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Computer Tips [ 6 Critical Password Rules + Is Your Wireless Network Getting Hacked? + Browser Makes Surfing Faster Than Ever + Friday Funnies ] 02/13/09

Computer No, this isn't Steve. You can tell because Steve never wears a suit :-)

Quick Tips

Passwords Should Be...

Do you often have trouble coming up with the perfect password? Whether you're purchasing something online or you're signing up for some kind of newsletter, etc., a password is usually required. Plus, we all know (well, we should) that it's best to use a different password for each thing we do online. And with more and more services being added everyday, it can sometimes be hard to come up with new passwords to use. So, I thought I would take some time today and try to help you out. What do you say we create some passwords?!

According to security experts, there are six rules you should follow when making up your passwords. First of all, they should be random. By that, I mean you should choose a series of characters that are completely random to everyone else, but make complete sense to you. The second rule follows up with that by saying passwords should be unique. Again, just try to create a password that no one else will be able to easily guess. The third rule states that a password should be, at the very least, eight characters long, but the longer it is, the better. If you can come up with a password that's 14 characters or more, go for it!

The next rule says that a password should be a combination of upper and lowercase letters and there should be at least one number or symbol included in there somewhere. The more variety you add to your password, the better it will be. The fifth rule simply states that you should change your password regularly and frequently. The longer you leave the same password in place, the easier it will be for a hacker to grab it. And lastly, you should type your password out manually each and every time you're asked for it. Yes, the "Remember Password" feature is nice, but it's really best to enter it in each time. If you follow these six simple rules, you'll have the most secure and perfect passwords in town. Now, that's something to be proud of!

~ Erin

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It's Friday, it's Friday! Can you feel the excitement? Make sure you keep reading to learn all about what you can do to keep your wireless network as secure as possible, find out how you can use several design templates for one presentation in MS PowerPoint and learn all about the Speed Dial feature found in the new Opera 9.6 Web browser. Also, be sure to check out the Friday Funnies for your daily laugh and of course, don't miss out on Amanda's Cool Site of the Day. Enjoy and have a loveable weekend, everyone! : )

Happy Valentine's Day!


YES! YOU Can Be A Windows Vista Pro!

Try It For A Few Hours -You'll Be Stunned!

Brilliant Audio & Video Presentations Teach You Everything!

Interactive Simulations Let You Virtually "Try" Techniques Safely!

Hey - Are you a Widows Vista user? Are you going to be? Maybe just thinking about an upgrade? If so, you've just got to try the program that took me from newbie to pro in no time! It's called Professor Teaches Windows Vista and it makes learning Windows Vista a snap!

If you're tired and frustrated with Vista, you're not alone! It's really a great system, but it's juuusssst different enough from previous versions of Windows to make you pull-your-hair-out-crazy trying to make it work the way you want! Come on - Why not say goodbye to all the headaches and take control? Professor Teaches Windows Vista is just the ticket out of frustrationville!

First off, this software uses over 150 absolutely fantastic multimedia presentations to show you how all the new features work - in every version of Vista! You'll really love how easy these terrific presentations are to follow and watch! See, you're not just reading a page of text; this uses engaging audio and video to explain exactly how you do something! PLUS I really love that they cover it all for each topic - there's not a single mouse click left out of the presentation! This won't leave you guessing - it'll leave you knowing EXACTLY what to do! It's like having Bill Gates sitting next to you, going over Vista step by step (only this is a little cheaper :-)!

Oh, and then it takes your learning to the next level! OK, you know how most people seem to learn better by "trying it out" on their own? Well, this has an amazing Vista Simulator built in! So, get this - you watch a lesson, then you can actually "try" it - just like you were using Windows, only you're not going to be able to mess anything up! How cool is that? If that's not the smartest way ever to teach Windows, I don't know what is! It's really like having a private computer tutor! Heck, you can even take a quiz at the end of the chapters to test your knowledge!

 Plus, you'll really love the way the presentations progress too- they won't leave you behind scratching your head! You'll start off with the basics, then move on to more advanced topics as you learn. Of course, you can always skip back and review, but let me tell ya, as good as this software is, you probably won't need to! Plus, if you need a quick fix to a problem, you can skip to any topic at any time!

What's covered? HA - What isn't? This thoroughly covers everything you'll ever want to know about Vista! Want a small taste of what you're gonna get on this jam-packed CD? We're talking: setting up internet and e-mail, firewalls, online security, updates, networking, customizing your desktop, troubleshooting problems, disk maintenance, backups, getting remote help, printing, adding / removing programs from startup, intros to everything (desktop, explorer, folders, ect), customizing your start menu, getting the best performance, working with files and folders, using the taskbar, a bunch of great desktop tricks, and more! You're REALLY gonna love it!

Oh, and that's not all - you gotta see this! If you already know how to use XP, this has a special section just for you! It's a "transition" section that takes what you already know about XP and shows you how its now done in Vista! You'll find this is a HUGE time saver and a great way to get your Vista experience on the fast track!

Here's the main categories:

Vista Basics
Using The Desktop
Managing Computer Security
Working With Internet & E-mail
Managing And Maintenance
Working With Files And Folders
Interacting With Other Computers
Personalizing Vista
Print & Media

Whew, it covers a TON and we've only touched the surface here! Seriously, if you're running Windows Vista or are going to be, this is an absolute MUST-HAVE! This makes the transition soooo much easier, it's crazy to fight and struggle along! Give this a try, by the time you're done you'll not only love Vista, you'll be using it like a pro!

Your price? For a limited time we're doing this at just $10.97 for our newsletter readers! That's FREE US Shipping of course, plus if you don't love it, just send it back within 60 days for a refund! Trust me, this is the best way to learn Vista - I've never seen a faster - or easier - way to learn! You'll love it too!

PS - This is a limited quantity deal and the price is only good for a limited time (it'll be $16.97 soon). If you are ever going to be face to face with a Vista computer, this is going to make that experience soooo much better! Crazy not to grab it - I know I'm impressed!

WOW! Turn Your Laptop Into An Incredible GPS Unit!

WAY More Powerful & Full Featured Than A Windshield Mount Unit!

And Only A Fraction - A FRACTION - Of The Cost!

Even Can Respond To Voice Commands!

Best GPS Navigation Ever! Wait Till You Try It!

We just found the coolest GPS package on the planet! It's DeLorme's EarthMate and it transforms your laptop into an amazing, full featured, voice activated GPS Unit! Really! Works great too!

Using your laptop for an automotive navigation GPS is absolutely incredible - and much easier than it might sound too! If you have a passenger, they can keep the computer on their lap when it's needed, and if you're going solo, just set it on the seat next to you! It accepts voice commands, so you don't even need to touch it (more on that in a minute)! Between getting to use your large laptop screen and all the amazing features packed into this, you'll never, ever consider one of those silly windshield-mount units!

How does it work? Glad you asked! You install the map software on your laptop and plug in the included GPS receiver into your laptop's USB port! That's it! You now have a fully functional GPS system you can take with you! The receiver itself is on a 5' cord, so you can easily set it on your car's dashboard if you like (or use the suction cup for the windshield) - it's small too - about the size of a small wireless flip-phone!

Again, this does the same thing as those little units you can spend hundreds of dollars on - except this uses your computer so it's a LOT more powerful! This puts any hand-held or windshield mount GPS unit I've ever seen to absolute and complete shame! PLUS, wait till you see the price - it's a FRACTION of the cost! And you get to do all your navigating on your laptop screen instead of some small, impossible to read 4" LCD panel! It's amazingly good :-)

Earthmate GPS Receiver & Street Atlas USA 2008

OK, this does a LOT! I could literally take up 10 pages just giving you the highlight show! You'll really have to stop by the website to see everything this can do - way too much to go over here (you'll understand when you see the page), but just to give you a little taste of what's in store for you...

First, input your destination and this will get you there with easy to follow turn by turn directions (audio turn by turn help no less)! Even better, this can respond to voice commands from you so it becomes VERY hands-free! In fact, you can train it so you can say something like "When is my next turn?" and it will answer back something like "Your next turn is in 200 yards". Yeah, it's cool!

Earthmate GPS Receiver & Street Atlas USA 2008

In addition, it also has amazing re-routing help for when you run into traffic jams, you can use voice prompting to ask it where the nearest gas station, hotel, etc is, and you can even scout ahead on the map and have it snap back to your current location! Oh, and did I mention it has a whoppin' 4 MILLION places of interest built right in - gas stations, restaurants, hotels, malls, - you name it! Everything you need on the road! 

Yeah those little windshield mounted units are starting to look darn pretty pathetic right about now, don't ya think?

Earthmate GPS Receiver & Street Atlas USA 2008

Oh, and get this - you can also import data into it from spreadsheets and most popular contact managers! If you travel for business, this is amazing - just import your contacts and navigate to any one of them with a couple mouse clicks! You can even enter a phone number and this will do a reverse lookup and find the address for you! WOW!

Using the maps is fantastic too! They are amazingly detailed and just a right-click will tell you exactly what's under your mouse (body of water, street, etc)! It can even get you local radio station information - now THAT's insanely impressive!

OK, you get the idea. Frankly, we only have a limited number of these and if I keep going on we're going end up having way more people who want one than we have available. Bottom line is simply this - if you've been thinking about getting a navigation system or windshield mount GPS unit for your car, THIS is going to blow ALL of the competition away! After all, it all the resources of a full-blown computer at its disposal, so really, it's not even a contest! Imagine having this on your next trip! Oh, and imagine how cool this would be if you had to rent a car somewhere and had no clue where you were going! 

Your price is only a FRACTION of what you would pay for a full blown GPS unit too! Just $38.97 and US shipping is FREE! These retail for $70, so it's a huge chunk of change off the regular price! And amazing compared to a $400 GPS unit! Don't miss out!

PS - Seriously - only a limited number available. PLEASE get to the site early. Once these are gone we can't get anymore and I'm not sure if we'll ever see something like this again! Don't miss out!

Computers 101

I just set up a wireless network in my home and while I love it, I'm still a little concerned about others being able to use my signal or even hack into my computer. I was told that hiding my SSID will take care of the problem, but I'm not sold on that idea. I'm not even sure what an SSID is or how to hide it. Can you please help me? Thanks!

First of all, I want to welcome you to the world of wireless! I've been using a wireless connection in my home for a few years now and I absolutely love it. I'm sure you will too! And it's very impressive that you're already concerned about your safety when it comes to using your wireless network. A lot of people don't start worrying about that until it's too late, so it's great you're already so far ahead of the game. I think your question will help a lot of other readers out there who are using wireless networks as well. I just love that!

As we all know, when you use a wireless router, there's always a chance that other computers will be able to pick up your signal and use it, without you ever knowing a thing about it. Even more than that, there's always the risk of your computer being hacked into as well. So, what can you do to keep yourself safe when using your wireless connection? Well, the person who asked today's question mentioned hiding their SSID and while that helps, it's not always the best solution. Let's take a look at your options!

To begin, wireless routers are set up to send out a beacon called the Service Set IDentifier (SSID), which is what helps your wireless devices (laptop, etc.) connect to the Internet. The main purpose of the SSID is to broadcast wireless signals and invite available devices within range to connect to them. Now, if a device doesn't know a network's SSID, it will not be able to connect. So, if you change your SSID settings, only the people who know the SSID will be able to connect to your wireless network. That can help keep some of the "outsiders" away.

Now, while hiding your SSID keeps casual users at bay, you could still have trouble with hackers. Unfortunately, a hacker who is determined enough to get into your network will find a way. If they have the right kind of software, they will be able to easily gain access to your computer. Plus, changing your SSID can result in a slower performance and it could take you longer to connect to the Internet. Who wants that?! Luckily, there are a few other things you can do to keep your wireless network as secure as possible. Let's check them out!

For starters, you can change your router's login and password to be different from the default settings. If you're still using the login and password that came with your router, anyone could connect to it, change your settings and even lock you out. You should also change your SSID to something a little more unique. Most routers come with a name of "default," which is very easy for hackers to figure out. You should change it to something a little more meaningful to yourself. Lastly, you should turn on your encryption. If you do that, your router will not give access to any wireless devices unless they can provide the password you specify. It will also encrypt any communication between your computer and your router so that no one will be able to see what goes on. Note: If your router supports WPA encryption, you should use that over WEP, which is an older version.

Doing the three things I discussed above are your best bets for secure wireless networking, but if you still want to hide your SSID, you can do so by following the directions in your user manual. Every router is different, so your manual should give you detailed directions on how to get the job done. If that doesn't work, you can always contact your ISP for help as well. Either way, it's very important to keep your wireless network as safe as possible. Hopefully one of the above suggestions is just what you've been looking for. Test them out today!

~ Erin

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MS Office

Many Slide Designs, One Presentation

Did you know you can choose to use multiple slide design templates within the same MS PowerPoint presentation?

As I've observed people using PowerPoint, I've noticed they always seem to apply a slide design template to the master, with the assumption it's their one and only chance to make that decision.

But what if you have a long presentation with some very definite sections and you're thinking that changing the design template might be a good idea? You know, a visual clue that the subject is changing. I know we don't want to go crazy and make each slide different, but do they all have to be the same?

We all would like to think that PowerPoint isn't forcing us into anything, so I'd hope we have some control over the matter as well!

As it turns out, we do have control, so whatever your reason for wanting a design template switch, the big question now is how can you make it happen?

Fortunately, this one is probably easier to accomplish than you may think!

If you're using an older version of PowerPoint, you need the Normal View from the View menu. Now, open the Slide Design Task Pane (the Format menu, Slide Design choice will work).

For all you PowerPoint 2007 users, you're looking for the View tab on the ribbon, Normal choice. To get to your slide design choices, you need the Themes section under the Design tab on the ribbon.

With all of that accomplished, everyone needs to use the Slides tab on the left hand side of the program window to select the slide(s) that will have the Design Template. You can select a single slide or multiple slides with the Shift/Ctrl keys.

Now, locate the desired Slide Design Template in the Task Pane or under the Design tab.

If you have an older version of PowerPoint, you must click on the down arrow that appears when you place the mouse over your choice.

From the menu, choose Apply to Selected Slide.

If you have PowerPoint 2007, it's even easier! Simply click on the slide design of your choice from the Themes section.

Voila. The new Slide Design Template is applied to only the selected slides, leaving the rest as they were originally created!

~ April

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More Cool Stuff

WOW!!! Amazing Clip-On Eyeglass Magnifiers!

Simply Clip Them On Your Glasses For Easy Reading!

Perfect Amount Of Magnification!!

Buy One For $10.97 Get One FREE!!!

When I saw these, all I could think about was my mom wearing her reading glasses over top of her normal glasses while reading the hymnal at church last weekend!! I am sure you have seen people do this before too! Sometimes you just can't see those fine details or small lettering with your normal glasses and need just an extra bit of magnification!

If you know someone who has done this, or have done it yourself, we have got the perfect solution for you. In fact, when I saw these clip on magnifiers, I immediately picked up a few sets for my mom because the next time she tries to wear two pair of glasses while reading the hymnal at church, I might laugh at her! Besides, they are sooo lightweight and small, that they make perfect stocking stuffers!

But these magnifiers are just too cool! Uniquely designed, these magnifiers clip right on to your normal prescription glasses, providing you with enough magnification to really read all of those fine details!

Plus, because they clip right onto your eye glasses, both of your hands are free to do whatever you would like! Now that is really cool especially if you are into needlework, crafts, or other hobbies that having a precise eye is extremely important!

Now, another thing that is really awesome about these clip on magnifiers is that when they are not in use, you can simply flip them up!!! (Think of clip on sunglasses!) What a great idea!!! Man, I wish I would have thought of something this clever!

Better yet, they are sooo lightweight, that you won't even be able to tell that they are on your glasses! WOW!

Cost? Yep, we have a mega deal for you! Buy one of these magnifiers for $10.97 and we will give you spare one for FREE! WOW!!! Now that is an amazing deal! Don't be like my mom wearing two pair of glasses to see that fine print or tiny details! Order these now! You will be glad you did!

PS: Wait until you get these, you will wonder what you did without them! Order now!!!

"YIKES!!!! I Just Deleted A Critical File!"

Special Price - Today ONLY (02-13-08)

Best Price Ever!!!

Just $9.97

Easily Recover Deleted Files!

Save Irreplaceable Photos, Files, Music, E-mails And MORE!

Best Backups Around Too!

We've All Been There...

You're going along, happily computing, and then it happens - you accidentally delete an important file and it seems like it's gone forever. Could have been a favorite song, photo, or a document you've been working on for weeks.

When you think about it, any device - hard drives (internal or external), flash cards, USB drives, digital cameras / camcorders, floppy drives, even MP3 players and iPods can ALL suffer from accidental deletions! Truth is - if you're using a computer you WILL eventually need to recover data! It's just how it goes.

Well, that's EXACTLY what this software was designed to help with! This phenomenal program can help you recover lost, once-in-a-lifetime photos, critical e-mail, an irreplaceable document, a favorite song on your MP3 player - ANYTHING! I think this is simply a MUST-HAVE for everyone living in the digital age! I'd rank it up there with anti-virus, anti-spyware, and firewalls! It's called Search and Recover and you're gonna LOVE it!

I'm just blown away at how easy-to-use they've made this software! I kid you not -  I've never seen recovery software that was so simple to use! My kids could do it!

You start at the main screen and you can tell it what type of file you're trying to recover - regular files, photos, e-mail, or music. However, I just LOVE the powerhouse option called Total Recovery! You simply tell it what disk, drive, or folder you want to recover and it will scan just that area and give you a list of recovered files! PLUS you can even sort them by date erased, type (love that - photos, documents, internet files, movies, songs, etc), show everything found, or even customize it to your preferences! WOW!

Once you decide what you're trying to recover, just let the program scan the drive and in a matter of minutes you'll have a list of everything it finds! You can pick and choose what you want, or recover everything - your choice! Getting your files back is just a point and click affair! Really!

Oh, and this goes way beyond what similar software offers, It has two scan settings - one for just regularly deleted files (works great too), and one type of scan so strong it can recover files from FORMATTED drives! WOW!! If you've ever formatted a memory card full of irreplaceable photos or video, this would have been a life saver! Not to mention if you accidentally format a drive, MP3 player, etc this can come to the rescue! Just fantastic!

I don't think there's any device or drive this can't recover data from! Again, it's crazy to pass on this one!

>> Part II - Amazing BACKUP PROGRAM!

As if the above weren't enough, this also has a phenomenal disk imaging program built right in! This software can make an EXACT copy of your hard drive! So, lets say your hard drive gets wiped out by a virus (or crashes, wear out, stops working, etc) - everything is gone - programs, data, photos, music, Windows itself - all blown away. If you have an image of that drive, you can simply restore it and be back in business in minutes!

>> Part III - File Destruction!

As if all the above weren't enough, this also has what it calls a File Terminator! This part of the software can take sensitive files and delete them permanently and forever - nothing can recover them! This is fantastic if you have sensitive information on your computer that you just don't want anyone else to ever had access to!

Important financial documents, bank statement, loan info, stock records - I'm sure you can think of a few files on your computer right now that you wouldn't want strangers to have access to! Well, when you're done with them, this can make 'em disappear - forever!

Whew, well that's about it - Talk about loaded huh?! Any one of the features of this program is well worth the money - to get all three is phenomenal!

Your price for all this? Get this - just $9.97 and US shipping is FREE!!! This retails for $40!! Don't wait - these aren't gonna last at this price!

PS - Don't miss out on this one! 

Hard Drive Space

Do you ever worry that you're running out of room on your hard drive? I mean, if you install new programs on a regular basis (like everyday!), you might be getting close to your limit. But there's really only one way to find out, now isn't there? What way is that, you ask? Well, check it, of course! Yep, there's a very easy way to check and see how much space you have left on your hard drive. If you'd like to learn how, be sure to read through the tip on our homepage today. It'll tell you everything you need to know!

American Memory

All I'm going to say is the cool site on our homepage today is called American Memory and it's absolutely amazing. I don't even have words worthy enough to describe it. I'm just going to urge you to check it out as soon as you can. I promise you won't be disappointed!

Here's the link you need: Enjoy!

Tip of the Day

Opera 9.6: Speed Dial

Here's another dose of the Opera Web browser for you! If you didn't already know, the people over at Opera recently released the new Opera 9.6 and it's now available for download here. Opera claims to be the only browser that comes with everything you need to be productive, safe and speedy while online. Let’s take a quick look at the Speed Dial feature available in the new version. Here we go!

Speed Dial is a new method of quickly browsing to your favorite Web sites. When you hit the New Tab button, instead of the usual blank page, you'll see a 3 x 3 grid. The grid takes up the full screen and it's laid out in the fashion of a telephone dial with numbers from 1 to 9. Each number can be populated with a different URL, selected from either your existing favorites or entered manually. Now, I know you might be thinking that nine speed dials is not nearly enough. Well, lucky for you, there's an easy way to increase the number of speed dials. Let's check it out, shall we?!

1.) Open Opera and go to Help, About Opera. That will open a page that shows the version information, as well as, other useful information about Opera. Check the Paths section and copy the path for the Opera Directory.

2.) Close Opera and paste the path into the Run dialogue box. Hit OK and you'll then see the Opera profile directory.

3.) You’ll see the “speeddial.ini” file in the folder. Open the file in Notepad and add the following lines to the end of the file:




In the above code, 4 and 5 are just examples. You can replace them with your desired numbers.

4.) Save the file and open Opera again. Now, you’ll be able to see more speed dials in Opera!

Enjoy it, my friends!

~ Ramachandran Kumaraswami

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Today's Feature

Friday Funnies

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Amanda's Coolsite

The Tradition of Saint Valentine’s Day

This Web site begins with some of the lore behind the start of the Valentine tradition. It's thought that the festivals that predated our modern day Valentine’s Day started in the third or fourth century BC. After the introductory, you’ll see a whole listing of Valentine’s Day facts. There are some very interesting things listed there, so make sure you check it out!

Beneath the fact list, you’ll find the main menu and the sections are:

Legend of Saint Valentine – Here you'll learn all about the many historical figures thought to be credited as Saint Valentine. There are three to seven individuals who may have been this figure. This section discusses the three recognized by the Catholic church.

Cupid…God of Love – Here you'll learn the mythology behind Cupid and Eros, as well as, the love story between Eros and Psyche.

Rites and Superstitions – This is a neat section where you learn all about the rites and superstitions surrounding Valentine’s Day. Learn where "wearing one’s heart on one’s sleeve" originated, the precursor to Valentine cards and even what different symbols are associated with the holiday. You’ll also find a listing of what the different colors of roses are supposed to mean.

Bridal Lore and Customs – This ties into the rest of the site due to the fact that love brings people together in matrimony. Here you'll learn all about the different lore behind popular bridal customs today and there are even more flower meanings here!

History of the Card – This is the section that brought me to this site. Originally, I was just going to write about this section, but then I stumbled onto the rest of the site and felt like I hit the Valentine jackpot! This section is devoted to the history of the Valentine's card. Why do we exchange Valentine’s cards? What different styles of Valentine’s cards are there? Did you know there was a time when sending Valentine's cards was banned? Learn all about that and more right here!

Around the World – In this section, you'll discover different Valentine traditions from around the world. Starting in Australia and ending in Taiwan, you’re sure to find a tradition here you knew nothing about!

The Infamous Massacre – Here you'll learn about the infamous Valentine’s Day massacre that occurred in 1929. You’ll discover who the major players were, who got killed and what happened to Al Capone and Bugs Moran.

I certainly hope you all have a very happy Valentine’s Day!

~ Amanda

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I shot this just last month in the Valley of Fire State Park, just about an hour from Las Vegas. We were going to another spot just down the road, but couldn't resist stopping for this shot. Timing on one like this is really tough, so dumb luck came to my rescue.

Summer Stream

Here's one that's a little different. It was shot in the Smokies last summer, but instead of giving you the straight shot, I added a soft-focus/dreamy effect to it. I hope you enjoy it!

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