Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunday Only Special - WOW - Bustin' With Bargains - Best Deals Of The Year

Computer Tips

Sunday's Here!

I hope you're having a terrific weekend! Just to make it even brighter, I've collected a bunch of great items for you to check out! Tons of great stuff today - just wait till you see what I have in store for you :-)

~ Steve

PS - Want to order by phone? Our office is closed on Sundays, but you can still get the great prices you see here ~ please see the note at the end of this newsletter regarding phone orders placed outside of business hours.

OK, This Has GOT To Be The Coolest Flash Drive - Ever!

Store Over 1200 Photos!

Store Over 500 Songs!

Store THOUSANDS Of Docs!

Store THOUSANDS Of Files!

PLUS - It's Built Like A Tank And Even Includes A Cool Carabiner Clip!

A Must-Have - Dirt Cheap @ Just $10.97!!

YIKES!! Limited Supply - RUN To The Site NOW!

OK, we've had some pretty awesome flash drives in the past, but this has got to be the best so far! Check it out - We have an amazing deal on these sizzlin' hot DaneElec 2GB USB 2.0 Flash Drives! They even have an ultra-handy carabiner clip included so you can latch 'em onto anything! (and hey, it looks cool cuz it's all rugged and outdoorsey!)

Plus, these are completely Plug & Play! Just pull it apart, pop it into any USB slot, and that's it! Windows will open it up and you have access to all your files in just seconds! Talk about easier than fallin' off a slippery log! THIS is the way every accessory should work! Yeah!!

Oh, and do you know how much you can stick on one of these babies? We're talking a HUGE amount of data - 1200+ images, 500+ MP3 songs, even 360 minutes of MPEG4 movies! Oh, and if you're keeping regular documents (word docs, spreadsheets), the number you can store numbers in the THOUSANDS! Yeah, 2GB is talking some serious space - you'd be hard pressed to fill this bad boy up, that's for sure!

Dane-Elec 2GB USB Flash Drive w/Carabiner

I tell ya, you just can't beat one of these for getting data from one computer to another! We use them all the time to transfer data from a work computer to a home computer - heck, you could use it as a portable office (you can even get software that runs right from your new flash drive so you have a word processor, spreadsheet program etc. always with you - just add a computer)! Plus, it's built REALLY well so this baby is going to last a good long time!

Here's a really cool tip for 'em this summer! Check this out - let's say you just had a really fun vacation and you want to show your family and friends all your wonderful digital photographs! Just copy your pictures on here and take it to their place with ya. Don't hassle with e-mail or waste time trying to burn them all on a disc. Also, a great way to transport your favorite tunes!

PLUS - don't forget - this also includes that ultra-cool little carabiner clip! Makes it super easy to attach it to a keyring, backpack, purse, or if you "got your geek on", snap it to your belt loop and be "Star Trek Convention" cool! Now we're talkin' :-)

Your price for all this flash memory fun? Sure retail is like $40, but we aren't gonna let you pay that much - now way! We're talking just $10.97 and US shipping is FRRREEEEE!!!! Yeah, I know how you feel - gotta have it! Heck, you'd have to be takin' prescription strength crazy pills to pass this one by! Got one right here (on my belt loop baby) and it's SWEEEEEETTTTT!! Grab it today!

PS - Shucks, you know the deal - price is heading up first thing tomorrow! Don't pay $16.97 Monday - snag this bad boy today!

 WOW!!! Lowest Price Ever!!

The Most Amazing Screen Saver You'll Ever Own!

It's Like A Real GoldFish Or Saltwater Tank - Right On Your Screen!

You've Never Experienced A Screen Saver Like THIS!

So Realistic You'll Forget You're Looking At A Computer!

Give Yourself A Treat! Try This Today!

Just $7.97!!! Really!! Lowest Price Ever!

Oh, do we have a real treat for you today!!! We have the coolest screen saver combo EVER! It's Goldfish Aquarium AND Marine Aquarium all in one package! Let me tell ya - this combo is gonna completely blow you away! It'll be the most realistic screen saver to ever grace you monitor! Really - check this out!

First, I gotta tell ya - these are an absolutely AMAZING treat! The fish and the aquariums look so realistic that after a few minutes of watching you have remind yourself that you're actually staring at a screen saver and not a real aquarium!

The fish - oh, I gotta tell ya about the fish! Not only do they LOOK like real fish - they act like real fish! If you've ever watched a fish in an aquarium - that's REALLY how these act - (Well, almost - these don't jump out an die on the floor, and they don't just sit in the corner looking ticked-off at ya)! They swim, they "run into the glass", they hide behind weeds, the dart around, bump into each other - You'd have to go to the pet store for a more realistic experience! It's INCREDIBLE!

Oh, and they look completely 3 dimensional too! I've seen competing screen savers and, honestly, they don't really compete at all - their fish look like pancakes! These look amazingly 3-D and life-like (Heck, they look more lively than the ones in my real tank!)

PLUS - Just wait till you feast your eyes on the tanks! The surroundings are completely realistic! The plants actually "sway" in the current, random bubbles pop up, and day turns to night! It couldn't be cooler! In fact, you can even PICK the tanks and adjust the "accessories" in them! Really customizable and really easy to create the tank of your dreams!

Almost forgot - You even get to pick your fish! Choose how many fish you want, what type of fish you want and everything! Or, just let the software pick for you! Either way, it's a screen full of fantastic fish! Choose from 28 different species in Marine Aquarium and 12 amazing goldfish in the Goldfish Aquarium (my fav, BTW :-)

Of course, what's an aquarium without the sound of bubbles and water? Well, this covers you! You can toggle the sound on and off for an amazingly authentic aquarium experience! If you're like me, you'll find it hard to tear yourself away from the screen saver and get back to work! It's VERY fun to watch and incredibly relaxing too!

OK, I could go on and on about how incredible this set is, or I could show you some screen shots! Just take a gander at the images below - but remember - these are resized and as amazing as they look, really don't do the program justice! Head to the site for even more!

First, the Goldfish:

Relax to the swaying plants!

Turn off lights and enjoy a darkened tank!

View your fish from the top down!

Now, a few from Marine Aquarium:

Look at the life-like environment!

Marine Aquarium 2.6 & Goldfish Aquarium
The colors pop like crazy at "night"!
Marine Aquarium 2.6 & Goldfish Aquarium

OK, see what I mean? Again, I REALLY want to stress that those screen shots don't do it justice! Full-screen they look even more amazing - add some animation and sound and you'll find yourself checking your monitor for leaks!

Your cost for this incredible set? You get BOTH Goldfish Aquarium AND Marine aquarium (a $60 value) for just $7.97 and US shipping is FREE!! It's a deal you don't want to miss! If you've never had a screen saver like this, go ahead and give yourself a real treat today! You'll love it too!

PS - You know how it goes - this is a limited quantity deal so you'll need to get to the site early to get in on this one! Don't miss out - these really are amazing! Everyone should get to have a screen saver like this at least once!

Amazing "Smart Clock" Sets The Date and Time Automatically!

So YOU Never Have To Worry About Setting It!

Just Pop In The Batteries And Forget It!

Always Have Up To The Second Accuracy!

atomic clock

PLUS It's An Alarm Clock Too!


It Even Shows The Inside Temperature

Check Out Your New Favorite Clock!

Doesn't this clock look great? And on top of that, it'll give you all the information you need to start your day on the right foot! Take a look at everything that's displayed! And what's really amazing is how easy it is to read! WOW! Look at it!

It not only has the hours and minutes but also the Seconds! (I can't even recall the last time I saw a digital clock that had a "seconds" display, can you?)

And right below the time is a digital calendar with the Date and the Day!

PLUS it even shows you the temperature! And you can set it to read in Fahrenheit or Celsius! I love that feature...especially during the summer or winter! How many times have you thought about adjusting your air conditioning or heat and wanted to check what the actual temperature was? Well, now you can do just that without even having to get out of bed!

And the display is illuminated (just hit the button right at the top!) so it's easy to read, even in the dark!!

Lot's of cool features! But what really separates this from other clocks is that it works by wirelessly synchronizing with the "Atomic Clock" at the National Institute of Standards and Technology!! (Sounds like a Spy movies when they synchronize watches, doesn't it?) And it does that automatically, so you don't even have to think about it!! (I can say that my clock synchronizes with the "Official" Atomic Clock! Most clocks just go "Tick-Tock"! Kind of almost makes you feel sorry for those "regular" clocks, doesn't it?)

And not only is this "Smart Clock" powerful but it's also compact (about 3 inches in diameter), so you can take it wherever you go...even on camping trips! You don't even have to worry about having to find an electrical outlet 'cuz it just uses one "AAA" battery! How's that for convenience? And price? We'll, we've got you covered for that, too. 'Cuz this "High-Tech" honey is just $14.97 and US shipping is FREE!!!

P.S. With prices today, you'd be lucky to find just a plain, old ordinary alarm clock that just goes "Tick-Tock" for the same price! Get the "Smart Clock" and forget about having to set your alarm clock to the right time ever again!

But you know just as sure as the sun will come up in the morning, so will the price on this (to $22.97 as a matter of fact!) So you better get your now!

Do You Love Word Games??

Well, We've Got Some of The Most Popular Word Games


Assembled In One Nice, Tidy Little Package!!!!

And When You See The Price...It'll Leave You Speechless!!!

Britannica WordGames - Platinum Edition!!!

Just about everybody loves to play word games. There's even games on video consoles in restaurants so you can play while you're waiting for your meal! (BELIEVE me...I know first hand! I've poured more than a few bucks into those things playing these exact games for hours! They're really addictive, aren't they?)

But now I can save all that money and play right at home...and so can you!! 'Cuz, we've got FOUR of the most Popular Word Games that are all-time favorites put out by Britannica in a Platinum Edition!! These have some great added "bonus" features that are sure to put on smile on your face! Check out these classic games:


Word Scrabble



Word Games

Quickie Crosswords

Word Games

You've played these before but these have some cool "added twists" to make them...well, even a little better than the original versions! After all, this is software remember? We can do things today that couldn't be done when you played these years ago! Here, I'll show you what I mean...

When you get to the main screen, you see the four games that you can choose from. First thing you do is pick the game you'd like to play by clicking in the box in the game square. Then click on the drop-down box to select the category (or type) of words that will be used in that game (animals, Biblical, biology, nature, music, etc.)

Click on the "Puzzle" icon and select which puzzle within the category you selected that you'd like to play. And don't worry about running out of puzzles...there's over 10,000 puzzles in the set, so you won't be running out any time soon - that's for sure!!!

You can also choose to have music playing in the background as you play...and even Sound Effects!

PLUS, each game you can either play against the clock in the "Timed" mode or if you just want to take your time and relax you can play in the "Relaxed" mode! Either way,'s your choice. And you can switch back and forth as often as you like, too!

And once you complete a game, it automatically keeps track of your score so you compete against yourself or others! (Don't ya just love a little competition?) Oh, and if for some reason you've forgotten how to play any of the games...don't worry. Just click on the "How To Play" button and give yourself a little refresher!

This is a great way to stay home and spend with the family. Why go out and spend money when you can have just as much fun (if not more!) right at home? And we're gonna make it even easier with a super ridiculously low, low price that just won't make to pass up! Today we've got these on special for just $7.97 and US shipping is FREE!!! But this program is a limited any price. We'd like to get more (after all, these are classic games that never go out of style!) but our supplier laid down the law! So get these all-time favorites while you can!!


P.S. - Even Einstein loves it! What are you gonna do...argue with a genius? Better play it smart and grab your copy now, especially at this super low price! Monday the price goes up to $12.97!!

Outstanding 4GB MP3 Player Deal!4GB USB 2.0 Clip MP3 Player

Holds Up To 1000 Songs! That's Over 2 Days Worth!

Clip-On Player Is Incredibly Small, Light, And Easy To Take Along!

PLUS - Save $100+ Over Similar Players!

Sounds Amazing Too!

You're just gonna LOVE this one! We just got an absolutely outstanding deal on a small batch of 4GB MP3 Players! Just wait till you feast your eyes on the price - you're not gonna believe it's possible to go that low!

For now, let's have a look at this bad boy! First thing is: WOW - this guy is tiny! We're talking palm-of-your-hand-with-room-to-spare small! It's so little it has to shop in the petite section at the MP3 mall :-) And it's light - like a feather light! When it arrives at your door and you open the package, you're going to be amazed! Best thing is when you go out walking, running or just generally using it, you'll hardly know it's there!

It may be small on size, but it's MAMMOTH on memory! This tiny little player can hold an astonishing 1000 typical MP3 songs! That's a TON of music! Think of it this way - If you filled it up you could hit Play, and listen for over two days straight before you got to the end! WOW!!

4GB USB 2.0 Clip MP3 Player

Know what you're really gonna love about this? The clip-on part! I know, sounds funny, but the fact you can clip this on a jacket, pocket, bag - whatever - and hardly even know it's there is wonderful! Take it for walks, jogs, bicycling, roller blading, to the gym, to the park, out shopping - whatever - and it really and truly stays clipped on and out of the way! After all, if you can't manage it while you're using it, what's the point of having it?

Using it is really simple too! Here's the how ya do it:

1. Plug it into your computer and it will show up as an external drive under My Computer.

2. Drag and drop your MP3s to it.

3. Hit play and enjoy! 

How's that for easy? You'll be amazed at how effortless this is to use! (And if you have any problems with it, just contact our tech support :-)

Almost forgot the most important part! YES - these sound incredible! Easily as good an an iPod! Your ears are gonna LOVE the ridiculously amazing sound treat they're in for!

Comes with everything you need too - earbuds and USB cable!

Oh, and did I mention that you can also store regular files of ANY kind on this if you want? That's right - it can double as a flash drive!

Cool thing about these is, once you start using an MP3 player like this, you'll discover it's absolutely fantastic to have all your favorite music in one place! Mine is hooked up to a stereo on my desk, then when I go out I plug into my car radio, then I listen while I hike with my dog over in the park! It's fantastic!

OK, now the price. The closest thing to this is Apple's iPod Shuffle - and that costs a whopping $150 for a 4GB unit! And this does the same thing - they even kinda look alike! Non Apple MP3 players of this size aren't much better either - a 4GB Sandisk seems to go for between $100-$150, a 4GB ZEN hovers around $100, and a Microsoft ZUNE can go for over $160!!

Your price for this little guy? Ready? Set? Here ya go - just $24.97 and US shipping is FREE! Is that mind-blowing or what? Why pay 4X, 5X, or even 6X as much? Give this a try - not only are you going to absolutely LOVE it, you'll be wearing a big 'ol grin knowing how much money you saved!

PS - Only a limited quantity of these are available! Make sure you get to the site as soon as you can! They're not gonna last!

PPS - This price WILL increase to $34.97 tomorrow! Get yours today!!

Solar Powered 3-LED "Touch Light"!

NEVER Needs Batteries!!!

Sentry Solar Touch Light

Just Stick It On Any Window Exposed To The Sun During The Day

And You've Got Light At Night!!!

Yep, this is the "High Tech" version of the old fashion, "Touch Lights". You've seen those before...You know, "touch" the light and it turns on; "touch" it again and it turns off. Well, same basic concept - but that's where ALL the similarities end! 'Cuz this Blows Those "Low-Tech" Versions Away and leaves 'em in the dark!!!

First of all, this doesn't use those old, drab bulbs that look yellow. Excuse me... that's "old-school"! Those throw off a dull light, are energy hogs and go through a bunch of batteries! This is the future.,! Try 3 Super Bright, white, energy efficient LED lights! That means more light AND because they're LED bulbs, they last longer than those older style bulbs AND use less energy too!

Sentry Solar Touch Light

But you'll still never have to spend money on batteries 'cuz this is Solar Powered! You read that right...Solar Powered!!! How does it work? Simple. On the bottom of the light is a solar panel - works like any other solar panel! Expose it to sunlight, and the solar panel converts the sun's rays into stored electrical energy that can be used! So you've got 3 bright, energy efficient LED bulbs that are powered by the sun - so you'll NEVER need batteries!

Touch Light

Since the panel is on the reverse side of the light, the way to use this is to stick it on an outside window that gets some sunlight. So this will work on any glass surface that's exposed to sunlight during the day! There are three rubber suction cups on the bottom so you just press it against the glass and it stays put! (And it's rubber so it doesn't hurt the surface at all!)

So anyway, here's what I did (maybe this will save you a few bucks just like it did for me!) I put this on the inside of my car windshield and I use it as a dome light in my car! Pretty clever, heh? I told a couple of friends of mine what I was going to do and they laughed and thought I was crazy! Well, let's just say they ain't laughin' works GREAT! Plus I saved MORE than a few bucks by doing this instead of getting a new dome light!

You see, the dome light in my car hasn't been working the way it should. Not sure what the problem has been; the light just hasn't been as bright as it should be. Not a major deal - in fact, I only think about it when I need it! So, I just haven't gotten around to do anything about it. But when this Solar Touch Light came in and I saw the amount of light this gave off I thought, "Why not put this in my car and see how it works?" Well, I love this 'lil light!

Since I've put it in my car, I've been out in some rural areas at night where there was no street lights! And yeah, sorry to say...I got lost! (And for clarification purposes, guys don't "get lost"...we just temporarily loose track of where we're at for the moment!) Anyway, I pulled over and the road was totally dark. I tapped the light that I had stuck to the inside of my car windshield, pulled out my map and...what do you know? I could actually read it! (Couldn't do that with my regular dome light!)

This is perfect for the car, motor home and any room of the house where you need some light now and again! This would be great for a dorm room for the kids! Now you can start "Going Solar", one room at a time! And the price that we have this at today, you can afford to put one in every room of the house 'cuz today these are just $10.97 and US shipping is FREE!!!

P.S. This would make great gift idea, too! Do yourself a favor and grab one while we have 'em at a special price! Tomorrow they go to $14.97!!

WOW! Webster's CD ROM Dictionary &Thesaurus

Just $2.97!!Today ONLY! Really!

Best CD-ROM Dictionary Ever!

Fast, Simple, And Easy To Use!

Free Bonus - 1001 Essential Letters!

Only 100 Available!!! Better Hurry!

WOW- We just scored an absolutely amazing deal for you! We have a very limited quantity of Webster's New World Dictionary & Thesaurus on CD-ROM for the killer price of just $2.97! Really!! And frankly, once you see it you'll think it's worth 10X that amount! You gotta check this out!

First off, this makes looking up words really easy, even, dare I say it, FUN! Just start typing the word and a drop down list appears. Once you see your word, simply click it for a comprehensive definition! You'll love the way this works, because even if you're not sure on the spelling of a particular word, as long as you're in the ballpark, you're gonna find it! Oh, and the definitions are incredibly complete - much more than you get with a standard desktop dictionary, that's for sure! Heck it even keeps a history of your lookups to make it easy and find the same word again.

PLUS this is also an excellent thesaurus! I don't know about you, but I absolutely hate the lousy thesaurus included with most word processors. Until I installed this program, I kept a real paperback thesaurus on my desk, but not anymore! This thesaurus is just fantastic - you'll be using it all the time! More synonyms than you can shake a stick, shoot, twig, rod, or wand at! (See it works :-)

You've gotta get a dictionary on your computer, and this is the best deal you'll ever see to grab one! Word processors only have spell check - no real dictionary, and we all know the typical word processor thesaurus is just a lackluster afterthought. For this price, you'd have to be taking crazy pills not to grab it!

FREE BONUS!! Get this! The CD also includes 1001 Essential Letters too! You know how it is - you need to send a professional sounding e-mail or letter to someone and you end up spending an hour trying to compose something that sounds perfect and professional. Maybe it's a follow-up for a job interview, maybe it's a problem with a product or service, maybe it's a legal or government matter. Hey, we've all been there - agonizing over the right words, rewriting, revising - it's never any fun!

Well, that's where this is gonna sweep in and save the day (and your sanity)! I love this thing! You just pick the type of letter you're looking for, and you'll find all sorts of sub-categories and topics - 1001 of 'em in fact! Let me tell ya, there's really and truly something for EVERY occasion in here! I'd give you a list, but it's a little long! Trust me on this one, if you need a letter, this has a prefab one that's absolutely perfect! I couldn't come up with any subject this didn't cover!

I tell ya, between the Dictionary, Thesaurus, and 1,001 Essential Letters, this is one CD ROM no computer user should be without! We're almost givin' 'em away for just $2.97 and FREE US Shipping! Run to the site - best deal of the year!

Watch It!!!! - You don't want to miss this one - price is only good today AND we only have 100 available! Better hurry!!

Make Hallmark Cards Right From Your Computer!

What A Deal Too!!

Only 80 Left @ $6.97!!

WOW! We've featured lots of card-making software, but seriously, who makes cards better than Hallmark? And with Hallmark Card Studio you can make amazing Hallmark Cards right from your own home!!

I don't know how Hallmark keeps out doing themselves again and again!!! Each previous edition of the software has been good- but not this good!!!

So what does this software do?

Basically, this it allows you make Hallmark cards right from your computer. Yes, they are authentic cards with even the "Hallmark" trademark on the back. The program comes with predesigned cards with pictures, graphics, and expressions. All you do is customize it (if you like). If you really want to make your card unique, they even have the ones where you insert your own picture (of course, you do this through your computer so it looks fantastic).

And it is so easy to use!!! By far, I would say this is one of the easiest programs I have ever used! All you have to do is just point and click to create your cards. I was shocked!!! I mean could anything be any easier to use?

Curious about what the finished product will look like once it is printed? Check it out! It was really awesome!



This program includes 10,000 different images, 5400 Hallmark cards, projects, and tons more! This gives you over 1 million ways to create your personalized cards.

Personally, I really like that the cards are "pre-written". It makes it so much easier. I never have to rush through the store again looking for the perfect card. It really has saved me time!!!

Of course, you can replace what they say with what you want to say (or add to it, modify, etc). Plus, people really dig you more custom message and what to know where you found such a personalized card.

Oh, and it's not just limited to the printing out out-dated paper cards (that's so 20th century) - you can also send e-mail greetings complete with animated pictures and sounds!

As if all the above weren't enough, this can also do scrapbooks, calendars, and even has a really good built-in photo editor! WOW!! And just wait till you check out the event planner! Never forget to send another card - this will remind you! How cool is that??

All this probably sounds really expensive!!! Relax!!! Your price is just $6.97 (retail $49.95). Of course, if you live in the US shipping is FREE! Here's a link with all the info:

Hurry on this one. Last time we sold this program, they flew out the door!!! And remember- the price will increase to $18.97 on Monday!!!

WOW! What A Great Idea For Working On Projects!

It's Like Having Three Hands!!!

This Clip-On Flashlight Is

Super Easy To Work With 'Cuz It Also Swivels!!!

Bright?? Oh Yeah Baby! It's Bright!

I've got to up front with you...I don't know if it's because the light is so bright or what, but this Clamp-On Flashlight looks HUGE in the picture above, doesn't it? But actually, it's not! Nope! Believe it or not, it's only 3 inches long! And that's a good thing because it can fit in those small cramped spaces where it seems like I always need the most light but you can never get a big flashlight in those spaces! So you'll like this because it's small and light-weight. But that's not even what's cool about this Clamp-On Flashlight!! It's the "clamp on" feature that really makes it different!!

You know, as you might expect, we've got a bunch of "computer geeks" over here. I was lookin' for this Clamp-On Flashlight 'cuz I knew it came in from one of suppliers and I wanted to check it. Well, one of our "geeks" beat me to it! I finally tracked it down and said, "Well if you're gonna use it, would you mind taking a picture of it so the folks can see what it looks like?" So, here ya go!

Here's the Clamp-On Flashlight clamped onto a computer case! If you've ever had to open up your computer to do any work on it, you know that sometimes (ok...most of the time!) you can use a little more light... especially if you can get it aimed right at the area that you're working on! With this flashlight, you can! The reason is because not only can you clamp it onto the side of whatever you're working on, but you can also swivel the flashlight so you can aim it wherever you need to!! THAT IS REALLY USEFUL!

And even if you don't work on computers, there's still dozens of places this will come in handy! You can keep one at your workshop, or on your desk and this would be ideal if you do any sewing or knitting!!! I think this should be "standard equipment" for every toolbox! Small, compact, light-weight...well yeah!!! And camping trips??? Oh...this Clamp-On Flashlight is made for that! Just clamp this on somewhere on the inside of the tent...perfect!!!

And it has a rugged, hard-plastic casing so it's made to be put to work! You don't have to treat this with kidd gloves!! It'll hold up just fine!! And I'm sure you'd love to have a few of these but you're probably thinkin' this will set you back a "pretty penny". Well, you'll be happy to hear that we're runnin' a special on these today so grab all you want (for as long as we have 'em, that is!) for just $5.97 and US shipping is free!!! I know, we're practically givin' these away, but it seems like that's what we do here! But you better start clickin' 'cuz these are gonna start slippin' away at this price!!

P.S. Oh, and in case you're wonderin' , that clamp is pretty darn strong! Nothin' flimsy about this Clamp-On Flashlight! I know you're gonna love it as much as I do! (If I can ever get mine back!!!)

Watch out - Price goes to $9.97 tomorrow!

Absolutely Mind-Blowin' Card Reader Deal!

Just $6.97!!! Really!

WOW!! I Think I am Speechless!!!

Now That's A Price That'll Really Make You Smile!!! :-D

Only 100 Available - HURRY!!!!!

If I had to name my top favorite gadgets, card readers would definitely be on the list! I have so many SD cards, that a card reader is the only way I view what is stored on any given card. I just find them so cool and convenient. And they are so much easier to use than a messy cord. However, this amazing card reader really caught my attention, and I know it will catch yours too!

How do they work? Just pop in your camera's memory card and a folder will open showing you all your photos! Just drag and drop the photos to any folder on your computer! Or, to use as a storage device, do just the opposite ~ drag and drop your files from your computer onto the drive! I LOVE mine!

Everyone with an SD (secure digital) or MMC card will just LOVE this card reader!!

Think about it, what would be easier- popping out your memory card, sliding it into the card reader, and plugging it into your USB port? Or, finding that cable that came with your device, untangling it (because you know they are always tangled), plugging it into your USB port, transferring your files, then following the cord as you go through the jungle of cords behind your computer, searching for the correct USB port and finally unplugging it? I think that answer is a real no-brainer! Of course, the card reader option is the easiest way to transfer your information from your card to your computer or vice versa!

Next, let's discuss the design! This card reader is extremely compact and lightweight, therefore, making it perfect for anyone on the go!!! And the best part is, this card reader has Plug and Play, allowing it to work on any computer without having to install anything! Better yet, because you can transfer files to and from this card reader, it will work as a flash drive too!!!

Because it uses USB 2.0, this card reader has blistering fast data transfer speed, and will definitely satisfy all your data transfer needs. This is one that you just have to check out!!! I just adore it, and for the price of just $6.97 and US Shipping is Free, you will adore yours too!

P.S. Unfortunately, we only have a limited quantity of these in stock, and for that low price, I know they are going to just fly out the door! Order yours now, before they are gone!!!

PPS - The price WILL increase to $12.97 on Monday!

The USB Adapter YOU'VE Been Waiting For!

What A Great Idea!

You'll ALWAYS Have The Right Cable!

OK, this thing is just too cool to pass up! Someone had the creativity on overdrive when this idea popped into their head! I seriously don't think I've ever seen a better USB adapter!

What am I going on about? Well, we've got these really cool 6 Connection USB Cable Adapters - and what an incredible idea! Seems like I am forever looking for a lost USB cable to this gadget or that device. With this, one unit has all the connections you'll ever need! Super idea!

These have FIVE count 'em FIVE different USB connections PLUS the included retractable cable doubles as a USB extension cord!

To use the adapter, just rotate the main part of it and plug it into your device! It's shaped so that each type of plug has plenty of room to plug into your device without hitting the other plugs! Very slick if you ask me!

Oh, and this is super-easy to take along with you on any trip - and really handy to have on or around your desk too! I've already needed it to hook up a card reader! Works with ANY USB Device!

I tell ya - if you use USB, this can really be a lifesaver! Keep this handy and you'll never be looking around for a cord when you need to plug something in! Sure, you may not use it every day, but believe me - you'll be REALLY glad you have it when that day comes that you really need it!

Your cost? Just $9.97 and US shipping is FREE! For that kind of money, it's crazy to pass this up! Have a look:

Hurry - not sure how long these babies are gonna last! Incredible idea, and you just KNOW you're gonna need one eventually! (And probably sooner rather than later :-)

Create The Perfect Deck!

Do-it-Yourself Has Never Been This Easy!

Even Create Amazing Ladscapes!

You Gotta See This One!

Well, summer is definitely in the air and if you're like me, you're probably trying to come up with some ideas on how to spruce your place up a bit. You know...maybe give the landscaping a new look. Or, if you're REALLY ambitious, maybe you've decided it's finally time to build that deck out back.

Instant Deck and Patio

O.K....first things first: So...what's it going to look like? Hmmm...good question! You probably have a general idea of what you want...but... not exactly! And, if you're not sure how it's going to end up looking,'ll never even get started. (Remember last year? And the year before? get the idea.)

Instead of trying to picture your project in your mind, why not put it on paper? I know what you're thinking: "But I can't draw to save my life, let alone design a lay-out of a project!". Well, we found a GREAT program called, "Instant Deck & Patio" . (Or as I like to call it, "Designing for The Graphically Challenged ...Who'd Like to Look Like Pro's"!)

If you can use a Windows program and can "point and click", this program will have you designing ALL of your projects in no time. Think I'm kidding? Take a look...

When you first start the program, the "Deck Building Wizard" automatically opens and walks you through a series of prompts ASKING you about what features to include in your deck. A great way to get started if you have NO IDEA where to begin! (Sometimes it's just nice to have a little help along the way!) But if you know EXACTLY how you want your project to look, feel free to jump right into the "Customize Design" feature.

Although this program's title is "Instant Deck & Patio", it actually goes way beyond decks and patios. In fact, included with the program is a nice Getting Started Guide that's broken down into three areas:

  • Instant Architect
  • Instant Kitchen and Bath Design
  • Instant Deck Design

And each of these are further broken down into separate categories, such as: Adding Walls, Doors, Windows, Openings, etc. PLUS, each section has its own step-by-step Quick Start Tutorial. So you really have a LOT of resources for detailed help for extra "back-up" support if you need it.

What I really noticed right off the bat is how accurate the individual features of each project were. The problem I've seen with most "design" programs is that the images usually look like something out of a kindergarten project. You know what I mean - "stick-figure" designs that just take up space but don't even come CLOSE to resembling what you had in mind. ("Ohhhh....that's a tree...I guess...NOT exactly what I was thinking of, but I guess it'll have to do.") With "Instant Deck & Patio", that's definitely not the case. Take a look at one example:

Let's say you want to add some plants around your house. Well, you don't need to leave anything to your imagination.

Under "Plants", there are 12 different categories to choose from! In the "Deciduous" group, there are 37 different types of plants to choose from! (And you can see that when you select a type of plant, a photo of it appears right below in the lower screen!

How about another example...let's take "Exterior Structures"

As you can see in the screen shot, you can choose from five different groups of structures:

  • Playground
  • Sports
  • Storage and Enclosures
  • Pools and Hot Tubs
  • House Templates

But let's take this to another level. You've got some ideas down, and they look great. At least you THINK they look great. But you're just not sure. For example, maybe you're wondering how it would look from the OTHER side! You can change the view to whatever angle you like. In fact, with one click, you can "walk around" your project and look at EVERY side! Like I said, doesn't leave a whole lot to the imagination! You can even create aerial views. In fact, I could go on and on. This program really is PACKED full of great tools and resources that you just have to play and use with to really appreciate.

So your cost? We're talking' just $10.97 and US shipping is FREE! Think about it - if this saves you just ONE little mistake when creating your next project, it was worth it! If it saves you a TON of mistakes, it was worth even more! Don't miss out!

PS - The price is going up to $16.97 Monday! Don't miss out!

Fantastic Mouse & Keyboard Adapter!

Plug Your PS/2 Mouse And/OR Keyboard Into A USB Port!

Don't Ditch That Old Keyboard Or Favorite Mouse - Use 'Em!

Have a PS/2 keyboard or mouse but nowhere to plug them? Well, this little adapter is coming to your rescue! Just plug your keyboard and/or mouse into this little adapter then plug into any free USB port! Couldn't be easier and works great for USB 1.x or 2.0! No drivers, just plug and play!

You know how it is - newer computers sometimes don't have the standard PS/2 plugs on them - especially laptops. Bad news is that if you want to use your still very functional PS/2 mouse or keyboard (green or purple round plugs on 'em), you can't do it without some kind of adapter.

Well, this is the adapter you've been looking for! Plug your favorite PS/2 mouse or keyboard into any USB port with this handy little adapter! If you have a PS/2 keyboard and/or mouse, why ditch 'em just because your new computer doesn't have the right plugs? This little adapter gives 'em new life!

Also, if you're thinking of getting a new computer - and especially if it's a laptop - might want to buy one of these so you can continue to use your old keyboard and mouse with it!

Your cost for all the adapting bliss? For today, just $6.97 and US shipping is FREE! Sure beats buying a new mouse and keyboard! Check it out:

PS - This price WILL increase to $9.97 on Monday!

Your Hard Drive Is Going To Die!

It Happens To Everyone - Do You Have A Backup?

Amazing New Backup Software Makes It Easy!

Set It And Forget It!

Never Lose Photos, Images, Documents - Anything!

Crazy Not To Grab This For Just $8.97!


What would happen if, right now, your computer completely crashed and ALL the data on it was lost?

Think about that for a minute - how many photos would be gone? How many important documents? Songs? Presentations? E-mails? Bookmarks? Projects? Do you have a backup of that stuff you could restore, or is everything gone forever? Kind puts a knot in your stomach just thinking about it huh?

In fact, I've seen firsthand how terrible it is for people. Not just subscribers begging us (some in tears over the phone) to help them find a way to get unrecoverable lost data back, but I've had family and friends lose thousands of irreplaceable photos, work documents, reports, ect. It's just such a disaster when a hard drive goes out, or a virus destroys all your data, or even an accidental deletion wipes out important files.

There are two kinds of computer users in this world - those that have lost important data and those that will!

If you use a computer, you absolutely MUST backup your data! Everyone knows that! Well, I'm really excited to tell you about this fantastic new title we just came across- it's called Guardian Data Backup and it is, without a doubt, the best backup software I've ever used (and I've used some pretty nice stuff)!

First off, I know what you're thinking - doing backups is a pain! Frankly, that's why we get soooo many people asking us if there's anyway to get lost data back!

Wouldn't it be just fantastic if there was an easy-to-use program that you can set to do your backup jobs then just forget it? 

Well, that's what we have for you today! It has a help file with it, but I doubt anyone has had to even look at it - you can master this baby in about a minute!

This amazing software FINALLY takes all the hassle out of doing backups! It's really this simple - First, create a backup job by picking out the folder or files you want to backup, then just tell the software where you want to backup to. Easy! Next, just hit the backup button whenever you want to backup those files / folders! Or, better yet, schedule your backup job for whenever you like - and it's done automatically at that time, every time! Just set it and forget it! If there's ever a crash, you'll automatically have a current backup!

Guardian Data Backup

Oh, and then it gets even better! You can actually create more than one backup job! In fact, you can create as many as you like. Why would you do that? Well, I don't know about you, but I don't change all my files all the time. My picture files are good if I backup once a week, but with the documents I use for work, well, those change constantly and I want them backed up every day. With multiple backup jobs, I can customize my routine to work the way I do! (Of course, you can do a manual backup anytime you like)

Speaking of scheduling, this is just incredible! You can do backups daily, weekly, or monthly AND select whatever time you like! I have my backups set to run when I'm usually at lunch or dinner, so it all gets done while I'm away!

Guardian Data Backup

Oh, and here's something I absolutely LOVE - filters! This lets you create a "filtered" backup job - and it's the first backup program I've seen that does it! You can actually pick a folder and tell it to ONLY backup the types of files YOU want it to backup! Let's say you have a folder with ten different types of files, but you only want word docs and jpegs backed up - this can do it! OR let's say you have a folder and you want EVERYTHING backed up EXCEPT text docs - yup, this can do that too! It's all optional, but it's there if you need it.

Guardian Data Backup

Finally, as if all the above wasn't enough, this also compresses your backup files to save space - and it even lets you set how high the compression is! All of this is right at your fingertips and really easy to do!

You know, everyone will tell you the "critical" software you have to have on your PC - Anti-virus, Anti-spyware, and a good firewall. Funny thing is they miss the most important one of all - backup software! To me, regular backups are as important - if not even more important, as running anti-virus, anti-spyware, etc! After all - a hard drive crash can happen at any time, just out of the blue - the ONLY defense is a reliable backup!

Your cost? Get this, these are normally $30, but we got a deal for ya! Just $8.97 and US shipping is FREE! Now, I KNOW your data is worth $9.97! RUN to the site and grab yourself a copy of this fantastic software - you'll thank me for it!

PS - EVERYONE is going to experience a hard drive crash or some type of data loss if they are using computers - that's just the way it is. I've lived through several major crashes - hard drives just really do go out sometimes. I can't tell you the level of disaster it would have been if I didn't have a backup!

Don't WISH you had this software when it happens - for less than $10, grab this today!

PS - The price WILL Increase to $14.97 on Monday!

WOW!!! Check Out This Deal On This Screwdriver Set!!!




THIS Is One of Those Practical Set of Tools

That Every Single Home Shouldn't Be Without!

And At This Price, You Can't Afford NOT To Be!!!

This 32-Piece Mini Screwdriver Set is a fantastic deal because it's one of those "all-purpose" items that we all seem to need from time-to-time. And when you're in the middle of a project and you need it, well, it's just got to be there! Now you can keep this entire set neatly, all in one place where you need it so it's there by the ready!!!

And wait til you see what is included with this set!!!:screwdriver-set

4.5-inch screwdriver
4.5-inch extension
30 bits! WOW!!!

The 4.5-inch screwdriver has an easy-grip handle and even a swivel thumb rest to make fast work of the task at hand! The driver has an easy-to-use KEY-LESS CHUCK, so you can instantly swap-out any of the 30 bits that are included!

PLUS the 4.5-inch extension let's you can get to those hard to reach areas! And this has all the right screwdriver heads you'll need to get the job done!
Slotted, Phillips and Posidriv and yes, even those ever elusive Torx bits are included! (If you've ever tried to find a "T-

Hescrewdriver-setx" head, you know these are next to impossible to get. Well, we got ya covered 'cause THAT'S even included!

All the bits are stored in three (3) bit holders that are labeled so you can quickly grab the right size

And this set comes in a compact, handy, hard-plastic holding case that's only 8.75" x 5.25" so it doesn't take up much room and can be stored just about anywhere!

This is PERFECT for the garage, tool box, modeler and hobbyist kits! And this is a MUST HAVE for that "kitchen utility draw" that we all have that holds all those "need to have" essentials of life!

Today you can have this home essential for only $13.97 and US shipping is FREE!!!


PS - This is a great deal at a "must-have" price so don't let this slip away! Price goes up to $18.97 on Monday!


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