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Computer Tips [ How Often Should You Reboot? + Website Helps You Lose Weight + iPod Problems And Playlist Tips ] 02/17/09

Computer No, this isn't Steve. You can tell because Steve never wears a suit :-)

Quick Tips

Restart Times

Have you ever wondered how often you should shut down your computer and then restart it? I don't know about all of you, but there's always been a question in my mind about how many times a week (or day or month, etc.) I should be restarting my computer. I mean, does every computer need a certain amount of rest time or are they more durable than we may think? Well, allow me to explain some of your options!

To be honest, there really isn't a certain time frame set up for computers when it comes to shutting down and restarting them. There's no minimum or maximum requirement for any computer. Now, if your computer is requesting you to restart it (for example, after an update), you should oblige, but otherwise, it's not going to harm your computer to leave it on for an extended period of time.

The only time I can think of when you should be restarting your computer on a regular basis is when you're having some system problems. The restart function often helps troubleshoot certain issues. Restarting your computer can really help fix any abnormal problems your computer may be experiencing as well. That probably happens more often than you think. So, while it's a good idea to shut down your computer every once in awhile (just to give it a breather), you don't have to do it every single day. I'd say once a week is a good rule to go by. Of course, do what you want, but I urge you to keep this tip in mind as well. That's all I have to say about that!

~ Erin

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Make sure you keep reading to learn how you can easily organize your music playlists for ultimate ease, find out how you can easily work with your selected data ranges in MS Excel and learn how you can fix some of the most common iPod problems. Also, find out all about focus lock with today's digital photography tip and as always, don't miss out on Amanda's Cool Site of the Day!


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Computers 101

I got an iPod for Christmas from my kids and I finally have all my music loaded on it and all of that good stuff. Now, do you have any tips I can use for keeping my playlists organized? I would like to create different lists for different activities I do, but I don't want them to get all messy. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

First of all, welcome to the wonderful world of iPods! I'm sure you're enjoying it as much as everyone else who has one does. This is a very good question, because in a day and age when music players are so popular, it's typical to have a huge collection of music on just one device and it's too easy to let it "go crazy" and get all jumbled together. This tip is good for anyone who has any type of music player. It doesn't have to be an iPod. If you have an MP3 player or if you just have a lot of music stored on your computer, you can use these organizational tips as well.

Below are six tips you can use to keep your playlists organized and neat. The tips will also help you in understanding what you need to do to follow up your proper playlists. If you follow these tricks, you will have the best music collection in town! Plus, you will be able to find particular songs much faster and sometimes, you just can't beat that. Okay, here we go!

1.) Create Subfolders - One of the most important things to do when making playlists is to create subfolders that will stay on your hard drive. What do I mean by subfolders? Well, you should put all of your music into different categories. You can either separate it by genre or whichever way you'd like to do it. Create a new folder for each type. For instance, one folder for country, one for pop, one for classical and so on. Don't just keep all of your music in the main music folder (My Music) on your C: drive. Subfolders are definitely the better way to go.

2.) Check Your ID3 Tags - First of all, ID3 tags are used to store the important information about your music files, such as the song title, the artist name, the album name, etc. It's also the information that shows up on the screen of your iPod or MP3 player. (Read here for more information on ID3 tags). Sometimes when you put music onto your player, it comes through all wrong. So, make sure you take the time to edit your ID3 tags correctly. Now, you may need a software program to help you do this and one good example is called TagScanner, among others.

3.) Have Proper Music Management Software - It's pertinent that you have the best music management software for yourself and for your music player. There are several you can choose from. If you have an iPod, you probably use iTunes, but some other options are Windows Media Player, MediaMonkey and MusicMatch Jukebox. Each program brings its own features, so you'll just have to decide what all you want and then go get it!

4.) Keep It Legal - If you're using an illegal music download program, you may get some files that come through in an odd way. They may have a weird file name and the songs may also sound a little different than the original version. You don't want that, do you? Yes, you may have to pay for a good online music service, but it's well worth it in the end. Good examples are again, iTunes and there's always Napster.

5.) Create Proper Playlists - As was stated in the question, it's fun to make different playlists for the different activities you're going to be doing. This is also a perfect way to keep your music organized. If you combine certain songs together, you'll come up with some pretty jammin' playlists, along with keeping them neat and tidy. Another thing you can do is just create playlists from the subfolders you created in step one. Keeping all of your music in separate categories is the perfect way to stay organized when it comes to your tunes.

6.) Your Hard Drive Size - Depending on how much music you download onto your computer, it's important to have a hard drive that will be able to handle it all. Running out of room will certainly mess up your organized music files. Yes, you may have more than one hard drive on your computer, but it's not ideal to store some of your files on one hard drive and the rest on the other. It's important to have all of your music files together in one spot, so just make sure you have enough room. If you think you're going to run out soon, delete some songs you don't listen to very often or just stop downloading!

There you go. Hopefully these tips will help keep your music collection in line and in order. Yes, if you follow all of these steps, it will take you quite a bit of time to complete your organized music collection, but trust me, it will be worth it in the end. Now, get going, you music lovers!

~ Erin

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MS Office

Quick Data on the Selected Data Range

Do you ever find that you need a quick piece of information? You know, a sum, average or a minimum or maximum value on a range of MS Excel data.

What did you do?

Did you write a formula in a cell?

Well, if you want to keep the information in the worksheet, that's an excellent plan. But what if all you need to know is one or two pieces of information and you don't want them to stick around?

If that's the case, you have to wonder if there's any way to quickly see the information in Excel, without all the hassle of formulas.

It's a good thought and I'm happy to report there's a quick and easy way to accomplish just that!

The information you seek is all on the Status Bar.

Yep, you may have never noticed it before, but there's useful information about a selected data range just sitting there waiting for you.

Let's take a look!

As always, you have to go through a couple different sets of directions, depending on the version of Excel you're using.

We'll start with the older versions of Excel.

With the data highlighted, you'll find the information in the bottom right hand corner of the Status Bar.

Right now, it shows a sum, but you have a few other choices as well. Right click on the Status Bar and you'll see that there are several different functions to choose from.

Unfortunately, you can only display one at a time, but it's still faster than a formula and whichever one is currently chosen will automatically be displayed all the time.

Now, for those of you using Excel 2007, things are pretty much the same, but with a few "perks!"

The highlighted range data is displayed in the bottom right hand corner of the Status Bar, just like the other versions.

However, you may notice that you're seeing more than one piece of information about the highlighted data. That's definitely what I'd consider an improvement over the older versions!

In addition, you can still right click on the Status Bar and add even more data.

Again, the added advantage is Excel 2007 will display all of them at once, should you choose it to be that way.

I'd say that's a lot of information for very little hassle. Just the way I like it!

~ April

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You just plug it into your computer and leave the reader on top of your desk (with XP, no setup at all, and no drivers to install). As soon as you're done shooting, just pop the card out of your camera and into the reader. From there, it's simply a matter of dragging and dropping the images to your hard drive. It couldn't be easier.

The really cool thing is that these are USB 2 readers, so they're really fast (yes, they still work if you have USB 1.x). If your camera is uses a USB 1 connection for file transfer, you'll see about a 10X improvement with these! If it uses a USB 2 connection, you'll probably transfer about the same speed - but you don't need to dig out all the cables and stuff to hook up the camera.

These also work great with regular files. Let's say you need to move a 50 Meg file from one computer to another. With your card reader, you could use the card from your camera to move the file. We have people who buy these just for that purpose!

Again, this is one accessory I can't do without - in fact, everyone I know who has a card reader says the same thing. It's so much easier than messing around with the camera, looking for connection cables, and fighting with special software.

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The mouse itself it amazingly comfortable too! It feels like they used YOUR hand for the mold! Everyone who's tried it says the same thing - they are really surprised how great this mouse is! Heck, even the buttons have a nice "click" feel to 'em!

Oh, and they keyboard is fantastic too! Again, you're not physically connected to your computer, so you can move it wherever you like (up to 39 feet)! Move it anywhere on your desk or set it in your lap and sit back! No more wires holding you back and keeping you constrained! 

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Mouseless Right Click

Now, I know that may sound impossible, but there really is such a thing as a mouseless right click. Don't believe me? Then you've got to check out the tip we're featuring on our homepage today. It will teach you everything you need to know in order to do a mouseless right click and you might even learn some other fun facts while you're at it as well. Trust me, you don't want to miss this one! It's so easy to do and it's one of those tricks you can teach all your friends too. Give it a try!

Yo-Yo Universe

Are you a big yo-yo fan? If so, you're absolutely going to love the cool site we're showcasing on our homepage today. It's called Yo-Yo Universe and it really is all about yo-yos. You can read all about yo-yo events, learn new tricks you can do with a yo-yo, chat with other yo-yo lovers and even check out the pros of the yo-yo club. Yes, all of this is true and all you have to do to be a part of it is go to our homepage right now. Have fun!

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Tip of the Day

Common iPod Problems: Fixed

Here's another iPod tip for you! Are you having some trouble with your iPod? Need some basic help? Well, lucky for you, I can even do a little bit better than basic! To be honest, iPods aren't really all that complicated, but when something happens to them and they stop working, it could mean the end of the music world for some of us and we certainly don't want that to happen. So, it's very important to understand what's going on with your iPod at all times so that you can get it fixed as quickly as possible.

Below, you'll find four of the most common iPod problems. The explanations of these problems really should help out a lot of you music lovers out there. Oh, and of course, I'm going to give you some tips on how you can go about actually fixing these problems too. Okay, here we go!

1.) It Locked Me Out - I'm sure many of you have run into this problem at one time or another. Your iPod just locks up and no matter what you do, it will not respond. Well, there are several things that could cause this to happen. If you carry your iPod with you while doing various activities, it could put it into a bit of a shock. For example, exercising, jogging, jumping, dancing and even dropping it or running it into walls, etc. could cause your iPod to freeze up on you.

If the iPod is worked too hard, it will automatically activate its protection controls and it will just shut down the hard drive. The best thing to do when this happens is reset the iPod. To do this, hold the Menu and Play/Pause buttons together for approximately 10 seconds. Now, this method is a little different for the various types of iPods. If the suggestion above doesn't work for you, check in your iPod's manual. There should be directions for resetting your specific type of iPod in there. Once the reset is done, you will see the iPod name and Apple logo come up on your main screen and you should be all set!

2.) Exclamation Point Madness - Another problem that may occur is an exclamation point predicament. On your iPod screen, you may see a folder with an exclamation point next to it and you'll find out that you can't really do anything with it there. There are a few things you can try to get rid of it.

First, try charging your battery. It may be too low for the iPod to be able to work. Second, check to make sure that the software your iPod has is the correct version. Some iPod models require a specific piece of software and if yours doesn't have the right type, you won't be able to do anything. You can either update or restore the software to fix this problem. Look in your user's manual to find exact instructions on how to do either of those.

Third, your iPod may just be locked up. Go ahead and reset your iPod, just like we discussed above. Fourth, you may need to consult some extra help. If the exclamation point doesn't go away, take your iPod back to where you purchased it. They should have some tech support there that can help you get your iPod up and running.

3.) My iPod is Unhappy - If you turn on your iPod and all you see is a frowning smiley face, don't panic, but this usually isn't a very good thing. The first thing you need to check on is to make sure the computer you're using to hook your iPod up on meets the system requirements of the iPod. If your computer has an older operating system, etc., you may run into some more problems. If your computer does meet the requirements, your iPod just needs to be restored. This, unfortunately, isn't really anything you want to do on your own, so take it to the store where you bought it and get some additional help.

4.) iTunes Isn't Syncing - When you're syncing your iPod with your iTunes music library, you might end up with an error message that reads something like "An unknown error has occurred (-36)." This type of error can happen at any time and on any type of iPod. It basically just means that iTunes is not able to write the information you want it to onto the iPod.

There are a few causes of this, including outdated operating system software. You need to make sure that your iPod has all of the recent updates. These could include device connections, which are very important in helping your iPod to work correctly. This could even be caused by Windows updates, so make sure you check every possibility.

Another cause could be a software interference. If certain software interferes with iTunes, it won't be able to write the files you need onto your iPod. Think back to what you have installed on your computer recently. If you can think of anything that may be causing the interference with iTunes, try disabling it and try your iPod again. Lastly, you might have damaged files. The -36 error will show up when any of the music or photo files iTunes is trying to transfer are damaged. If you can find the file that may be causing the error, try deleting it and you can then reimport it later on.

So, there you have it! Four of the most common iPod problems. Again, some of these directions are different for the various types of iPods you may have. If you're not sure how to do something or if you can't figure something out, be sure to contact some additional help. There are people out there who are experts in the iPod business and they will be able to help you get your iPod back to normal. Thank goodness for that!

~ Erin

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Today's Feature

Focus Lock

A reader asks: "I have a problem with my digital camera. When I shoot an off-center subject, the camera focuses on the wall behind them. How can I make the camera focus on what I want?"

Many digital cameras focus on whatever is in the very center of the viewfinder or LCD screen. So, if your subject isn't there, the stuff behind (or in front) of them will be nice and sharp, but it won't.

One time to really watch out for this is when you're photographing two people standing side by side. You have a person on each side of the viewfinder, but the sensor is busy focusing on the wall behind them.

For example, take this photo of two chairs I just shot in the basement (sorry, I was the only one around, so I couldn't get any actual people to pose):

In this close up, you can see how the camera focused on the wall behind them (gasp!):

Ah, but not to worry. There's an easy way around this little problem!

Most digital cameras have a feature called "focus lock." The vast majority of these activate when you press the shutter release half way down and hold it there. Usually, there's some sort of light to indicate you have sharp focus (and this light is usually located next to the viewfinder and glows green when the image is properly focused).

So, all you do, again with most cameras, is move the camera so your subject is temporarily centered, press part way down on the shutter release to lock in the focus, hold the button in position as you recompose and finally, press the shutter release the rest of the way down.

In this instance, I just centered one of the chairs, held the focus lock, moved the camera back to the composition I wanted and shot.

Note that if you let up on the shutter release at any point in this procedure, you'll lose the focus lock and have to start over.

As always, consult your owner's manual for specifics, but this is one procedure that seems universal for most digital cameras. Happy shooting!

~ Steve

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Amanda's Coolsite

Calories Per Hour

I really like the approach this Web site takes for weight loss. They’re not telling you to go run a marathon tomorrow, only drink water or give up all the foods you love. No, it's much easier than that!

Diet and Weight Loss Tips – In this section, you'll find practical tips for diet and weight loss. Each tip discusses something different and gives you a link to a related article with more information on the subject.

Tutorial – Here you have access to the whole tutorial. The tutorial’s purpose is to give you a solid foundation that will help you put an end to the dieting cycle.

Calories Burned Calculator – Here you'll find calculators for your BMI (Body Mass Index), BMR and RMR (Basal and Resting Metabolic Rates), an activity calculator and five advanced calculators tuned for specific activities. Each calculator has a tutorial article linked at the bottom of the section, so you’ll learn exactly how everything works in conjunction with weight loss.

Food Calories & Nutrition Calculator – I suggest starting by clicking on the Help button for this calculator, because it will give you clear instructions as to what you need to do. Basically, what it does is allow you to input food items and calculate the calories for them. If you check out the food lists, you’ll find fast food information and some stats on frozen foods and prepackaged foods as well.

Weight Loss Calculator – This section provides three calculators for you. One that lets you calculate the time to reach your weight loss goal, one that lets you calculate the daily calorie deficit to reach your weight loss goal and one that lets you calculate your weight loss over time.

Weights & Measures Converter – This is a converter that allows you to convert weight, height and food measurements to the metric version and back again.

Weight Loss Forums – Here you'll find people who will support your weight loss efforts, who you can ask questions or even give answers to. The forum has topics on eating disorders, dietary supplements, surgery, diet plans, training and more!

This Web site will educate you on how to live healthy and lose those extra pounds!

~ Amanda

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I shot this just last month in the Valley of Fire State Park, just about an hour from Las Vegas. We were going to another spot just down the road, but couldn't resist stopping for this shot. Timing on one like this is really tough, so dumb luck came to my rescue.

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