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Computer Tips [ Jazz Up Your Desktop + Happy Wireless Hubbing + Friday Funnies ] 10/31/08

Computer No, this isn't Steve. You can tell because Steve never wears a suit :-)

Quick Tips

Wireless Hub

You've heard of a hub before, right? Well, in case you haven't, a hub is a device you can use with your computer to hook up other devices and gadgets you may use (such as a keyboard, a mouse, a digital camera, a printer, etc). The most common form of a hub is in a USB format. With that, you simply plug the hub into one of your USB ports and the rest of the devices are hooked into that, which gives them power to work.

So, now that you know all about hubs, what about a wireless hub? Is there such a thing? There sure is and it's very convenient! If you have a wireless network set up in your home or office, you can use a wireless hub to connect all the other devices you need to use. A wireless hub is the perfect way to link everything together with all the computers you use within your network. Along with being inexpensive, wireless hubs are also very easy to set up and configure, which is always a bonus!

The only thing you can't share on a wireless hub is an Internet connection. That is often misunderstood by several people. Even though you have a hub set up on your wireless network, only one computer can access the Internet. If you wanted to share the Internet connection, you would have to purchase a router. Happy hubbing, my friends!

~ Erin

It's Friday, it's Friday! Make sure you keep reading to learn all about some different programs you can use instead of iTunes, find out how to easily work with long formulas in MS Excel 2007 and learn how you can easily jazz up your desktop in no time at all. Also, be sure to check out the Friday Funnies for your daily laugh and as always, don't miss out on Amanda's Cool Site of the Day. Enjoy and have a wonderful weekend, everyone! : )


Why Pay $500.00 (Or More) For Microsoft Office?

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10 Powerful Office Programs In One Package!

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The other day my computer crashed, and I lost all of my valuable Microsoft Office products. So, I went to the store to replace it, and was completely shocked by the price- really, who wants to pay over $500.00 to replace the standard edition of Microsoft Office? Or even worse- $220.00 just to upgrade to the current version of Microsoft Office? At that moment, I decided to give something new a try. And guess what? Boy, am I glad I did!! I am soooo impressed with this software- and I can't wait until you try it too!

The "new" program I am referring to is called Perfect Pro Office System 2008, and it really puts Microsoft Office to shame! Better yet, it is only a fraction of the cost! Normally, this program retails for right around $50.00, but today we have one amazing offer for you! It is just $16.97 and US Shipping is Free! Unfortunately, we could only get our hands on 100 of these, so you have to order now to get in on this great deal!

So, you are probably thinking, "That price is all well and good, but what makes it better than Microsoft Office?" Well, first this is the most current version of this product, and the creators, Cosmi- the #1 creators of personal productivity software, have done an absolutely amazing job making sure that everyone can benefit from this product. It is compatible with Windows Vista, XP, 2000, ME, and 98! WOW!!! Now you have to admit that that is really awesome!

But that is not all! This program is THE most powerful, easy-to-use, professional office suite I have ever come across! It really, really has everything you could possibly image. Better yet, on this one DVD you will not only find updated Microsoft Office compatible applications like a word processor, a spreadsheet creator, a presentation creator and a database creator, but, also you will find an updated Desktop Publishers ($50.00 value) and Business Solutions software ($50.00 value) - both are separate from Microsoft Office! So basically, you are getting a mega 3-in-1 deal (over $600.00 worth of regular priced software) when you pick up this program for just $16.97! AWESOME!

Now, I am not going to have time to get into all the amazing functions that come with this program! But, allow me to elaborate on a few of them so you get the picture!

First, Writer, the word processor, is compatible with Microsoft Word and is the fastest way to produce dynamic written documents. Plus, this program offers tons of awesome style and formatting features which makes creating your documents a breeze! Plus, just like Word, this program has an auto-spell checker, which immediately underlines your misspelled words!

But I must say, when it comes to a word processor, Writer has Microsoft Word beat simply because everything is sooo easy to find! Cosmi really thought of everything when putting their tool bars together. Never again will I go searching through the menu looking of a certain toolbar to turn on or off a feature like Text wrap- because it is right in front of me! I just love this- and I know you will too! Plus- I can format these toolbars and adjust the size of my document so I have everything in front of me. Check out this pic to see what I mean:

Calc, the Microsoft Excel compatible spreadsheet creator is simply amazing and makes creating complicated spreadsheets extremely painless! This program comes with an affordable and easy to design presentation maker called Impress, which is compatible with Microsoft Powerpoint! Plus, there is even more! One feature is called Draw, which is an easy-to-use drawing program; another is the Math Equation Editor; and finally, Base, which allows you to create useful databases in a snitch! You will love all of these features! Check out the site for more information!

But this isn't it! This program come with awesome Desktop Publishing software! With this program you can design any kind of project and impress anyone in thee easy steps! This allows you to create professional documents like pamphlets in no time! Better yet, the 10,000 templates and designs, 50,000 images, and 600 fonts will really WOW everyone who sees you amazing work! This is one program that is really designed to impress!

Finally, this program comes with awesome Business Solutions software! What comes with this is an awesome chart maker, a very useful legal forms creator (which is equipped with tutorials) and, my personal favorite, a PDF creator!

PDF's are the easiest way of sharing files with friends and family. With this program, creating amazing PDF's has never been so simple! I was able to edit, change page order, and bookmark my document in a blink of the eye! Check out this for an example of how cool this feature really is:

Okay- I have blabbed on enough about this amazing program! So let me remind you of the price one more time and I promise to be done! Don't pay over $5.00.00 for Microsoft Office!!! Get this amazing three in one program that blows Microsoft Office out of water- for one low price- Just $16.97 and US Shipping is Free! Order now!

PS: When I say we only have 100 of these, I mean it. And worse, we can't get more! So order now to ensure you get this amazing software!

Free Up Your Hands With These Amazing Magnifiers!

Simply Clip Them On Your Glasses!

Flip Them Up, When You Aren't Using Them!!!

Superior Magnification!!

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These amazing magnifiers went over sooo well yesterday! Wow! We were shocked by the orders- they were through the roof! We couldn't stop this amazing deal after just one day! So, if you missed your chance to order these yesterday, order today! Think about it, Buy one set for $10.97 and get a second set for FREE!!! WOW- that is one amazing deal! Order Now!

When I saw these, all I could think about was my mom wearing her reading glasses over top of her normal glasses while working on the computer. Then when she wants to do something else, she has has to take off her reading glasses! I am sure you have seen people do this before too! Sometimes you just can't see those fine details or small lettering with your normal glasses and need just an extra bit of magnification!

If you know someone who has done this, or have done it yourself, we have got the perfect solution for you. In fact, when I saw these clip on magnifiers, I immediately picked up a few sets for my mom because the next time she tries to wear two pair of glasses while reading the hymnal at church, I might laugh at her! Besides, they are sooo lightweight and small, that they make perfect stocking stuffers!

But these magnifiers are just too cool! Uniquely designed, these magnifiers clip right on to your normal prescription glasses, providing you with enough magnification to really read all of those fine details!

Plus, because they clip right onto your eye glasses, both of your hands are free to do whatever you would like! Now that is really cool especially if you are into needlework, crafts, or other hobbies that having a precise eye is extremely important!

Now, another thing that is really awesome about these clip on magnifiers is that when they are not in use, you can simply flip them up!!! (Think of clip on sunglasses!) What a great idea!!! Man, I wish I would have thought of something this clever!

Better yet, they are sooo lightweight, that you won't even be able to tell that they are on your glasses! WOW!

Cost? Yep, we have a mega deal for you! Buy one of these magnifiers for $10.97 and we will give you spare one for FREE! WOW!!! Now that is an amazing deal! Don't be like my mom wearing two pair of glasses to see that fine print or tiny details! Order these now! You will be glad you did!

PS: Wait until you get these, you will wonder what you did without them! Order now!!!

Affordable, Compact, Speedy and GREEN!

Super Funky 1 GIG Flash Drive!

WOW- One Day Special!!

Just $11.97!!!

You definitely don't want to miss out on this one day special! Today only (10-22-08) get this super funky, super cool 1 GB Mint-Green flash drive by Hewitt Packard for just $11.97!

This HP flash drive is so awesome! First, when it comes to computer stuff, HP is a name we all recognize and trust! And their flash drives are no exception! This phenomenal flash drive will store up to whoppin' 1 GB of information and for just $11.97 this is the best value for storing and transferring information while you are on the go!

With this flash drive, you can easily store documents, music, photos, videos and more! Plus, this flash drive uses USB 2.0 technology, making all of your data transfers really, really blistering fast!

Another awesome thing about this flash drive is that it has plug and play technology! You will never have to worry about messing with drivers or installation with this phenomenal device!

Do you want to know something else that is pretty cool? This amazing flash drive is so small that it easily fits into your pocket and with the LED activity indicator light, you will know when it is safe to unplug it without ruining all your precious work!

Flash Drives are perfect for everyone!!! And with this super funky, awesomely green flash drive, you will be able to put a gigabyte in your pocket and always be able to pick out your amazing flash drive from the crowd! Order yours today for just $11.97, and US Shipping is Free!

PS: We only have 200 of these in stock. And for the low price of $11.97 I am sure they are going to go quickly. Get to the site now before you miss out on this amazing deal! Oh- and I almost forgot to mention that the price will increase to $16.97 tomorrow! So what are you waiting for? Order now!

Computers 101

Do you know of any alternative programs I can use instead of iTunes? I'm just ready for something a little bit different. Thanks for your help!

That's a great question and it's one I tend to get on a pretty regular basis. I know a lot of you use iTunes, but maybe you're like the person who asked today's question and you're just ready for something new. There's nothing wrong with that! In this day and age, digital music is becoming a necessity and there's no shame in wanting it to be just right for yourself. I know you're not the only one who feels that way. I even get frustrated with iTunes every now and then. It just happens!

Now, before I go any further, I want to make sure everyone knows that if you use a Mac computer, you probably won't need to finish reading this tip. iTunes works perfectly with Macs, along with your iPod. The iTunes store is very easy to use with a Mac computer as well. On the other hand, things may be a little different for all you Windows users out there. I've heard a lot of stories from people who say iTunes is a little difficult to use on a Windows computer and it can bog down your memory quite a bit too. I mean, it makes sense. Since there isn't a Windows version of iTunes, you're just using a Mac application on a Windows PC and that doesn't always work out so well.

Along with the problems I mentioned above, there have also been some complaints about excessive resource usage, unnecessary programs running in the background and there are several compatibility issues with Windows Vista. If you try to use iTunes with Vista, your computer may end up crashing or at least freezing up. Plus, there's the whole DRM issue when it comes to "protected" music. If you download a protected song from the iTunes store on your Windows PC, you may run into some trouble when trying to transfer it to your iPod or MP3 player. Yuck!

With all of that said, it's no surprise that you want some alternative options to iTunes. Below is a list of music players that come with multi-platform compatibility and tools that will help you manage your digital music, as well as, keep it organized all at the same time. Let's check them out, shall we?!

1.) Foobar 2000 - This one is a digital music management program and it works with Windows 2000, XP and Vista. It is also compatible with several music platforms, including WAV, Ogg Valis, WavPack, AIFF, AU and many more. It also comes with full unicode and replay options, as well as, several other customizable features. You can check Foobar 2000 out for yourself right here.

2.) Songbird - This one is built off of the Firefox browser platform and it works with several media players, including the iPod. Songbird comes with many different add ons, with more added to the list everyday. It's an open source program, so it's very easy to work with. Check it out here.

3.) YamiPod - This particular player is a little different in that you don't have to install it on your computer. You can just copy it to your iPod's hard drive and use it from there. With YamiPod, you can manage your songs from any computer that runs Mac OS X, Windows or Linux. Just click on this link to check it out for yourself.

4.) Winamp - You may recognize the name on this one, because we here at WorldStart have talked about Winamp before. It has been around for quite a long time, but it is still one of the most popular music players out there today. It's a full featured music manager and it comes with complete iPod support. Also, if you have QuickTime installed on your computer along with Winamp, you are able to play protected songs. Cool, huh?! Take a look at it for yourself right here.

5.) Amarok - This one only works for Linux and Unix users, but it is a great iTunes alternative. It works with a wide variety of media players, including iPods, Zen players, Nomad players, USB players and more. It also comes with features like album covers, Wikipedia integration, awesome visual effects, lyrics support and so on. All of that just makes it ten times better. Check Amarok out today right here.

6.) Banshee - Banshee only works with Linux, so if you're a Linux user, I know you're just going to fall in love with it. It's a free download and it allows you to do just about anything with your music. You can import your music, organize it, play it back, share it and even rip it to a CD. So, if you want to manage your music with no limitations, Banshee is for you. Check it out here.

7.) Cog - Like iTunes, this is another music player that works perfectly with Macs. But, if you feel like you're being limited with iTunes, you may want to give Cog a look see. It takes care of all those problems and it allows you to actively manage your music. It is supported by several music platforms, including Ogg vorbis, MP3, FLAC, WavPack, Musepack and many more. It also comes with features like gapless playback, auto updating, Growl support, hot keys and seeking. It's definitely worth checking out, which you can do right here.

So, whether you're very unhappy with iTunes or you just want to try something different for awhile, the above seven players are worthy choices. There are so many alternatives to iTunes, you're bound to find one that fits perfectly with your operating system and your musical life. Give them a try today!

~ Erin

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MS Office

The Long Formula

Do you work in MS Excel a lot?

Ever have a really long formula that would expand the formula bar in the older versions of Excel? Did it become bothersome when it began to cover the cells in the first few rows?

Well, if that's the case for you and you now use Excel 2007, you may be happy to know that you have some other options and they don't involve covering parts of your worksheet.

First of all, if your formula gets too long for the space allowed, you'll find that Excel 2007 will scroll the formula up, but it won't automatically expand the formula bar downward.

Notice the scroll arrows now at the far right end of the formula bar. You can use those to scroll back and forth through your formula.

But wait! I can hear many of you wondering what good that is if you need to see the whole formula at once.

I agree and fortunately, Excel 2007 has a solution for that situation as well!

If you slowly move your mouse pointer over the bottom edge of the formula bar, you'll find that it turns into a double arrow.

While the pointer is a double arrow, click and drag the bottom edge of the formula bar downward.

When you do that, you'll see how the entire worksheet moves down as the formula bar expands.

Now, you can see your entire formula without covering a single cell!

~ April

More Cool Stuff


A Windows XP Wiz??

You Bet!

One Day Only- Get Show Me How To Use Windows XP For Just $6.97!!!


Do you wish you could run Windows better? Faster? Do you feel like you're missing out on some of the features you know you could really use? Do you have some things you just haven't quite figured out? Then I have a new program you'll really love!

It's called Show Me How To Use Windows XP and it's a must have for XP users!

This uses easy to understand video presentations (104 of 'em!) to show you how to do all the cool stuff you just knew Windows could do! From the very basics to more advanced topics, it's all covered. We've put a complete list of all 104 topics on the site (wait till you see it), but we've listed the topic headings here:

Customizing and Settings (18 topics - make XP work the way you want)
Make the Most of Windows XP (18 topics - learn tricks for faster operation)
Disk Operations (21 topics - essential skills every XP user needs)
Discover Windows XP (13 topics - a must have for beginners)
Windows XP accessories (10 topics - make the most of built in programs)
Internet (14 topics - everything you need to know)
Multimedia (10 topics - makes multimedia tricks easy)

Told ya it was loaded!

To me, videos are about the best way to learn Windows. It's one thing to read about something, but to watch it being done in front of you is really fantastic. This is like having a Windows guru sitting next to you, showing you step by step exactly what you need to know for any given topic! It's really great, and available whenever you want (unlike, say, a real life Windows guru).

It just doesn't get any easier to learn than this - if you want to get the most out of Windows XP, I can't recommend this title highly enough. It's a real must have!

Your price on this is incredible - just $6.97 ($30.00 retail) and US shipping is FREE! It's an amazing deal on a piece of software every XP owner should have! Check it out:

This price will increase to $8.97 on Monday!

Yikes! 5 GIG Capacity That Fits In The Palm Of Your Hand!!!

Super Lightening Speed!

Unbeatable Deal!-On Sale Today Only- $18.97

Absolutely Lowest Price Ever On 5GB Worth Of Storage!

Limited Quantity- Order Now!

These went over so great yesterday, that we called around and found a few more! So, if you missed your chance to order one, take advantage of this great sale today before they are all gone! Order now!!!

Wow! I think we have on amazing deal on this one! It's a 5GB mini hard drive, and you are gonna love it!

This awesome mini hard drive works just like a flash drive- only it doesn't cost as much money!!! :-)

All you have to do is plug it into a USB port on your computer and it will show up as an external drive under My Computer. From there, simply drag and drop your files!

Better yet- it Works on any XP or Vista computer!!! And there are no drivers required! WOW!

These are fantastic for any kind of files! Office documents, spreadsheets, music, photos, backup - whatever!  You can even install programs on it if you like!

The really fantastic thing about these is that you're getting a TON of storage space for a LOT less than the price of a comparable flash drive! You can spend over $30.00 for an 4 Gig flash drive - this gives you the more storage for just $22.97! WOW!

PLUS these are super-fast USB 2.0 drives! You'll be amazed at the file transfer speed! Wait till you try it!

Want one too? I don't blame ya! Head to the link below and get in on this deal before they're gone! For just $18.97 (free US shipping), you can't go wrong! Only a limited number available!

PS - Don't miss out! These are just GREAT! Built to last, quick, and extremely portable (they even come with their own travel bag)! Not really much bigger than a flash drive, but not nearly as expensive! Get 'em before they're sold out! Or worse, the price increases back up to $22.97!

Proper Shut Down

So, tell me, what all do you do when you're shutting down your computer? Do you just go to the Start menu and turn it off or do you take some other steps first? For example, do you close out all of the programs you were using or do you just leave them running? Do you save all your documents or do you think your computer will handle that for you? Well, either way, there is a right and wrong way to shut down your computer and if you read today's tip on our homepage, you will learn all about the right one!

American Red Cross Museum

The American Red Cross is an awesome organization, isn't it?! I mean, they're always there to help when disaster strikes and you can find them just about anywhere help is needed. And that's precisely why we thought we'd feature a Web site about them on our homepage today. It's called the American Red Cross Museum and when you visit it, you'll learn all about them, you can read through fun little facts about them, check out some of their memorabilia and much, much more. Check it out ASAP!

Here's the link you need: Enjoy!

Tip of the Day

Wallpaper Color

Do you like to use your own pictures for your computer's desktop wallpaper? You know, as long as you have the picture saved on your computer, you can right click on your desktop, choose Properties, click on the Desktop tab and hit the Browse button to search for it. When you find the one you want, select it and then you just hit OK for the picture to become your wallpaper.

Well, when you do this, you can also choose for the picture to be centered on your screen, stretched out across your whole monitor or tiled. Most people like to have it centered, because the other choices make the picture look a little distorted sometimes (depending on its size). To center your picture, choose Center under the Position drop down menu. So, once you have the picture centered, what about the rest of your desktop screen? Does it just sit there or is there something you can do to spice it up a little?

Luckily, there is! All you have to do is change the background color and it will add a whole new life to your picture and your wallpaper. Just choose a color that goes well with the colors in your picture. For example, if you have a picture of your favorite football team as your wallpaper, you may want to use one of their team colors for your background. In my case, I love the Ohio State Buckeyes, so if I put a picture of their logo as my wallpaper, I would choose my background color to be either scarlet or gray!

To pick your color, go back to the Desktop tab in the Display Properties window and use the drop down menu that says Color. You can choose from the original colors they have or hit Other for more options. You also want to make sure you choose a color that shows your icons well. Don't use a really dark or really light color, because they'll be harder to see. Once you have the colors the way you want them, just hit OK and your masterpiece will come alive!

Here's what mine looks like:

Cool, huh? Jazz up your desktop today!

~ Erin

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Friday Funnies

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Amanda's Coolsite

The History of Halloween

Welcome to the History of Halloween. Every year, tons of kids around the USA dress up in costumes and go trick or treating, but what’s the real history behind this holiday?

Well, if you're interested, you’ve come to the right place. You’ll find navigation on the side menu. The sections are Holiday Origins, Creepy Videos Clips, The Great Pumpkin, Ghost Stories, Around the World, Historic Haunts, Halloween Treats, Jack-O-Lantern Cut Outs, Fast Facts and Boo-ography.

Holiday Origins – Here you can learn all about the origins of Halloween, from ancient times to modern day. Also, read about the evolution of Halloween as a holiday.

Creepy Video Clips – Check out these video clips about ghost stories and folklore. Choose a video from the left hand menu and it will play in the center video pane. Learn about the ghost Lavender and Barnsley Gardens if you dare! You can even find out about some of the ghosts haunting the Wild, Wild West.

The Great Pumpkin – Here you can learn all about pumpkins and how the Jack-O-Lantern came to be!

Ghost Stories – Here you will find three ghost stories that may be based in fact, but are most certainly interesting to read.

Around the World – Here you can see how Halloween is celebrated around the world and learn about the two related holidays: Guy Fawkes Day and El Dia de Los Muertos (The Day of the Dead).

Historic Haunts – This section centers on the haunting of presidents and of the White House itself. It was pretty interesting. I’d never heard of any of these stories before.

Halloween Treats – Here you can find some recipes for Halloween treats. There are cupcakes, cookies and even icing.

Jack-O-Lantern Cut Outs – Here you can find two Jack-O-Lantern Templates that you can use on your pumpkins for easier carving. If you click them, they enlarge and you can print them out too. (They are .PDF files, so if you need a PDF reader, go here).

Fast Facts – Here you can find a lot of fast facts about Halloween. They're just like little blurbs really, but there were some interesting ones, like how many pounds of pumpkins were produced per state.

Boo-ography – And last, but not least, this is really its own site. It will pop open in a new window. Here you can find spooky biographies, celebrities who were born or died on Halloween, Halloween origins and even another section called Halloween Around the World. This was by far my favorite part of this visit!

Are you ready to get your spook on?!

~ Amanda

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Art Explosion Seasons, Events, and Holidays: $5.97

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Monthly Wallpaper

October Wallpaper

Here's October's wallpaper. It's all free, so enjoy!

Undine Falls

Yeah, strange name, but good falls! I'd like to say I had to hike 12 miles into the backcountry to get this shot, but this was taken probably about 10 yards from the parking lot. Worth the quick stop!

Lamar Valley Trees

I took this a couple weeks ago in Yellowstone. The trees looked too good to pass up!

Antelope on the Lookout

This guy was busy chasing around a couple girls, so he wasn't too concerned about me. I was able to get pretty close and he was fun to watch. That's for sure!

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