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Wednesday, Oct. 29, 2008

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Today's top stories...

‘The biggest book deal in publishing history’
Google’s book settlement will give the public access to great volumes. Google will pay publishers and authors for the right to copy books. Some will be available free at libraries. Home readers can subscribe.

Windows 7 nags less
Windows 7 will eliminate some of Vista’s annoyances. It will run on low-powered machines. And, there will be fewer nag screens. What would you like to see in Windows 7? Hit the Message Board!

Christian Science Monitor limits print edition
The Christian Science Monitor will focus on its Web site. It is reducing its daily print edition to weekends. The paper, like others, is struggling with its business model. The Web is slowly destroying the print industry.

Samsung’s OLED goes high-def
Samsung’s 40-inch organic light-emitting diode screen now offers full high definition. There’s no word on when it will be available. OLEDs are amazing technology. Learn about them in my handy tip.

Wal-Mart to discount G1
T-Mobile’s G1 Android phone is coming to Wal-Mart. The price will be discounted about $30. HTC, the phone’s manufacturer, projects sales of 600,000 units by year-end. Android is Google’s cell phone software.

Exploit code hits the ‘Net
Last week, Microsoft pushed out a rare off-cycle security patch. Now, it says exploit code has gone public. It can allow remote code execution. If you haven’t installed the patch, run Windows Update now!

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Every day, Team Komando produces some of the best content you'll find anywhere on the Internet. Here is a sampling of what's new on our site today!

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Video of the Day: Successful musicians dedicate their lives to their craft. But some start earlier than others. Check out this amazing boy.

Cool Site of the Day: In a rough economy it's important to watch your investments closely. One source makes it easy to get financial news.

Digital Minute, on your radio: Is a video game console on your holiday list? Then tune in to today’s Minute for some important buying advice.

Free Download of the Day: Running programs on start up is useful. But it is hard to manage those programs. This program makes it easy.

Tip on the site: Criminals use various tools to attack your computer. Rootkits are especially sinister. And they can be tricky to remove.

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Find kid-friendly video sites
You like watching online videos, and so do your kids. Unfortunately, YouTube and other video sites are no place for children. But I’ve got you covered with a slew of kid-friendly video sites!

Criminals have now gone ‘vishing’
You know to look out for phishing scams. But, the criminals are a step ahead of you. They’re now launching so-called vishing attacks. This is something you need to know about, folks.

See you tomorrow!
Kim :)

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