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Computer Tips [ I Forgot My Password - What Now? + Open Your Programs Faster Than Ever Before + Surprise - Microsoft Makes No Sense] 06/05/2009


Quick Tips

Why is it called “7” Anyways?

Now, because I've been running a lot of info on Windows 7 a few questions are bound to spring up. How much does it cost? Will my old programs work with it, etc. However, the biggest query that fills my inbox is always “Why is it called Windows 7?”

With so many different versions of Windows throughout Microsoft's course, where's the sense? We had Windows 3.0, 3.1, 95, 98 (revisions A and B), 2000, ME, XP, Vista and that's not even counting Windows NT, and the Mobile iterations! I probably even forgot a version or two in there somewhere!

Point is, that the numbers don't match up. So why exactly does MS see fit to name it “7”?

Here's what tech writer Ed Bott has to say about this:

- Windows 3.0 and 3.1 (and Windows for Workgroups 3.11) from the early 1990s used the version numbers as part of their name. The first releases of Windows NT, also from that era, followed suit, with Windows NT 3.1 and 3.5.

- Windows 95 was technically version 4.0. Windows NT 4.0, which was released exactly a year after Windows 95, adopted the Windows 95 interface. Windows 98 was version 4.10.1998 and Windows 98 Second Edition was 4.10.2222A. The much-maligned Windows Me was 4.90.3000. (History lessons here and here for those who care.)

- Windows 2000 was the first release in the version 5 family. It was followed by Windows XP, which was version 5.1. Service packs are identified by build numbers, but service packs do not affect the version number.

- Windows Vista was Windows 6.0. Because the next release of Windows is going to be based on the same kernel as Windows Vista, it should have the version number 6.1. Indeed, every screenshot of Windows 7 that has been in public view so far has had a build number of 6.1.xxxx. This numbering is almost certain to remain in the final product. If the major version number changed to 7.0, many applications written for Windows Vista would fail to install or run properly, simply because of version checking.

In summation, there is no good reason to call it Windows 7 at all! Bott goes on to predict that Microsoft will probably go back to their old "no numbers" naming convention for the next version, but who wants to even think about that right now?


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Next, I absolutely LOVE how this just runs in the background and stays out of the way. So many security programs love to tell you that they are updating your system, getting new virus definitions, scanning, whatever. It's an all day long affair of acknowledging boxes and virtually patting your software on the back, "Good boy - I'm glad you downloaded some updates!" Well, those annoyances are GONE with this - it just works in the background and updates itself when necessary without dozens of boxes telling you all about it - that alone was enough to make me switch! Of course, if it finds something serious, it'll let you know (all customizable too).

Oh, and let me tell you about the anti-virus - you're gonna love this! First, yes it keeps you safe from e-mail viruses, downloads, and monitors in the background - just like everyone's AV does. However, it's the little things that make you fall in love with this! First, don't you just HATE it when you're working on your computer and the stupid AV software comes up and starts a scan? Slows everything down - what a pain! This software will actually make sure the PC has been idle for a specified amount of time before it scans! It waits till you're away before it starts - is that cool or what??? Oh, and it pauses the scan if the PC starts getting used again! Again, this reason alone is enough to change! In fact, my wife read that and said, "Hey - I want this on my computer! My AV always starts scanning when I'm working!" So, one of my 3 installs is going there!

In addition, the anti-virus can be set to scan all files or just dangerous ones (saving time), can be set to scan all kinds of files, has HOURLY updates, can be set to scan when YOU want, and can even be set to exclude certain types of files if you want! Even scan incoming AND outgoing messages if you want - all fully customizable! Oh, and did I mention that it has a year of UNLIMITED tech support too in case you have trouble? WOW!!

Think that's great? Wait till you see the firewall! Blows Windows firewall away (along with every other firewall as far as I'm concerned)! First off, yes, it keeps hackers out - all firewalls do. But this also protects you in other ways. It can monitor when a program is trying to access the internet and send all your personal info to the mothership. That, to me, is HUGE! You never know if that program you just installed is completely trustworthy - so this keeps you safe!

Another fantastic idea that I'm really excited about is the "Idle Lock" - Get this - you can set it so that if you're not using the computer for a specified amount of time (set by you) that the network locks down - nothing can come in or out! I've always said the most secure internet connection is the one that's unplugged when not in use - and this does that!! Oh, and you can also lock your computer down with the press of a mouse if you like - right from the main page!

This can also show you how many attacks it has blocked, block the attacker's IP address for a specified (by you) amount of time, and has a lot of fully customizable options. Truth is though, that the default settings work fine for me! Oh, and again, this seems like it doesn't slow anything down at all - in fact, if you're using a different firewall, this will probably speed things up! I know one thing for sure, I'm installing this on my laptop for travel - it's just too dangerous to surf using wireless networks without it!

Finally, this also includes a fantastic anti-spyware program! Just like the rest of it, it's really fast, stays out of the way, and just does the job! It automatically updates and scanning is a breeze - and fast too! I don't think I've ever seen a spyware can that was soooo fast - and it did a great job! Found a few minor things that it easily fixed!

OK, that's the main stuff, but I also wanted to mention how much easier to use this is than most other security software. First off, I think 90% of the users out there can just install it and forget it - the default settings are really a nice balance and should work well for just about every computer out there. If you want to change stuff, it's really easy to do and the program has an excellent help file that, quite frankly, most users will never ever need!

The price? You're not going to believe this one - we're talking just $9.97 and US shipping is FREE! This is the current version and retails for $49.95 (check Iolo's site - it's not cheap), so $9.97 is an amazing deal. 1 Year worth of support and updates too! Oh, works on XP, Vista, & Win 2000!

Oh, and get this - it's a 3 user license!! So you can install this on up to 3 different computers! That's way less than $4.00 per computer! Grab a friend or two and have them chip in! For less than $4.00 per computer, you just can't go wrong! It's amazing and it's what I am going to be running from now on!

PS - Seriously, this is simply the best Anti-virus, Anti-Spyware, and Firewall software I've ever used and it's going to be on my machine from now on. My computer is soooo much faster now after getting rid of the other bloated software package I had been using - and this just has soooo many great options! Don't miss out!


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Hey - Do you wish you were better at using Windows XP? Maybe you're sick and tired of trying to figure everything out, maybe you're frustrated when you just can't get Windows to do what you want. Hey, maybe you just want to actually ENJOY Windows XP instead of fighting with it all the time! Say goodbye to the headaches and save your aspirin for dealin' with the kids! We have Professor Teaches Windows XP and it's a real stunner!!

First off, this software features 75 topics for XP (Pro And Home), PLUS 59 excellent tricks and tips for internet explorer! That's over 125 absolutely fantastic multimedia presentations that show you how all the great XP features work - wait till you see what you've been missing! You'll really love how easy these terrific presentations are to follow and watch! What's exciting about this software is that you're not just reading a dull page of text; this uses engaging audio and video to explain exactly how you do something! PLUS just wait till you see how thoroughly they cover each topic - there's not a single mouse click left out of the presentation! This won't leave you guessing - it'll leave you knowing EXACTLY what to do! It's like having Bill Gates sitting next to you, going over XP step by step (only this is a little cheaper :-)!

The presentations are incredible, but ti doesn't stop there! Are you one of those people that learn better by "trying it out" on your own? Well, this has an amazing Windows XP Simulator built in! It works like this - you watch a lesson, then you can actually "try" it - just like you were using Windows, only you're not going to be able to mess anything up! How cool is that? If that's not the smartest way ever to teach Windows, I don't know what is! It's really like having a private computer tutor! Heck, you can even take a quiz at the end of the chapters to test your knowledge!

 Plus, you'll really love the way the presentations progress too- they won't leave you behind scratching your head! You'll start off with the basics, then move on to more advanced topics as you learn. Of course, you can always skip back and review, but let me tell ya, as good as this software is, you probably won't need to! Plus, if you need a quick fix to a problem, you can skip to any topic at any time!

What's covered? HA - What isn't? This thoroughly covers everything you'll ever want to know about XP! Want a small taste of what you're gonna get on this jam-packed CD? We're talking: setting up internet and e-mail, adding an internet connection, basic networking and printer sharing, computer security, updates, customizing your desktop, troubleshooting problems, adding / removing programs, getting help, advanced PC health, troubleshooting, making CDs, using the sound recorder, tricks for printing web pages, fine-tuning your system, adding hardware, printing,, intros to everything (desktop, explorer, folders, ect), customizing your start menu, getting the best performance, working with files and folders, using the taskbar, a bunch of great desktop tricks, and more! You're REALLY gonna love it!

Here's the main categories:

Windows XP Basics
Customizing & Using The Desktop
Working With Files And Folders
Managing Your Computer
Printing and Networking
Exploring The Internet
E-mail And Instant Messaging
Mastering Media
Internet Explorer

Whew, it covers a TON and we've only touched the surface here! Seriously, if you're running Windows XP, this is an absolute MUST-HAVE! This makes using XP sooooo much easier, it's crazy to fight and struggle along! Give this a try, by the time you're done you'll not only love XP, you'll be using it like a pro!

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Computers 101

Help! How can I add items to my Quick Launch Toolbar in Windows Vista? I can't quite figure it out!

Ah, yes, the Quick Launch Toolbar. It's one of my favorite things ever! And up until just a few days ago, I really missed it when working on some of the Windows Vista computers here in the office. Like the person who asked today's question, I had a hard time figuring out how to get my Quick Launch items in place. I finally decided I couldn't take it any longer, so I went on a research rampage and found some great information. So, when I saw this question in my e-mail the other day, I knew I had to share my news with all of you. Let's check it out!

Before I go any further, I want to make sure everyone is clear on what the Quick Launch Toolbar is. Basically, it's the set of icons that sit right next to the Start button on your desktop. They sort of look like mini icons, which makes it even more fun! The purpose of the Quick Launch Toolbar is to give you a quicker option when it comes to opening the applications you use most often on your computer. So, what can you add to the Quick Launch Toolbar? Well, just about anything. I usually just add the programs I use the most, but you can customize yours however you want!

So, once you decide what you want to add to your Quick Launch Toolbar, it's time to work on getting it all set up. Here's how you do it!

1.) Click on the Start button.

2.) From your Programs list, find one you'd like to add to your Quick Launch area.

3.) Right click on the program and choose Add to Quick Launch.

That program will then be added to your Quick Launch Toolbar for easy access. You can then go back to your Programs list and add any others you'd like. You won't be able to add every single one, but you should be able to get the majority of your favorites set up.

Now, if you don't like that method, there is an alternative. You can also drag and drop your programs into the Quick Launch area. To do that, find the one you want to move from your Programs list and then just drag it down and drop it into the area right next to the Start button. It will then automatically be added to your Toolbar. Or, if you ever need to delete an item from your Quick Launch Toolbar, you can do that by right clicking it and choosing Delete. Either way you look at it, it's one of the easiest things you can do with your Vista computer!

Here's to taking the frustration out of one more Vista how-to. Enjoy!

~ Erin

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MS Office

Slide Hunting: Simplified

Here's the situation: You're in the middle of your PowerPoint presentation and suddenly, there's a question regarding a different slide.

Of course, it's not a question about the previous or the next slide. As luck would have it, you've got to go "hunting" for the right slide. So, now what?

Fortunately, while there are a lot of ways you could get to your new destination, there's a couple that can provide minimal disruption to your presentation. (Can't you just picture a presentation where someone goes back into the program and you see the slide sorter, the toolbars, the menus and all? Don't let that happen to you!)

Let's take a look at one of those "minimally disruptive" methods.

Next time you need to jump out of presentation sequence, turn on the presentation menu. (The "a" key will do this for you, as well as, moving your mouse pointer across the screen).

In the menu, you're looking for the Go submenu, By Title choice.

This will bring up a list of all slide titles in the presentation. (Your list would actually contain the titles you gave each slide.)

As usualy... I've got to insert a side note for my PowerPoint 2007 users.

Your presentation menu will have a slightly different choice, specifially it will have the choice Go to Slide in the menu.

You'll immediately see the list of slide titles to choose from.

No matter what version of PowerPoint you're using it's now time to pick the title of the one you need and... zip! You're instantly in the location of your choice, minus the usual disruptive search for the "right" slide!

~ April

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More Cool Stuff

LOL! You know, I really am going to have to change this price soon, but WOW!! The orders are just FLYIN' in! Since we love ya, we're going to leave this price alone for one more day! But seriously, I really am going to have to raise the price on these soon! My supplier is only going to put up with giving me a cheapo price for so long! Better order today, that's all I can say!

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Hey, if you are ever, in your life, going to buy another computer or need to get data from one computer to another, this amazing accessory is absolutely, positively a MUST-HAVE!

Let me ask you a question or two :-)

Have you ever needed to get the files from one computer to another? You know what I mean, maybe you just got a new computer and you want to get all your files, songs, photos, etc from the old computer to the new one. Maybe you have a laptop and wish there was an easy to way to get share your laptop and desktop files. Maybe you need a file or some photos off of a friend's computer. Who knows, maybe you just have a really big file that needs transferred from one computer to another.

So, are you still doing it the old way? Do you try and copy Gigs and Gigs of info to a flash drive? Burn dozens of CD-ROMs? Or worse - Try to e-mail the files? (Please tell me you're not doing that!) Don't ya wish there was a better way? There is!

We have these amazing Data Transfer Cables and they're going to change your computing life forever! They allow you to quickly and easily transfer files from one computer to another via the USB ports (PC to PC or PC to MAC)! Get this - you just plug the unit into the computer that has the files you want, then plug the included cable into the computer you want to transfer those file to - that's it! An Explorer-like window will open up one each screen and you just drag and drop! Anyone can do it, and it's MUCH easier than messing around with CDs or Flash drives!

What about the install? HA - There is none! Just plug and play, these have the drivers built right in! If you can pop in a USB plug and click a mouse, you're in the club!

Plus, these are USB 2.0, so it's like transferring your data with a souped-up Ferrari! Talk about fast - you'll be blown away at how quickly you get files from one computer to another. Oh, and don't worry if you only have USB 1.x - still works just fine!

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OK, all the above is great - but this camera has a few really ingenious features I just gotta brag about! First, it's designed to just right on the edge of your LCD monitor or laptop screen! No more balancing acts - only to watch the camera fall off a few seconds later! It also sits real well on flat surfaces :-)!

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PLUS it even includes a fantastic HEADSET Mic! That's right - not only is your video feed going to look amazing, but you'll SOUND fantastic too! A headset mic works a LOT better than a built-in mic simply because the mic is right next to your mouth. You won't sound like your talking in a cave - you'll sound like you're on a high-quality phone!

Plus, get this - you can even take still photos too! If you've ever needed just a quick snapshot of someone or something, this makes it super fast and super easy! 

Your cost for all this webcam fun? We're talking just $14.97 and US shipping is FREE !! That's not a typo - that's one of the best prices we've ever had on a webcam! Give it a try - you'll love it too!

PS -Yeah, you know how it goes, only a limited quantity available, so make sure you get to the site and order while they're still in stock! 

Warning - The price above really is too good to be true! The dream ends tomorrow when the price goes back up to $21.97! Order TODAY!!

Today at

What the F-key? F9 through F12 (Extended)

The final segment in the ever-popular "What the F-key?" series is up on the main page of right now! If you've ever wanted to know the extended functions of F9 through F12, this is your chance!

Sand Sculpture World Championships

Summer is almost here, and no matter where you live, life is always better at the beach! I loved walking around and checking out all the cool sand sculpture when I was on vacation, but these! I guess you'll have to go check it out for yourself, eh?

Here's the link you need: Enjoy!

Tip of the Day

Creating a Password Reset Disk

Today we will be creating a password reset disk you can use whenever you forget your password. All you have to do is put the disk into your computer and when you see the Welcome screen, simply choose your new password. Sounds pretty helpful and time saving, don’t you think? Then let's get to it!

Note: This will only work if you have a floppy drive or a USB flash drive.

1.) First, I’ll show you how to create a password disk for Windows XP.

2.) Click on your Start button and select the Control Panel.

3.) Next, select User Accounts.

4.) Click on your account.

In the window that appears, look to the left sidebar.

5.) Click the "Prevent a forgotten password" option.

6.) Now, the Forgotten Password Wizard will open. Insert your floppy disk or flash drive and click Next.

7.) Next, type in your current Windows XP user account password and select Next.

8.) Your disk will then be created within seconds!

9.) Now, just finish up the wizard and voila! You now have a new password reset disk.

10.) Be sure to label it Password Reset and keep it in a safe place.

Now, in case you ever do forget your password, all you need to do is this:

1.) On the Welcome screen, click on your username and then hit Enter.

2.) A message will then appear, asking you to put in your password reset disk or flash drive.

3.) Next, click the link that says "Use your password reset disk."

4.) The Password Reset Wizard will then open up again. Just follow the instructions for creating a new password.

5.) And you know what the best part is? You don’t even have to create another password reset disk. The same one will work the next time you forget your password (if there ever is a next time!)

The steps are extremely similar for Windows Vista. Here they are:

1.) To access the Forget Password Wizard, go to Start, Control Panel.

2.) Click on User Accounts and then select your account.

3.) On the left pane, choose "Create a password reset disk." Everything else is the same!

This one's a definite must have for all computer users. Enjoy!

~ Neil Patel

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Amanda's Coolsite

Free Samples

I know that some of you might be offended by the name of the site, but it is completely worth ignoring! Some of the best things in life really are free and this site is making it easy for you to find free samples of things you’d like to try.

How it works is so simple – you go to the site click the area closest to you. I selected Chicago. You can also browse by date, or category (event, food, birthday, etc.) But I like selecting a city nearby the best.

Once you’ve decided how you’ll browse all you have to do is look through the sample offers and pick what appeals to you. Fill out the form for that sample and then in 4 to 6 weeks you’ll have loads of free stuff at your door to try.

My favorite things to get samples of are pet items. I’ve received dog food, dog biscuits, dog treats, dog toys – because I never want to plunk the cash down in a store not knowing if my picky pets are going to like it. But now I can check out free samples of them and know that they like it when I go to purchase it!

Check this one out today, you’re sure to find something you’d like to sample!


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Monthly Wallpaper

Software Deal Of The Week!

No Wait, The Month!

Wait A Minute Here - It's The Software Deal Of The YEAR!

The Coolest Software EVER For Digital Camera Owners!!


Make Your Own Amazing CD or DVD Slide Show!

Incredibly Easy To Use!

Create A DVD or Video CD In Minutes From Your Photos!

All You Need Is A CD Burner - No Special Hardware!!

And Just Wait Till You See The Deal!

Whew! These sold like CRAZY yesterday! THANK YOU to everyone who ordered - what a response! If you missed out, you just gotta take a look at this one! This incredible software turns your photos into absolutely amazing digital slide shows you can show off on any TV with a DVD player, or your computer, or even send via e-mail! You gotta check it out - you'll love it too!

I'm so excited! We have just the coolest software for you today! If you shoot digital photos or even digital video, this is one piece of software you just gotta own! I almost can't stand how cool this is! I had to tear myself away from it just to write this review up!

It's called SlideShow Expressions and it lets you create these absolutely amazing DVDs or Video CDs from either your digital photos or videos (or both)! All you need is this software and a standard CD or DVD burner!! The resulting movies are incredibly professional looking and between all the "ohhs and "ahhs", everyone is going to ask how the heck you did these incredible shows!

I mean, think about it. You've probably taken a lot of photos and maybe even some home videos. Now's your chance to bring 'em back to life and share them with your family and friends! Don't let them just sit and gather digital dust on your hard drive (yeah, we know about you), it's time to really DO something exciting with 'em!

First off, SlideShow Expressions really couldn't be easier to use! You'll be blown away the first time you use it! Amazing how simple they can make these things! Seriously, it gives you all the shortcuts, the wizards, and the help you need by doing all the "hard parts" for you! Just start the wizard, import your photos (soooo easy), and follow the prompts! Ten minutes later, you have this absolutely amazing digital slide show of your images that is going to drop the jaw of anyone who sees it! Really - just wait till you try it! This takes you from beginning to end and shows you how to turn your favorite photos and videos into DVD's or Video CD's that frankly even you won't believe you were able to create yourself!

Sure, it's easy to use, but at the same time it's designed to help you produce stunning, professional quality projects in no time! You're not going to find ANY OTHER program that's this fast and easy...believe me...we've tried!!!

Here, just take a look at just some of the amazing features this has! Once you start the program, the easy-to-use "Wizard" starts up and asks you questions to help give you the features and designs you need to create the final result you want! Start out with taking your favorite photos and editing them to a professional level that will not only amaze you but your family and friends as well!


Oh, and get this. Included with this program is a fantastic mini photo editor that makes it oh-so-simple to "fix" and enhance those photos that didn't seem to come out quite the way you wanted when you took them! And don't worry, there's plenty of examples to show you what to do to really "tweak" 'em to how you want 'em to be!


As if that wasn't enough, you can add picture captions to go with your photos! You can also create on-screen menus and on-screen "chapter buttons". And you can "trim and edit" not only photos but videos as well! Think that sounds cool? Oh, just wait till you see the "Pan and Zoom" effects...this will blow your mind!!! What this does is let you bring your "still" images to life by "panning" across pictures and zooming in and out! And the program lets you choose the "begin" and the "end" views for a photo! For example, the slide can start with the focus exclusively on a small section of a photo and then the view can zoom out and pan in any direction to shift focus to an entirely different area! You've complete control over the focal shift. Here's the section of the program that shows you EXACTLY HOW TO DO IT!


But hang on...we're not done yet! Next you can choose slide transitions! Instead of just slapping them up on the screen, the software does these awesome scrolls, zooms in / out, fades, etc.! It really looks like it was done in a professional studio! In fact, there are tons of different "styles" you can choose from to give the show the exact "look" you're going for! It's sooo cool - you'll have a blast putting your production together!

And of course no "professional" level video presentation would be complete without audio, would it? So, let's add some music or even your own voice! Oh yeah, we're ready for the BIG LEAGUES!!!

So what do you do with your slideshow once it's been created? Tons! OK, first off, what if you want a CD or DVD to show off on your home TV set? Hey - that's my favorite use for this! Just save your show to a DVD or CD - either of which will play on ANY standard DVD player!! That's right - just pop in a standard CD-R or DVD-R and create a movie - no special CDs, DVDs or burners required!

Oh, and the "saving" options don't stop there! Want to publish your slide show directly on the Web? No problem! You can share your creation your photo slide shows with friends and family online at sites like MySpace, YouTube and other social Websites! Want more? You can convert your photo slide show for use on an Apple iPod, Sony PSP players, most MP3 players that support video, even cell phones that are "media enabled"! WOW!!! Talk about customized production! You've got it all!

Oh, and wait till you see this - It also INCLUDES A CD / DVD LABEL MAKER! That's need to buy another program to design and create you DVD's already included! Don't just hand out a "blank" disc when you can design and print personalized CD and DVD disc labels and cover sheets! Now you can make your DVD presentation complete and give it that professional "polished" look! And with the templates and easy to follow tutorials you'll turn out awesome labels in no time!

This is GREAT way to archive and preserve your photos and home videos. You can organize an entire year's worth of pictures and put them on a CD or DVD! Plus, do it fast and easy. And you can even hand out copies to everyone you know. Great for family events like weddings, graduations, parties, you name it!

Don't Spend $40 or more for different programs that do each separately when the SlideShow Expressions can do it all! And to top it off, you can have all of this today for just, $12.97 and US shipping is free!!!

P.S. - Your family and friends are gonna love being able to see your photos and videos on their own DVD player in their living room! You're really gonna be thrilled with this!!!

Monthly Wallpaper

June Wallpaper

Here's this month's free calendar wallpaper! As always, it's 100% free, so head on over and grab one!

Bald River Falls (Photo contest winner)

This picture was taken on a very cold day in November of 2008. Location - Smoky Mtn Nat. Park


 Golden Canyon

This was taken in Death Valley Nat. Park near the overlook at Zabriski Point. It was early morning and the amazing golden light really turned the already gold-colored hills even more yellow.


Yellow Flower

 Here's an extreme closeup of a yellow lily (OK, could be an orchid - I don't really know), taken last spring.


Here's June's wallpaper. It's all free, so enjoy!

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