FLAT so they fit neatly ANYWHERE!

Stick 'em in a laptop case, backpack, purse, suitcase - whatever!! They take up next nothin' as far as room goes! So you don't have to worry about 'em getting banged around and broken!

"But How Do They Sound?" Well, I'm glad you asked!!  They sound great! They have a nice full sound and you'll really appreciate the great midrange sound and the vocals sounded really crisp!

The big surprise?

These are REALLY comfortable, too! They're really light so you barely notice you have 'em on! And you'll love the padded cushions on the ear definitely helps to reduce ear pressure! Another thing that's very unique is the earcups rotate so you can adjust 'em to get a perfect fit!


And you can wear these on top of your head (which is what I like!) or you can put them behind your neck...whichever is more comfortable! Either way, they feel great! And they sound great! And best of all, they're the best for "takin' on the road"! In fact, instead of going thru a few sets of other head phones because they end up getting broken or bent, just get a set of these and toss 'em in your laptop bag so you know where they're at and you've got 'em when you need 'em!

Oh and if you do much traveling, THESE ARE PERFECT to fit in a suitcase!! Or if you commute to work and you like to listen to you MP3 player....these will fit real well in your briefcase!!

And today we have these at a super low price of just $9.97 and US shipping is FREE!!!

BONUS - Order today and we'll toss in that FREE Personal Fan too!

P.S. -  Might want to grab one for that too while the price is so low!! Tomorrow it jumps to $14..97 (and that's STILL a great deal!)

Lookie Here!

The Coolest 4 Port USB Hub You've Ever Seen!

It's About Time Someone Came Up With A Hub Like THIS!!

It's The Octo-Hub - And It's Absolutely BRILLIANT!

Turns 1 USB Port Into 4!!

On Sale Today ONLY - Huge Price Break!

Sick of unplugging your hardware just to use a the USB Port? Even more sick of having to crawl around to the back of your computer and playing contortionist to find the free USB port? Well, have I got the cure to all your hardware sickness! This 4 USB 2.0 Hub!!!

Oh, but the big deal with this is the absolutely brilliant octopus-like arms that make plugging in your devices soooo much easier than a normal hub! I mean, you know how it goes - it's a huge hassle to pop a USB plug into a tiny, crowded port. We've all been there - adjusting, jiggling, flipping and pushing the plug just trying to get the stupid thing in.

Well, these arms make it so easy to plug in your USB devices you may find yourself buying computer accessories just so you can use it :-) Yup, finally a way to plug in your USB devices without the hassle! Just grab a free plug, turn it anyway you like, and pop your plug in! It doesn't sound like much, but let me tell ya, once you try it, you'll be hooked! I have one plugged into the front of my computer right now, and anyone who tries to "borrow" it is in for a serious hand-slappin'!!!

Oh, and it's more than just a pretty face too! It provides 4 hi-speed (2.0) USB Ports in a small compact size! This hub takes up almost zero space since it's mostly just cords! It will free up gobs of space your desktop! This guy is so small, that it could easily fit in your pocket!!! Really! You can take it anywhere, making it ideal for both notebook or desktop computers!!! (I can't wait to take this on the road)

Even Better- it even has 100% hot-swappable protection. What does this mean? Hot-swappable means that you can simply plug in your device when you need it, then yank it out when you're done. You don't need to take the time to formally eject it or have to worry about the stuff you have plugged in!!!! Cool :-)

Your price? Get this!! The coolest UBS hub on the planet can be yours today for just $10.97 and US Shipping is Free. I know, hard to believe you can get this much innovation for that kind of money! Run to the site before they sell out (Or before I decide just to keep them all for myself) Check it OUT:

BONUS - Order today and we'll toss in that FREE Personal Fan too!

PS: Yup, I love this hub!!! And I am sure you will too! Order one today, this deal is just too good to pass up- You'll be kicking yourself if you wait till tomorrow when the price will increase to $14.97!

This is BIG News...REALLY Big!!!image

The ULTIMATE "Energy Saving" Flashlight!!

Why? It's The Cheapest To Use!


This Is "The Dynamo"!!!

Solar Powered Or Crank Powered Or BOTH!

SUPER Blindin' Bright LED Flashlight!!!

How many times have you wished you had a flashlight that didn't use batteries? Crazy thought, heh? Well, not really. Not now! 'Cause this flashlight doesn't use batteries! Doesn't even have batteries! It doesn't even have a battery compartment 'cause it doesn't use 'em!!!

First, this flashlight is SOLAR gets it's power FROM THE SUN!! Just set it out on a dashboard or window ledge during the day and it automatically charges (you didn't think it only worked with sun shining on it, did ya?) Oh, but that's not all!

It also has a Crank Handle so you can manually crank up the amps and generate your own power! Either way, what this means is that this flashlight NEVER Needs Batteries!!! WOW!!! Never...Needs...Batteries!!! Not now...not EVER!!! can just leave this flashlight on the dashboard of your car, in the kitchen window or anywhere there's sunlight. And then when you need a flashlight, it's there, ready to go! You'll NEVER have to worry or wonder if the batteries are "still good"! Oh, and if the solar charge runs out, just crank for a bit! With less than a minute of crankin' we had nearly 2 HOURS of light!

And how many flashlights have you ruined because the batteries leaked and ruined the flashlight? (That can get expensive!) Never again!!

To turn it on, just click the button on the top and THREE Super bright LED lights turn on! Don't need that much light? Fine...just click it twice more and now only ONE LED light turns on! (What a great way to conserve the built up solar power!)

And this is THE BEST flashlight that I've seen to keep in your emergency kit, and I'll tell you why: If there's a storm, tornado, hurricane or other natural disaster and you don't have any electricity for a few days, you may be in position where you're gonna need to have a light on DURING THAT ENTIRE TIME! And if you have a regular, battery powered flashlight, you'd better have a caseload of batteries...'cause you may just need 'em! AND, you can only hope that they're still fresh!

But that's not all that's great about this "Dynamo" flashlight! This light is solid and built to weather the storm...literally! The entire body of this light is covered with a rubberized coating! In fact, the only areas that are't covered with this material are the solar panel cells and the headlamp where the light shines out!! And the crank handle is made of a hard, durable plastic and when it's not in use, it folds up into the body of the flashlight! That makes it very slim and easy to carry around! PLUS, it's only 4 1/2 inches long so it's nice and compact so you can carry it or stow it anywhere!

So, don't waste any more money on batteries! Get the flashlight that'll give you peace of mind!!! And in celebration of this incredible, "next-generation" in lighting technology, we're gonna set the price so low, you'd be crazy not to get one of these...especially when you compare this to spending twice as much for a good "battery" operated flashlight. Heck, this will pay for itself in the batteries you DON'T have to buy!

Today we whave these for the unbelievably low price of just $14.97 and US shipping is FREE!!! (and we'll toss in that FREE personal fan if you order today)!


P.S. - These will go fast! Make sure you get at least one at this great price!!

Yikes - Buy now or pay $19.97 tomorrow! Better hurry!

Super-Exciting!3-Button USB Optical Scroll Mouse


Super New Optical Mouse!

On Sale Dirt-Cheap Today!!!

You're Absolutely Gonna LOVE This One!

This mouse is by far the most comfortable mouse I have ever used! Just wait till you try it! If you're in front of your computer a lot, you need a mouse that fits your hand and is comfortable to use. I mean, if your job involved standing all day, wouldn't you use have to wear comfortable shoes? Well, why not have a comfortable mouse if you are sitting at the computer all day? If you are looking for a mouse that feels like it was built using your hand as the mold, you're gonna LOVE this little guy!

But, not only is this mouse comfortable but it has such an stylish design. The black and clear style matches just about any computer!

Oh- and I have to tell you about the precision and accuracy! This mouse comes with a really comfortable scroll wheel that makes scrolling easier, smoother, and faster! I use to think that the scroll wheel didn't matter, but just wail till you see how well this rolls - and how "finger-friendly" it is!! WOW! Plus, this mouse is optical, so you know that it is going to be accurate on almost any surface! I am tellin' ya, this mouse just blows me away!

Just a few more things, and then we will talk price!!! With its ergonomic design, this mouse is perfect for both right and left handed users! And finally, this mouse has plug and play. Yep, that's right, all you have to do is plug it in and it will start to work!!! Now that is nice!!

Okay, so now the price! Get this!!! For just $9.97 you will receive this fantastic mouse! Oh, and don't forget the US Shipping is Free! Hey, and remember - there's a FREE Personal Fan in it for ya if you order today! Order now!

PS: The price on this fantastic mouse is going up first thing tomorrow to $18.97! Don't miss the deal on this one!

Wow! Now That's A BRIGHT Idea!

Awesome New Desk Lamp!

Flexible Neck, Super Shiny LEDs

No Cords- Take This Light With You Everywhere!

Wow! We just got in these super bright Flexible LED Desk Lamps, and this baby is never leaving my desk again!

It's really, really great! Not only is it amazingly light weight, it has this super-flexible neck that allows you to twist it and bend it to where ever you need the most light!

Speaking of light- man- oh- man you'll be amazed how much light this little guy throws! After I plugged in the 3 AAA batteries, this lamp automatically turned on, and it nearly blinded me! Those little LED's were nice and bright!

Another awesome thing about this handy desk lamp is that it runs on batteries, which means no need to fuss with messy electrical cords. And because you are using LED lights, not only is saving battery power, but the little LEDs will never burn out! I am tellin' ya- this lamp will run strong for way over 50,000 hours! WOW!

Wouldn't this be just fantastic for traveling? I was in a hotel last weekend on one of my photo trips and it just didn't have enough light. Well, when I saw this light this week, I decided that this is going to be added to my laptop bag! If you travel with your laptop, this is a real no-brainer!

I have mine set up on my desk, angled at my keyboard! And It works great! But this light is also perfect if you are into little craft projects where you need a little extra light! Better yet- it works great as a book light too! You gotta check out this handy desk light- just click the little on/ off button and you will never be caught in the dark!

Cost? Wow- we have a super special for you today- just $10.97 and US Shipping is Free! Oh, and hey, order now and you'll get that FREE Personal Fan too!!

The Price will increase to $16.97 on Monday! Order now!

Hey There -

You Look Like The Kind Of Person That

Needs An Easy Way To Get Data Off Their Old Hard Drive!

Wait A Minute - Or Are You The Type That Would Just LOVE

A Really Cool Way To Backup Data?

Either Way, Your Gotta Love This Goofy-Looking Adapter!

WOW - we just came across the handiest little USB Cable Adapter that you're absolutely going to love! Check out these two great uses:

Easily retrieve information from your old hard drive ~
This is super easy, you simply hook the cable to your old hard drive (or even a laptop) and then plug into a USB port on your current computer and "presto" ~ your old drive now shows up as an external hard drive. How simple and easy is that? You can now access any and all the information you have on that drive and save it to your current computer, a flash drive, whatever ~ super simple, anyone can do this!

Turn an internal drive into a convenient external drive for back-ups ~
Do you know what external hard drives are going for compared to internal drives? Well, a 500GB internal drive is about $150.00 and the 500GB external drive is about $279.99 ~ yikes! The main difference is the nice case on the external drive so when it sits on your desk, it looks pretty. I gotta tell you, for a backup drive I don't need it to look pretty ~ I just want it to hold my data and then sit in the desk drawer quietly until I need it again ;-)

Now, this is where this USB Cable Adapter comes in really handy. Again, just hook the adapter up to your "internal" drive (it doesn't have to be inside your computer) and then plug into an existing USB port on your computer. Again, easy! The drive will show up as an external drive on your computer and you can easily back-up all your files ~ pretty cool, huh? When you're done, you can disconnect and store the drive in a drawer ~ no need to have it taking up desk space! And, you've saved about $130.00 by using an "internal" drive as your backup drive! Works with IDE & SATA drives, so it covers pretty much everything!

If you find yourself in either of these situations, I'm telling you ~ you've got to give this a try. You won't believe how easy this really is ~ even the "non-techies" will be surprised! Oh, yeah ~ almost forgot, TODAY ONLY your cost is just $19.97 and that includes FREE shipping in the US! (and we'll toss in that FREE personal fan if you order today)!

This Price will increase to $29.97 on Monday!!!

The Smartest (And Cheapest) Way To Listen To Your MP3s!

Listen To Your Songs On YOUR Car Radio!!

NO MP3 Player or iPod Required! Really!

Not Just Another Transmitter!

This Is Ingenious!! You'll Have To Read To Believe!

If You Have MP3s, You (really, really) Want This!!

Amazing Deal - Today ONLY!

Oh WOW!! You know those transmitters that let you plug in your iPod or MP3 player and listen to the songs though your cars radio? This takes that idea to the next level by eliminating the middle man - the MP3 player or iPod!!!

How the heck does that work?!?!? Hey, I'm glad you asked - this is brilliant! OK, you have all those great MP3s sitting around on your computer right? Well, with this little device, you just copy them to an SD card or flash drive, then plug that same SD card or flash drive into this transmitter! This finds your songs and transmits them to your radio! No iPod or MP3 player necessary! Now THAT'S what I call an idea!

Just think about this, you can get about 250 songs on a 1GB SD card or flash drive. How many CDs is that you no longer need to carry? Hmm, figure about 12 songs per CD, a little math and I come up with you not hauling around approximately 20 CDs!!! Hmm, what about a 2 GB SD card for flash drive? Well, that's like 40 CDs you're no longer draggin' around! WOW!! All those songs on a tiny little flash drive or SD card instead of a huge, awkward CD holder. Talk about an idea huh?

Oh, and this is really great - Even if you don't have an MP3 player or iPod, you could still use this to play downloaded MP3s in your car! I wish I would have found this before I found my iPod, that's for sure! I listen to my songs at my computer and in my car - and pretty much that's about it. With a device like this, I simply don't need a player anymore!

Hmm - what if you DO have an iPod or MP3 player? Did you pay a lot for it? Did you know that an MP3 player or iPod sitting in the front seat of your car is a break-in just waiting to happen? Why risk taking your expensive iPod or MP3 player out when this does the same thing? PLUS this is easy to leave in your car all the time! I put several hundred songs on a SD card, and just leave that card and this transmitter in my Jeep. I always have a great selection of music at my fingertips (and with my local radio stations, that's a GOOD thing)!

OH, and this transmitter was designed by some kind of genius, that's for sure! Not only is the concept fantastic, but everything else about the design is just outstanding! First, it doesn't need batteries - it plugs into your car's cigarette lighter! It has the all the basic controls right on the unit - play, forward, back, stop, ect. You can tune it to 206 different FM channels, and it even has a remote control if you don't want to reach down to the unit itself!

I've seen similar items retail for upwards of $75.00 - but with the great deal we have for you all on these, your cost is less than half of that - just $24.97 and that includes FREE shipping in the US! Hey, and remember - there's a FREE Personal Fan in it for ya if you order today!

Check it out:

The price will increase to $34.97 on Monday!

You've Never Experienced The Bible Like THIS Before!

Amazing CD Set - James Earl Jones Reads The Bible!

The Most Amazing Narration You've Ever Heard!

Comes On 14 CDs - 19 Absolutely Amazing Hours!

WOW!!! We were FINALLY able to get these! I'm so excited - we have what is possibly the most engaging, interesting, and enchanting way to experience the Bible! It's a 14 CD set called James Earl Jones Reads The Bible and you won't believe the auditory treat you're in for with this one!

Hear the entire New Testament - every word - read to you by the man with the most amazing voice on the planet - James Earl Jones! It's been called the greatest spoken-word Bible EVER! And once you hear it, you'll understand why over half a MILLION copies have already been sold!

You have to hear it to believe it, so we made a quick little audio sample to whet your appetite and placed it on the product page. Give it a listen - you'll be mesmerized!

Also, this is NOT software - this is a set of regular audio CDs. So, sure, you can play them on your computer, but you can also enjoy them in your car, out walking, on your stereo (you should hear this set on good stereo system - the words melt into your consciousness as you sit and listen), or anywhere you can play a regular audio CD!

This is probably one of the best ways ever to experience the bible. If you enjoy reading the Bible, you'll absolutely love it - but if you've never read the Bible - you know, you'll get around to it - why not give this a go? What a great set to have!

Your cost? Get this - these retail for $35 (which is a fantastic price, really), but your cost today is just $15.97 and US shipping is FREE! We looked around and that's at least $10-$15 cheaper than anyone else out there has it for - It's an amazing deal! (and we'll toss in that FREE personal fan if you order today)! Check it out:

PS - You know the drill - that price is good today only! Tomorrow it leaps to $24.97!! Better grab it now - you'll be glad you did!

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