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** Sale pricing ends June 25, 2009 at 11:59 p.m. unless otherwise noted**

WOW! Amazing DIGITAL Tire Gauge!

Makes Checking Your Tire Pressure A Snap!

Save TON$$$ In Gas With The Proper Tire Pressure!

Here's an absolutely incredible deal on a Digital Tire Gauge! I love these things! I personally have one and let me tell you - after you go digital with your air pressure readings, you just aren't going back to the "blow out the stick" type gauges :-)

It's SOOOO easy to use! Just press it to your valve stem and it will give you an EXACT reading of your tire pressure! PLUS it covers a HUGE range - from a mere 3 PSI to a whopping 99 PSI - this has you covered for just about every type of tire you'll ever run across!

What I love about these is there's no guesswork. With the "blow out the stick" type gauges, you are always wondering if you stuck it on the valve stem right, ya know? Heck, I can stick one of those old-fashioned gauges on the valve stem 3 times and get three different readings! Why even bother - my thumb pushing on the tire would be as accurate! With this, all the "mystery" goes away!

Not only that, this even includes a handy tire tread gauge to see how much tread you have left ton your tires! How cool is that?

Finally, making it easy to check your tire pressure makes it easy to save on gas. Everyone knows that properly inflated tires get better MPG! I think it's time to double check my tires!

Oh,and get this - Just $14.97 and US shipping is FREE! It's a heck of a deal - make sure you grab one before they sell out!

PS - You guessed it - this is another limited quantity deal. Get to the site early and grab one of these for each of your cars! Give 'em a try - you'll never go back to the old tire gauges

Make The Best Movie In The World- Your Own!

Movie Magic Made Incredibly Easy!!

Turn Your Movies Into Amazing Video CDs Or Post 'Em Online

WOW- All For $12.97

What An Amazing Deal!

MovieShop Select 6 is a program that I am soooo excited to tell ya about! If you shoot video (whether it is from a video camera, web cam, or digital camera), this is one piece of software you just gotta own! It's great!

How many times have you shot some amazing footage, but really wished you could do a little editing to make it even better? You know what I mean right? Think of all those home movies that you have to endure that include all kinds of mind-numbing parts - mindless conversations, camera left on as someone walks, maybe a tripod shot that covers an entire (yawn) event. Of course, somewhere on that video, something really great happens. Next time you want to watch that film, what are you going to do? Fast forward through all those boring parts, right? Wouldn't it be great if there were a way to edit the movie so you could keep the good and toss the bad? Of course it would be!

Well, that is why you gotta check out MovieShop Select 6! This program is too cool! And it will really (REALLY) make your home videos PERFECT!

Now many of you probably think that creating your own movies is a real pain in the neck- well not with the help of this stellar program! Wait until you load it into your computer! You're going to be amazed at how easy it is to make really cool movies with just a few simple clicks of the mouse! This program really makes that special movie magic phenomenally simple! In fact, you'd better set some time aside before you start with this one - it's really hard to pull yourself away! I did one movie really quick, then started going through my massive collection of videos on my computer - 3 hours later (felt like 20 minutes) I came up for air! I was having a real blast!

Now, I know what you're thinking - With all that cutting, slicing and stretching, video editing could be a very long, boring process- NOT with MovieShop Select 6! This program has all of the advanced video editing tools but it is super easy to use too- all thanks to the amazing comprehensive tutorials that make editing your movies and creating spectacular new videos incredibly easy!

Oh, and it's all drag and drop simple too!! Really, all you have to do is cut the video footage you want to use, then drag it to the bottom movie reel, choose a transition, add some music, then pick the section you want to cut and use and drag that to the bottom real as well. The program automatically connects the two separate scenes together! There is nothing else for you to do but enjoy you new creation! Pretty cool huh? I thought so!

You can even add real cool professional touches like music, transitions, and titles! Make the scene fade out and the music soften all at the same time! Even add your own ending credits too! There's no doubt about it, you'll feel like you are watching a movie edited by the big shots out in Hollywood- these features are just that cool!

I am going to use this to make a highlights movie of all of my my son's first baseball games and hand them out to his coaches, team mates, and his grandparents as Christmas presents. They are all going to love it- plus it will really save me some money this holiday season! Everyone is going to be blown away!

Another great thing this program lets you do is share your movies by burning them to a CD that will play in any DVD player! How about that - you don't even need a DVD burner to make a disk to play in a DVD player! Or better yet, post them to the web or send them off through your email! How awesome is that!!! Now everyone you know can share your great video in a matter of seconds!!! :-)

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro- this video editing software is simply amazing! It has it all to create beautiful movies in just a few quick steps!

And don't forget about the price! It truly is unbeatable! Most video editing software is outrageously priced (we're talking $60+ , but you can get into the $100+ range real quick too), and it isn't not even close to being as user friendly as MovieShop Select 6! Today only get MovieShop 6 for the super low price of just $12.97 and US Shipping is Free! Don't miss out on this fabulous deal! Order now!

PS: Yep, this deal is only good for this week!

Special Pricing!

Due to a special deal with one of our suppliers, we're able to put the three items below on sale at an amazingly low price! ALL are on sale THIS WEEK ONLY!! Make sure you grab 'em while they're cheap!

# 1

Pre-Season Sale!! Lowest Price Ever!!

Fun Color Changing Solar Lights!

Perfect For Backyard Barbecue Parties!!

These Solar Lights are SO MUCH FUN!

Have you always wished your sidewalk or backyard had more lighting, especially those dark areas around the edge of your yard where the wiring just can't reach? And digging up your yard and having wire run is just too expensive for those little lights. Besides, who wants to deal with the incredible mess of digging up the grass just to put up lights that are suppose to make your yard look better? Well, we have the perfect solution! Wait till you see these!

We have an amazing deal on some fantastic Solar Lights for you today! These are just AWESOME! These are completely rechargeable and require absolutely no maintenance on your part! You don't even have to remember to turn them on and off, they do it automatically with the Auto on/off sensors that turn the lights on at dusk and off at dawn! Now that is FANTASTIC!

PLUS - You can put these lights anywhere outside! There is no digging, no wiring, and no cords to mess with! Seriously, Nothing is better than NO Hassle, right?

All you do is flip the little switch on the back and stick'em in the ground! It is really that EASY!

OH and wait till you see this! These solar lights are extra awesome because they change colors!

After you enjoy the beautiful colors of the sunset, relax in the backyard and watch your solar lights take over the show with the beautiful colors of the rainbow. These light weight lights will change from red, to blue, to green, to yellow, and then to purple, all within a matter of seconds. And, the solar panels keep a charge for hours!

I already have a set and they're GREAT! We're going to line the walk to our deck with these, as well as the walk to the front of the house! They look amazing at night and last longer than I'm willing to stay up and find out!

Your Cost? We have these on sale today for just $20.97, FREE US Shipping! PLUS - This is a 2 pack!!!

6 Solar Lights - Just $35.97! (Best deal - you save a whopping $14.94 - almost like getting a 2 pack for free)

Awe your friends with a great atmosphere during a backyard barbecue! Hurry, these fun lights won't last long!

They're BACK!! We absolutely BLASTED through our inital batch of these and have been hunting for more ever since! Well, we were able to find some, so now's your chance to grab one of the most popular programs we've ever offered! Just wait till you try it - you'll be blown away!

WOW! A MUST-HAVE For Digital Camera or Video Owners!!

Make Your Own CD or DVD Slide Show!

Incredibly Easy To Use!

Create A DVD or Video CD In Minutes From Your Photos!

All You Need Is A CD Burner - No Special Hardware!!

And Just Wait Till You See The Deal!


PLUS... You Won't Believe How FAST and Easy It Is To Do!

I'm so excited! We have just the coolest software for you today! If you shoot digital photos or even digital video, this is one piece of software you just gotta own! I almost can't stand how cool this is! I had to tear myself away from it just to write this review up!

It's called SlideShow Expressions and it lets you create these absolutely amazing DVDs or Video CDs from either your digital photos or videos (or both)! All you need is this software and a standard CD or DVD burner!! The resulting movies are incredibly professional looking and between all the "ohhs and "ahhs", everyone is going to ask how the heck you did these incredible shows!

I mean, think about it. You've probably taken a lot of photos and maybe even some home videos. Now's your chance to bring 'em back to life and share them with your family and friends! Don't let them just sit and gather digital dust on your hard drive (yeah, we know about you), it's time to really DO something exciting with 'em!

First off, SlideShow Expressions really couldn't be easier to use! You'll be blown away the first time you use it! Amazing how simple they can make these things! Seriously, it gives you all the shortcuts, the wizards, and the help you need by doing all the "hard parts" for you! Just start the wizard, import your photos (soooo easy), and follow the prompts! Ten minutes later, you have this absolutely amazing digital slide show of your images that is going to drop the jaw of anyone who sees it! Really - just wait till you try it! This takes you from beginning to end and shows you how to turn your favorite photos and videos into DVD's or Video CD's that frankly even you won't believe you were able to create yourself!

Sure, it's easy to use, but at the same time it's designed to help you produce stunning, professional quality projects in no time! You're not going to find ANY OTHER program that's this fast and easy...believe me...we've tried!!!

Here, just take a look at just some of the amazing features this has! Once you start the program, the easy-to-use "Wizard" starts up and asks you questions to help give you the features and designs you need to create the final result you want! Start out with taking your favorite photos and editing them to a professional level that will not only amaze you but your family and friends as well!


Oh, and get this. Included with this program is a fantastic mini photo editor that makes it oh-so-simple to "fix" and enhance those photos that didn't seem to come out quite the way you wanted when you took them! And don't worry, there's plenty of examples to show you what to do to really "tweak" 'em to how you want 'em to be!


As if that wasn't enough, you can add picture captions to go with your photos! You can also create on-screen menus and on-screen "chapter buttons". And you can "trim and edit" not only photos but videos as well! Think that sounds cool? Oh, just wait till you see the "Pan and Zoom" effects...this will blow your mind!!! What this does is let you bring your "still" images to life by "panning" across pictures and zooming in and out! And the program lets you choose the "begin" and the "end" views for a photo! For example, the slide can start with the focus exclusively on a small section of a photo and then the view can zoom out and pan in any direction to shift focus to an entirely different area! You've complete control over the focal shift. Here's the section of the program that shows you EXACTLY HOW TO DO IT!


But hang on...we're not done yet! Next you can choose slide transitions! Instead of just slapping them up on the screen, the software does these awesome scrolls, zooms in / out, fades, etc.! It really looks like it was done in a professional studio! In fact, there are tons of different "styles" you can choose from to give the show the exact "look" you're going for! It's sooo cool - you'll have a blast putting your production together!

And of course no "professional" level video presentation would be complete without audio, would it? So, let's add some music or even your own voice! Oh yeah, we're ready for the BIG LEAGUES!!!

So what do you do with your slideshow once it's been created? Tons! OK, first off, what if you want a CD or DVD to show off on your home TV set? Hey - that's my favorite use for this! Just save your show to a DVD or CD - either of which will play on ANY standard DVD player!! That's right - just pop in a standard CD-R or DVD-R and create a movie - no special CDs, DVDs or burners required!

Oh, and the "saving" options don't stop there! Want to publish your slide show directly on the Web? No problem! You can share your creation your photo slide shows with friends and family online at sites like MySpace, YouTube and other social Websites! Want more? You can convert your photo slide show for use on an Apple iPod, Sony PSP players, most MP3 players that support video, even cell phones that are "media enabled"! WOW!!! Talk about customized production! You've got it all!

Oh, and wait till you see this - It also INCLUDES A CD / DVD LABEL MAKER! That's need to buy another program to design and create you DVD's already included! Don't just hand out a "blank" disc when you can design and print personalized CD and DVD disc labels and cover sheets! Now you can make your DVD presentation complete and give it that professional "polished" look! And with the templates and easy to follow tutorials you'll turn out awesome labels in no time!

This is GREAT way to archive and preserve your photos and home videos. You can organize an entire year's worth of pictures and put them on a CD or DVD! Plus, do it fast and easy. And you can even hand out copies to everyone you know. Great for family events like weddings, graduations, parties, you name it!

Don't Spend $40 or more for different programs that do each separately when the SlideShow Expressions can do it all! And to top it off, you can have all of this today for just, $12.97 and US shipping is free!!!

P.S. - Your family and friends are gonna love being able to see your photos and videos on their own DVD player in their living room! You're really gonna be thrilled with this!!!


This Isn't For Everyone.... Only For Those of us



This is a cleaver little idea you probably wish YOU had thought of! A Ceiling Fan Vacuum Cleaner Attachment!!!

Think about it..Ceiling fans are a real nuisance to clean. .First you have to stand on a ladder (or balance on a chair like some of us "dare devils"...O.K.... "lazy people"). And the problem is that you have to reach HIGH enough to be able to get over the TOP of the fan blades! After all, the top of the blade is where most of the dust congregates, right?. (You can probably tell I've done this once or twice before, which is why I absolutely HATE doing it!)

Anyway, then you have to wipe off the top of the blade and at least half of the dust falls down onto your face and hair. (Believe it or not, there's actually a term for this! It's called, "Dust fallout." )

Well, check this out: We came across this neat little gizmo that's really does make cleaning fans a WHOLE lot easier, faster and a lot less messy!

All you have to do is slip the Ceiling Fan Vac Attachment onto the nozzle or hose of your vacuum cleaner and whoosh! Pretty slick, heh? It has a unique hinge design that allows the vacuum "fingers" to open and close around ceiling fan blades. And since the Ceiling Fan attachment covers both the top and bottom of the fan blade, you save time by cleaning BOTH sides at the same time!

It comes with an easy-to-use universal adapter so it'll fit all major brands of vacuums including:

Eureka, Electrolux. Hoover, Kenmore, Kirby, Panasonic, Royal, Fantom, Shop-Vac, any 1-1/4" vacuum hose.


So, scoop one of these up (get it?...that was a cleaning joke!!) You'll be "cleaning up" (there I go again!) at just $14.97!

P.S. - Thought you'd find it as handy as we did. Grab it now!

Make Your Own T-Shirts!

Great For Family & Special Events!

Design it Yourself and Save Money!

When is the last time you bought a T-shirt because it had a design on it you liked? How would you like to easily make any design you want for your T-shirt at a fraction of the cost of buying a new one? You can easily do this with T-Shirt Maker 4! The only tools you will need is an iron and a printer, of course you will need your computer too.

It has a bunch of ready-made templates you can use for your project or you can even make your own design if you want to! You don't have to just make T-shirts with this software package either, you can make colorful designs on curtains, handbags, jeans, almost anything you can think of - how cool is that! Once you get the design made all you have to do is print it on the transfer paper and iron it on the fabric.

The T-Shirt Maker 4 is not hard to use, nothing complicated about it to have to learn before you use it. Choose a design from the templates already there or you can make your own. You can add your own pictures, text, and borders!

It has more than a hundred redesigned t-shirts and many digital images you can use. You can also make your own art or use your photos to create your T-shirt, curtain, tablecloth or whatever you like! You might even think about making some things to sell using it or make some items for special events you are having!

The T-Shirt Maker 4 works with all the major graphic formats, so it should work with whatever software program you are already using for your pictures.

You will be able to preview your design and see how it will look according to the size of the item you are putting it on. You can be sure it is just right before you transfer it onto your fabric.

You can put your own personal stuff on you shirts or other things, like pictures of you kids, grandkids, boyfriend, or girlfriend, add whatever words or captions you want to go with it! Find or make pictures of a dragon, butterfly or anything else you like. Make any statement you want to the world!

No more searching at the store for a T-shirt design you really like, just make it yourself. It's easy to do with the T-Shirt Maker 4 and it will save you money.

Speaking of saving money, we have this on Sale Today for $7.97 and Shipping in the USA is Free!

PS: Price will increase to $14.97 next week!

The Smallest Crank Flashlight Ever!


It's So Small, It Fits On A Key Chain!

But Don't Let It's Size Fool Ya!

This Little "Dynamo" Really Kicks Out Some Light!

I just have to say, this "Crank Flashlight" is about as practical as you can get! I mean first of all, it's bright...really bright! It has 2 Super Bright, White LED lights that throws out a beam of light that'll make you wonder if it's really coming from just this tiny flashlight!

And I know you'll love this: It Never Needs Batteries! Never! Nothin' to buy and replace! Instead, it has a little crank on the side, give it a spin and, You've Got Light!

15 seconds of crankin' generates 2 full minutes of light!! How's that for a return! (Too bad the utility companies didn't have a return that good!) Psst - when we cranked for 15 seconds, we got considerably longer than 2 minutes worth of light!

PLUS this Super Bright light is right where you need it - on a keychain! Think of're getting home late and trying to find the keyhole to your car or the front door to your house. Some light would really make that a whole lot easier! Or maybe you're sitting around the house at night and the lights go out - nice to have a flashlight right in your pocket! Maybe you need to look into a dark corner of your basement or attic. Maybe you need to look at something under the hood of your car. Maybe you're like me and need to shed a little more light into your computer case next time you're working on it!

Really, think of all the times when a little flashlight would have been handy to have with you! Best idea for a keychain EVER!

This is such a handy little gizmo, you'll definitely put it to good use! And with the price that we're lettin' this go for, you'll probably want to pick up a couple of 'em 'cause today it's just $8.97 and US shipping is FREE!!!

P.S. - Go ahead and start click' so you can start savin' some money on'll be glad you did!!!

Earth Quest - Sale Price $4.97
(Original Retail $14.99)

Enter this virtual museum environment and bring the geological world into your classroom with comprehensive information about rocks, minerals, and the geophysical forces that shape our planet.

Code Head: Calculated Risk - Sale Price $7.97
(Original Retail $29.95)

Got that tingling sensation deep in your brain? Race against the clock to answer tons of questions that test your knowledge of math, technology, and scientific info.

Go for it against the computer or your friends, and steal the game right out from under 'em. Now, with victory so close you can practically taste it, just how much are you ready to risk?

Atari Anniversary Edition - Sale Price $6.97
(Original Retail $29.99 )

Includes 12 Genuine Atari Arcade Hits!

Atari, the name synonymous with the video game revolution, presents the ultimate arcade collection.

Random House Webster's Unabridged Dictionary - Sale Price $6.97
(Original Retail $29.95)

The Right Word Every Time

Listen to word pronunciations from a real human voice - never be unsure on a pronunciation again!

The world's largest, most complete electronic dictionary of American English.

Print Shop Deluxe 22 - Sale Price $14.97
(Original Retail $49.99 )

With a wide array of high-quality projects, unique crafts and handy print creations the perfect personalized project is waiting for you or you may choose to start from scratch to make a design completely your own. The Print Shop 22 has all of the tools and templates you need for unlimited creative designs. Take your creativity to new heights with The Print Shop Deluxe 22.

Snap! Yoga for Beginners - Sale Price $3.97
(Original Retail $19.95)

This multimedia CD-ROM provides a dynamic introduction, performed in a soothing park-like setting, to this ancient and gentle regimen. Your choice of video yoga demonstrations offer personal instruction in postures and breathing techniques encompassing the standing, sitting, and lying positions. Snap!" Yoga for Beginners is a nice & easy initation to a slow & clam exercise system.

Math Blaster Ages 6-8 - Sale Price $8.97
(Original Retail $19.95)

The intergalactic carnival has arrived on planet Omega. Here's your chance to go for the grand prize and win the championship obstacle race. Check out the cosmic fairgrounds and try your hand at flinging pies,slinging space balls,and encountering some kooky animals along the way. It's a carnival quest so get ready, set, and start clicking!

Digital Photo Album 2 - Sale Price $9.97
(Original Retail $29.95)

Take the effort away from transferring photos from your digital camera with Digital Photo Album Version 2.1. Now you can easily load files onto your PC and retain total control over how you want your pictures to be seen. When you are happy with your album you will find a whole host of powerful tools at your fingertips allowing you to print any way you want, or export as a screensaver, Web page, slideshow and even a Video CD to show on your TV!

Merv Griffin's Crosswords - Sale Price $8.97
(Original Retail $29.99)

From the creator of Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune comes Merv Griffin's Crosswords, a fast-paced, totally new take on crossword puzzle fun. Race against the clock to solve each crossword clue as you build the puzzle for the final round. Merv Griffin's Crosswords combines the classic fun of crossword puzzles with fast-paced game show action in an incredibly addictive and accessible casual game for the whole family.

Chocolatier 2: Secret Ingredients - Sale Price $10.97
(Original Retail $29.99)

There's deceit and deception in the new chapter of the Chocolatier saga. A mole is controlling Baumeister Confections and it's up to you, along with the granddaughter of Evangeline, to build a new empire from the ground up and take over Baumeister Confections. Rise up in this industrial age of innovation and seek out secret ingredients to create rich new recipes!

Snap! Video Poker - Sale Price $3.97
(Original Retail $19.99)

Then ante up for Snap! Video Poker, the interactive game suite that brings the casino lounge to you. Play for stakes high, low, or middling - from a nickel to a grand! With your choice of multiple games including Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild, Jokers Wild, Double Premium Poker, and Triple Premium Poker, Snap! Video Poker is always ready to deal you in!

Diamond Knife and Scissor Sharpener - $6.97

CableNeat - $8.97

Birds: Eyewitness Virtual Reality Series - $5.97

Belkin 10Ft. Pro Series USB Cable - $8.97

24" Telescoping Magnetic Pick-Up Tool - $5.97

Please note: There are so many new titles we can not list them all. To check them all out:

Don't forget to check out our Cool Gadgets!

Afraid That You Missed Out On Something? Don't Be. We've Got You Covered. Below Are All The Awesome Deals We Ran This Week! Today is the last day we will have these items on sale. Don't Miss Out!

Know Yourself - From The Inside Out!

Absolutely AMAZING Anatomy & Medical Software

Incredible, Jaw-Droppin' High-Res Maps Of The Entire Human Body!

Fantastic Medical Dictionary and Encyclopedia!

You've Just Got To See This!

human body

The BEST Selling Human Anatomy Software in the USA!!!

Human Body 360 - DVD Professional Edition!

Human Body

We've been waiting and waiting for this and it finally came in!! I heard this was a phenomenal program so I've been dying to see what all the hoopla was about! Now that I've seen it, all I can say is, WOW!! JUUUST AWESOME!!! This is the most fully updated and complete consumer anatomy software available anywhere!!! And when you load this into your computer you'll know why!

The program is called Human Body 360 - DVD Professional Edition, and it's actually THREE Programs In One!!

Anatomy Atlas - High resolution maps of the entire human body. You can pinpoint specific parts of the anatomy and you're guided with accompany text, graphics and animations!

Medical Encyclopedia - A detailed visual encyclopedia loaded with text and illustrations linked together

Illustrated Medical Dictionary - A complete medical dictionary containing over 82,000 entries including 63,000 definitions, 11,000 illustrations, and more than 73,000 audio pronunciations! It's like having a printed dictionary in your computer, except you don't have to reach any farther than your keyboard  to look up the meaning of a word.  Just type in a word into the dictionary search window, or select a word using your mouse, and the dictionary will find the meaning of the word instantly! And the "audio pronunciation feature" reads the word to you so you can hear exactly how to pronounce it correctly!

human body

This a complete guide to the human body and how it works! And what's really cool is that the different programs all work together so you can drill-down and get as much detailed information as you need!

And let me tell you, there's a TON of information here!! Check this out:

Over 500 3-D models and animations

Over 3,000 detailed illustrations and graphics!

All together there's over 5,000 screens that cover virtually everything about the human body!

Human Body

You're gonna love the high resolution images. You can print them out right from each screen!

One feature that I thought was really great is something called, the "X-Ray Viewer"! This lets you see different layers of the body at the same time. Here's a screen shot I took of one of the slides. Sorry the screen shot isn't better, but the graphics in this program are so detailed it's tough to show it with a small screen shot!

Anyway, I brought up one of the illustrations, which was the muscle system. Then I clicked on the "X-Ray viewer", which has a "slider handle" that you just click on and drag up and down. Wherever you have the slide it shows an "X-Ray" view of the part of the body that you have the slider over! So you can look at one illustration, click on the X-Ray viewer and slide it down and now you can see what's "below" the body system you're viewing! I was looking at the muscular system and right around the neck level I clicked on the "X-Ray viewer". So at that point it shows the circulatory system just below where I clicked! Very cool!!!

human body

Here's another feature I liked called, "Virtual Reality" technology lets you move specific anatomical models to view them from a a variety of angles and perspectives. This is one of the 3-D models. Right below the model there's a section with some text that are detailed illustrations you can click on. (Again, I had to make these screen shots small so that I could include them here. The actual photos you see on the program are MUCH larger!) So you can click on an area of the diagram and you quickly zoom-in and get a "close up" view! If you double-click on an area of the photo, it'll bring up a page of text that gives you detailed information about what you're viewing!.

Plus you can click on a navigation arrow and now see the same section of the body from the side. Click again and now you see if from another angle! Cool, heh?

Human Body

There's just so much to this program and so many features, I can't list them all. Hopefully this will give you a taste of why I like this so much! And this retails for $29.99 (and worth every penny) but you don't have to pay that! You've not even going to pay half of that! Because today we've got this hugely popular program for just $9.97 and US shipping is FREE!!! But you better hurry cause these will be gone pretty quick!

Human Body

P.S. If you have teenagers or college students, how much easier would it be for them to use this to help them with their biology homework assignments!!! Are you kidding me?? They'll love it!!

The Most Incredible SD Card EVER Conceived! REALLY!

"Why Didn't I Think Of That?""Ground-Breaking Technology Alert"!!!

Hold On To Your Digital Caps Folks!!!

NOW... You Can Transfer Your Photos To A Computer


dual card reader

Or Even A Camera Cable!!

Too Good To Be True? That's What We Thought, But Read On...'re at a party at a friend's house and, of course, you take your camera along and you take a bunch of pictures. What happens next? EVERYBODY wants to see the pictures, right? At this point, you're probably thinking you're gonna have to go home, download all the pictures onto YOUR computer and then send emails to EVERYBODY who wants to see them!!! (there goes your night!) Well, maybe that was then...but not now!!

How 'bout this instead: just take out your SD card from your camera, take off the end of your new Secure Digital Dual and now you have a USB connector...ON THE END OF YOUR SD CARD!!! Just plug that into your friend's computer and now Everybody Can See All Those Photos Right On The Computer!!! Right then and there!!! You're the hero of the party AND you don't have to spend all night emailing photos just so people can see them!!!

Yeah, I know...."Where was this five years ago?" Well, it didn't exist back then....but we got 'em now!!!! And you are gonna love this card!

I'm sure you've gone on vacation, were out for the day taking some great shots and you wanted to see how they looked. Not just on that tiny LCD on your camera! You know...."How they really look!" You didn't bring your card reader or your camera cable or even your laptop! (Or even if you did, maybe you just don't want to take the time to mess with them, 'cuz now you don't have to!) All you have to do is take that card and just plug it right into the USB port of the computer at the hotel and Voila! "You've Got Pictures!" (How's that for "Instant"!)

And in case you were wonderin', you won't have to be standin' around the computer waiting all day for the photos to download 'cuz this card is FAST... screamin' fast! It has a rated speed of 80x! That's double the rating of the most SD cards! So your files will transfer faster than with a "typical" SD card!!!

PLUS you can load this card with photos 'cuz it sports 1 full GB of memory!! That means it'll hold an average of 230-300 photos from an 8 mega-pixel camera (depending on the specific size of each photo). No more having to delete some pictures so you can take some more! Heck, you've got room to keep 'em all and go thru 'em later! (Now that's what I like!)

And this supersized SD card isn't just for photos! It's an SD card! It's a "souped-up" SD card, but it'll work with any device that uses an SD card!!! So this will work with ANY FILES that fit on an SD card! Say you're at a friends house and they have some songs you want to snag real quick while you're there so you can load them on your computer at home. No long as you've got your "souped-up" SD card! Just plug this card right into the USB port of their computer and transfer away! And remember, you've got 1GB of memory so you've got TONS of storage room!

This SD card is so versatile you'll want to take it wherever you go - and you can 'cuz it'll fit right in your pocket or purse! But you won't have to empty your wallet or purse to get this "souped-up" SD card...not today anyway. Right now, today...try $12.97 and US shipping is FREE!!!

dual memory card

P.S. - This little card is a must-have not just for photo buffs but for anyone who has any device that uses an SD card!!! It's so simple and easy to's a no-brainer! And so is this price, so you better move on it now cuz you know that isn't gonna last!!!

Worth It's Weight In Gold? Oh Yeah!!!

And Wait Til You See The Amazing Deal YOU Get!!!

WOW!! 10 Foot USB Cable

With 24k Gold Connectors!

Gold USB Cable

Along With ALL the USB Connectors You'll Ever Need

For Every Conceivable USB Device

In One Handy Package!

But Don't Pay Over $40 For A Single-Connection USB Cable That Others Will Charge You!

(Wait Till You See Our Deal!!!)

24k Gold Plated connectors! So why is that such a big deal? Faster And More Accurate Data Transfer...that's why! You see, gold plated connectors don't oxidize so you get great electrical contact! And that means a Faster and Higher quality data transfer! "Fast" (480 Mbps!) so you're not waiting for your information to transfer or download. "Higher quality", so you don't have to down load your data again 'cuz the data got corrupted during the process! And as you probably already know, 24k Gold is more expensive than your "run-of-the-mill" materials. That's why most USB cables don't have 24k gold connectors!

But as they say, "A chain is only as strong as its weakest link!" So let's take a look at the rest of this cable...and then I think you'll see why this is top-notch as far as quality goes! Well, the cable itself has a "Foil and Braid shielding", to reduce EMI/RFI interference! That's why the better cables use this type of shielding! So, in other words, this USB cable is constructed of the highest quality component material and it features 24K gold connectors for quality data transmissions! And if that was all, it would be plenty and well worth the price. But, we're not done yet!!!

Because what really makes this USB cable package incredible is that you ALSO get 5 different USB tips! (And, "Yeah"...they're all gold plated!!!) So instead of having to buy FIVE Different cables, This One Does It All!!!

Why do you need 5 different connectors? Well, ever notice how your printer takes one kind of end, your camera another, and maybe your phone or external HD takes yet another (different) type of connection? Normally, you'd have to search all over for an adapter or cord for those special connections - What a PAIN! With this, that problem is GONE forever! Just grab the connector you need, plug in and go - works with ALL equipment!! (and no - that isn't a special cable that came with your phone, camera, etc - just a special end so you think you need to buy an extra cable from the manufacturer)

To give you an idea of just how fantastic this deal is, I happened to see a link for ONE 10 foot USB cable with gold connectors at Best Buy. The price: $40.99!!! Here, check it out for yourself here.

Not a bad USB cable, but only ONE connector. We're giving you FIVE!!! Go the math. (You're gonna fall over when you see our deal!!!)

So now you can connect your computer to your digital camera, printer, scanner, PDA, phone and more with this single USB cable!!! That's it all with just ONE USB CABLE and NEVER worry about the type of connection!!! Made of the finest materials available!!! Here are the connectors (Gold Plated!!!) that are included:

USB Type A
Type B
Mini A
Mini B
Type A female extension

Gold USB Cable

And finally, you can keep all these tips stored in this cool carrying pouch!!

And this cable is USB 2.0...but it's also backwards compatible with 1.x, so you can use it with your older USB devices! PLUS it's "Plug and Play" so no messin' around with software or anything else., Just plug it in and you're good to go! Oh, one more thing...It's also "Hot-Swappable", so you don't need to "power-down" your computer. You can plug your components right in..."on-the-fly"!!!

So, lets see....

You could go somewhere else and spend $40.99 EACH...times FIVE connectors for a total of $204.95!!! Or you could get this fantastic 10 Foot USB cable with FIVE (count 'em...FIVE) Gold Plated connectors....with "Foil and Braid shielding" for (gasp...choke...cough...) only $14.97!!!! And we'll through in US shipping for nothin'!!! Yeah, that's for real...$14.97 and US Shipping is FREE!!! I'm almost embarrassed to list this so low! But we got a great deal with our supplier so...what the heck! Why not "share the love"! But don't wait a second on this 'cuz these are gonna fly out the door!!! After all...everybody else is seeing this too!!! Here's your link...

Gold USB Cable

P.S. - Unfortunately, we don't have an unlimited supply. (At this price...are you kiddin'???) With this, all your USB devices are you ARE gonna need these connectors if you don't already need 'em now! Might as well get the best in quality at a phenomenal deal!!

WOW! These were amazingly popular yesterday in our Sunday Special newsletter so we thought we'd offer then to you guys too! Check it out - everyone can use one of these!

WOW!!! Check Out This Deal On This Screwdriver Set!!!




THIS Is One of Those Practical Set of Tools

That Every Single Home Shouldn't Be Without!

And At This Price, You Can't Afford NOT To Be!!!

This 32-Piece Mini Screwdriver Set is screwdriver-seta fantastic deal because it's one of those "all-purpose" items that we all seem to need from time-to-time. And when you're in the middle of a project and you need it, well, it's just got to be there! Now you can keep this entire set neatly, all in one place where you need it so it's there by the ready!!!

And wait til you see what is included with this set!!!:

4.5-inch screwdriver
4.5-inch extension
30 bits! WOW!!!

The 4.5-inch screwdriver has an easy-grip handle and even a swivel thumb rest to make fast work of the task at hand! The driver has an easy-to-use KEY-LESS CHUCK, so you can instantly swap-out any of the 30 bits that are included!

PLUS the 4.5-inch extension let's you can get to those hard to reach areas! And this has all the right screwdriver heads you'll need to get the job done! Slotted, Phillips and Posidriv and yes, even those ever elusive Torx bits are included! (If you've ever tried to find a "T-Hex" head, you know these are next to impossible to get. Well, we got ya covered 'cause THAT'S even included!)

All the bits are stored in three (3) bit holders that are labeled so you can quickly grab the right size:


Plus, the whole set comes in a compact, handy, hard-plastic holding case that's only 8.75" x 5.25" so it doesn't take up much room and can be stored just about anywhere!

This is PERFECT for the garage, tool box, modeler and hobbyist kits! And this is a MUST HAVE for that "kitchen utility draw" that we all have that holds all those "need to have" essentials of life!

Today you can have this home essential for only $13.97 and US shipping is FREE!!!


PS - This is a great deal at a "must-have" price so don't let this slip away! Price goes up to $18.97 next week!

Files In Your House As Entertainment? You BET!

WOW!! You've Never Had THIS Much Fun With BUGS!!

SHOCK 'Em DEAD With This Electronic, Bug-ZAPPIN' Gadget!

You Haven't Lived Till You've Zapped A Fly With An Electronic Tennis Racket!

You'll Have A BLAST As You Go Crazy With Bug-Zappin' Power!!

Best Part? No More Bug Guts After You Swat!
(Hey, had to have somethin' practical in there!)

OK, WOW!! These are still sellin' like digital hotcakes! The pesky little bugs out there don't stand a chance! A BIG Thank YOU to the hundreds who ordered - I promise - you're gonna LOVE these things! If you didn't get a change to order, come on - you're missin' out on one of life's best times! Nothin' like sitting our your couch and zappin' flies with an electronic tennis racket! Check 'em out!

Like I mentioned last week, we've been TRYING to get these for over a year now! Now that we finally have 'em all I can say is: You're gonna love this thing! It looks like an ordinary tennis racket, but it's not! This baby is a bug zapper! REALLY! You just turn this bad boy on and swat yourself a fly, mosquito, ect, and ZAP!!! It's dead!

SOOOOO much more fun than a stupid old fly swatter - and man, that little "CRRRAAACKK" you hear when insect meets highly-charged metal is VERY satisfying :-)

OK, sure, it sounds like I'm maybe enjoying myself at a level that is just a bit south of healthy, but I just can't STAND all the summer bugs that get into the house - I gotta get those kids to close the doors! Oh, and the flies! Don't they just drive ya NUTS? Always buzzin' around your food, your kitchen, head, kids, dog, crawling on your TV set - ARRGHH! Well, with this little racket in hand, you'll get an evil grin each time one of those little critters invades your close personal space! Heck, you may even start looking forward to those little buggers getting inside! A quick swing a POW! Flyin' into your house was their last mistake! That'll teach 'em to mess with ya! BRUAHAHAHAHAH!!

Plus, these are much cleaner to use than a regular swatter or some nasty bug spray! Think about it - no more squished fly guts smeared all over your kitchen counter (window, screen, arm, face)! This ZAPS 'em dead - a much cleaner method if you ask me (and did I mention it was a LOT more fun?) Oh, and bug spray - YUK - you don't want to use that in your house!

How do they work? Just pop in a couple AA batteries, and press and hold the button at the side. In a matter of seconds, it builds up a surprisingly high-voltage charge (don't touch the grate if you're pressing the button - trust me on that one)! Swat the bug and POP!! He's (literally) toast!

OK, seriously, you've gotta give these a try - you really haven't lived until you've fried a fly or mosquito using an electric tennis racket! I personally had a set of these last year and you'd be surprised how many people absolutely LOVED 'em! Without exception, every friend and family member that came over asked what it was, then went off hunting. So, these are either REALLY cool or I hang out with LOTS of bizarre people! Either way, you won't know till you try!

Your price for all this bug-bustin' bliss? Just $9.97 and US Shipping is FREE! Hey, you just can't buy this much fun for that kind of money anymore! Grab yourself one - you'll LOVE it!

PS - These really are sweet - you've gotta give 'em a try. Hey, if you don't love it like I do, just send it back within 60 days for a refund - nothin' to lose - and you know you want to try it :-)!

If You're EVER, In Your Lifetime, Going To Get Another Computer...

YOU Really Need THIS!

This Will Save You HOURS Of Hassle! It's AMAZING!

Here's A Super Easy Way To Move SOFTWARE To Another Computer!!

We're Talking Point & Click!!!

PLUS - Save A Whoppin' 70%!!

WOW! If you missed out on this eariler this week, you gotta get to the site and get yours ordered while you still can! THANK YOU to the HUNDREDS that have already ordered! This has got to be the coolest program EVER! 

It's called PC Mover and if you're ever, in your lifetime, going to get another computer, you REALLY (and I mean REALLY) need to grab this title!!! PLUS - You're gonna save over 70% off of retail AND you get a USB Link Cable included for FREE! WOW!!

What's it do? Glad you asked! This software allows you to move the programs and files from your old PC onto your new PC! Here's a video overview (click the picture below - scroll down when you get to the page - it's a YouTube video with a review of the product):

What's got me so excited about this software is that it can actually move programs from one PC to another. Moving files is easy (just use a CD or flash drive), but moving software is always a problem.

First off, trying to move most programs by yourself is all but impossible. Sure, the main program might be under your Program Files folder, but during setup, it probably installed lots of DLL files under your Windows System directory, registered those same files with Windows, maybe it placed shortcuts, added startup items, dropped in templates - well, you get the idea. When most software is installed, you get components and pieces of the software scattered all over your hard drive. Manually finding every part and putting it back on a new computer, placed where it should be and registered with Windows is almost impossible.

Of course, you could sit in front of your computer for hours on end reinstalling all the software that was on your old PC, but talk about a hassle. Finding all the CDs, locating all the serial numbers, downloading updates and sitting around all day just isn't my idea of fun. Besides, I know for a fact that I personally have several programs on my computer right now where the original install CD has been lost! If you fall into that same category, then this software not only saves you tons of time and frustration, but tons of money as well! We took the software for a spin just to see if it works as advertised. Check this out...

Our Test Results - WOW!!!

April, our MS Office Tips writer, just purchased a new Vista PC. Unfortunately, she had tons of programs on her old XP computer - many of which she simply couldn't find the CDs for or that had been downloaded years ago. She was looking at literally hundreds of dollars in new software to replace those CDs. So, I told her I needed to test this new software and she enthusiastically decided to give it a try.

First off, we were very impressed that the whole process is "wizard" driven. You don't really need to know much more than how to click your mouse in order to make this software work!

The first step was to install the software on both PCs - easy enough. Then you attach them with the included USB link cable (just plug it into each PCs USB port). Again, so far, so good.

At this point, we were ready for some decisions. First you have the option to exclude files - say you don't want it to transfer .Tiff files for some reason. Just tell the software not to transfer those We wanted all the data files, so we left this alone. Then it asks you what folders you want to transfer over. This is mostly for your data files, so we left the checkmarks in for all the folders that had data.

Next, and this was the cool part, the software scans the old computer and finds ALL the software that has been installed. It gives you a list with little check boxes so you can select only the programs you want to transfer to the new machine! Now that's slick! I don't know about you, but I have loads of programs on my PC that I never use but haven't bothered to uninstall, so being able to select only the programs I want to transfer is great! April found she only needed about half of the stuff she had on her old computer transferred, so she unchecked everything else. Oh, and it even tells you when you already have the same software on your new PC (this program will not overwrite existing files, so you don't need to worry about data loss).

After all the selecting is done, you simply leave the computer to do its thing. The software will transfer all your files and programs automatically! Depending on how fast your computers are, and how much data you're moving, this can take some time. So, I recommend doing this before you go to bed. When you wake up in the morning, your new computer will be all set to go with all your old software and files on it! That's what we did with April's, and it was just awesome how well it worked. All the programs that we transferred worked perfectly on the new computer - no problems at all - not one, zilch. This software really does the job!! It's awesome!

I'm planning on a new PC sometime next year, but I've been dreading all the reinstalls that go with it. My current PC is something like 5 years old, so I have a HUGE amount of software and data on it. It would take me weeks to get a new PC to the way I like it. With this software, I'll be able to do it a half hour before I go to bed! I love it!!

Oh, and this is cool too. If you're not planning on a new PC right away, don't worry! The software is upgradable to the newest version whenever you decide to make the switch! So, if you're planning on a new PC anytime in the future, grab this title now and stick it on your shelf!

Oh, and I'm not the only one who thinks this is fantastic. Look at the reviews!

"Kudos to you and your team for developing a well thought out, well implemented, long-needed product. In a word, BRILLIANT!"
John Hall - Microsoft Certified Professional

"PCmover justifies its price with a polished, easy-to-use interface that has Windows Easy Transfer beat, hands down."
PC World

"I was astounded by how good a job it did. Every application on the new computer worked. All settings were intact…power users wanting to make save hours of tedious system reconstruction should find it a blissfully simple, remarkably effective time saver."

As for the deal - this is incredible! This software sells for around $80 - but your cost is just $20.97 and US shipping is FREE! Is that amazing or what??

PS - If you think you're ever, in your lifetime, going to get a new PC you really need to grab this software! After seeing how great this works firsthand, I can't imagine migrating to a new computer without it. I know it's going to save me gobs of time and money when it comes time for the big upgrade!

Special Offer!

We've Sent Men To The Moon...

'Bout Time Someone Finally Figured Out How To Make

Earphones That Sound Great...


And That Are ACTUALLY Comfortable To Wear!

Music To Your Ears!

The Amazing Sound Of Headphones With The Light-Weight Comfort of Ear-Buds

If you've ever tried to listen music with earphones (or "earbuds" as they're often called) you probably have had the same gripes that I've had with 'em. Yeah, they're lightweight but the trouble is you have to "balance" them in your ear canal. And then they usually fall out, so you have to jam 'em so far into your ear that they're REALLY uncomfortable. And then you also have to watch the volume OR ELSE YOU GET BLASTED AWAY!!! So, I had just resigned myself to the fact that they were just more trouble than they were worth.

Well...we found the solution! We've just come across a NICE set that sound GREAT (YES...they're STEREO! ) and are VERY comfortable. (In fact, I'm wearing 'em right now as I'm writing this!)

Let's face it, if earphones aren't comfortable, who cares how they sound, cuz you'll never wear 'em to ever find out! Well, these stream-lined earphones really deliver not only on great sound but comfort too!

Here's why these "Stereo Earphones" work:

First off, each earpiece fits over and behind your ear, so they stay out of the way. And that piece is bendable so you can adjust it to your own comfort level! (Makes a huge difference!)

The other thing I like about these is that the earpiece is wrapped in a thin layer of rubber-neoprene so that makes 'em very comfortable as well. So when you place the earpiece in your ear it stays there...comfortably, and doesn't fall out! And I noticed that by being able to position the earpiece itself, that also explains why the sound is so good!

These are all small points but they're important. And when you point them all together, you have a really great set of earphones that you can take where ever you go! In fact, you can use these at your computer desk if you're working on your computer late at night or early in the morning and you need to keep the sound down.

And the cord is long enough (4 foot) without being too long so as to get tangled and in the way. (Another small point but something I've noticed as a problem with other earphones I've tried!)

And in case you were wonderin', this is the common plug (3.5 mm) that fits into the front and your computer and most other audio devices, like portable radios, laptops, cd /dvd/mp3 players, iPods etc.

Do NOT let the low price fool you on this. We just happened to get a great deal on these so we're passin' along the savings! Believe it or not, today these are just $8.97 and shipping in the US is FREE!

P.S. - At this price, might want to consider picking up 2 or three of these so you have one at your computer, one in the car and one you can stick in your pocket or purse for walks or bike rides!

Warning - This price is set to increase soon! Don't pay $14.97 for 'em later - grab 'em today!!

WOW! Special Introductory Price!

Here's One Last Chance!!
(Psst - You're Gonna LOVE This!)

Absolutely Amazing Data Transfer Device!

Smart PC-Link USB Data Transfer Cable

Just Plug In >> Drag And Drop Files Between Two Computers!

No Drivers To Install! No Special Software!

Includes Everything You Need!

Jaw-Droppingly Simple To Use! - You'll Be Blown Away!

Hey, if you are ever, in your life, going to buy another computer or need to get data from one computer to another, this amazing accessory is absolutely, positively a MUST-HAVE!

Let me ask you a question or two :-)

Have you ever needed to get the files from one computer to another? You know what I mean, maybe you just got a new computer and you want to get all your files, songs, photos, etc from the old computer to the new one. Maybe you have a laptop and wish there was an easy to way to get share your laptop and desktop files. Maybe you need a file or some photos off of a friend's computer. Who knows, maybe you just have a really big file that needs transferred from one computer to another.

So, are you still doing it the old way? Do you try and copy Gigs and Gigs of info to a flash drive? Burn dozens of CD-ROMs? Or worse - Try to e-mail the files? (Please tell me you're not doing that!) Don't ya wish there was a better way? There is!

We have these amazing Data Transfer Cables and they're going to change your computing life forever! They allow you to quickly and easily transfer files from one computer to another via the USB ports (PC to PC or PC to MAC)! Get this - you just plug the unit into the computer that has the files you want, then plug the included cable into the computer you want to transfer those file to - that's it! An Explorer-like window will open up one each screen and you just drag and drop! Anyone can do it, and it's MUCH easier than messing around with CDs or Flash drives!

What about the install? HA - There is none! Just plug and play, these have the drivers built right in! If you can pop in a USB plug and click a mouse, you're in the club!

Plus, these are USB 2.0, so it's like transferring your data with a souped-up Ferrari! Talk about fast - you'll be blown away at how quickly you get files from one computer to another. Oh, and don't worry if you only have USB 1.x - still works just fine!

I tell ya, there is simply no better way to get files from computer to computer! Just wait till the next time you need to move either large numbers or large size files - you'll be THRILLED you grabbed this! I love to use it when I'm transferring my photos from my trips off my laptop onto my main computer - it's an incredible time saver! Oh, and just wait till you upgrade to your next computer - your data is going to be there before you know it. Works for ANY kind of file you have too! Seriously, you'll wonder how you ever got along without it! You'll find it becomes as essential to your computer as your mouse! 

Why spend countless hours burning CDs and trying to transfer large files with flash drives? Just plug this into your computers, drag and drop, and be done with it already!

If you're ever, in your life, going to get another computer or need to get a file from one computer to another, you absolutely, positively MUST get yourself one of these!

Your cost for all this file-moving bliss? For today, we're talkin' just $16.97 and US shipping is FREE! Insane not to get one! Oh, and if you don't think it's as cool as I say it is, you can send it back within 60 days for a refund! That's how confident I am that you'll love this too! Check it out:

PS -  Next time you need to move files, you'll agree that this is the best cable you've ever owned! Regular price is $21.97 - don't miss out!

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