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Computer Tips [ A Lightning Fast Way To Open Files + Coolest Download Ever For MP3 Users + Solve That Disappearing Screen Mystery ] 06/18/2009


Quick Tips

Use the Force!

Here's a scenario. You're studiously working on your laptop or desktop, when all of a sudden your screen goes blank. You can swear that the computer is still on, though! What do you do?

It might be a serious video error, or perhaps your display driver decided to go on a coffee break for a bit, but not matter what you press, the video just won't come back up! Well, today I'm going to teach you what to do in this situation to force an answer out of your computer. You may never actually need this tip, but for the few that might, it's a lifesaver!

So here's what you do if your screen goes blank. There's a little bit of magic in this technique, so have a bit o' faith moving forward!

Press the Windows Key + R. This will bring up the run command. Yes, I know, you won't be able to see it if your screen is blank, but trust me, it's still there.

Type “cmd”, without the quotes. This brings up a command prompt.

Now, here's the spell. Hit Alt + Enter. This toggles full screen mode; putting your display into what is known as “text only” mode. If your display is only experiencing a minor glitch, this should reset your video, allowing you to go back to work. Type “Exit” to leave the command prompt, and you're all set!

If it doesn't work, try a couple more times before you go calling your resident guru for help!


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A new weekly question is up on the Worldstart site, just beggin' to be answered! Do you think you know what the acronym " MODEM" stands for? No cheating, now! The power of the Internet beckons, but we think you can answer this one on your own!

Go over to Worldstart and take a crack at it today!


Yikes!! Going, Going... Almost GONE!

Stop Right There!

You're About To Miss Out On An Amazing RED HOT Seller!

This has been the hit of the week so far and looks like it will end up being the hottest seller of the month! Thank YOU to the hundreds and hundreds who ordered! You're the lucky ones because this thing is getting set to sell out! If you've been putting it off, time's up!! Better RUN to the site before they are gone forever!

Know Yourself - From The Inside Out!

Mind-Blowing, Absolutely AMAZING Anatomy & Medical Software

Incredible, Jaw-Droppin' High-Res Maps Of The Entire Human Body!

Outstanding Medical Dictionary and Encyclopedia!

You've Just Got To See This!

human body

The BEST Selling Human Anatomy Software in the USA!!!

Human Body 360 - DVD Professional Edition!

Human Body

We've been waiting and waiting for this and it finally came in!! I heard this was a phenomenal program so I've been dying to see what all the hoopla was about! Now that I've seen it, all I can say is, WOW!! JUUUST AWESOME!!! This is the most fully updated and complete consumer anatomy software available anywhere!!! And when you load this into your computer you'll know why!

The program is called Human Body 360 - DVD Professional Edition, and it's actually THREE Programs In One!!

Anatomy Atlas - High resolution maps of the entire human body. You can pinpoint specific parts of the anatomy and you're guided with accompany text, graphics and animations!

Medical Encyclopedia - A detailed visual encyclopedia loaded with text and illustrations linked together

Illustrated Medical Dictionary - A complete medical dictionary containing over 82,000 entries including 63,000 definitions, 11,000 illustrations, and more than 73,000 audio pronunciations! It's like having a printed dictionary in your computer, except you don't have to reach any farther than your keyboard  to look up the meaning of a word.  Just type in a word into the dictionary search window, or select a word using your mouse, and the dictionary will find the meaning of the word instantly! And the "audio pronunciation feature" reads the word to you so you can hear exactly how to pronounce it correctly!

human body

This a complete guide to the human body and how it works! And what's really cool is that the different programs all work together so you can drill-down and get as much detailed information as you need!

And let me tell you, there's a TON of information here!! Check this out:

Over 500 3-D models and animations

Over 3,000 detailed illustrations and graphics!

All together there's over 5,000 screens that cover virtually everything about the human body!

Human Body

You're gonna love the high resolution images. You can print them out right from each screen!

One feature that I thought was really great is something called, the "X-Ray Viewer"! This lets you see different layers of the body at the same time. Here's a screen shot I took of one of the slides. Sorry the screen shot isn't better, but the graphics in this program are so detailed it's tough to show it with a small screen shot!

Anyway, I brought up one of the illustrations, which was the muscle system. Then I clicked on the "X-Ray viewer", which has a "slider handle" that you just click on and drag up and down. Wherever you have the slide it shows an "X-Ray" view of the part of the body that you have the slider over! So you can look at one illustration, click on the X-Ray viewer and slide it down and now you can see what's "below" the body system you're viewing! I was looking at the muscular system and right around the neck level I clicked on the "X-Ray viewer". So at that point it shows the circulatory system just below where I clicked! Very cool!!!

human body

Here's another feature I liked called, "Virtual Reality" technology lets you move specific anatomical models to view them from a a variety of angles and perspectives. This is one of the 3-D models. Right below the model there's a section with some text that are detailed illustrations you can click on. (Again, I had to make these screen shots small so that I could include them here. The actual photos you see on the program are MUCH larger!) So you can click on an area of the diagram and you quickly zoom-in and get a "close up" view! If you double-click on an area of the photo, it'll bring up a page of text that gives you detailed information about what you're viewing!.

Plus you can click on a navigation arrow and now see the same section of the body from the side. Click again and now you see if from another angle! Cool, heh?

Human Body

There's just so much to this program and so many features, I can't list them all. Hopefully this will give you a taste of why I like this so much! And this retails for $29.99 (and worth every penny) but you don't have to pay that! You've not even going to pay half of that! Because today we've got this hugely popular program for just $9.97 and US shipping is FREE!!! But you better hurry cause these will be gone pretty quick!

Human Body

P.S. If you have teenagers or college students, how much easier would it be for them to use this to help them with their biology homework assignments!!! Are you kidding me?? They'll love it!!"Ground-Breaking Technology Alert"!!!

"Why Doesn't EVERY SD Card Do This?!?!?"

Can Your SD Card Transfer Photos To Your Computer - Naked?

THIS One Can - You've Gotta See It!

No Cord, No Camera, No Card Reader, No Kidding!

The Most Incredible SD Card EVER Conceived! REALLY!

dual card reader

Too Good To Be True? That's What We Thought, But Read On...'re at a party at a friend's house and, of course, you take your camera along and you take a bunch of pictures. What happens next? EVERYBODY wants to see the pictures, right? At this point, you're probably thinking you're gonna have to go home, download all the pictures onto YOUR computer and then send emails to EVERYBODY who wants to see them!!! (there goes your night!) Well, maybe that was then...but not now!!

How 'bout this instead: just take out your SD card from your camera, take off the end of your new Secure Digital Dual and now you have a USB connector...ON THE END OF YOUR SD CARD!!! Just plug that into your friend's computer and now Everybody Can See All Those Photos Right On The Computer!!! Right then and there!!! You're the hero of the party AND you don't have to spend all night emailing photos just so people can see them!!!

Yeah, I know...."Where was this five years ago?" Well, it didn't exist back then....but we got 'em now!!!! And you are gonna love this card!

I'm sure you've gone on vacation, were out for the day taking some great shots and you wanted to see how they looked. Not just on that tiny LCD on your camera! You know...."How they really look!" You didn't bring your card reader or your camera cable or even your laptop! (Or even if you did, maybe you just don't want to take the time to mess with them, 'cuz now you don't have to!) All you have to do is take that card and just plug it right into the USB port of the computer at the hotel and Voila! "You've Got Pictures!" (How's that for "Instant"!)

And in case you were wonderin', you won't have to be standin' around the computer waiting all day for the photos to download 'cuz this card is FAST... screamin' fast! It has a rated speed of 80x! That's double the rating of the most SD cards! So your files will transfer faster than with a "typical" SD card!!!

PLUS you can load this card with photos 'cuz it sports 1 full GB of memory!! That means it'll hold an average of 230-300 photos from an 8 mega-pixel camera (depending on the specific size of each photo). No more having to delete some pictures so you can take some more! Heck, you've got room to keep 'em all and go thru 'em later! (Now that's what I like!)

And this supersized SD card isn't just for photos! It's an SD card! It's a "souped-up" SD card, but it'll work with any device that uses an SD card!!! So this will work with ANY FILES that fit on an SD card! Say you're at a friends house and they have some songs you want to snag real quick while you're there so you can load them on your computer at home. No long as you've got your "souped-up" SD card! Just plug this card right into the USB port of their computer and transfer away! And remember, you've got 1GB of memory so you've got TONS of storage room!

This SD card is so versatile you'll want to take it wherever you go - and you can 'cuz it'll fit right in your pocket or purse! But you won't have to empty your wallet or purse to get this "souped-up" SD card...not today anyway. Right now, today...try $12.97 and US shipping is FREE!!!

dual memory card

P.S. - This little card is a must-have not just for photo buffs but for anyone who has any device that uses an SD card!!! It's so simple and easy to's a no-brainer! And so is this price, so you better move on it now cuz you know that isn't gonna last!!!

Computers 101

How can I change file extensions?

That's an excellent question and I'm sure many of you have wondered how to do this in the past. File extensions are a big part of our computer activities, because every file we work with has its own special extension and format. So, if you've ever needed to change an extension and you're not sure how to do that, keep reading and find out!

First, let's go over some examples. You may have even experienced these before. Maybe you have a document that is in an .htm (HTML) format, but you'd like to view it under a .txt (text) extension. Or maybe one of your friends e-mailed you a picture, but instead of it being a JPEG format like you're used to, it was sent as a GIF or maybe even as a PDF. So, how can you change these to the formats you want? It's pretty easy, so let's go!

First, you need to make sure your system is set up to allow file extension changes. To check this out, go to your Start menu, choose Run and type in "explorer" (without the quotes). Once the new window opens, go to the Tools menu and click on Folder Options. (If you're a Vista user, go to Start>Control Panel>Folder Options instead of using explorer.) Next, choose the View tab and find the option that says "Hide extensions for known file types." Make sure this is unchecked. Now, you're all set.

Once you receive an item that you want to change, just right click on it and choose Rename. You can then rename the file with the new extension that you prefer. Once you're done, just hit Enter on your keyboard and it will be saved. Then you can just open the file again, but this time, it will be the way you want it.

Don't settle for other extension names, do it your way from now on!

For more on file options, read here.

~ Erin

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MS Office

It's Here And Then It's Gone… Where Did The Drawing Canvas Go?

Remember the first time you saw the drawing canvas in Word 2002 or Word 2003?

Now, to be quite honest, if you're like me then the first thing you did was figure out how to get rid of it…

But, if you came use it - dare I say even like it - and then updated to Word 2007 you had a big disappointment coming.

The first time you inserted a shape you probably noticed that it was missing.

You've got to wonder what they were thinking - first it's thrust upon you and now it's gone?

Did they really do away with it?

No, of course not - some of you really like it so it's still there but the default settings no longer have Word automatically draw one.

We simply need to change one setting in Word's options and you're back in business.

Logically, the first step is to get into the Word Options dialog box. (Office Button, Word Options button in the bottom right-hand corner.)

Once there you need to navigate to the Advanced Options section.

In the first section (Editing Options) you need to check the box labeled as "Automatically create drawing canvas when inserting AutoShapes".

Click OK.

Sit back and have a big sigh of relief. All is right in your Word 2007 world again.

~ April

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More Cool Stuff

Worth It's Weight In Gold? Oh Yeah!!!

And Wait Til You See The Amazing Deal YOU Get!!!

WOW!! 10 Foot USB Cable

With 24k Gold Connectors!

Gold USB Cable

Along With ALL the USB Connectors You'll Ever Need

For Every Conceivable USB Device

In One Handy Package!

But Don't Pay Over $40 For A Single-Connection USB Cable That Others Will Charge You!

(Wait Till You See Our Deal!!!)

24k Gold Plated connectors! So why is that such a big deal? Faster And More Accurate Data Transfer...that's why! You see, gold plated connectors don't oxidize so you get great electrical contact! And that means a Faster and Higher quality data transfer! "Fast" (480 Mbps!) so you're not waiting for your information to transfer or download. "Higher quality", so you don't have to down load your data again 'cuz the data got corrupted during the process! And as you probably already know, 24k Gold is more expensive than your "run-of-the-mill" materials. That's why most USB cables don't have 24k gold connectors!

But as they say, "A chain is only as strong as its weakest link!" So let's take a look at the rest of this cable...and then I think you'll see why this is top-notch as far as quality goes! Well, the cable itself has a "Foil and Braid shielding", to reduce EMI/RFI interference! That's why the better cables use this type of shielding! So, in other words, this USB cable is constructed of the highest quality component material and it features 24K gold connectors for quality data transmissions! And if that was all, it would be plenty and well worth the price. But, we're not done yet!!!

Because what really makes this USB cable package incredible is that you ALSO get 5 different USB tips! (And, "Yeah"...they're all gold plated!!!) So instead of having to buy FIVE Different cables, This One Does It All!!!

Why do you need 5 different connectors? Well, ever notice how your printer takes one kind of end, your camera another, and maybe your phone or external HD takes yet another (different) type of connection? Normally, you'd have to search all over for an adapter or cord for those special connections - What a PAIN! With this, that problem is GONE forever! Just grab the connector you need, plug in and go - works with ALL equipment!! (and no - that isn't a special cable that came with your phone, camera, etc - just a special end so you think you need to buy an extra cable from the manufacturer)

To give you an idea of just how fantastic this deal is, I happened to see a link for ONE 10 foot USB cable with gold connectors at Best Buy. The price: $40.99!!! Here, check it out for yourself here.

Not a bad USB cable, but only ONE connector. We're giving you FIVE!!! Go the math. (You're gonna fall over when you see our deal!!!)

So now you can connect your computer to your digital camera, printer, scanner, PDA, phone and more with this single USB cable!!! That's it all with just ONE USB CABLE and NEVER worry about the type of connection!!! Made of the finest materials available!!! Here are the connectors (Gold Plated!!!) that are included:

USB Type A
Type B
Mini A
Mini B
Type A female extension

Gold USB Cable

And finally, you can keep all these tips stored in this cool carrying pouch!!

And this cable is USB 2.0...but it's also backwards compatible with 1.x, so you can use it with your older USB devices! PLUS it's "Plug and Play" so no messin' around with software or anything else., Just plug it in and you're good to go! Oh, one more thing...It's also "Hot-Swappable", so you don't need to "power-down" your computer. You can plug your components right in..."on-the-fly"!!!

So, lets see....

You could go somewhere else and spend $40.99 EACH...times FIVE connectors for a total of $204.95!!! Or you could get this fantastic 10 Foot USB cable with FIVE (count 'em...FIVE) Gold Plated connectors....with "Foil and Braid shielding" for (gasp...choke...cough...) only $14.97!!!! And we'll through in US shipping for nothin'!!! Yeah, that's for real...$14.97 and US Shipping is FREE!!! I'm almost embarrassed to list this so low! But we got a great deal with our supplier so...what the heck! Why not "share the love"! But don't wait a second on this 'cuz these are gonna fly out the door!!! After all...everybody else is seeing this too!!! Here's your link...

Gold USB Cable

P.S. - Unfortunately, we don't have an unlimited supply. (At this price...are you kiddin'???) With this, all your USB devices are you ARE gonna need these connectors if you don't already need 'em now! Might as well get the best in quality at a phenomenal deal!!

WOW! Special Introductory Price!

Here's One Last Chance!!
(Psst - You're Gonna LOVE This!)

Absolutely Amazing Data Transfer Device!

Smart PC-Link USB Data Transfer Cable

Just Plug In >> Drag And Drop Files Between Two Computers!

No Drivers To Install! No Special Software!

Includes Everything You Need!

Jaw-Droppingly Simple To Use! - You'll Be Blown Away!

Hey, if you are ever, in your life, going to buy another computer or need to get data from one computer to another, this amazing accessory is absolutely, positively a MUST-HAVE!

Let me ask you a question or two :-)

Have you ever needed to get the files from one computer to another? You know what I mean, maybe you just got a new computer and you want to get all your files, songs, photos, etc from the old computer to the new one. Maybe you have a laptop and wish there was an easy to way to get share your laptop and desktop files. Maybe you need a file or some photos off of a friend's computer. Who knows, maybe you just have a really big file that needs transferred from one computer to another.

So, are you still doing it the old way? Do you try and copy Gigs and Gigs of info to a flash drive? Burn dozens of CD-ROMs? Or worse - Try to e-mail the files? (Please tell me you're not doing that!) Don't ya wish there was a better way? There is!

We have these amazing Data Transfer Cables and they're going to change your computing life forever! They allow you to quickly and easily transfer files from one computer to another via the USB ports (PC to PC or PC to MAC)! Get this - you just plug the unit into the computer that has the files you want, then plug the included cable into the computer you want to transfer those file to - that's it! An Explorer-like window will open up one each screen and you just drag and drop! Anyone can do it, and it's MUCH easier than messing around with CDs or Flash drives!

What about the install? HA - There is none! Just plug and play, these have the drivers built right in! If you can pop in a USB plug and click a mouse, you're in the club!

Plus, these are USB 2.0, so it's like transferring your data with a souped-up Ferrari! Talk about fast - you'll be blown away at how quickly you get files from one computer to another. Oh, and don't worry if you only have USB 1.x - still works just fine!

I tell ya, there is simply no better way to get files from computer to computer! Just wait till the next time you need to move either large numbers or large size files - you'll be THRILLED you grabbed this! I love to use it when I'm transferring my photos from my trips off my laptop onto my main computer - it's an incredible time saver! Oh, and just wait till you upgrade to your next computer - your data is going to be there before you know it. Works for ANY kind of file you have too! Seriously, you'll wonder how you ever got along without it! You'll find it becomes as essential to your computer as your mouse! 

Why spend countless hours burning CDs and trying to transfer large files with flash drives? Just plug this into your computers, drag and drop, and be done with it already!

If you're ever, in your life, going to get another computer or need to get a file from one computer to another, you absolutely, positively MUST get yourself one of these!

Your cost for all this file-moving bliss? For today, we're talkin' just $16.97 and US shipping is FREE! Insane not to get one! Oh, and if you don't think it's as cool as I say it is, you can send it back within 60 days for a refund! That's how confident I am that you'll love this too! Check it out:

PS - This special price is ONLY guaranteed today, 06-18-2009, so make sure you sprint on over to the site and get yourself setup with one of these! Next time you need to move files, you'll agree that this is the best cable you've ever owned! Regular price is $21.97 - don't miss out!

Today at

Print E-mail text Bigger

I have to squint my eyes to read my e-mail! The bifocals don't help anymore and I'm at my wit's end! Is there any way to make my text bigger when I print e-mail out? Why yes, yes there is, but it's only at Worldstart!

World Travel Tips

It's time to travel abroad, but you aren't sure exactly what the protocols are at your chosen destination. Thank goodness Worldstart has a great site up today that will give you all the info you need to make it the best trip ever! Go now!

Here's the link you need: Enjoy!

Tip of the Day

Quicker File Access

Want a faster way to open a file?

When most of us go to open a file, we click the File menu, Open (OK, some of us use the little toolbar button), then we scroll along hunting for the file so we can double-click it.

Well, if you have a ton of documents in a folder, this can get time consuming. If you know the exact name of the file, you can simply type it in the little dialog box and hit Enter .

For example, if you're looking for a file named " my_file.jpg " you would type in:

Then hit Enter.

What if you don't know the exact name of the file? Don't worry. I have a shortcut for that too. Click inside the little dialog box (specifically, the area where the file list is) and start typing the first letter or two of the file. The dialog box should highlight the first file that starts with those letters. Sometimes the file will appear in the drop down menu, too, where you can just click on it to open!

Here's a snap shot. In this example, I quickly typed " my- " and it went to the "my-file" file automatically.

Cool huh?

~ Steve

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Today's Feature


Do you own an MP3 player that is not an ipod? There are thousands of different MP3 players and MP4 players out there that are not ipods. For example, just a couple weeks ago we sold an amazing MP3/MP4 player called the Sansa Connect. This little player is awesome, but no matter how good it is, it won't connect to iTunes. As a matter of fact, the only players that will connect to iTunes are ipods.

This little fact always kinda burned my bacon, if you know what I mean. You can have a great MP3 player but you can't connect it to an easy to use music management program because the best one out there is only compatible with one type of player? Grrr...frustrating!

So, as I was thinking about this the other day, I got an idea. I figured I would start looking for an iTunes alternative that would work with all of the "other" players out there. Luckily, I found a great program called Songbird. This application is free and works just as good as itunes, plus it works with all of the players out there that get the shaft from Apple.

Songbird has a similar interface to iTunes. It is easy to use, it manages your music in a way that makes sense, it connects to all kinds of music sources and best of all, it connects to almost all players.

So, if you are one of the millions of people that own one of those "other" players, you might want to check out songbird. It will make your life just a little easier. You can get Songbird here:



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Amanda's Coolsite

Wallpaper: Calendars

I often lose track of the days in the month when it is summer time and I’m just puttering around the house. It’s different when I’m in school and have deadlines. I also have lost both my calendar and calculator application on my computer, and I’ve been much too lazy to figure out why. Now I can make wallpaper that have a calendar using this fantastic application!

There are several ways to select an image to use as the wallpaper. You can upload it directly from your computer, pull it off your Flickr or Photo Bucket account, or put in the URL of the image you’d like to use.

Once you’ve selected the image for your wallpaper, you can start designing how it will look. First, select the size you want your wallpaper’s image to be, and how you want it positioned. Then you’ll select the calendar month you want, and how you want the calendar portion positioned and what color it is.

Now you can decide if you’d like to make the image black and white, if so check the box next to the option. You can also blur the image, add a color overlay (this puts the color you select over the complete image – I don’t overly care for this effect) and you can even add a credit to the image you’re making.

If you’ve got everything set up the way you want it, click the Create button, and the application will create your calendar. This will take you to a page that has your calendar on it, as well as, some navigation options. They are: Edit, Start Over, Save, Upload to Flickr, Share and lastly, E-mail.

If you see anything you want to change click the Edit option and you’ll be taken back to the previous form. Hate it entirely, and then Start Over. I prefer the Save option out of all the ways to share/save they have because I like to keep a hard copy of wallpapers and desktop backgrounds in case I accidentally change them.

This is a great way to personalize your desktop and have a calendar right where you can see it!


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Send it to Amanda at

Monthly Wallpaper

YES! They're BACK! We begged, we pleaded, and we finally were able to liberate a small number of the amazing GPS systems below! They have been extremely popular and we've had people begging for more ever since. We were FINALLY able to get another handful - so here's one last shot at 'em! Hey, those summer trips are coming - why not have the BEST navigation system EVER at your fingertips??


Imagine Turning Your Laptop Into An Incredible GPS Unit!

Am I Dreaming? No Way!

Amazing New Technology Transforms Your Laptop Into A Navigation System!

WAY More Powerful & Full Featured Than A Windshield Mount Unit!

At A Mere Fraction - I Say A FRACTION - Of The Cost!

Get This - It Even Can Respond To Voice Commands!

Simply The Best GPS Navigation Ever! Wait Till You Try It!

Don't Pay $50, $60, Or Even $70 Somewhere Else -
Wait Till You See Our Jaw-Dropper Of A Deal!

We just found the coolest GPS package on the planet! It's DeLorme's EarthMate and it transforms your laptop into an amazing, full featured, voice activated GPS Unit! Really! Works great too!

Using your laptop for an automotive navigation GPS is absolutely incredible - and much easier than it might sound too! If you have a passenger, they can keep the computer on their lap when it's needed, and if you're going solo, just set it on the seat next to you! It accepts voice commands, so you don't even need to touch it (more on that in a minute)! Between getting to use your large laptop screen and all the amazing features packed into this, you'll never, ever consider one of those silly windshield-mount units!

How does it work? Glad you asked! You install the map software on your laptop and plug in the included GPS receiver into your laptop's USB port! That's it! You now have a fully functional GPS system you can take with you! The receiver itself is on a 5' cord, so you can easily set it on your car's dashboard if you like (or use the suction cup for the windshield) - it's small too - about the size of a small wireless flip-phone!

Again, this does the same thing as those little units you can spend hundreds of dollars on - except this uses your computer so it's a LOT more powerful! This puts any hand-held or windshield mount GPS unit I've ever seen to absolute and complete shame! PLUS, wait till you see the price - it's a FRACTION of the cost! And you get to do all your navigating on your laptop screen instead of some small, impossible to read 4" LCD panel! It's amazingly good :-)

Earthmate GPS Receiver & Street Atlas USA 2008

OK, this does a LOT! I could literally take up 10 pages just giving you the highlight show! You'll really have to stop by the website to see everything this can do - way too much to go over here (you'll understand when you see the page), but just to give you a little taste of what's in store for you...

First, input your destination and this will get you there with easy to follow turn by turn directions (audio turn by turn help no less)! Even better, this can respond to voice commands from you so it becomes VERY hands-free! In fact, you can train it so you can say something like "When is my next turn?" and it will answer back something like "Your next turn is in 200 yards". Yeah, it's cool!

Earthmate GPS Receiver & Street Atlas USA 2008

In addition, it also has amazing re-routing help for when you run into traffic jams, you can use voice prompting to ask it where the nearest gas station, hotel, etc is, and you can even scout ahead on the map and have it snap back to your current location! Oh, and did I mention it has a whoppin' 4 MILLION places of interest built right in - gas stations, restaurants, hotels, malls, - you name it! Everything you need on the road! 

Yeah those little windshield mounted units are starting to look darn pretty pathetic right about now, don't ya think?

Earthmate GPS Receiver & Street Atlas USA 2008

Oh, and get this - you can also import data into it from spreadsheets and most popular contact managers! If you travel for business, this is amazing - just import your contacts and navigate to any one of them with a couple mouse clicks! You can even enter a phone number and this will do a reverse lookup and find the address for you! WOW!

Using the maps is fantastic too! They are amazingly detailed and just a right-click will tell you exactly what's under your mouse (body of water, street, etc)! It can even get you local radio station information - now THAT's insanely impressive!

OK, you get the idea. Frankly, we only have a limited number of these and if I keep going on we're going end up having way more people who want one than we have available. Bottom line is simply this - if you've been thinking about getting a navigation system or windshield mount GPS unit for your car, THIS is going to blow ALL of the competition away! After all, it all the resources of a full-blown computer at its disposal, so really, it's not even a contest! Imagine having this on your next trip! Oh, and imagine how cool this would be if you had to rent a car somewhere and had no clue where you were going! 

Your price is only a FRACTION of what you would pay for a full blown GPS unit too! Just $34.97 and US shipping is FREE! These retail for $70, so it's a huge chunk of change off the regular price! And amazing compared to a $400 GPS unit! Don't miss out!

PS - Seriously - only a limited number available. PLEASE get to the site early. Once these are gone we can't get anymore and I'm not sure if we'll ever see something like this again! Don't miss out!

Monthly Wallpaper

June Wallpaper

Here's this month's free calendar wallpaper! As always, it's 100% free, so head on over and grab one!

Bald River Falls (Photo contest winner)

This picture was taken on a very cold day in November of 2008. Location - Smoky Mtn Nat. Park


 Golden Canyon

This was taken in Death Valley Nat. Park near the overlook at Zabriski Point. It was early morning and the amazing golden light really turned the already gold-colored hills even more yellow.


Yellow Flower

 Here's an extreme closeup of a yellow lily (OK, could be an orchid - I don't really know), taken last spring.


Here's June's wallpaper. It's all free, so enjoy!

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