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Computer Tips [ Frustrating Windows Flaw Fixed + Killer Photo Editor Download + Better Looking E-mail + Good Tip For Bad Typists ] 02/19/09

Computer No, this isn't Steve. You can tell because Steve never wears a suit :-)

Quick Tips


Are you just starting to learn how to type? Or, how about this: Do you ever run into any difficulty when you're typing? For instance, do you ever accidentally hold a key down for too long of a time period and then all the sudden, you end up with a line of the same letter? (You know, something like mmmmmmm, etc). That kind of thing happens all the time, but luckily, there's a way to fix it. Want to know how? If so, read on!

To change the way Windows handles any repeated keystrokes on your keyboard, you'll need to use the FilterKeys feature. To get there, go to Start, Control Panel and click on the Accessibility Options link. Click Accessibility Options again and then go under the Keyboard tab. In the middle, you'll see the FilterKeys area. Checkmark the box that says "Use FilterKeys" to activate it. You can then click on the Settings button to add your own preferences to it.

You can either set the FilterKeys to "Ignore repeated keystrokes" or you can have it "Ignore quick keystrokes and slow down the repeat rate." I personally like the first choice, but choose the one that's going to work the best for you. Click OK twice when you're done. Now, I want you to keep in mind that the FilterKeys option may not be good for everyone, but if you're just beginning to type, it will be a good starting point for you. When you're more comfortable with the keyboard, you can then go in and turn it off, if that's what you prefer. It's all up to you!

~ Erin

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You can't stop now! There's so much more to read about. Keep going to learn how you can spice up your e-mails with a few background colors, find out how you can get rid of the blank page blues in MS Word and learn how you can fix the Windows Vista sleep mode issue. Also, be sure to check out this week's awesome download thanks to Gary and as always, don't miss Amanda's Cool Site of the Day!


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I'm so excited! You've just gotta check this one out! We just got an absolutely amazing deal on a little gadget from Memorex called a TravelSync that's going to change the way you deal with your files forever! This ingenious little gadget allows you to effortlessly transfer data from one USB device to another - and get this - you do it without any computer involved! Really!

Why is this so cool? Why am I so excited? Why are you gonna love this? Let's consider a few scenarios that happen all the time!

First, have you ever ran out of memory on your digital camera's card? Sure, everyone's taken that train to frustrationville! Wouldn't be fantastic if you could simply transfer your pictures to a USB flash drive and empty that card without the hassle of getting a computer out? Am I crazy? Nope -  With this handy gadget, you just plug your camera in on one side, then stick in a flash drive on the other side!  Press a button and your images are magically transferred right from your camera to the flash drive - no computer necessary! Then, just clear your card and keep on shooting (you can even have this device clear your card after you're done if you like!)!

Memorex TravelSync Portable Transfer Device

Ooohh, yeah - here's one that happens ALL the time - and we've all been there! Have you ever needed a copy of a file someone else has? You know, maybe you just need a copy of a document, maybe you want a quick copy of a photo, maybe a favorite song - whatever. It may be on a friend's flash drive, camera, MP3 player - you name it, but you want that file!

Well, with this you just plug in the device that has the file on one side (could be a flash drive camera, external HD, memory card, ect) then select the file you want from the list. Next, plug in your flash drive (or whatever USB storage you prefer) into the other side and a couple button presses later you have the file! Seriously - No booting up the computer, no opening up the flash drive, no copying the file over to the desktop, no opening up the other flash drive, no copying to the new flash drive, no shutting down! Once you go the direct copy route with this little guy, you'll never go back!!

OK, want another example? What about this - do you have a external hard drive for backups or extra storage? With this, you could actually transfer your photos, files, music, ect directly to your hard drive from your camera (flash drive, memory card, MP3 player) without ever booting up your computer! Talk about a time saver (and a brilliant way to do quick backups)!

Oh, and what if you come home from a trip with a bunch of memory cards in your pocket you want to backup to that same external HD? Don't mess with your computer - just plug a memory card reader into one side of your TravelSync and your HD into the other! Again, just a button press or two and your files are all transferred from your card reader to the external HD! Couldn't be easier! This would be just spectacular if you're on the road and want to quickly backup those once-in-a-lifetime trip photos on a portable HD!!

It's not just for photos either! Got MP3s? Then you'll LOVE this! You want to transfer the music on your MP3 player to another MP3 player? Guess what? This can transfer your files with no computer required! WAIT! Want to put your MP3s on a flash drive, external HD, or memory card? Yup, you guessed it - this is your go to device!

Here's The Bottom Line - If you have USB devices that store data (memory cards, flash drives, digital cameras, MP3 players, external hard drives, ect) this can transfer that data from one device to another with NO computer necessary! This is such an ingenious idea! I don't know how many times I just needed a copy of a file and had to mess around with my computer to do all the copying! This makes it easy!

PLUS, it's incredibly easy to use! Most operations are just a couple button pushes away from being done! Even lets you copy everything or selected files - and the LCD screen makes it simple!

This is really one of those devices that once you have it, you'll wonder how you lived without it!

How much do these go for?  You won't believe your price, but first I gotta tell you "their" prices! Get this - right this second Memorex has these listed on their site for $50 and Amazon is at $48.99! Looking around, I couldn't find ANYONE less than $41 for these things - and pretty much everyone was charging shipping on top of it! And frankly, it's really worth the money they're asking too - it's that good. But....

Your cost is absolutely unbelievable! We're talking just $12.97 and US shipping is FREE! That's not a typo - $12.97 gets you this absolutely amazing, incredibly handy $50 device!! RUN to the site and get this while you can! One of the handiest gadgets we've ever offered!

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WOW! This is the most exciting software I think we've ever offered! It's called Skwid and once you get past the strange name, you're gonna be absolutely blown away at what this software does! This is going to be HUGE!

You love music right? Well, wouldn't it be great if there was a way to legally get all the songs you ever wanted - for free? With this software - you can! Interested? I thought so!

This amazing software lets you record internet radio and turns the tracks into high-quality MP3s for use on your MP3 player, iPod, Computer, CDs, whatever!! You can get thousands of songs - and they won't cost you a cent! You may never buy another MP3! WOW!

Here's how it works - You can search for the type of music you enjoy, or pick from a list. There a HUGE variety - 23 main genres, but with all the "sub-genres" I counted over 200 different types of music you can choose from, so you're bound to find all the types of music you enjoy! From there, just hit the record button! You can have it record tracks form just one station, do dozens of stations at once, or just pick your favorites! TONS of options!

I had mine set to record from 20 stations simultaneously and WOW! I had a whoppin' 38 songs in 15 minutes! Is that amazing or what? I had to sort though and decide which ones to keep, but you gotta admit, that's pretty cool! What an amazing program!

PLUS this thing is loaded down with radio stations too! We're talking 2600+ internet radio stations at your fingertips - and more are added all the time!

PLUS - This software actually allows you to add your own stations! That's right - if you listen to internet radio and your station isn't listed, you can add it to this program! Now that's cool!You'll never run out of songs to record, that's for sure! I think I'm going to find my favorite 10 or 20 stations and record from those. Heck, you can even use this just to listen to internet radio if you like! (I'm listening to it as I type this!)

Oh, and here's the kicker! Not only can this record internet radio stations - it can record ANYTHING coming through your computer's sound card! Wow - think about that for a minute! If you have a favorite song you just have to get, simply find it online, play it, and hit Record with this program! This would work great if a new song came out and the video to the song was online - just watch the video and record! You'd have the song on your MP3 player before it was even available in stores! Now that's serious power! WOW!

So, what do you do with all these songs after you sort 'em out? Well, once you record them just import them to your favorite MP3 software (or right to your player) - or iPod users can import them into iTunes and use with your iPod! How cool is that? 

Plus, since these are just standard MP3s, you can also play them on Windows Media player with zero problems - even send them to CDs or your MP3 player right from Windows Media Player - EZ!!!!!! That's right - you don't even need an MP3 player to enjoy these free songs!

What about the quality? I've been pleasantly surprised - and really happy with it! The songs sound great and most of the time you even get the artist name! PLUS in many cases, the radio stations are broadcasting in 128 bit format - the same quality you normally get when you buy MP3s!

What's that? You already have a huge CD collection you wish was in MP3 format? Yup, you guessed - This can convert your CDs to MP3s too! Just pop in the CD, and select the songs you want to convert - then click the Convert button! It's that easy! A few mouse click and all your favorite CD songs are now MP3s! WOW!!

BONUS! In addition to all the great audio recording features, this can also take your personal video files and convert them so they work on your iPod! What a great way to show off your videos!

Finally, we're trying something new with this one - it's a download! That's right - we worked out a deal with the publisher, so you don't have to wait to get this amazing program in the mail! Now, this is our first time doing a download only run like this, but we should be able to get your code to you within 48 hours - beats waiting for the mailman!

Your cost? You're not going to believe this - just $9.97! Is that amazing or what? Most of the time, MP3 music is about a buck a song, so figure this will pay for itself after it finds you just 17 great songs! I had that many "keepers" in less than a half hour! Give it a try, you'll be glad you did!

PS - This is going to be huge, no doubt about it! The sooner you order, the faster we can get your code to you!

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Know what time it is? It's time to FINALLY get yourself a webcam! We just got an absolutely amazing deal on some incredible Flexible Neck USB Webcams and you're gonna love 'em!

I know, I know, folks who've never used a webcam before are always a bit nervous the first time they plug it in - will it work? Is it hard to setup? What do I do with it? Well, rest easy! Just plug in the webcam and install the easy to use software and you're good to go!

As for what you do with it - have I got an idea for you! We use these routinely with Yahoo's (FREE) Instant Messenger's "Webcam" feature! Just install the software, hook up your webcam, and select Webcam from the Messenger menu! You instantly have a way to "Video Chat" online! 

Oh, and the best thing? Not only are conversations with friends and family 10X better with a webcam, it's all FREE!!! Think about the endlessly expensive long distance calls or all those cell phone minutes that get eaten up every month. Why not grab a webcam for yourself and a friend and give THIS a try instead? Talk about paying for itself!! WOW!

Emprex Flexible Neck 350K USB Webcam

OK, all the above is great - but this camera has a few really ingenious features I just gotta brag about! First, it's on a flexible neck, so getting it to point where you want is a breeze! No more trying to balance it on a monitor or LCD screen! 

Oh, and not only will you be blown away first time you see the quality of the video - this takes it to the next level with built-in lights! It has 3 regular super-bright LEDs AND 3 infrared LEDs! Great for webcamming in low light! The regular LEDs give really help get rid of that horrible toplighting coming from the ceiling and make YOU look better on the other end :) You'll see!

Plus, get this - you can even take still photos too! Just press the button to snap a photo! If you've ever needed just a quick snapshot of someone or something, this makes it super fast and super easy! 

Your cost for all this webcam fun? We're talking just $12.97 and US shipping is FREE! That's not a typo - that's one of the best prices we've ever had on a webcam - and this has the flexible neck, LEDs, and a snapshot feature! Give it a try - you'll love it too!

PS -Yeah, you know how it goes, only a limited quantity available, so make sure you get to the site and order while they're still in stock! 

Computers 101

One of my friends who sends me e-mails all the time always has a pretty light blue color as her e-mail background. It looks so nice and I was wondering if you could tell me how I could do that for mine as well. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

That's an excellent question! I mean, who wouldn't want to spruce up their e-mails every once in awhile? Whether you're just sending a fun e-mail off to one of your friends or if you're sending out an e-mail invitation, it's nice to know you have some different options when it comes to how those e-mails will look before you send them off. And the best way to dress up your e-mails is to simply add a little color!

A colored background is a little less extravagant than a personal wallpaper design or even a stationery piece, but it still gives off a nice new feel to the e-mail message. I personally love changing up my e-mail background colors, depending on who I'm sending the e-mail to. My friends and family always compliment me on my choices as well. While some recipients don't like to receive e-mails that are too "busy," others do. And as long as you still make it easy to read, it's just something fun to play around with!

So, by now, I bet you're anxious to know how you can make this happen for your own e-mails. Am I right? Well, that's what this tip is all about, so we might as well get started. I'm going to show you how you can change your e-mail backgrounds for these different e-mail programs: Outlook Express, Yahoo!, Hotmail, Gmail, AOL and Thunderbird. Hopefully, the client you use is in there somewhere and you can start to do this as soon as possible!

Outlook Express

First up is OE. Go ahead and click on the Create Mail button, just like you would to compose a brand new e-mail message. From there, go to the Format menu and then click on Background. Next, choose Color and leave your mouse on it for a little bit. A new drop down menu will appear where you can choose which color you'd like to use for your background. There aren't a whole lot of choices in OE, but there are some pretty ones and I'm sure you can find something that will work. Just click on the color you want and the background in your new e-mail message will automatically fill with the new color.

You can then go up to the "A" letter and choose a color for your text. Make sure you choose something that will jive well with your background color. Otherwise, your recipient won't be able to read what you write. Once you've chosen your colors, you can type out your e-mail message, add your recipient's e-mail address and then send it off. Yes!


Now, Yahoo! does this whole background color thing a little differently, but it will still give off the same effect. Click on the Compose button to start a new message. From there, go down to your toolbar. You'll see all kinds of different things there like the bold, italics and underline buttons, for example. You'll also see one that looks like a highlighter and it has a yellow line underneath it. Click on that to choose your background color, but keep in mind that it will work more like a highlighter, instead of filling your complete background. Next, click on the "T" button and choose your text color. Again, make sure your two colors will look okay together. Then just start typing your e-mail message. Your background color will highlight your text color to make your background look uniform. Once you're done typing, insert your recipient's e-mail address and then send it!


For Hotmail, click on New Message and wait for the new window to come up. Once you're there, go down to your toolbar and look for the little icon of a paint bucket with paint spilling out of it. It will have a yellow line underneath it as well. Click on that and choose your background color. There are tons of colors to choose from in Hotmail! When you're done with that, go over one icon and click on the "A" letter and choose your text color. You can then type your message and send the e-mail off.


Once you log in to your Gmail account, click on the Compose Mail link. Find the toolbar and look for the two "T" letters. The first one is for your text color and the second is for the background color. Gmail works a lot like Yahoo! though, because it also does the whole highlighting thing. Choose both of your colors and then just start typing. Again, the color you chose for your background will just highlight the color you chose for your text and it will look like a complete background color when you're finished. Yes, there will be some white area in the e-mail where you don't type, but the rest of the e-mail will look super cool. When you're done, push the Send button and off it will go!


Go ahead and get into your AOL e-mail area. Click on Mail Options and choose Write, in order to compose a new message. You should then see two "A" buttons in the toolbar. One is for the text and the other is for the background. Click on the first one for your text color and then the second one to choose your background color. AOL also works as a highlighter, so nothing will come up until you start typing. Again, make sure you choose two colors that will accent each other so that your recipient will be able to read it. Type your e-mail message and then send it off. That's all it takes!


And last, but not least, there's Mozilla Thunderbird. Once you open Thunderbird, click on Write to start a new message. In the toolbar, you'll see two squares overlapping each other. One will probably be black and one will be white. The bottom one is your background color. Click on it to choose the color you'd like to use. The top one is for the text color. Click on it and choose an appropriate color. Once you've made your selections, type your message and send it.

So, as you can see, changing your e-mail background color is a very simple process, no matter which e-mail program you use. If you take the time to do it, your recipients will have something new to look at besides all the same old boring black and white colors that most e-mails have. Again, it's not as far out as a wallpaper or stationery piece, but it does a good job of giving your e-mails a more upbeat feel. You have to love that!

~ Erin

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MS Office

The Blank Page Blues

Have you ever created a table in MS Word, only to find that while it fits exactly on the page like you hoped, it also seems to be creating a blank page thereafter.

I know I hate that!

It's aggravating to have that extra blank page print out. Plus, if you're using a header or footer, it's no longer blank, it's just wasted space!

Or, instead, you have to take the time to tell Word exactly which pages to print, making sure you leave out the unwanted blank one.

Either way, it's an undesirable situation and I'm positive that if you've experienced it, you'd like an actual solution to the problem instead of just a temporary fix.

Well, here's a trick I've tried and found success with!

First, use the Show/Hide button on the Standard Toolbar (older versions of Word) or the Home tab on the ribbon (Word 2007). The button looks the same in all versions, it's just found in different locations.

What you'll see is all the document elements and the symbols for paragraphs, spaces, tabs, etc. Basically, all the things that are part of the document's text, but aren't usually visible.

Now, it's time to look at that "blank page" again.

You may find many spaces, tabs or extra paragraph marks on that extra page. Delete as many extras as you can, but I'm sure you'll find that the last paragraph mark cannot be deleted. That paragraph mark stores information about the entire document, so deleting it just isn't an option.

So, what else can you do?

Well, I have two suggestions for you!

1.) Highlight the paragraph mark and change its font size to 1 pt. With that accomplished, in all likelihood, it will fit on the page with the table and your unwanted page is gone.

2.) If the 1 pt. size doesn't do it, make the paragraph mark hidden text. That can be accomplished through the Font dialogue window.

  • Highlight the paragraph mark.

  • Access the Font dialogue window.

    Word 2007
    : Use the dialogue launcher in the bottom right hand corner of the Font section under the Home tab on the ribbon.

    Older versions of Word: Format menu, Font choice.

  • Once you're in the Font dialogue window, check the option for hidden text and then click OK.

That should do it! I found I could still see the extra page in the Print Layout View, but not in Print Preview. Also, a blank page did not come out of the printer, even when I just hit the quick Print button.

Either way you attack the problem, you should find that one of the above solutions will chase away your "blank page blues!"

~ April

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More Cool Stuff

Special Note - Hey everyone, Steve here. This was REALLY popular a couple weeks ago, and we've been getting a lot of requests for more. Soooo, here ya go! It's a fantastic program and I personally think this is about the best value EVER on this kind of software (bests the snot out of McAfee and Norton)! They have really rewritten the book and taken it to the next level with this one. I'm running it on my personal desktop and on my laptop. You've gotta check this one out, you'll be glad you did. PLUS this is the current version that sells for $50 all day long, but we have our lowest price ever on it - just $9.97!! Really!

WOW!! You've Never Seen One Like This!

The Next Generation In Anti-Virus, Firewalls, And Anti-Spyware!

Amazing Software Keeps Things FAST - And Stays Out Of The Way!

Super Smart AV Only Does Scans When YOU'RE Not Working!

Outstanding New Firewall Locks Your Computer Down When You're Away!

Hourly Updates! Unlimited Tech Support! Install On Up To 3 PCs!

Current Version, But Don't Pay $50! Get Our Best Price EVER! Your Price? Just $9.97!!

WOW! I can't wait to share this one with ya! We just scored an amazing deal on my new favorite software - Iolo System Shield! Let me tell ya, this is NOT your run-of-the-mill Internet Security Suite! This does an amazing job of keeping your computer safe from hackers, spyware, and viruses - but read on, because the way this is implemented is far superior to ANY software like this I've used in the past! This really isn't your typical security suite - and you're gonna love it!  I am personally running this software on my computer and it's by far the best I've used! I can't tell you how impressed I am with this - if you value your safety - and system performance, you've got to check this out!

OK, first off, I know you're probably already running anti-virus, anti-spyware, and a firewall - so why do you want this? Well, the thing that impresses me the most with this software suite is the absolute speed it brings to the table! Not just in scanning and such, but the very real lack of system hogging it does. Most suites like this are horrible - they really slow your system to a crawl - not this one! I uninstalled all my previous security software and tired this instead - WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!! Frankly, there's a good chance that if you're currently using Norton, Mcafee, ect, when you replace them with this you're going to think you got a new computer! The difference is THAT dramatic! This speed-up alone is enough reason to switch if you ask me!

Next, I absolutely LOVE how this just runs in the background and stays out of the way. So many security programs love to tell you that they are updating your system, getting new virus definitions, scanning, whatever. It's an all day long affair of acknowledging boxes and virtually patting your software on the back, "Good boy - I'm glad you downloaded some updates!" Well, those annoyances are GONE with this - it just works in the background and updates itself when necessary without dozens of boxes telling you all about it - that alone was enough to make me switch! Of course, if it finds something serious, it'll let you know (all customizable too).

Oh, and let me tell you about the anti-virus - you're gonna love this! First, yes it keeps you safe from e-mail viruses, downloads, and monitors in the background - just like everyone's AV does. However, it's the little things that make you fall in love with this! First, don't you just HATE it when you're working on your computer and the stupid AV software comes up and starts a scan? Slows everything down - what a pain! This software will actually make sure the PC has been idle for a specified amount of time before it scans! It waits till you're away before it starts - is that cool or what??? Oh, and it pauses the scan if the PC starts getting used again! Again, this reason alone is enough to change! In fact, my wife read that and said, "Hey - I want this on my computer! My AV always starts scanning when I'm working!" So, one of my 3 installs is going there!

In addition, the anti-virus can be set to scan all files or just dangerous ones (saving time), can be set to scan all kinds of files, has HOURLY updates, can be set to scan when YOU want, and can even be set to exclude certain types of files if you want! Even scan incoming AND outgoing messages if you want - all fully customizable! Oh, and did I mention that it has a year of UNLIMITED tech support too in case you have trouble? WOW!!

Think that's great? Wait till you see the firewall! Blows Windows firewall away (along with every other firewall as far as I'm concerned)! First off, yes, it keeps hackers out - all firewalls do. But this also protects you in other ways. It can monitor when a program is trying to access the internet and send all your personal info to the mothership. That, to me, is HUGE! You never know if that program you just installed is completely trustworthy - so this keeps you safe!

Another fantastic idea that I'm really excited about is the "Idle Lock" - Get this - you can set it so that if you're not using the computer for a specified amount of time (set by you) that the network locks down - nothing can come in or out! I've always said the most secure internet connection is the one that's unplugged when not in use - and this does that!! Oh, and you can also lock your computer down with the press of a mouse if you like - right from the main page!

This can also show you how many attacks it has blocked, block the attacker's IP address for a specified (by you) amount of time, and has a lot of fully customizable options. Truth is though, that the default settings work fine for me! Oh, and again, this seems like it doesn't slow anything down at all - in fact, if you're using a different firewall, this will probably speed things up! I know one thing for sure, I'm installing this on my laptop for travel - it's just too dangerous to surf using wireless networks without it!

Finally, this also includes a fantastic anti-spyware program! Just like the rest of it, it's really fast, stays out of the way, and just does the job! It automatically updates and scanning is a breeze - and fast too! I don't think I've ever seen a spyware can that was soooo fast - and it did a great job! Found a few minor things that it easily fixed!

OK, that's the main stuff, but I also wanted to mention how much easier to use this is than most other security software. First off, I think 90% of the users out there can just install it and forget it - the default settings are really a nice balance and should work well for just about every computer out there. If you want to change stuff, it's really easy to do and the program has an excellent help file that, quite frankly, most users will never ever need!

The price? You're not going to believe this one - we're talking just $9.97 and US shipping is FREE! This is the current version and retails for $49.95 (check Iolo's site - it's not cheap), so $9.97 is an amazing deal. 1 Year worth of support and updates too! Oh, works on XP, Vista, & Win 2000!

Oh, and get this - it's a 3 user license!! So you can install this on up to 3 different computers! That's way less than $4.00 per computer! Grab a friend or two and have them chip in! For less than $4.00 per computer, you just can't go wrong! It's amazing and it's what I am going to be running from now on!

PS - Seriously, this is simply the best Anti-virus, Anti-Spyware, and Firewall software I've ever used and it's going to be on my machine from now on. My computer is soooo much faster now after getting rid of the other bloated software package I had been using - and this just has soooo many great options! Don't miss out!



No, I don't feel like playing Peek-a-Boo, but it does, in fact, have something to do with your computer. So, tell me, have you ever been working on something where you had to have more than one window open at a time? You know, maybe you were finishing up an MS Word document, you had your e-mail open and you were browsing through one of your favorite Web sites. Either way, have those windows ever partially disappeared on you? That's right, were they playing Peek-a-Boo with you? If so, there's something you can do to stop that bad behavior for good. What is it, you ask? Well, you've got to check out today's tip on our homepage to find out!

Ad Flip

Feel like taking a trip back in time? If so, you've got to give the cool site we're showcasing on our homepage today a look see. It's called Ad Flip and it's devoted to print ads from the 1940s to the 1990s. It's filled with them and I bet you'll see a few that bring back some memories! You can even send them as e-cards, which is reason enough to take a look. Check it out when you get a chance!

Here's the link you need: Enjoy!

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Vista Sleep Mode Issue: Fixed

I don't know about you, but I've been dealing with a very frustrating issue with Windows Vista on my notebook computer lately. Here's what happened: I put the computer into sleep mode, closed the lid and then unplugged the network cable. But just a few moments later, the computer woke back up! It happened several times and typically, it did it when my computer was already in my laptop bag, so I didn't notice it until I got to my destination and the battery was nearly dead. What a nightmare!

As it turns out, there's a very easy fix for this problem! All you have to do is disable the "Wake on LAN" feature in Vista. Essentially, the computer is set to automatically wake up from network traffic, which seems to include pulling out the network cable.

To change the setting, type "Device Manager" into the Start menu search box and then browse through the Network Adapters section until you find your network adapter. In this case, mine is "Broadcom NetXtreme Gigabit Ethernet."

Right click on your network adapter and choose Properties from the menu. In the resulting dialogue box, click on the Power Management tab.

Next, uncheck the box next to "Allow this device to wake the computer" and the problem will be solved! You'll also notice there's a warning about having the option enabled in the first place. I hope this tip helps you!

~ Ramachandran Kumaraswami

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Today's Feature


Here's a great program for all you photo enthusiasts out there! The program is called PhotoScape and it has a ton of features!

PhotoScape is a free program that does just about everything when it comes to photos and images. It can edit, alter, resize, crop, frame, combine and so much more. I couldn't even find enough time to go through everything this program does! The makers of the program even say it supports RAW files, which is something you don't find very often.

A couple of my favorite features are the easy to use page layout for making collages of prints and the cool clip art it comes with so that you can add a little flare to your photos!

You can download PhotoScape for yourself right here. Enjoy!

~ Gary

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Amanda's Coolsite

My Live Signature

I’m really excited about sharing this Web site with you! My mom sent it to me after she used it to create a signature she could use for her work e-mails. I recommend starting with the Quick Tour.

The Quick Tour will not only walk you through the whole process, but it will also explain all the different ways you can make your signature. You'll want to get a static signature, because they’re free! (Only the static ones created from the wizard or with the draw tool are free).

To get started making your signature, click on Start Now. You’ll then need to choose whether you want to use the wizard or the draw tool. I recommend using the wizard, because it was a lot more fun to select a font that matches my hand writing than to draw a deformed version of my signature with the mouse.

To use the wizard, click on the Create Signature button underneath the text that says “Create a new signature using our wizard.” That will lead you to a page where you’ll be presented with three options: wizard, draw or upload. You'll want to select the wizard, which is the first option.

After selecting the wizard tool, you’ll be asked to type in the name or nickname you’d like to use for your signature. I put in Amanda @, which is how I sign my e-mails. In the next step, you’ll select which font you want to use. There are around 120 different fonts you can choose from and they may take a minute or tow to load. Click on the bullet of the font you want to use and then click on the Next button at the bottom of the page.

The next step is to select the size you want your signature to be. I like mine rather small, so I selected size 2. There are ten different sizes to pick from, so you’ll have plenty of options. Click on the Next button to continue. Here you'll select the color of the font you want to use for your signature. There are ten different colors to choose from. Next, you can set the slope of your signature. There are ten different slopes to choose from as well. You’re finally finished!

Take the code they give you for your signature (signature ID) and copy it. Then paste it on the Start Now page under the Download a Signature heading. The other thing you can do with the signature ID is paste it under the Generate a Code section. That will give you a choice between an HTML code and a BB code. If you want to use it on a forum, choose the BB code. If you want to use it on a Web page, choose the HTML code.

Now, you have a personalized signature all your very own. Yes!

~ Amanda

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Monthly Wallpaper

February Wallpaper

Here's February's wallpaper. It's all free, so enjoy!

Snowy Deer

This girl was in a group I managed to slip into. It was snowing pretty good and she was curious about me and got within eight feet for this close-up! If this isn't a February shot, I don't know what is!


I shot this just last month in the Valley of Fire State Park, just about an hour from Las Vegas. We were going to another spot just down the road, but couldn't resist stopping for this shot. Timing on one like this is really tough, so dumb luck came to my rescue.

Summer Stream

Here's one that's a little different. It was shot in the Smokies last summer, but instead of giving you the straight shot, I added a soft-focus/dreamy effect to it. I hope you enjoy it!

All can be found here:





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